Plane debris on remote island points to breakthrough in MH370 mystery

SAINT-DENIS, Reunion - Plane debris washed up on the French island of Reunion in the Indian Ocean is almost certainly part of a Boeing 777, a Malaysian official and aviation experts said, potentially the biggest breakthrough in the search for missing Flight MH370. | Video

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Religious assailant attacks Jerusalem Gay Pride parade, wounding six

JERUSALEM - An ultra-Orthodox Jewish man stabbed and wounded six participants, two of them seriously, in the annual Gay Pride parade in Jerusalem on Thursday, with police saying the suspect was jailed for a similar attack 10 years ago. | Video

30 Jul 2015

Greece's Tsipras asserts control over party with congress vote

ATHENS - Greece's ruling Syriza movement backed a call on Thursday from Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras to hold an emergency party congress as he seeks to assert his control over rebel lawmakers balking at new bailout talks.

World, Greece 30 Jul 2015

Lawyers argue life or death for Colorado movie gunman

CENTENNIAL, Colo. - Defense attorneys said the Colorado movie massacre gunman was schizophrenic and they urged jurors on Thursday to spare his life, while prosecutors said James Holmes must not be able to use mental illness as a shield.

30 Jul 2015

GE may ship $10 billion in work overseas as U.S. trade bank languishes

WASHINGTON - General Electric Co is taking steps to shift some U.S. manufacturing work overseas now that the U.S. Export-Import Bank will be shuttered at least until September, the industrial giant's global operations boss told Reuters on Thursday.

U.S., Global Energy News 30 Jul 2015

Los Angeles passes law banning large-capacity gun magazines

LOS ANGELES - The Los Angeles City Council voted unanimously to ban the possession of large-capacity gun magazines on Tuesday, following San Francisco to become the second major city in California to take that step. 

Politics, U.S. 30 Jul 2015