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WTC cleanup workers may renew health claims: U.S. appeals court


NEW YORK - A federal appeals court in New York has revived claims by 211 cleanup workers who sought compensation for their alleged exposure to toxic contaminants in buildings near the World Trade Center site after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks.

Mississippi baby thought cured of HIV no longer in remission

- A toddler thought to have been cured of HIV now has detectable levels of the virus in her blood, the child's doctors and U.S. health officials said on Thursday.

Science, 4:17pm EDT

Californians lacking health insurance halved under Obamacare: study

SACRAMENTO Calif. - The number of Californians without health insurance has been cut in half since the implementation of Obamacare, according to a survey published Thursday.

U.S., 6:41pm EDT

Massachusetts curbs compounding pharmacies after 2012 meningitis outbreak

BOSTON - Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick signed a law Thursday to rein in compounding pharmacies, after tainted drugs produced by a local company sparked a meningitis outbreak in 2012 that killed 64 people across the United States.

2:32pm EDT

Combining vaccines may help eradicate polio

LONDON - Combining two types of polio vaccine, including one that is injected rather than given orally, appears to give better immunity and could speed efforts to eradicate the crippling disease, scientists said on Friday.

Science 7:09pm EDT

Shorter sleep may speed brain aging

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - With less sleep, normal aging-related structural changes in the brain progress slightly faster in middle-aged and older people, according to a new brain imaging study.

1:15pm EDT

Sanofi dengue vaccine promising but questions remain

PARIS - The first vaccine against dengue fever, from France's Sanofi, provided moderate protection in a large clinical study, but questions remain as to how well it can help fight the world's fastest-growing tropical disease.

Science, France 7:14pm EDT

Severe childhood obesity shows a decline in New York City

NEW YORK - Appearing to buck national trends, the prevalence of severe obesity among school children in New York City was down by almost 10 percent in the 2010-11 school year from 2006-07, researchers reported on Thursday.

1:29pm EDT

Extreme fat photos may undermine message on overweight risk

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Photos of morbidly obese people alongside a news story about the health threat from being overweight may cause moderately heavy people to think they’re not at risk, a new study suggests.

5:18pm EDT

Combining aerobic, resistance exercise may be best for diabetes

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Exercise programs that combine aerobic exercise and resistance training may be better at helping people with diabetes control their blood sugar than either type of exercise alone, a new analysis of past studies says.

10:42am EDT