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CVS says its ban on cigarette sales has reduced smoking


CHICAGO - CVS Health Corp said on Thursday its decision to stop selling tobacco products last year led to a 1 percent decrease in cigarette sales in some states where the drugstore chain has a sizeable presence.

Distinctive risk factors tied to sexual assaults at large events

(Reuters Health) - Women who are sexually assaulted at large events like festivals and holiday gatherings are often young, intoxicated and unfamiliar with their attacker, according to a small Canadian study.

1:01pm EDT

Governments are not following advice on MERS, experts warn

GENEVA - Governments are not doing all they should to tackle the deadly Middle East Respiratory Syndrome, a committee of health experts at the World Health Organization said on Thursday.

12:37pm EDT

Scientists turn to aspirin to turbo-charge cancer immunotherapy

LONDON - Giving cheap aspirin to cancer patients may turbo-charge the effectiveness of expensive new medicines that help their immune systems fight tumors, experiments on mice suggest.

Science 12:11pm EDT

'Mixed depression,' agitation may signal suicide risk

(Reuters Health) - Certain behavior patterns often precede suicide attempts by people with major depression, suggesting signs that doctors can and should watch out for, a large study suggests.

11:35am EDT

Abortion providers ask U.S. Supreme Court to review Texas abortion rules

DALLAS - Texas abortion providers asked the U.S. Supreme Court on Thursday to hear their challenge to the state's restrictions on abortions that they contend are aimed more at shutting clinics than protecting women's health.

U.S., 10:49am EDT

Liberia declared Ebola-free for second time

MONROVIA - Liberia was declared free of the Ebola virus for a second time on Thursday and entered a 90-day period of heightened surveillance aimed at preventing the disease from re-emerging, the World Health Organization (WHO) said.

11:46am EDT

Novartis launches first U.S. 'biosimilar' drug at 15 percent discount

LONDON/ZURICH - Novartis kicked off a new era in U.S. medicine on Thursday with the launch of the first "biosimilar" copy of a biotechnology drug approved in the United States, at a discount of 15 percent to the original.

8:13am EDT

Sierra Leone to vaccinate 200 people connected to Ebola victim

FREETOWN - Sierra Leone is to vaccinate around 200 people who came into direct or indirect contact with a woman who died of Ebola on Saturday, a spokeswoman for the U.N. World Health Organisation said on Wednesday. 

02 Sep 2015

Ryan White HIV/AIDS program offers needed patient support

(Reuters Health) - A 25-year-old program named for Ryan White, who was expelled from school at age 13 because he had HIV, now provides essential services to nearly three-quarters of HIV-positive patients in the U.S., a new analysis shows.

02 Sep 2015