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Will Republicans fund tax cuts by tapping retirement piggy bank?

Tax reform is up next for our Attention Deficit Disorder Republican government, which just rushed through a chaotic, ugly battle to reform our complex healthcare system. The fight over tax reform promises to be just as chaotic and ugly - and it could mean big changes for Americans saving for retirement.

Column: The dangers of cutting future retirement benefits for the young

President Donald Trump outlined a budget plan this week that steers clear of cuts to Social Security and Medicare. That will not sit well with congressional Republicans and some Trump Cabinet members, who think both programs are pushing the government toward financial collapse and want to shrink them.


Trump administration nearing completion of Cuba policy review: sources

WASHINGTON The Trump administration is nearing completion of a policy review to determine how far it goes in rolling back former President Barack Obama’s engagement with Cuba and could make an announcement next month, according to current and former U.S. officials and people familiar with the discussions.