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Senate delays vote on Medicare payment fix for two weeks


WASHINGTON - The Senate will wait more than two weeks before acting on a bill to permanently fix the flawed formula for reimbursing Medicare physicians, after an April 1 deadline to start a 21 percent cut in payment rates.

FDA rejects Adamis Pharma's injection for treating allergic reactions

- The United States Food and Drug Administration rejected Adamis Pharmaceuticals Corp's injection for treating severe allergic reactions, the company said on Friday.

5:59pm EDT

Vision loss increases risk for thoughts of suicide

(Reuters Health) – - Vision loss was linked with suicidal thoughts or suicide attempts, in a new study from South Korea.

South Korea 4:30pm EDT

For disabled vets, playing team sports boosts quality of life

(Reuters Health) - - Wheelchair basketball and other adaptive sports could help disabled veterans boost their self-esteem and lead healthier lives, early research suggests.

4:32pm EDT

USDA hog report confirms active herd growth as pig virus ease

- The U.S. hog herd grew 7 percent during the December-February quarter versus the same period last year, a U.S. Department of Agriculture report showed on Friday, reflecting producer profitability and the less-severe pig virus, said analysts.

5:07pm EDT

British Ebola patient cured after experimental treatment

LONDON - A 25-year-old British military nurse who was the first person in the world to be treated for Ebola with the experimental drug MIL 77 was discharged from hospital on Friday, London's Royal Free Hospital said.

1:20pm EDT

Grants help level the playing field for young moms in science

(Reuters Health) - Thanks to a generous benefactor, young mothers doing laboratory research at the Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston can receive major grants to keep them from falling behind while they raise their children.

12:19pm EDT

Eyeliner too close to the eye leads to contamination

(Reuters Health) – - Eyeliner applied on the inside of the lash line is very likely to move into the eye itself and cause symptoms, according to a small study that captured migrating makeup on video.

10:53am EDT

Novo Nordisk surges on plan to resubmit rejected insulin in U.S.

- Denmark's Novo Nordisk is to resubmit its new insulin Tresiba to U.S. regulators based on interim analysis data from a clinical trial, bringing its biggest new drug hope closer to the world's top market.

4:28am EDT

Ohr Pharma's eye drug fails mid-stage study, shares plunge

- Ohr Pharmaceutical Inc said its experimental eye drug failed the main goal in a mid-stage study as a combination therapy, wiping out two-thirds of the company's market value on Friday.

12:12pm EDT