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Ebola toll tops 1,550, outbreak accelerates: WHO


GENEVA - The Ebola outbreak in West Africa has killed more than 1,552 people out of 3,069 known cases in four countries and "continues to accelerate", the World Health Organisation (WHO) said on Thursday.

GSK Ebola vaccine fast-tracked into U.S., UK and African trials

LONDON - An experimental Ebola vaccine from GlaxoSmithKline is being fast-tracked into human studies and the company plans to build up a stockpile of up to 10,000 doses for emergency deployment, if results are good.

6:01am EDT

Doctor dies of Ebola in Nigeria's oil hub Port Harcourt

LAGOS - A doctor in Nigeria's oil industry hub of Port Harcourt has died from Ebola fever, after he was infected by man linked to the first case in Africa's most populous country, the Health Ministry said on Thursday.

World, Africa 5:57am EDT

Senegalese WHO doctor with Ebola arrives for treatment in Germany

HAMBURG - A Senegalese doctor who contracted Ebola while working for the World Health Organisation (WHO)in Sierra Leone arrived in Hamburg on Wednesday for treatment at a tropical medicine unit, becoming Germany's first patient with the disease.

Germany, Africa 27 Aug 2014

Ebola causing huge damage to West Africa economies: development bank

FREETOWN - The worst ever Ebola outbreak is causing enormous damage to West African economies as foreign businessmen quit the region, the African Development Bank said, while a leading medical charity branded the international response "entirely inadequate." | Video

Africa 27 Aug 2014

U.S. CDC says flies home staffer who had 'low-risk' contact with Ebola

CHICAGO - The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said on Wednesday it flew an employee back to the United States from West Africa by chartered plane after the staff member came in contact with an international healthcare worker who later tested positive for Ebola.

Africa, U.S. 27 Aug 2014

Fishery mislabeling could mean more mercury than buyers bargain for

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) – That Chilean sea bass from the local grocery store could have twice the methylmercury that’s expected – if it comes from a region other than indicated on the label, a new study says.

27 Aug 2014

Repros says its testosterone drug found superior in study

- Repros Therapeutics Inc said its experimental drug to treat low testosterone was superior to a leading marketed gel and a placebo in the first of two identical studies.

27 Aug 2014

Self management may reduce blood pressure: study

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) – Even people at significant risk for heart attacks and strokes can take an active role in reducing their own high blood pressure, by measuring it themselves and adjusting their medications, according to a new study from the UK.

27 Aug 2014

Scientists find mild cases of MERS among patients' families

CHICAGO - Fewer than half of Saudi Arabian patients in a study passed the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome virus to household members, and many of those who developed secondary infections contracted mild cases of MERS, global researchers reported on Wednesday.

27 Aug 2014