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Florida cases seen as first sign Zika transmitted locally in U.S 2:02pm EDT

ORLANDO, Fla. Florida authorities on Friday reported what is believed to be the first evidence of local Zika transmission in the continental United States, concluding that mosquitoes likely infected four people with the virus that can cause a rare but serious birth defect. | Video

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FDA takes steps to protect blood supply in Florida amid Zika probe

CHICAGO The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has ordered blood banks in Florida's two most densely populated counties to stop collecting blood as health officials determine whether Zika has begun transmission in the continental United States.

U.S., Jul 28 2016

New crop of robots to vie for space in the operating room

CHICAGO Even though many doctors see need for improvement, surgical robots are poised for big gains in operating rooms around the world.

Science, Tech Jul 28 2016

Sanofi sales and profit slide on U.S. pricing, Venezuela

PARIS French drugmaker Sanofi's sales and profit fell in the second quarter despite double-digit growth at biotech arm Genzyme, as the diabetes division came under sustained pricing pressure in the United States.

2:03am EDT

Critics of weight-loss device urge U.S. regulator to reverse approval

DELRAY BEACH, Fla. Lotta Bosnyak takes extra time to chew the blueberries in her yogurt. Otherwise, she said, the device she credits with saving her life will not work. | Video

Jul 28 2016

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