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Tougher laws a likely legacy of the Disneyland measles outbreak


NEW YORK - Chris Barr had no problem getting his eight children exempted from vaccinations when they went to school. First in California, and later when the family moved to Arkansas, the natural healing practitioner simply signed a piece of paper stating that his personal beliefs didn’t allow the immunizations.

Hunger and frustration grow at Ebola ground zero in Guinea

MELIANDOU, Guinea (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - A charred kapok tree and around a dozen graves scattered amongst the mud brick houses of Meliandou are painful reminders of the toll Ebola has taken on this village in southeast Guinea.

World, Africa, 1:47pm EST

Irish parliament passes plain tobacco packaging law

DUBLIN - Ireland on Tuesday became the second country in the world to pass legislation requiring cigarettes to be sold in plain packets, despite threats of legal action by tobacco companies opposed to the move.

1:41pm EST

Indiscriminate cuts threaten Italy's healthcare successes

CROTONE, Italy - When an inter-city bus smashed into Giovannina Caprara's car five years ago, she was fortunate to be admitted to coma rehabilitation clinic Istituto Sant'Anna, a rare world class medical institution in one of Europe's poorest regions. | Video

8:08am EST

Exclusive: Payment delays dent India's flagship health, AIDS programs

NEW DELHI - India's main public health programs, aimed at millions of rural poor, have been in disarray for months because the government changed the way that over $1.3 billion in federal funds were distributed, according to data and letters seen by Reuters. | Video

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Most penises are normal, more research says

Reuters Health - Many men are self-conscious about their penis size. Odds are they don’t need to be, but now there’s a chart of what’s “normal,” just in case.

9:40am EST

Harvard prevention trial studies tau, Alzheimer's other protein

CHICAGO - Alzheimer's researchers at Harvard for the first time are scanning the brains of healthy patients for the presence of a hallmark protein called tau, which forms toxic tangles of nerve fibers associated with the fatal disease.

Science, 1:01am EST

Exclusive: Guinea says Ebola patients sent home after botched blood tests

DAKAR - Health officials botched more than 20 Ebola blood tests in January and February which led to the release of at least four positive patients, two of whom later died, Guinea's anti-Ebola coordinator and other health officials told Reuters.

9:58am EST