Islamic State claims responsibility for Texas cartoon exhibit attack

WASHINGTON - The Islamic State militant group took responsibility on Tuesday for a failed attack on a Texas exhibit of caricatures of the Prophet Mohammad in which two gunmen were killed, with U.S. investigators probing the veracity of the claim. | Video

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Bad weather disrupts links with avalanche-hit Nepal village

KATHMANDU - Bad weather has cut links with a remote village in Nepal where dozens of villagers and trekkers are believed to be buried under an avalanche set off by last month's devastating earthquake, officials said on Tuesday. | Video

France, Saudi Arabia: Iran nuclear deal must be verifiable, no threat to region

RIYADH - France and Saudi Arabia believe that any future nuclear accord between Iran and six major powers must be robust, verifiable and no threat to Tehran's neighbors, the two countries said ahead of a summit in Riyadh on Tuesday.

World, France, Saudi Arabia 12:31pm EDT

U.S., allies conduct 13 air strikes in Syria, Iraq against Islamic State: coalition

WASHINGTON - The U.S.-led military coalition launched 12 air strikes in Iraq and one in Syria against Islamic State militants since Monday, the Combined Joint Task Force said in a statement.

1:20pm EDT

Yemen talks May 17 could bolster anti-Houthi alliance

ADEN - Yemen's president has called a meeting of political forces on May 17 to discuss his country's war that will include former associates of a powerful ally of the Houthis, a move that could bolster the ranks of opponents of the Iranian-allied force.

World, Yemen 12:50pm EDT

Greece blows hot and cold in race to avert cash crunch

ATHENS/BRUSSELS - Greece blew hot and cold with its euro zone partners on Tuesday as it struggled to avert a potentially catastrophic funding crunch this month, when it must make a big debt repayment to the IMF as cash reserves dry up.

Greece, IMF 1:10pm EDT

Forty migrants reported drowned in Mediterranean: Save the Children

ROME - Around forty migrants died in the Mediterranean on Sunday, according to survivors of the journey who arrived on the southern Italian island of Sicily on Tuesday, local Save the Children spokeswoman Giovanna Di Benedetto said.