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BlackRock's largest mutual fund sours on Google

NEW YORK Managers of BlackRock Inc's largest mutual fund, fearing Trump administration policies could hurt technology companies with hefty foreign revenue streams, have reshuffled their top holdings, and it appears one of the first casualties is Google.

States' rights? Not so much, when it comes to retirement savings

The Republican-controlled Congress took aim this week at states that are creating retirement saving programs for workers who do not already have 401(k)s through their jobs. Seven states - including populous California, Illinois and Maryland - are implementing government-sponsored auto-IRA plans, and another 30 are considering their own, according to AARP, which has been supporting and tracking the initiatives.

Bank of America CEO Moynihan gets biggest payday yet

NEW YORK Bank of America Corp's board awarded Chief Executive Officer Brian Moynihan $20 million for his work last year, the largest pay package he has received since taking the helm of the bank in the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis.

U.S. appeals court to reconsider challenge to consumer bureau

WASHINGTON A U.S. appeals court said on Thursday it will reconsider an October ruling that the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau's structure is unconstitutional, virtually guaranteeing the battle over an agency borne of the financial crisis will reach the Supreme Court.

New delinquent U.S. car loans at 8-year peak: NY Fed survey

NEW YORK More Americans fell behind on their car loan payments in the fourth quarter, bringing auto delinquencies to their highest since the height of the financial crisis, Federal Reserve Bank of New York data released on Thursday showed.

Driving a hard bargain for taxes

LOS ANGELES Lured by the promise of high pay for part-time work, Geovanie Rosario quit his day job three years ago and joined the so-called “gig economy.”

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Trump's national security candidates promised autonomy

WASHINGTON President Donald Trump's next pick for national security adviser will have autonomy over staffing and key decisions, the White House said on Sunday as it scrambles to fill the post following the turbulent departure of Michael Flynn.