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Empty spaces mark Korean school tribute for missing ferry victims


ANSAN, South Korea/SEOUL - A floral tribute to the children who drowned in a sinking South Korean ferry displays photographs of the victims in their school uniforms, while lines of empty spaces wait to be filled with photos once those still missing are confirmed dead. | Video

World, South Korea 12:37am EDT

Korea investigators say life rafts not working properly on sunk ferry's sister ship

MOKPO, South Korea - South Korean investigators said on Friday that life rafts and escape chutes on a sister ship to a sunken ferry were not working properly.

12:32am EDT

Obama wraps up Japan visit after security pledge but no trade deal


TOKYO - U.S. President Barack Obama wrapped up a state visit to Japan on Friday during which he assured America's ally that Washington would come to its defense, but failed to clinch a trade deal key his "pivot" to Asia and to Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's reforms. | Video

World, Japan 12:16am EDT

New report calls U.S. a 'rising star' of global manufacturing


A new ranking of the competitiveness of the world's top 25 exporting countries says the United States is once again a "rising star" of global manufacturing thanks to falling domestic natural gas prices, rising worker productivity and a lack of upward wage pressure.

12:04am EDT

Thu, Apr 24 2014

U.S. and Japan have TPP market access breakthrough: official

SEOUL - The United States and Japan have achieved a breakthrough on market access in bilateral talks on the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal, although no final agreement has been reached, a senior U.S. official said on Friday.

World, Japan 24 Apr 2014

Exclusive: Obama may call EU leaders in Russia sanctions push - sources


WASHINGTON - President Barack Obama is expected to speak to several European leaders on Friday to try to nudge the EU toward fresh sanctions against Russia over Ukraine, sources familiar with the matter said.

World, Politics, Russia 24 Apr 2014

Japan PM Abe says achieved 'historic' success with Obama

TOKYO - Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said he and U.S. President Barack Obama achieved a "historic" success in an agreement on security issues and made progress in bilateral trade talks.

World, Japan 24 Apr 2014

Exclusive: Apple, Google to pay $324 million to settle conspiracy lawsuit


SAN FRANCISCO - Four major tech companies including Apple and Google have agreed to pay a total of $324 million to settle a lawsuit accusing them of conspiring to hold down salaries in Silicon Valley, sources familiar with the deal said, just weeks before a high profile trial had been scheduled to begin.

Tech, Media 24 Apr 2014

U.S.-Japan statement: Treaty covers Senkakus, will work on trade

TOKYO - The United States and Japan agreed in a joint statement on Friday that a key security treaty covers islands at the centre of a territorial dispute between Japan and China, and said they would continue working towards a bilateral trade deal after talks failed to reach a conclusion.

World, Japan 24 Apr 2014

Exclusive: JetBlue flight attendants seek to hold unionization vote


NEW YORK - Flight attendants at JetBlue Airways are pushing for a vote on whether to unionize, marking a second organizing effort at the formerly non-union airline after pilots authorized joining a union on Tuesday.

24 Apr 2014

Key retirements mean a changing of the guard next year in U.S. Congress

Regardless what voters decide in the November elections, there will be a major changing of the guard next year in the U.S. Congress as result of a number of key retirements.