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More Republicans expect Clinton, rather than Trump, to win U.S. election

NEW YORK More Republicans now think Democrat Hillary Clinton, rather than Donald Trump, will win the presidency, as their party's candidate struggles with difficulties including allegations of sexual misconduct and his suggestion he may not honor the outcome of the election. | Video

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Enraged Venezuela opposition escalates anti-Maduro protests

CARACAS Venezuela's increasingly militant opposition stepped up its push to remove leftist leader Nicolas Maduro on Wednesday with rallies that drew hundreds of thousands of protesters and calls for a general strike and march on the presidential palace. | Video

5:59pm EDT

Top executive behind Dakota Access has donated more than $100,000 to Trump

HOUSTON/WASHINGTON The top executive at the company behind the embattled Dakota Access Pipeline has donated more than $100,000 to Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump since June, according to campaign finance disclosure records.

U.S. abstains for first time on U.N. call for end to Cuba embargo

UNITED NATIONS The United States on Wednesday abstained for the first time from a United Nations General Assembly vote on a resolution calling for an end to a U.S. economic embargo on Cuba, after opposing such measures every year for 24 years. | Video

Pope Francis the manager - surprising, secretive, shrewd

VATICAN CITY Father Ernest Simoni, a 88-year-old Albanian, was watching Pope Francis on television this month when, to his astonishment, he heard the pontiff mention his name.

World, Pope 2:27pm EDT

U.S. says two top al Qaeda leaders in Afghanistan targeted in strikes

WASHINGTON The United States carried out strikes in Afghanistan on Sunday targeting two of al Qaeda's most senior leaders in the country, the Pentagon said on Wednesday.

Afghanistan, World 7:23pm EDT

Pro-immigrant protesters snarl New York City morning commute

Pro-immigrant protesters chained themselves together and blocked lanes on the George Washington Bridge between New Jersey and New York City on Wednesday, briefly halting traffic during the morning rush on the busiest U.S. bridge.