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Extra screen time drags down teenagers' exam grades, study finds


LONDON - Teenagers who spend an extra hour a day surfing the internet, watching TV or playing computer games risk performing two grades worse in exams than their peers who don't, according to research by British scientists.

FDA approves longer-term use of AstraZeneca blood thinner

- AstraZeneca Plc on Thursday said the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved a new dose of its blood thinner Brilinta intended for longer-term use in patients with a history of heart attack or a condition known as acute coronary syndrome.

03 Sep 2015

Chipotle critic turns up heat with 'Chubby Chipotle' ad

LOS ANGELES - Chipotle Mexican Grill Inc, known for its indulgent burritos, is battling a "Chubby Chipotle" ad campaign from the food industry group whose "Nanny" ads helped sink New York City's ban on super-sized sugary drinks.

U.S., Mexico 03 Sep 2015

Pentagon launches lab review, widens moratorium after anthrax find

WASHINGTON - The Pentagon has launched a safety review at nine U.S. military labs and expanded a moratorium on the production and shipment of deadly toxins after anthrax contamination was discovered in a Utah facility.

03 Sep 2015

Research on health effects of fracking faces multiple challenges

(Reuters Health) - Several years into the modern “fracking” era in the U.S., there still isn’t enough rigorous research to determine whether or how the practice may threaten human health, according to a recent commentary.

03 Sep 2015

U.S. government to extend healthcare nondiscrimination law to transgender people

NEW YORK - The U.S. government said on Thursday it will extend its healthcare nondiscrimination law to transgender individuals and require health insurers and medical providers to treat all patients equally, regardless of sex.

Politics, 03 Sep 2015

Students at Washington's Howard University complain about mold, rats

WASHINGTON - Officials at Howard University on Thursday met with students who have been complaining about rats, mold, high tuition and other issues at the school, one of the oldest historically black U.S. colleges.

U.S., 03 Sep 2015

Could mobile devices raise skin cancer risk?

(Reuters Health) - Devices like tablets, smartphones and laptops can reflect ultraviolet light from the sun and may indirectly increase users' exposure to the cancer-causing wavelengths, according to a new study.

03 Sep 2015

Clinics seek U.S. Supreme Court review of Texas abortion law

DALLAS - Texas abortion providers asked the U.S. Supreme Court on Thursday to hear their challenge to the state's Republican-backed restrictions on abortions that they contend are aimed more at shutting clinics than protecting women's health.

U.S., 03 Sep 2015

Distinctive risk factors tied to sexual assaults at large events

(Reuters Health) - Women who are sexually assaulted at large events like festivals and holiday gatherings are often young, intoxicated and unfamiliar with their attacker, according to a small Canadian study.

03 Sep 2015