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Davos 2013 Headlines

Analysis: In Davos, world seeks U.S. engagement

DAVOS, Switzerland As President Barack Obama starts his second term, the world's business and political elite pines for greater American engagement to tackle a thicket of security challenges.

Wall Street executives fret about talent drain

DAVOS, Switzerland As the titans of Wall Street banks gathered to network, gossip and consider the future of their beleaguered industry in Davos over the past week, one common worry emerged: who is going to take over when we leave?

Japan defends stimulus, yen policy under fire

DAVOS, Switzerland Japan's economy minister rejected criticism on Saturday that his country's extraordinary fiscal and monetary stimulus program was aimed at weakening the yen and undermined central bank independence.

Monti needs to go beyond Davos crowd to conquer Italy

DAVOS, Switzerland Mario Monti was preaching to the converted at an annual meeting of elite bankers and policymakers in Davos, but he must woo austerity-hit Italians and fend off a populist offensive to have similar success at national elections next month.

IMF urges mid-term plan for Japan debt reduction

DAVOS, Switzerland The head of the International Monetary Fund called on Saturday for Japan to put forward a medium-term plan to reduce its public debt after this week's bold monetary and fiscal stimulus measures.

Basking in the shadows? Regulators are watching you

DAVOS, Switzerland Unconventional lenders that have enjoyed a cozy spot while central bankers were busy trying to make banks stronger should watch out as shadow banking is coming back on to regulators' agenda.

South Korea central bank questions Bank of Japan easing

DAVOS, Switzerland South Korea's central bank governor on Saturday questioned the efficacy of Japan's decision to ease monetary policy, saying its decision to start buying assets in 2014 could have unintended long-term consequences.

Bankers, policymakers say Europe's crisis not over

DAVOS, Switzerland International bankers and finance ministers warned on Saturday that Europe's crisis was not over even though the euro currency is now stabilized, it will take years to overcome economic malaise and mass unemployment in Europe.

China tells U.S. to slow money printing presses

DAVOS, Switzerland A senior Chinese official said on Friday that the United States should cut back on printing money to stimulate its economy if the world is to have confidence in the dollar.

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Outspoken general named Trump's top security adviser

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla./WASHINGTON U.S. President Donald Trump on Monday named Lieutenant General Herbert Raymond McMaster as his new national security adviser, choosing a military officer known for speaking his mind and challenging his superiors.