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U.S. says 7.3 million choose Obamacare health plans in federal market


WASHINGTON - The Obama administration on Wednesday said that 7.3 million people have selected 2015 healthcare plans as of Jan. 23, through the federal insurance marketplace set up under the law known as Obamacare.

Some Obamacare insurers discriminate against AIDS patients: study

NEW YORK - Some insurers selling policies under Obamacare may be structuring drug coverage in a way that dissuades people with HIV-AIDS from becoming their customers, according to a study published on Wednesday in the New England Journal of Medicine.

5:20pm EST

Trial finds GSK Ebola shot is safe and provokes immune response

LONDON - First results from a human trial of an Ebola vaccine from GlaxoSmithKline show it is safe and generates an immune response, scientists said on Wednesday, but larger trials are needed to see if it protects and if a booster is needed.

5:00pm EST

Asia needs more cash, campaigns, law changes to end HIV epidemic: U.N.

BANGKOK (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - The Asia-Pacific region will not meet the goal of ending the HIV epidemic in 15 years unless it changes laws and attitudes hostile to people living with HIV, the head of the United Nations agency on AIDS said on Wednesday. 

8:02am EST

Obama's 'precision medicine' plan to boost research, but faces hurdles

NEW YORK - President Barack Obama's plan to put the United States at the forefront of individually tailored medical treatment should give a much-needed boost to research in the field but experts say it won't work without reforms to healthcare, including drug testing and insurance.

1:07am EST

UnitedHealth backs Gilead's Harvoni as preferred hepatitis C treatment

- UnitedHealth Group Inc, the largest U.S. health insurer, on Wednesday backed Gilead Sciences Inc's Harvoni as the preferred hepatitis C treatment on its 2015 commercial drug coverage list, another victory for Gilead over competitor AbbVie Inc.

4:55pm EST

Curcumin may help lower inflammation in metabolic syndrome

(Reuters Health) – - Adding spice – in the form of curcumin supplements – to the daily diets of people with risk factors for heart disease may lower inflammation, a new study suggests.

4:57pm EST

Statins may benefit women as much as men

(Reuters Health) – A large international analysis finds that statin drugs reduce heart risk factors like high cholesterol as effectively in women as they do in men.

4:22pm EST

Tesco recalls squash after complaints of 'foul' smell

- UK retailer Tesco Plc has recalled its No Added Sugar Double Concentrate Apple and Blackcurrant squash drink after getting complaints from customers regarding a foul smell coming from them.

4:52pm EST

'Expensive' placebo beats 'cheap' one in Parkinson's disease: study

NEW YORK - When patients with Parkinson's disease received an injection described as an effective drug costing $1,500 per dose, their motor function improved significantly more than when they got one supposedly costing $100, scientists reported on Wednesday.

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