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U.S. agency told Mylan that EpiPen was misclassified 8:00pm EDT

WASHINGTON A U.S. federal health agency said on Wednesday it had "expressly advised" Mylan NV that the drugmaker had improperly classified its EpiPen emergency allergy treatment in a way that allowed it to pay lower rebates to state health programs.

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Treatment could lower crash risk for truckers with sleep apnea

(Reuters Health) - Commercial truck drivers who get treatment for obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) for two years may reduce their crash risk to the level of drivers without apnea, a study from Italy suggests.

Italy 3:16pm EDT

Egypt approves tougher jail terms for FGM

CAIRO Egypt has approved a law that will increase jail terms for those who perform female circumcisions, raising the maximum sentence to seven years from two, according to the state's official gazette on Wednesday.

4:40pm EDT

Thailand rules out Zika link in two microcephaly cases; investigating two

BANGKOK Thailand ruled out on Wednesday Zika as the cause of two cases of microcephaly but is investigating two other cases that could be the first linked to Zika in Southeast Asia of the condition that results in babies being born with small heads.

1:36am EDT

Moderate drinking may not affect women’s fertility

(Reuters Health) - Although current U.S. guidelines encourage women to stop drinking while trying to get pregnant, a new Danish study suggests giving up alcohol may not be necessary for improving the chances of conceiving.

10:47am EDT

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