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Fund managers boost bets on health care even amid high prices


NEW YORK - Last July, when Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen spurred a sell-off in healthcare stocks by saying that valuations in shares of biotech companies looked "stretched," portfolio manager Graham Tanaka saw an opportunity.

Tests for new cancer drugs not reliable enough, doctors say

CHICAGO - Drugmakers including Bristol-Myers Squibb Co and Merck & Co are testing which patients will most benefit from new cancer treatments based on a protein found in their tumors, but that guide, known as a biomarker, may be too unreliable, researchers and health experts said.

1:25am EDT

South Korea reports first two deaths from MERS respiratory illness

SEOUL - South Korea on Tuesday reported the first two deaths from an outbreak of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) that has affected 25 people in two weeks, as officials scrambled to contain the outbreak.

South Korea 01 Jun 2015

Transition to gene-based cancer treatment may not be simple

CHICAGO - The medical view of cancer is in transition, as cancer doctors increasingly focus on the defective genes that are driving the disease rather than the organ in which it takes root.

1:29am EDT

Merck KGaA sees immunotherapy drug holding its own in cancer race

FRANKFURT - The head of Merck KGaA's healthcare division said she expected its cancer drug avelumab, jointly developed with Pfizer, to be among the first two or three to market in a field of immunotherapy pharmaceuticals that harness the power of the immune system in a range of cancer types.

01 Jun 2015

Ebola threat to Guinea Bissau rises as border zone heats up

DAKAR - Violent protests against Ebola controls in a north Guinea town have prompted the Red Cross to withdraw workers, undermining efforts to stop the spread of Ebola into neighboring Guinea Bissau.

01 Jun 2015

High school kids may drink less where rules for adults are stricter

(Reuters Health) - In states with stronger alcohol policies, high school students tend to report less drinking, even when the policies don’t target youth directly, according to a new study.

01 Jun 2015

Large U.S. cancer trial to match genetic glitches to targeted drugs

CHICAGO - The National Cancer Institute in July will start enrolling patients in a clinical trial seeking to match the underlying genetic defect driving a person's tumor with one or more of 20 approved or experimental drugs targeting that gene.

01 Jun 2015

Even with training, doctors struggle to convince parents to vaccinate

(Reuters Health) - Training physicians in communication skills may not make it any easier for them to convince vaccine-resistant parents to inoculate their babies, a study suggests.

01 Jun 2015

Taking extra breast tissue halves need for second cancer surgery

(Reuters Health) - When surgeons remove a breast tumor, shaving an extra millimeter or two of surrounding tissue cuts the need for follow-up surgery by half, a team of Yale researchers has concluded.

01 Jun 2015