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Actor Jim Parsons takes on heavenly role in 'An Act of God'

NEW YORK - With two winged angels at his side, actor Jim Parsons assumes a divine role as he reveals another story of the six days of creation and issues a revised version of the Ten Commandments in the new Broadway comedy "An Act of God." | Video

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Toilet brushes and vacuum cleaners turn musical in hands of Nils Frahm

LONDON - Three pianos, a wood pipe organ, a synthesizer and toilet brushes are the standard setup for a show by German experimental composer Nils Frahm.

Music, 29 May 2015

Croatia festival to stage Houellebecq play despite security concerns

ZAGREB - The Dubrovnik Summer Festival will go ahead and stage a play by French author Michel Houellebecq, reversing a decision to cancel it after police voiced concerns for security because he has stirred controversy over his critical views of Islam.

Arts 29 May 2015

Trevor Noah to take over 'The Daily Show' on September 28

NEW YORK - South African comedian Trevor Noah will replace Jon Stewart as the host of the last-night comedy parody "The Daily Show" on Sept. 28, Comedy Central said on Thursday.

People 28 May 2015

'San Andreas' set to shake up box office despite faults

LOS ANGELES - Director Brad Peyton grilled scientists, scoured earthquake footage and submerged sets in one of the world's biggest water tanks to create the biggest earthquake ever to hit California in his new film "San Andreas."

Film, 28 May 2015

Actress Lindsay Lohan taken off probation in driving case, prosecutor says

LOS ANGELES - Actress Lindsay Lohan has completed her community service in a 2012 reckless driving case, a judge found on Thursday, allowing her to leave probation for the first time since 2007, a prosecutor said. | Video

People 28 May 2015

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