Israeli air strike kills three Hamas commanders in Gaza

GAZA/JERUSALEM - Israel killed three senior Hamas commanders in an air strike on the Gaza Strip on Thursday, the clearest signal yet that Israel is intent on eliminating the group's military leadership after a failed attempt on the life of its top commander this week. | Video

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Scottish nationalists look to broaden independence debate beyond currency

EDINBURGH - With less than a month to go until Scotland votes on independence, nationalists are seeking to broaden the debate away from a difficult focus on what currency would be used after breaking from the United Kingdom.

7:45am EDT

Dozens die in Ukraine in street battles, Donetsk shelling

KIEV/DONETSK Ukraine - Heavy shelling hit residential neighborhoods in Ukraine's rebel stronghold of Donetsk and government forces fought street battles in other towns on Wednesday as they sought to crush a four-month-old separatist rebellion. | Video

World, United Nations 7:35am EDT

Hong Kong democracy stalemate sets stage for possible financial district shutdown

SHENZHEN China - Chinese officials and Hong Kong democrats failed on Thursday to resolve a standoff over political reforms in the freewheeling former British colony, a deadlock that could end up shutting down the city's financial district next month.

7:42am EDT

Indonesia police fire teargas ahead of court verdict on election

JAKARTA - Indonesian police fired teargas to disperse thousands of protesters outside the country's top court in Jakarta on Thursday, as judges started delivering their verdict into last month's disputed presidential election.

World, Indonesia 7:01am EDT

Russian aid convoy starts moving into Ukraine

BORDER CROSSING POINT DONETSK Russia - The first trucks from a Russian aid convoy on Thursday passed a Russian border check point and started moving towards the border crossing with Ukraine, a Reuters reporter at the scene said.