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Islamic State executes soldiers, takes hostages at Syria base: social media


BEIRUT - Islamic State militants have executed Syrian army soldiers and are holding a group hostage after capturing an air base in northeast Syria at the weekend, pictures posted on social media by supporters showed on Wednesday. | Video

World, Syria 4:26pm EDT

Gaza truce holding but Israel's Netanyahu under fire at home


GAZA/JERUSALEM - An open-ended ceasefire in the Gaza war held on Wednesday as Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu faced strong criticism in Israel over a costly conflict with Palestinian militants in which no clear victor has emerged. | Video

World, Israel 4:38pm EDT

Islamic State commits war crimes, Syrian govt using poison gas: U.N.


GENEVA - The United Nations accused Islamic State insurgents on Wednesday of committing war crimes including amputations and public executions, sometimes in the presence of children, and said it believed Damascus had used chlorine gas in combating its enemies.

World, United Nations 1:14pm EDT

Germany to decide on military aid for Iraq on Sunday: minister


PRAGUE - Germany will decide on Sunday what specific military aid it will send to Kurdish forces in Iraq to help them fight Islamic State insurgents, with Chancellor Angela Merkel arguing Berlin had to act because hundreds of Germans had joined the insurgents.

World, Iraq, Germany 3:15pm EDT

Iraqi victims tried to flee Blackwater, U.S. says as case goes to jury


WASHINGTON - Four former security guards for Blackwater Worldwide "took something that didn't belong to them, the lives of 14 human beings," in September 2007 when they fired on civilians in a Baghdad traffic circle, a U.S. prosecutor told jurors on Wednesday.

World, U.S. 2:24pm EDT

Saudi Arabia jails 23 more men for militancy in security crackdown

RIYADH - A Saudi Arabian court sentenced 23 men to jail terms of up to 22 years for their role in militant attacks, state media said on Wednesday, part of a security crackdown in which scores of people have been imprisoned over the past week.

World, Saudi Arabia 4:40pm EDT

Brazil's Silva winning over investors in presidential race


RIO DE JANEIRO - Investors are warming up to a possible victory by Marina Silva in Brazil's presidential election as the popular environmentalist emerges as their best shot at avoiding four more years of a government they strongly dislike.

World, Brazil 4:42pm EDT

Saudi princes visit Qatar as Gulf states try to end rift


DUBAI - Three Saudi princes including Foreign Minister Prince Saud al-Faisal visited Qatar on Wednesday, state media said, amid efforts to repair a rift within the U.S.-allied Gulf Cooperation Council.

4:23pm EDT

U.S. moves prisoners from Afghan prison to Pakistan, Yemen

WASHINGTON - The United States has moved additional prisoners out of a small military prison in Afghanistan, bringing the number of people remaining at the U.S. detention center near the Afghan capital to under 30, the Pentagon said on Wednesday.

World, Afghanistan 2:03pm EDT

Key retirements mean a changing of the guard next year in U.S. Congress

Regardless what voters decide in the November elections, there will be a major changing of the guard next year in the U.S. Congress as result of a number of key retirements.