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March meeting to plan rebuilding of Ebola-hit states


NAIROBI - Governments and international organizations plan to meet in March to work out how to rebuild three West African nations whose economies have been shattered by Ebola, a U.N. envoy said on Thursday.

Suspected Ebola patient admitted to California hospital

SACRAMENTO, Calif. - A patient suspected of being infected with Ebola was admitted on Thursday to a special isolation unit of a University of California hospital in Sacramento and was being tested for infection, hospital and public health officials said.

U.S., 5:18pm EST

Poll finds gaping chasm in views between U.S. public, scientists

WASHINGTON - American scientists and the general public hold vastly different views on key scientific issues including the role of people in causing climate change, the safety of genetically modified food, and evolution, a poll released on Thursday showed.

Science, 4:50pm EST

Medical marijuana advocates concerned by Illinois licensing delay

CHICAGO - Advocates for medical marijuana in Illinois are concerned that delays in issuing distribution licenses, exacerbated by a change in governors, is keeping the drug from patients who need it.

U.S., 4:22pm EST

Medical aid group MSF says pulls out of parts of Sudan

KHARTOUM - Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) has pulled out of some conflict-hit parts of Sudan due to a lack of cooperation from authorities, the medical charity said on Thursday, as the country suffers increasing violence.

9:50am EST

Should ‘High T’ determine eligibility for women’s sports?

(Reuters Health) – According to controversial new regulations, female athletes with as much testosterone in their blood as some men are not allowed to compete in women’s sporting events.

2:23pm EST

Withdrawal method linked to condom, pregnancy perceptions

(Reuters Health) – Up to 17 percent of young adults in the U.S. may be using “withdrawal” to prevent pregnancy, although not necessarily relying just on that method, a new study finds.

4:13pm EST

Ex-supermodel Waris Dirie says FGM can end in her lifetime

LONDON (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Supermodel turned campaigner against female genital mutilation Waris Dirie said on Thursday she was optimistic that FGM could be eradicated in her lifetime, branding the tradition "a cruel and perfidious war on little girls."

4:51pm EST

After heart attacks, most don’t get enough statins

(Reuters Health) - In the U.S., less than a third of older heart “event” patients being discharged from the hospital get the recommended high-intensity statins, according to a new study that looked at prescriptions filled.

3:15pm EST

New fund eases expenses for organ donors

(Reuters Health) – When Sigrid Fry-Revere decided to donate a kidney to a friend in 2010, she thought she knew what to expect.

2:25pm EST