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Mon, Jul 28 2014

Arial, Times New Roman ... and now the 'Hugo Chavez' font


CARACAS - Supporters of Venezuela's late socialist leader Hugo Chavez on Monday unveiled yet another novel way of keeping his memory alive - a font for typing in "El Comandante's" handwriting style.

28 Jul 2014

Sniffer dog warning sends Australian jet passengers on a rush to flush

SYDNEY - Australian budget airline Jetstar apologized on Wednesday after a crew member told passengers on a flight from the Gold Coast tourist strip, including some returning from a popular music festival, to flush away "anything you shouldn't have".

12:27am EDT

Tue, Jul 29 2014

More mysterious craters found in Russia's remote Siberia region

MOSCOW - Two more craters of unknown origin have been spotted in Russia's Siberia region, weeks after a similar-looking hole was found in the isolated northernmost area, a local paper reported.

Arizona inmate uses basketball hoop to leap to freedom

PHOENIX - A physically fit felon escaped from a detention facility in Arizona by scaling a basketball hoop in the yard and then jumping from it onto a fence, authorities said on Monday.

29 Jul 2014

Mon, Jul 28 2014

U.S. social media asks: Who is that woman in black?

- A quiet woman wearing a flowing, black dress and mysteriously strolling along busy highways in parts of the U.S. Southeast and Midwest has the curious wondering who she is and spurred a social media site to document her trek.

Tech, Oddly Enough, Media 28 Jul 2014

Tue, Jul 29 2014

Texas man slams car into house after arguing with wife, police say

DALLAS - A Texas man has been arrested for assault on suspicion of slamming a car into his home after getting into an argument with his wife, who was inside and severely injured when the vehicle crashed into a bathroom, police said on Tuesday.

29 Jul 2014

Fist bumps relay 90 percent less germs than handshakes: study


NEW YORK - Ditching handshakes in favor of more informal fist bumps could help cut down on the spread of bacteria and illnesses, according to a study released on Monday.

Health, Oddly Enough 29 Jul 2014

Sun, Jul 27 2014

Rockies give out shirts honoring Tulowitzki - but spell his name wrong


- Ebay may soon heat up with searches for baseball jerseys honoring Colorado Rockies shortstop Troy Tulowitzki, after his own team managed to spell the top hitter's name wrong.

Tech, Sports, Oddly Enough, Media 27 Jul 2014

New York Times Square Spider-Man charged with punching police officer

- A street performer dressed as Spider-Man in New York City's Times Square was arrested after punching a police officer who scolded him for demanding more money from a couple he had posed with for a picture, police said on Sunday.

U.S., Oddly Enough 27 Jul 2014

Fri, Jul 25 2014

Chubby Checker, HP settle lawsuit over penis-measuring app


- The singer Chubby Checker has settled a lawsuit in which he accused Hewlett-Packard Co of using his trademarked name without permission on a software app that purported to measure the size of a man's penis.

Oddly Enough, Tech 25 Jul 2014

Key retirements mean a changing of the guard next year in U.S. Congress

Regardless what voters decide in the November elections, there will be a major changing of the guard next year in the U.S. Congress as result of a number of key retirements.