Obama uses Japan visit to reassure wary Asian allies

TOKYO - U.S. President Barack Obama used a state visit to Japan on Thursday to try to reassure Asian allies of his commitment to ramping up U.S. engagement in the region, despite Chinese complaints that his real aim is to contain Beijing's rise.

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Ukraine revolt shows faces, but whose are the brains?

DONETSK/SLAVIANSK, Ukraine - One is a dapper former croupier and promoter of Ponzi scams run by "Russia's Bernie Madoff"; the other is a burly Soviet Navy veteran turned soap factory boss, with a shifting gaze and a glint of gold teeth.

World, Russia 23 Apr 2014

Australia rules out link between debris and Malaysian plane

PERTH/MELBOURNE - Authorities ruled out any link between debris picked up on an Australian beach and a missing Malaysian jetliner on Thursday as a tropical cyclone again threatened to hamper a 26-nation air, surface and underwater search of the Indian Ocean.

World, Australia 12:06am EDT

Pentagon dossier to detail secretive U.S. Afghan detainee policy

WASHINGTON - Some of them have been locked up for a dozen years. Some are suspected fighters from Yemen, Russia or Pakistan, arrested by U.S. forces in Afghanistan or elsewhere. Several have been linked to al Qaeda.

Exclusive: White House considers former banking lawyer for Fed board - sources

NEW YORK/WASHINGTON - A former lawyer with the American Bankers Association is being considered by the White House as a possible nominee to the board of the Federal Reserve, according to sources familiar with the efforts

23 Apr 2014

Thai opposition leader seeks compromise to avert bloodshed

BANGKOK - Alarmed by the prospect of bloodshed in Thailand as a six-month political crisis nears a critical juncture, former Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva has called for talks between the government and its foes, urging compromise to restore stability.

World, Thailand 1:37am EDT

China bans petitioners appealing directly to higher authorities

BEIJING - China has banned petitioners from taking their grievances directly to higher levels of government without first going through local authorities, state media reported on Thursday, in the latest effort to streamline its chaotic petitioning system.