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Burwell says no Zika virus cases passed by mosquitoes in continental U.S


WASHINGTON U.S. Health and Human Services Secretary Sylvia Burwell said on Wednesday that no cases of the Zika virus had been passed by mosquitoes to people in the continental United States.

WHO advises women on Zika protection but no travel advisories

GENEVA/LONDON The World Health Organisation advised women on Wednesday on how to protect themselves from Zika, particularly if pregnant, but also reassured them that most women in areas affected by the mosquito-borne virus will give birth to "normal infants."

6:12pm EST

Care and Cure: Engineering the future of diabetes treatment

Cambridge, MASS For diabetics, life is a constant struggle to maintain balance - keeping track of your carbohydrate intake, constantly monitoring blood-sugar levels, and injecting insulin. It's a never-ending cycle to stay healthy. But now major advances in engineering could end that cycle.¬† | Video

5:05pm EST

U.S. CDC sees potential widespread Zika virus in Puerto Rico

The head of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Wednesday told a Congressional hearing that he expects Puerto Rico to be hard hit by the Zika virus outbreak. | Video

5:10pm EST

WHO urges precautions in Zika areas but reassures most births normal

GENEVA The World Health Organization on Wednesday advised women in areas with the Zika virus, especially during pregnancy, to cover up against mosquitoes and practice safe sex but also reassured them that most would give birth to "normal infants". | Video

3:22pm EST

Imprimis Pharma to make cheaper alternative to Retrophin's Thiola

Compounding pharmacy Imprimis Pharmaceuticals Inc said on Wednesday it plans to make a cheaper alternative to Retrophin Inc's kidney stone drug, Thiola.

2:46pm EST

Out of shape in middle age may mean a smaller brain later

(Reuters Health) - People who are out of shape in midlife may end up with smaller brain volume as they age compared to peers who exercise regularly, a according to a U.S. study.

4:23pm EST

U.S. tests find low cancer risk from Lumber Liquidators' flooring

Government tests show some types of laminate flooring sold by Lumber Liquidators Holdings LLC can cause irritation and breathing problems but the risk of cancer from exposure is low, a federal agency said on Wednesday.

Dementia rate fell 44 percent since late 1970s: Framingham study

(Reuters Health) - Dementia is on the decline, according to a new analysis of health records from thousands of people in one Massachusetts town.

5:22pm EST

Study finds concerning trends among Dutch assisted suicide cases

(Reuters Health) - Laws permitting assisted suicide may justify the right of even psychiatric patients to end their lives in theory, but the reality of implementing such programs is messy, a study of the Netherlands finds.

4:39pm EST