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Uphill battle looms as Trump seeks revamped healthcare plan Apr 21 2017

WASHINGTON President Donald Trump, striving to make good on a top campaign promise, is pushing his fellow Republicans who control Congress to pass revamped healthcare legislation but the same intraparty squabbling that torpedoed it last month could do it again.

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Hot flashes at younger ages may signal higher heart risk later

Women who start having hot flashes in their 40s and early 50s had signs of poorer blood vessel health in a recent study and may be at a higher risk of cardiovascular disease later on, researchers say.

Apr 21 2017

Severe intestinal diseases increasing in Canadian children

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Canada has one of the world’s highest rates of childhood inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), with new diagnoses increasing the most among Canadian children younger than 5, new research has found.

Apr 21 2017

Wearable sensor collects, tests sweat for cystic fibrosis, glucose levels

(Reuters Health) - A next step in wearable health sensors might be a device that causes a patch of skin to sweat, then analyzes the perspiration to monitor or even diagnose disease.

Apr 21 2017

Most Americans support restrictions on where firearms can be carried

(Reuters Health) - More than two-thirds of Americans surveyed support some restrictions on carrying firearms in public places.

Apr 21 2017

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