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Greek emergency funding would be a decision for ECB council: Constancio


CAMBRIDGE, England - ECB Vice-President Vitor Constancio said on Saturday that a decision on whether to give Greece emergency funding would be up to the central bank's Governing Council.

9:08am EST

Germany, ECB play hard ball with Greece


BERLIN/HELSINKI - German Chancellor Angela Merkel ruled out a debt writedown for Greece on Saturday, and a European Central Bank policymaker threatened to cut off funding to Greek banks if Athens does not agree to renew its bailout package.

9:08am EST

Ukraine, rebels gather for peace talks as fighting rages in east


MINSK/KIEV - A new round of peace talks were about to start on the Ukraine crisis on Saturday, even as fighting between Kiev government forces and pro-Russian separatists raged in the east, claiming civilian and military lives.

World, Russia 8:57am EST

No lending to Greek banks if no deal by end of February: ECB's Liikanen

HELSINKI - A deal on extending Greece's bailout deal must be found by the end of February or the European Central Bank will not be able to continue lending to its banks, ECB council member Erkki Liikanen said on Saturday.

8:55am EST

Greek finance minister to meet French counterpart on Sunday

PARIS/ATHENS - Greek finance minister Yanis Varoufakis will meet with his French counterpart Michel Sapin in Paris on Sunday, the French finance ministry said on Saturday.

8:55am EST

Greece hires Lazard to advise on debt ahead of talks

ATHENS - Greece's Finance Ministry said on Saturday that it had hired financial advisors Lazard to consult on issues of public debt and fiscal management, as the new leftist government enters talks to renegotiate a bailout accord with creditors.

8:55am EST

Greece says will not cooperate with 'troika' or seek aid extension


ATHENS - Greece's new leftist government opened talks on its bailout with European partners on Friday by flatly refusing to extend the program or to cooperate with the international inspectors overseeing it. | Video

World, Greece 8:54am EST

Greek finance minister says wants to attract new foreign investment

ATHENS - Greece will look after investors' interests and wants to bring in new foreign investment, Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis told a newspaper on Saturday after a turbulent week in which the new government halted a series of privatisations.

8:54am EST

Italy elects senior judge Sergio Mattarella as president


ROME - Italian lawmakers elected Sergio Mattarella, a constitutional court judge and veteran center-left politician, as president on Saturday, handing a welcome political victory to Prime Minister Matteo Renzi.

World, Italy 8:49am EST

U.S. reports 27 more strikes against Islamic State


WASHINGTON - The United States and its allies carried out 27 air strikes against Islamic State militants in Iraq and Syria since early Friday, the Combined Joint Task Force leading the operation reported on Saturday.

8:45am EST

Key retirements mean a changing of the guard next year in U.S. Congress

Regardless what voters decide in the November elections, there will be a major changing of the guard next year in the U.S. Congress as result of a number of key retirements.