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Doctors puzzle over severity of defects in some Brazilian babies


NEW YORK/BRASILIA Experts on microcephaly, the birth defect that has sparked alarm in the current Zika virus outbreak, say they are struck by the severity of a small number of cases they have reviewed from Brazil.

Carnival roars ahead in Brazil despite Zika health scare

RIO DE JANEIRO The worst health scare in recent history is not keeping Brazilians from their annual Carnival revelry, with millions of partiers swarming streets and some making fun of the mosquito that spreads Zika and other viruses.

Brazil 1:23pm EST

Exclusive: Zika virus discourages many Americans from Latin America travel

The rapidly spreading Zika virus is discouraging many Americans from traveling to Latin America and the Caribbean, with 41 percent of those aware of the disease saying they are less likely to take such a trip, a Reuters/Ipsos poll shows.

World, U.S., 8:15am EST

France restricts blood transfusions over Zika virus

PARIS Travelers coming back from any outbreak zones of the Zika virus will need to wait at least 28 days before giving blood to avoid any risk of transmission, French Health Minister Marisol Touraine said on Sunday.

9:08am EST

More than 3,100 pregnant women in Colombia have Zika virus: government

BOGOTA More than 3,100 pregnant Colombian women are infected with the mosquito-borne Zika virus, President Juan Manuel Santos said on Saturday, as the disease continues its rapid spread across the Americas.

4:53am EST

Australia to step up Zika testing as two new cases reported

PERTH - Australia will intensify testing for the Zika virus in Queensland state where Aedes mosquitoes are found, authorities said on Saturday, adding that two new cases among local residents were the result of travel to affected countries.

06 Feb 2016

Zika found in saliva, urine in Brazil; U.S. offers sex advice

RIO DE JANEIRO Authorities in Brazil said on Friday Zika has been detected in patients' saliva and urine, adding to the concern over the spread of the virus, while U.S. officials offered new guidance on sex for people returning from Zika-hit regions. | Video

Brazil 05 Feb 2016

Brazil finds Zika in saliva, urine; expert warns against kissing

RIO DE JANEIRO Scientists identified the Zika virus in the saliva and urine of two infected patients, a top Brazilian biomedical research institution said on Friday, prompting its president to urge pregnant women not to kiss strangers just as local carnival celebrations begin.

Brazil 05 Feb 2016

Condom makers step up to help with Zika effort

Condom makers including Ansell Ltd are offering to help Zika-affected countries after the first case of the virus being sexually transmitted added to growing concerns over the spread of the disease.

05 Feb 2016

CDC widens Zika virus guidelines for pregnant women

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Friday revised its guidelines for pregnant women to include a recommendation that even those without symptoms of the Zika virus should be tested after returning from affected areas.

05 Feb 2016