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Roll over Volvo, classic Americana rolls into Sweden


VASTERAS, Sweden - Thousands of classic American cars from Mustangs to Corvettes and Cadillacs have rolled into a lakeside town in Sweden for three days of bumper-to-bumper cruising, rockabilly nostalgia and some serious beer drinking.

1:04pm EDT

Men don stilettos, platforms for Madrid Gay Pride high heel race


MADRID - Pop star Mariah Carey is said to swim in her heels, in Spain on Thursday, men raced in them. | Video

8:37am EDT

Restored Word War Two Spitfire to be auctioned for charity


LONDON - A restored World War Two Spitfire which was shot down over northern France in 1940 is expected to raise about $3 million for charity when it goes up for auction in London next week.

Arts, France 11:43am EDT

Golfer Watson to paint over Confederate flag on 'Dukes of Hazzard' car


- Golfer Bubba Watson says he will paint a U.S. flag over the contentious Confederate battle banner on his "General Lee" Dodge Charger from the hit 1980s TV show "The Dukes of Hazzard".

U.S., Sports 5:24pm EDT

Thu, Jul 2 2015

NASCAR cools on Confederate flag, but fans still fly it


DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. - NASCAR wants to limit the Confederate battle flag's presence at its tracks after the murder of nine black worshippers in South Carolina, but getting U.S. motor racing fans to comply may prove difficult.

Sports, U.S. 02 Jul 2015

For Mormon missionaries in hot climes, suit jackets now optional

- Mormon male missionaries, long recognizable worldwide for their dark suits, white shirts, neckties and black name tags can now ditch suit jackets while proselytizing in hot climates, the Utah-based church said on Thursday.

02 Jul 2015

India's push to save its cows starves Bangladesh of beef


GHOJADANGA, India/DHAKA - Some 30,000 Indian soldiers guarding the border with Bangladesh have a new mandate under Prime Minister Narendra Modi's government this year - stop cattle from crossing illegally into the Muslim-majority neighbor.

02 Jul 2015

Comic-Con International to stay in San Diego for now, spurning L.A.


- Comic-Con International will remain in San Diego through 2018, despite an effort by the city of Los Angeles to attract one of the world's top conventions for comic books and pop culture, officials said on Thursday.

02 Jul 2015

Solar-powered plane lands in Hawaii, pilot sets nonstop record


- A Swiss man attempting to circumnavigate the globe with an aircraft powered only by the sun's energy landed in Hawaii on Friday, after a record-breaking five-day nonstop solo flight across the Pacific Ocean from Japan. | Video

Environment, Tech, U.S., Science 4:43pm EDT

Cuba, an Internet laggard, opens Wi-Fi hotspots across country


Havana - Cuba has opened 35 Wi-Fi access points nationwide, offering unprecedented online access in a country that until now has restricted use of the Internet to an elite few.

Tech, Cuba 02 Jul 2015