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Innovators toil to revive Canada oil sands as majors exit

In the boreal forests and on the remote prairies of Alberta, a handful of firms are running pilot projects they hope will end a two-decade drought in innovation and stem the exodus of top global energy firms from Canada's oil sands.

Secret rebates send European plastics benchmark above true cost

An unregulated benchmark used to set the price of plastics in Europe has veered above the true cost in recent years, because of secret rebates chemical companies give each other that disguise the price of the main precursor, four sources familiar with the industry say.

In Pakistan, China presses built-in advantage for 'Silk Road' contracts

Last year, Pakistan held informal talks with General Electric, Siemens and Switzerland's ABB to build the country's first high-voltage transmission line. Chinese power giant State Grid committed to building the $1.7 billion project in half the time of its European counterparts – and clinched the deal.


Trump reaches out to lawmakers on healthcare as another says 'no'

WASHINGTON President Donald Trump made calls to fellow Republicans in the U.S. Senate on Friday to mobilize support for their party's healthcare overhaul while acknowledging the legislation is on a "very, very narrow path" to passage. | Video