Indian film-maker hopes to take gay issues out of the closet


MUMBAI - An Indian director is hoping her new film will throw a spotlight on gay rights in a country where homosexuality remains taboo and little progress has been made on repealing a colonial-era law banning gay sex.

Gregg Allman dropped from suit over fatal Georgia train accident

ATLANTA - Gregg Allman was dropped on Thursday from a wrongful death suit stemming from a train accident that killed a Georgia woman during the filming of a movie about the rock star's life, although the case continues against others involved.

30 Oct 2014

Coen Brothers tap Clooney, Johansson for all-star studio comedy

LOS ANGELES - Oscar-winning filmmakers Joel and Ethan Coen will turn their wit on the complex workings of Hollywood's studios in a comedy featuring George Clooney, Scarlett Johansson and Channing Tatum, Universal Pictures said on Wednesday.

29 Oct 2014

Marvel expands with Dr. Strange, female Captain Marvel films

LOS ANGELES - The Marvel cinematic universe is expanding with new characters Doctor Strange, Black Panther and Captain Marvel, who will be the first female superhero to anchor her own Marvel film, the Walt Disney Co-owned studio said on Tuesday. | Video

29 Oct 2014

War reporter-turned movie maker turns camera on Egyptian slums

ABU DHABI - After working as a war cameraman for 18 years, getting injured twice along the way, Egyptian journalist Ibrahim al Batout decided to get away from the real-life violence and make movies.

29 Oct 2014

Jake Gyllenhaal prowls wild side in LA thriller 'Nightcrawler'

LOS ANGELES - He's a coyote, a starving coyote. Actually, he's a television reporter hankering for more blood and guts than anyone else. He's another deeply disturbing character for Jake Gyllenhaal.

28 Oct 2014

'Last Witness' of Treblinka keeps camp's memory alive in film, art

MIAMI - Samuel Willenberg, the last known living survivor of the notorious Nazi extermination camp Treblinka is nearing the end of a life's mission to tell of the horrors that he saw there. | Video

Arts 28 Oct 2014

'Super Mario' creator flirts with film, games still true love

TOKYO - "Super Mario Bros" creator Shigeru Miyamoto has produced some of the world's biggest video game hits over the past three decades, and now he has added film producer to his long list of credits.

People 27 Oct 2014

Chinese filmmaker to stand trial for constitution documentary

BEIJING - A filmmaker who made a documentary on China's constitutional governance will stand trial on charges of "illegal business activity", raising questions about Beijing's promise to uphold the rule of law in accordance with the constitution.

China, 27 Oct 2014

'Ouija' spells out win on U.S., Canada movie charts

LOS ANGELES/NEW YORK - "Ouija", a horror film inspired by the board said to contact the dead, haunted the top of movie charts in the United States and Canada, collecting $20 million in weekend ticket sales and knocking Brad Pitt's "Fury" out of first place. | Video

26 Oct 2014

Book Talk: Alan Cumming believes in putting everything out there

BOSTON - Scottish actor Alan Cumming has won accolades for his performances, including current stints as a manipulative Chicago political operative on TV's “The Good Wife” and a revival of his Tony-winning role in the Broadway musical “Cabaret.”