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No vote on healthcare bill this week in U.S. House Apr 27 2017

WASHINGTON U.S. House leaders have decided against holding a vote on a reworked healthcare system overhaul this week after failing to find the necessary support, congressional aides said on Thursday. | Video

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Taking the stairs may boost energy more than drinking a soda

(Reuters Health) - For young women running on little sleep, 10 minutes of stair walking increased energy more than the amount of caffeine in a soda or half a cup of coffee, according to a small study.

Apr 27 2017

Going to college may increase risk of marijuana use

(Reuters Health) - College is increasingly a gateway for young adults in the U.S. to begin using marijuana and the risk keeps growing the more “normalized” pot use becomes, researchers say.

Apr 27 2017

Biomarin sets high price for rare pediatric brain disease drug

Biomarin Pharmaceuticals Inc said the annual price for its drug, which won U.S. approval on Thursday, to treat a rare and fatal type of pediatric brain disease is expected to be $486,000 after mandatory government discounts and rebates.

Apr 27 2017

Many exercise options are tied to better brain function

(Reuters Health) - Older adults who want to get moving to help boost their brain function have a wide variety of workouts to choose from, a research review suggests.

Apr 27 2017

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