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Under Trump, Congress likely to pull plug on medical device tax 6:06am EST

WARSAW, Indiana/WASHINGTON When Donald Trump takes over as president on Jan. 20, one of the first business tax breaks he delivers is likely to go to the U.S. medical device industry and companies like Mark Throdahl's.

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Athletes may need to work more than the rest of us to avoid the flu

(Reuters Health) - Athletes who cram in extra workouts over the holidays to avoid packing on extra pounds also need to take extra precautions to avoid getting sick, recent guidelines stress.

Dec 08 2016

Can virtual reality games help with phantom limb pain?

(Reuters Health) - Virtual reality games designed for amputees to experience movement in missing limbs might help reduce painful sensations from the absent body part, a small experiment suggests.

Dec 08 2016

People with traumatic brain injuries more likely to go to prison

(Reuters Health) - Men and women who suffered traumatic brain injuries had more than twice the risk of winding up in a federal prison in Canada as their uninjured peers, a new study shows.

Dec 08 2016

ER visits for severe sunburn rack up millions in costs

(Reuters Health) – Although sunburns are highly preventable, they are still responsible for tens of thousands of expensive visits to U.S. emergency rooms each year, according to a recent analysis.

Dec 08 2016

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