Netanyahu vows to complete Gaza tunnels destruction

GAZA/JERUSALEM - Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, facing international alarm over a rising civilian death toll in Gaza, said on Thursday he would not accept any ceasefire that stopped Israel completing the destruction of militants' infiltration tunnels. | Video

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House, Senate poised to vote on rival border security bills

WASHINGTON - The Congress on Thursday began debating "emergency" border security legislation that lawmakers acknowledge will not be enacted but will enable them to campaign for re-election by arguing they worked to address a humanitarian crisis.

Politics, U.S. 1:22pm EDT

Big U.S. banks' funding advantage reduced, could rise in crisis: official

WASHINGTON - Big U.S. banks' ability to borrow at lower rates than smaller competitors has eroded since the 2007-2009 meltdown but could return in a crisis, a U.S. official said, previewing a highly anticipated report on whether banks remain "too big to fail."

12:11pm EDT

France's Iliad makes buyout approach for T-Mobile U.S.: source

NEW YORK - French telecoms operator Iliad SA has recently made a buyout approach for T-Mobile US Inc , according to a person familiar with the matter, a surprise bid that counters an existing takeover bid by Sprint Corp .

12:56pm EDT

Ukraine says suspends attacks to let experts reach crash site, rebels deny

KIEV/DONETSK Ukraine - Ukraine said on Thursday it had suspended offensive operations in its military campaign in east Ukraine to help international experts reach the downed Malaysian airliner's crash site but separatists were continuing to attack its positions. | Video


Kurdish oil cargo unloaded at sea, destination a mystery

SINGAPORE - Part of a Kurdish oil cargo has been offloaded from a Greek-managed tanker into another tanker in the South China Sea, but mystery surrounds the identity of the buyer and where the two tankers are headed.