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'Guardians,' 'Fault' and 'Neighbors' lead MTV Movie Award nominees

LOS ANGELES - Marvel's space caper, "Guardians of the Galaxy", will take on weepy teen romance, "The Fault in Our Stars", and raunchy bromance comedy, "Neighbors", at the MTV Movie Awards this year, as each garnered seven nominations in the irreverent annual youth-oriented awards ceremony.

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Poll: U.S. evenly torn on dress in online craze - blue or white?

NEW YORK - Poll results released on Tuesday show the U.S. public is evenly torn in a debate that is rending the fabric of America - or at least fraying a few nerves: is that dress white or blue?

Tech, 03 Mar 2015

Franchise Man swoops in to save Bollywood

MUMBAI - Bollywood is looking for its next superhero, one who can swoop in to amuse audiences in a film industry bereft of fresh ideas. Its name might be Franchise Man.

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Catholics and Jews pan film defending wartime Pope Pius XII

VATICAN CITY - A new Italian film that attempts to defend wartime Pope Pius XII against accusations he turned a blind eye to the Holocaust has been panned by the Vatican as well as Catholic and Jewish media.

Film, Italy 03 Mar 2015

Queen Elizabeth strips entertainer Rolf Harris of honor over child sex conviction

LONDON - Britain's Queen Elizabeth has stripped veteran entertainer Rolf Harris of an honor she bestowed on him in 2006, basing the move on his conviction for child sex crimes last year, an official notice on Tuesday revealed.

03 Mar 2015

Conductor Rattle heads to London, wants 'theatrical' concerts

LONDON - International conducting star Simon Rattle said he hoped to make the concert experience more theatrical to attract younger audiences, as the London Symphony Orchestra announced on Tuesday he would become its fulltime music director in 2017.

Music, Arts 03 Mar 2015

Celebrated Turkish novelist Yasar Kemal dead at 91

ISTANBUL - Yasar Kemal, one of Turkey's greatest writers who celebrated the lives of the downtrodden and whose works were translated into 40 languages, died on Saturday. He was 91 years old.

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