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Exclusive: In Florida Zika probe, federal scientists kept at arm's length 6:31pm EDT

CHICAGO The state of Florida, the first to report the arrival of Zika in the continental United States, has yet to invite a dedicated team of the federal government's disease hunters to assist with the investigation on the ground, health officials told Reuters.

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Ovarian cancer risk nearly doubles in women who douche

(Reuters Health) - Women who reported douching almost doubled their risk of developing ovarian cancer, a national U.S. study shows.

3:43pm EDT

New crop of robots to vie for space in the operating room

CHICAGO Even though many doctors see need for improvement, surgical robots are poised for big gains in operating rooms around the world.

Science, Tech Jul 28 2016

WHO chief going to the Olympics, says Zika risk low

BEIJING The risk of Zika virus infections at the Olympic Games is both low and manageable, the chief of the World Health Organization said on Friday, a week before the event kicks off in Rio de Janeiro.

Sports, 5:16am EDT

Bayer says will halt future U.S. sales of insecticide

CHICAGO The agricultural unit of German chemicals company Bayer AG will halt future U.S. sales of an insecticide that can be used on more than 200 crops after losing a fight with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the company said on Friday.

Environment 7:15pm EDT

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