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China aims to double doctor numbers as cure for healthcare woes


SHANGHAI - China will almost double the number of its general doctors by 2020, trim its public sector and improve technology as it seeks to fix a healthcare system plagued by snarling queues and poor rural services, its main administrative authority has said.

California getting 'second-hand smog' from Asia, researchers say

SACRAMENTO, Calif. - California is suffering from "second-hand smog" drifting in from Asia and other places, researchers said on Tuesday, even as the state's prolonged drought has made air quality worse.

Environment 6:24pm EDT

New York doctors accused of using free shoes offer to defraud Medicaid

NEW YORK - Twenty-three New York City doctors and medical workers have been charged with running an insurance fraud scheme in which they persuaded homeless and poor people to get unnecessary medical testing with promises of free shoes, prosecutors said on Tuesday.

U.S., 3:51pm EDT

Web searches may predict disease risk among populations

(Reuters Health) – - Internet search data might someday help estimate the prevalence of non-communicable diseases like stroke, heart disease or cancer, a new study suggests.

8:34pm EDT

As deadly pig virus wanes, bacon prices shrink

CHICAGO - U.S. pork belly prices are likely to fall further into the summer as supplies climb, now that farmers have finally controlled a deadly virus that wiped out millions of pigs, analysts said.

4:41pm EDT

Teens with HIV fare worse when parents don't come to clinic appointments

(Reuters Health) - Teens with HIV do better at keeping the virus in check when their parents or guardians come with them for clinic visits, a study from Botswana suggests.

10:42am EDT

Constipation emergencies on the rise

(Reuters Health) – The number of people going to U.S. emergency rooms for constipation has been going up, and so has the cost of those visits, which reached $1.6 billion in 2011, according to a new study.

4:31pm EDT

BioCryst wins US contract to continue Ebola drug development

- BioCryst Pharmaceuticals Inc said it won a U.S. government contract to continue development of its potential treatment for Ebola and other viral diseases.

8:33am EDT

Air pollution may be tied to anxiety

(Reuters Health) - Women who live in areas with higher air pollution may also have higher anxiety, according to a new analysis.

2:03pm EDT

New cancer drugs 'vastly overestimated', says contrarian analyst

LONDON - A hot new class of drugs designed to help the body's own immune system fend off cancer by blocking a protein called PD-1 is going to be big - but not nearly as big as investors think, according to a new analysis.

Science 11:48am EDT