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Researchers oppose unvalidated gene panel tests for cancer links


CHICAGO - A group of international researchers is making the case that genetic tests that look for multiple hereditary genes suspected of being linked to breast cancer should not be offered until they are proven to be valid and useful in clinical practice.

Five espressos a day? EU food agency says stop there

LONDON - Drinking up to five espressos a day, or the equivalent, poses no risk to the general population, according to a European review into the safety of caffeine.

8:55am EDT

Novartis digs into health tech with bet on 'robotic pill'

LONDON - Swiss drugmaker Novartis is raising its bet on smart technology by collaborating with U.S. start-up Rani Therapeutics on a “robotic pill” for complex biotech drugs that would normally have to be given by injection.

Tech 4:03am EDT

California scientists test Ecstasy as anxiety-reducer for gravely ill

SAN FRANCISCO - California scientists are testing whether the illegal psychoactive drug commonly known as Ecstasy could help alleviate anxiety for terminally ill patients, the trial's principal funder said on Tuesday.

U.S. 7:47am EDT

GlobeImmune, Gilead Hepatitis B drug fails in mid-stage study

- GlobeImmune Inc said its experimental hepatitis B drug did not meet the main goal of reducing infection in patients after 24 weeks, in a mid-stage trial.

8:07am EDT

Younger cancer patients more open to alternative therapies

(Reuters Health) - Cancer patients under age 65 are much more likely than older people to explore alternative and complementary medicine for easing their symptoms and side effects of treatment, a new study suggests.

26 May 2015

Family history may not impact breast cancer survival odds

(Reuters Health) - In younger women with breast cancer, having a family history of the disease may not worsen their survival odds, a new study suggests.

26 May 2015

Doctors’ lapse may explain some minority lag in colon cancer screens

(Reuters Health) - - Racial minorities may be more likely to forego colon cancer screening than whites because their healthcare providers don’t recommend the potentially life-saving tests, a new study in California suggests.

26 May 2015

Delayed cord cutting at birth tied to better skills in childhood

(Reuters Health) - Waiting a few minutes to clamp the umbilical cord after birth is tied to better motor and social skills later in childhood - especially for boys, suggests a new study.

26 May 2015

Stressed out wives may make men’s blood pressure rise

(Reuters Health) - When older men have stressed-out wives, their own blood pressure may go up, a U.S. study suggests.

26 May 2015