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German kindergartens must report parents for refusing vaccine advice under new law 4:02am EDT

BERLIN Germany will pass a law next week obliging kindergartens to inform the authorities if parents fail to provide evidence that they have received advice from their doctor on vaccinating their children, the health ministry said on Friday.

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U.S. college teaches veterans to heal each others' mental wounds

NEWTON, Mass. Former U.S. Army Specialist Tara Barney will never forget the 2013 night when a fellow soldier cried as he described holding a dying friend in his arms, a wartime memory he had not shared with anyone.

U.S., 6:07am EDT

Walking linked to improved brain function

A moderate-intensity walking regimen may reduce symptoms of mild cognitive impairment that are linked to poor blood vessel health in the brain, a small study suggests.

2:18am EDT

Drug approvals bounce back as R&D labs churn out new winners

LONDON The number of new drugs approved for sale in United States and Europe has bounced back this year, suggesting a marked slowdown in 2016 was an aberration rather than a sign of flagging research and development productivity.

May 25 2017

Older adults might be able to stave off arthritis knee pain with fiber

Older people who eat the most fiber are at lower risk of developing knee pain and stiffness due to osteoarthritis (OA), new research shows.

10:56am EDT

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