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Trump blasts FBI, says need to find leakers 'now'

WASHINGTON U.S. President Donald Trump on Friday attacked the Federal Bureau of Investigation, saying the agency has been unable to stop people from giving national security information to the media and calling for such leakers to be found "now."

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Exclusive: How money flowed to Gambia's ex president

DAKAR Funds from a dollar bank account in the name of the Jammeh Foundation for Peace, a charity founded by Gambia's former president Yahya Jammeh, flowed to Jammeh himself, not to foundation projects, according to bank records and interviews with a former charity official and a former presidential staff member.

China say North Korea's nuclear plan is a problem between U.S. and North Korea

BEIJING China on Friday dismissed renewed pressure from U.S. President Donald Trump over its role in North Korea, saying the crux of the matter was a dispute between Washington and Pyongyang.

World, China, North Korea 7:49am EST

Exclusive: Trump says Republican border tax could boost U.S. jobs

WASHINGTON U.S. President Donald Trump on Thursday spoke positively about a border adjustment tax being pushed by Republicans in Congress as a way to boost exports, but he did not specifically endorse the proposal.

Bug causes personal data leak, but no sign of hackers exploiting: Cloudflare

SINGAPORE A bug in its software left hundreds of thousands of webpages hosted by Cloudflare Inc leaking encrypted personal data, but there was no sign yet the leak had been exploited by hackers, the Internet security firm said on Friday.

Tech, Cybersecurity 3:25am EST

Opponent of Duterte's drugs war arrested in Philippines on drug charges

MANILA A Philippine senator and staunch critic of President Rodrigo Duterte's war on drugs was in police custody on Friday following her high-profile arrest for drugs offences that she described as a vendetta that would fail to silence her. | Video

4:34am EST

Trump's transgender move puts spotlight on Supreme Court case

WASHINGTON The Trump administration’s move on Wednesday to rescind guidance allowing transgender students to use the bathrooms of their choice has raised the stakes for an upcoming U.S. Supreme Court case that could deliver a landmark decision on the issue.


Islamic State car bomb kills dozens in northwest Syria

BEIRUT/ISTANBUL An Islamic State car bomb killed more than 40 people on Friday in a Syrian village held by rebels, a war monitor said, a day after the jihadist group was driven from its last stronghold in the area. | Video