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Up to 1.65 million women of childbearing age at risk for Zika 11:14am EDT

CHICAGO As many as 1.65 million women of childbearing age in Central and Latin America are at risk of being infected with Zika, resulting in tens of thousands of pregnancies that could be affected by the mosquito-borne virus that is linked with severe birth defects.

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Malaria drug may help in cancer fight, early research finds

LONDON An off-patent malaria drug could help to destroy cancer cells by making them more susceptible to radiotherapy, according to early work that has prompted British scientists to start a clinical trial.

5:06am EDT

FDA rejects Ocular Therapeutix post-operative eye pain treatment

Drug developer Ocular Therapeutix Inc said the U.S. Food and Drug Administration had denied approval for its treatment for post-operative eye pain.

8:35am EDT

Mozambique myth-busting helpline tries to tackle HIV/AIDS

XAI XAI, Mozambique (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - In Mozambique's Gaza province, if someone makes it to their 35th birthday, "you rejoice", said Shady Zita, an English teacher in a rural secondary school.

9:33am EDT

Libyan health crisis sharpens as resources dwindle

TRIPOLI Unable to get specialist care for his six-year-old daughter in Libya or a visa for treatment abroad, Abdulhakim Shaybi bought a motor boat and set off with her last month across the Mediterranean.

World, Italy, Libya Jul 24 2016

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