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Cigarette filters may increase lung cancer risk 5:53pm EDT

Cigarette filters, introduced decades ago to reduce the amount of tar smokers inhale, also alter other properties of smoke and smoking in a way that raises the risk of lung cancer, researchers say.

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Under Obamacare, insurance companies provide more breast pumps

The 2010 Affordable Care Act (ACA) may have helped more women in the United States breastfeed as a result of its coverage of breast pumps, suggests a new study.

6:00pm EDT

Japan to bring forward target for increased generic drug use: sources

TOKYO Japan will bring forward a target to boost the use of generic drugs by six months to September 2020, two government sources with direct knowledge of the matter said on Tuesday.

Japan 10:52pm EDT

Older doctors tied to higher patient death rates

Within the same hospital, elderly patients had higher death rates when they were treated by older physicians than when younger doctors cared for them, a recent study concludes.

5:55pm EDT

Chileans grow own medical marijuana as weed ban loosens

SANTIAGO Chileans are increasingly growing their own cannabis for medical purposes as the conservative South American nation begins loosening legal prohibitions on the formerly illegal plant.

6:12pm EDT

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