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Florida identifies two more Zika cases not related to travel 6:40pm EDT

CHICAGO The Florida health department said on Wednesday it was investigating another two cases of Zika not related to travel to a place where the virus is being transmitted, raising the possibility of local Zika transmission in the continental United States.

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Paraguay reports first cases of microcephaly linked to Zika

ASUNCION Paraguay has recorded its first two cases of babies born with the microcephaly birth defect associated with the Zika virus, health authorities in the South American country said on Wednesday.

4:49pm EDT

Anthem to fight for Cigna deal, sees Obamacare losses

Health insurer Anthem Inc on Wednesday vowed to fight U.S. government efforts to block its planned acquisition of Cigna Corp and said it expects to lose money this year on its business selling individual health coverage under President Barack Obama's healthcare law.

2:22pm EDT

Exercise lowers heart disease risk, even for younger women

(Reuters Health) - For women under age 50, spending two and half hours of leisure time each week being active could cut heart disease risk by 25%, according to a U.S. study.

5:26pm EDT

Smoking raises brain-lining hemorrhage risk more for women

(Reuters Health) - Smokers, especially female smokers, have a higher risk of subarachnoid hemorrhage - bleeding inside the lining of the brain – compared with nonsmokers, according to a new study.

3:10pm EDT

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