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Exclusive: India's tobacco industry, government face off ahead of WHO conference 3:42am EDT

NEW DELHI India's $11 billion tobacco industry has urged the government to take a softer line on tobacco control efforts when it hosts a World Health Organization conference in New Delhi next month, but officials say the government will not bow to "pressure tactics".

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Brazil and Colombia to scale up bacterial fight against Zika and dengue

LONDON Health authorities in Colombia and Brazil will launch large-scale mosquito-control campaigns using a using naturally occurring bacteria known as Wolbachia to fight the spread of dengue and Zika viruses among people.

Brazil Oct 26 2016

Gene study clears 'Patient Zero' as cause of U.S. HIV epidemic

CHICAGO Genes taken from archived blood samples show the U.S. AIDS epidemic started in New York in the early 1970s, definitively debunking the long-held belief that the virus was spread in the early 1980s by a flight attendant who became vilified as "Patient Zero" for seeding the U.S. outbreak.

Oct 26 2016

EpiPen rival plans return to U.S. market in first-half 2017

Privately held drugmaker Kaleo Inc announced on Wednesday plans for a U.S. relaunch of its Auvi-Q injector for life-threatening allergic reactions in the first half of next year.

Oct 26 2016

Pollution particles damage blood vessels, may lead to heart disease

(Reuters Health) - Tiny pollution particles produced by vehicle engines and industry are known to worsen heart disease and raise the risk of stroke, but a new study suggests they might also be planting the seeds for cardiovascular disease early on.

Oct 26 2016

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