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Hedge fund stung by unusual ruling over Sprint-Clearwire deal

A Delaware judge ruled Friday that wireless carrier Clearwire Corp was sold in 2013 for more than twice its fair value, a decision that dealt a stinging loss to the Aurelius Capital Management hedge fund which spent years battling to prove Clearwire was vastly underpriced.

Akzo Nobel faces dilemma over shareholder vote on new CEO

The resignation of Akzo Nobel's CEO poses a dilemma for the Dutch paintmaker as a shareholders' meeting to approve his replacement could open the way for a vote on chairman Antony Burgmans, who is under pressure for rejecting a takeover bid.


Trump talks pardons amid probes of Russia role in U.S. election

NORFOLK, Va. U.S. President Donald Trump declared on Saturday that he has "complete power to pardon," as his administration confronts ongoing investigations of possible ties between his 2016 campaign and Russia.