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Walking linked to improved brain function 7:56pm EDT

A moderate-intensity walking regimen may reduce symptoms of mild cognitive impairment that are linked to poor blood vessel health in the brain, a small study suggests.

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Does telling patients of possible side effects make them more likely?

Patients who are told their medication can have certain side effects may report these symptoms more often than patients who aren't aware their treatment carries these risks, a study of popular cholesterol pills suggests.

4:16pm EDT

How good are activity trackers at counting calories burned?

People who wear activity trackers to count the calories they're burning are probably not getting accurate estimates, suggests a new study.

4:13pm EDT

Brazilian doctors use fish skin to treat burn victims

FORTALEZA, Brazil Researchers in Brazil are experimenting with a new treatment for severe burns using the skin of tilapia fish, an unorthodox procedure they say can ease the pain of victims and cut medical costs.

World, Brazil 10:10am EDT

Modi's generics-only drugs plan worries health experts, Indian pharma sector

MUMBAI India's plan to bring in a law to ensure doctors prescribe medicines only by their generic names risks proliferating the sale of substandard drugs in a country where regulation is already lax, doctors and pharmaceutical executives say.

10:17am EDT

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