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French elections heading for two-horse race: poll

PARIS France's presidential election looks set to become a straight fight between Socialist frontrunner Francois Hollande and incumbent Nicolas Sarkozy after both widened the gap with other contenders over the past month, a poll showed on Sunday.

French far right say big parties muzzling democracy

PARIS French far-right leader Marine Le Pen accused the two major parties on Sunday of telling mayors across the country not to endorse her presidential candidacy, a move her allies said was "muzzling democracy."

French socialists riled by Merkel backing of Sarkozy

BERLIN German Chancellor Angela Merkel's backing of French President Nicolas Sarkozy in the upcoming presidential vote has riled his socialist rival Francois Hollande's camp, which warned her to exercise restraint, a German newspaper reported on Saturday.

French far-right suffers over economic credibility

PARIS France's far-right is pushing a nationalistic economic platform for April's presidential elections, but 70 percent of voters believe its financial program lacks credibility, including its plan to leave the euro, a poll published on Saturday showed.

Factbox: Key political risks to watch in France

PARIS President Nicolas Sarkozy risks not making it to the second round run-off of the presidential election on May 6, which would be an unprecedented event in the history of the 50-plus years of the Fifth Republic.

Sarkozy details measures for growth, jobs

PARIS President Nicolas Sarkozy used a primetime television interview on Sunday to flesh out a flurry of measures to boost employment and competitiveness which he hopes to rush through France's parliament before a presidential election in April.

France's Hollande extends lead over Sarkozy: poll

PARIS French Socialist election frontrunner Francois Hollande has widened his lead over President Nicolas Sarkozy despite a flurry of measures being advanced by the conservative leader to boost employment and competitiveness, a poll showed on Tuesday.

Sarkozy, Hollande forge ahead in French election poll

PARIS Socialist frontrunner Francois Hollande and conservative President Nicolas Sarkozy pulled ahead of rivals in an opinion poll on Monday that is the second recent survey to suggest the April-May election could become a clear two-horse race.

France's Hollande raises election bar for Sarkozy

PARIS Socialist presidential challenger Francois Hollande has raised the bar with a weighty economic plan and nimble performance in a televised debate this week, and President Nicolas Sarkozy is preparing to fight back with a TV interview on Sunday.

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Trump vows military build-up, hammers nationalist themes

NATIONAL HARBOR, Md./WASHINGTON President Donald Trump said he would make a massive budget request for one of the "greatest military buildups in American history" on Friday in a feisty, campaign-style speech extolling robust nationalism to eager conservative activists. | Video