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GlaxoSmithKline's new boss streamlines drug research 6:42am EDT

LONDON GlaxoSmithKline's new Chief Executive Emma Walmsley announced plans on Wednesday to streamline drug research in a bid to improve returns in the group's core pharmaceuticals business.

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Doctors view technology as largely problematic

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters Health) - When an endurance runner with a history of heart failure felt under the weather, he brought his activity tracker data from a workout to his cardiologist.

Jul 25 2017

Lilly signals long delay for arthritis drug, shares fall

Eli Lilly and Co on Tuesday outlined a likely multi-year delay for its experimental rheumatoid arthritis drug with blockbuster sales potential, and disappointed investors sent its shares down nearly 4 percent.

Jul 25 2017

Cancer patients in chemo ward may influence each other's survival

(Reuters Health) - Who a cancer patient spends time with in the chemotherapy ward may have a small but significant effect on their likelihood of surviving the disease, suggests a small study in the UK.

Jul 25 2017

Stroke survivors without complications still face ongoing risks

(Reuters Health) - Even stroke survivors who don’t experience any immediate complications are still more likely to die or have a heart attack than people who never had a stroke, a recent Canadian study suggests.

Jul 25 2017

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