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Unbudgeted: How the opioid crisis is blowing a hole in small-town America's finances 6:52am EDT

INDIANA, Pa./CHILLICOTHE, Ohio As deaths mount in America's opioid crisis, communities on the front lines face a hidden toll: the financial cost. | Video

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U.S. AIDS strategy to focus on 13 countries close to controlling epidemic

The United States will concentrate its resources on 13 countries with high levels of HIV that have the best chance of controlling the AIDS epidemic under a strategy unveiled on Tuesday.

12:15am EDT

U.S. appeals court blocks San Francisco ordinance on soda health warnings

SAN FRANCISCO A U.S. appeals court sided with the beverage industry on Tuesday, granting its request to block a San Francisco ordinance mandating health warnings for soda and other sugary drinks.

U.S., 1:51pm EDT

Biosimilar cancer drug threat closing in for Roche

LONDON The long-heralded threat of cut-price competition to its top-selling biological cancer medicines is finally becoming a reality for Roche, the world's biggest maker of oncology treatments.

Sep 18 2017

Democrats urge full review before Senate vote on Obamacare attack

WASHINGTON Democratic leaders in the U.S. Congress on Monday demanded that lawmakers wait to find out the budgetary and healthcare impacts of a new, last-ditch legislative effort by Republicans to repeal Obamacare before voting on it.

Politics, Election 2016, Sep 18 2017

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