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Weekly Ebola cases below 100, WHO says endgame begins


GENEVA - The number of new confirmed Ebola cases totalled 99 in the week to Jan. 25, the lowest tally since June 2014, the World Health Organization said on Thursday, signalling the tide might have turned against the epidemic.

As smokers spark up e-cigs to quit, traditional aids suffer

NEW YORK - When Marty Weinstein decided to quit smoking, he took a friend's advice and tried electronic cigarettes rather than government-approved nicotine replacement products.

1:06am EST

AstraZeneca bets on 'genetic scissors' for range of new drugs

LONDON - AstraZeneca said on Thursday it had struck four research agreements in the hot area of genome editing as it bets on a new "genetic scissors" technology to deliver better and more precise drugs for a range of diseases.

4:01am EST

U.S. says 7.3 million choose Obamacare health plans in federal market

WASHINGTON - The Obama administration on Wednesday said that 7.3 million people have selected 2015 healthcare plans as of Jan. 23, through the federal insurance marketplace set up under the law known as Obamacare.

28 Jan 2015

Some Obamacare insurers discriminate against AIDS patients: study

NEW YORK - Some insurers selling policies under Obamacare may be structuring drug coverage in a way that dissuades people with HIV-AIDS from becoming their customers, according to a study published on Wednesday in the New England Journal of Medicine.

28 Jan 2015

U.S. government says Obamacare could affect up to 29 percent of taxpayers

WASHINGTON - The Obama administration estimates that up to 29 percent of U.S. taxpayers could have to take the law known as Obamacare into account as they complete their 2014 income tax returns, officials said on Wednesday.

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California's top public health official slams e-cigarettes

SACRAMENTO, Calif. - California's top public health official on Wednesday said electronic cigarettes are addictive, leading to nicotine poisoning among children and threatening to unravel the state's decades-long effort to reduce tobacco use.

28 Jan 2015

Trial finds GSK Ebola shot is safe and provokes immune response

LONDON - First results from a human trial of an Ebola vaccine from GlaxoSmithKline show it is safe and generates an immune response, scientists said on Wednesday, but larger trials are needed to see if it protects and if a booster is needed.

28 Jan 2015

Salix Pharma to restate past seven quarters' results

- Salix Pharmaceuticals Ltd said it would restate financial statements for all of 2013 and the first three quarters of 2014, adding to the drugmaker's list of woes.

28 Jan 2015

It does get better for LGBT and questioning youth

(Reuters Health) – Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning adolescents who face bullying and other types of abuse have been told in the media, “It gets better” - and new research supports that claim.

28 Jan 2015