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Sierra Leone records 130 new Ebola cases during three-day lockdown


FREETOWN - Sierra Leone recorded 130 new cases of the Ebola virus during a three-day lockdown and it is waiting for test results on a further 39 suspected cases, Stephen Gaojia, head of the Ebola Emergency Operations Centre, said on Monday. | Video

Ebola outbreak 'pretty much contained' in Senegal and Nigeria

GENEVA - Two of the five countries affected by the world's worst ever Ebola outbreak are managing to halt the spread of the disease, the World Health Organization said on Monday, although the overall death toll rose to 2,793 out of 5,762 cases.

7:51am EDT

WHO experts advise against travel or trade bans on Ebola-hit Africa

GENEVA - Independent health advisers to the World Health Organization (WHO) have assessed that there should be no general ban on travel or trade with countries reeling from an Ebola epidemic in West Africa, the U.N. agency said on Monday.

8:09am EDT

FDA authorizes emergency use of Tekmira's Ebola treatment

- Canadian drugmaker Tekmira Pharmaceuticals Corp said the U.S. Food and Drug Administration had authorized emergency use of its Ebola treatment to confirmed or suspected patients under an expanded access protocol.

9:41am EDT

What makes hospital patients turn violent?

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) – It's common for patients to come into a hospital with injuries, but too often they’re the ones inflicting injury on nurses, technicians and security guards, according to a new study.

8:35am EDT

Merck KGaA to buy Sigma-Aldrich for $17 billion

FRANKFURT - Drugs and chemicals maker Merck KGaA said it agreed to acquire Sigma-Aldrich for $17 billion in cash to boost its Merck Millipore lab supplies business in the biggest takeover in the German group's history, lifting its shares.

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Study of smoking cancer patients fuels e-cigarette debate

LONDON - The fierce debate over whether e-cigarettes can help people quit smoking took another twist on Monday as a research paper on their use by cancer patients was criticized as flawed.

12:12am EDT

UK opens first clinic for child victims of female genital mutilation

LONDON (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Britain's first specialist clinic for child victims of female genital mutilation (FGM) opened in London on Monday as part of a push to eradicate the illegal ritual in the country.

3:12am EDT

Bill Clinton says must 'do whatever it takes' to fight Ebola

WASHINGTON/NEW YORK - New initiatives from the United States, Britain, France and other countries to help fight the Ebola epidemic that has been spreading exponentially in West Africa marked a "good beginning," former President Bill Clinton said on Saturday, but said the world will need to do more.

France 20 Sep 2014

After China, GlaxoSmithKline faces pressure for change

LONDON - GlaxoSmithKline may have closed one chapter in a saga of corruption allegations by accepting a $489 million fine in China, but the drugmaker has its work cut out to win back skeptical investors.

China, 7:36am EDT