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Exclusive: Can the blood of Ebola survivors create a cure?


CHICAGO - For months, Vanderbilt University researcher Dr. James Crowe has been desperately seeking access to the blood of U.S. Ebola survivors, hoping to extract the proteins that helped them overcome the deadly virus for use in new, potent drugs. | Video

Mother’s depression when kids are young linked to risky teen behaviors

(Reuters Health) - Having a depressed mother during elementary or middle school raises the likelihood a child will engage in risky behaviors like drinking and smoking during the teen years, according to a new Canadian study.

4:28pm EST

Death toll from Ebola in West Africa rises to 7,518: WHO

LONDON - The death toll from Ebola in the three West Africa countries hardest hit by the epidemic has risen to 7,518 out of 19,340 confirmed cases recorded there to date, the World Health Organization said on Monday.

12:32pm EST

Exercise tied to prostate cancer survival

(Reuters Health) - Among men with prostate cancer, those who lead active lifestyles have better survival rates than those who don’t, a new study suggests.

5:18pm EST

U.S. court strikes down North Carolina ultrasound abortion law

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. - A North Carolina law requiring women seeking an abortion to have an ultrasound of the fetus performed and described to them is unconstitutional because it forces doctors to voice the state's message discouraging the procedure, a U.S. appeals court ruled on Monday.

U.S. 5:32pm EST

Fast food may lead to lower school results for U.S. kids: study

WASHINGTON - Eating fast food may lead to lower student test scores in math, science and reading, a recent study of U.S. school children said.

12:10pm EST

Express Scripts drops Gilead hep C drugs for cheaper AbbVie rival

- The largest U.S. pharmacy benefit manager said on Monday it has lined up a cheaper price for AbbVie Inc's newly approved hepatitis C treatment and, in most cases, will no longer cover Gilead Sciences Inc's treatments after trying for nearly a year to win a deeper discount.

5:37pm EST

Hong Kong halts some U.S. poultry imports due to bird flu in U.S

- Hong Kong said Monday it has suspended imports of certain U.S. poultry and poultry products because strains of avian influenza have been identified in the United States, marking the second foreign market to issue such a ban.

2:33pm EST

FDA approves Bristol-Myers' immunotherapy for skin cancer

- The U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved Bristol-Myers Squibb Co's skin cancer drug, more than three months before the scheduled review date.

3:35pm EST

Exclusive: WHO says Syria approves medicine deliveries to Aleppo, other areas

BEIRUT - The Syrian government has approved the delivery of medicine and surgical supplies to three areas of the country aid workers were previously unable to reach regularly, including opposition-held Aleppo, the World Health Organization said on Monday.

World, United Nations, Syria 12:09pm EST