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Indian doctor accused of crimes becomes president of World Medical Association 8:58am EDT

NEW DELHI The World Medical Association (WMA), the top medical-ethics body, on Friday installed an Indian doctor facing corruption charges as its president, despite controversy surrounding his appointment while legal cases are pending.

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Type 1 diabetes often comes with other autoimmune diseases

(Reuters Health) - People with type 1 diabetes often develop other autoimmune disorders, such as thyroid and gastrointestinal diseases, and a recent study yields new information about this link.

3:51pm EDT

Climate change is shifting areas of skin disease concern

Climate change is bringing certain skin diseases and other illnesses to regions where they were rarely seen before, according to a recent research review.

12:47pm EDT

Docs lay out media recommendations for kids, teens

(Reuters Health) - The quantity and quality of media children and teens consume should change with their age, according to new guidelines from the American Academy of Pediatrics.

11:02am EDT

Obama says his departure may fix what ails Obamacare

MIAMI President Barack Obama said on Thursday that his departure from office in January might be what it takes to begin to heal the political scars over Obamacare and allow for needed fixes to his signature healthcare law. | Video

Election 2016, Politics, Oct 20 2016

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