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Regeneron scientists discover key to excess bone growth in rare disease


CHICAGO - Scientists at U.S. biotechnology company Regeneron Pharmaceuticals researching a rare genetic disease that traps sufferers in a second skeleton have discovered a treatment that shuts down excessive bone growth in mice engineered to develop the illness.

Clinton proposes $7.5 billion U.S. fund to fight addiction

WASHINGTON - Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton would launch a $10 billion initiative to tackle drug and alcohol addiction, a problem she speaks of often on the campaign trail and which affects 23 million Americans.

2:06pm EDT

Study supports watch-and-wait approach for many prostate cancers

(Reuters Health) - In a long-term study of older men diagnosed with low-risk prostate cancer and followed with active surveillance, less than a third of cases eventually needed treatment, according to a new study.

1:23pm EDT

Kidney recipients, donors want info about each other’s health

(Reuters Health) - Living kidney donors and their recipients would like to share more health information before the transplant surgery, a new survey indicates.

12:34pm EDT

Amgen cannot stop imminent sale of Neupogen copycat: U.S. appeals court

- A U.S. appeals court has cleared the way for Novartis AG to launch the first biosimilar drug in the United States as it declined on Wednesday to stop the sale of the company's copycat version of Amgen Inc's blockbuster cancer drug Neupogen.

12:22pm EDT

Medical specialists urge more debate on gene-editing technology

LONDON - Medical researchers called on Wednesday for detailed, thoughtful debate on future use of new genetic technology that has the potential to create "designer babies".

Science 12:14pm EDT

Gilead combo HIV pill matches Truvada efficacy but safer in trial

- Gilead Sciences Inc said on Wednesday its experimental fixed-dose combination treatment for HIV proved as effective in a late-stage study as the company's widely used Truvada combo pill but with significantly less loss of bone mineral density and kidney function.

10:34am EDT

Ukraine outbreak brings polio back to Europe, WHO says

GENEVA - Two children in southwestern Ukraine have been paralyzed by polio, the first outbreak of the disease in Europe since 2010, the World Health Organization said on Wednesday, in a setback for a global eradication campaign.

10:35am EDT

Biogen patent survives challenge by hedge fund manager Bass

NEW YORK - In another setback for prominent hedge fund manager Kyle Bass and his campaign to eliminate some drug patents, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office on Wednesday declined to hold a trial on the validity of a patent on Biogen Inc's multiple sclerosis drug Tecfidera.

12:38pm EDT

Sixty-one infants die at Indian hospital in just two weeks

CUTTACK, India - Sixty-one infants have died at an Indian children's hospital in just two weeks, sparking protests and forcing the state government to launch an investigation.

World, 9:16am EDT