Health News

CDC worker monitored for possible Ebola exposure in lab error


- A laboratory technician for the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has been placed under observation for possible exposure to the deadly Ebola virus due to an apparent mix-up in lab specimens, the Atlanta-based agency said on Wednesday.

Language barriers and fear of police may prevent minority 911 calls

- In poor, mostly Latino areas of Denver, Colorado, people who suffer cardiac arrest are less likely to get help in part because distrust of law enforcement and language barriers stop bystanders from calling 911 or learning CPR, researchers say.

26 Dec 2014

Life support can be ended for clinically-dead pregnant woman: Irish court

LONDON - Ireland's High Court ruled on Friday that a life support machine keeping a brain-dead woman alive could be switched off because her unborn fetus had no chance of survival, a decision likely to upset anti-abortion campaigners.

26 Dec 2014

Teen drivers may run a fatal risk in older, smaller cars

- Teenagers are more likely than middle aged drivers to die in crashes while driving older, smaller cars, according to a recent study.

26 Dec 2014

Yoga may benefit heart health as much as aerobics

- Those sun salutations and downward dogs could be as good for the heart as cycling or brisk walking, and easier to tolerate for older people and those with health challenges, according to a new review of existing research.

26 Dec 2014

Complex jobs might help maintain brain fitness in aging

- Regardless of IQ, people who work at complex jobs have a slightly higher chance of being better thinkers as they age, a recent study suggests.

25 Dec 2014

Somber Christmas, gatherings banned in Ebola-hit Sierra Leone

FREETOWN - Sierra Leoneans observed a somber Christmas in their homes on Thursday, after the government banned traditionally boisterous holiday celebrations to prevent the spread of deadly Ebola in the worst-hit country.

25 Dec 2014

Death toll in Ebola outbreak rises to 7,588: WHO

GENEVA - The global death toll from Ebola has risen to 7,588 out of 19,497 confirmed cases recorded in the year-old epidemic raging in West Africa, the World Health Organization (WHO) said on Wednesday.

24 Dec 2014

Medical detective work is next phase in Ebola fight

ACCRA - Medical detective work will be the next big phase in the fight against Ebola when the United Nations deploys hundreds of health workers to identify chains of infection as the virus passes from person to person, top U.N. health workers said.

24 Dec 2014

FDA eases 31-year ban on blood donations from gay men

- U.S. health regulators will recommend that gay men be allowed to donate blood one year after their last sexual contact, easing a ban that has been in place since 1983.

23 Dec 2014