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London's Chelsea Flower Show to open with a volcano and a secret garden

LONDON A secret garden and model erupting volcano are among the main attractions of this year's Chelsea Flower Show, Britain's premier gardening show which is enticing royalty and celebrities alike this week.

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Cairo lantern-maker champions old craft against Chinese imports May 21 2017

CAIRO An Egyptian artisan who makes the traditional lanterns that adorn Middle Eastern streets during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan believes he has found a way to stop a flood of Chinese replicas and save his ancient craft.

Expedia begins offering online booking for hotels in Cuba May 23 2017

HAVANA U.S. online travel services company Expedia said on Tuesday it had started offering online booking for hotels in Communist-run Cuba, hoping to capitalize on a boom in tourism to the Caribbean island.

Pope names five new cardinals, all from outside Italy and the Vatican May 21 2017

VATICAN CITY Pope Francis is to elevate five Roman Catholic prelates from outside Italy and the Vatican to the rank of cardinal, the elite group of churchmen who are his closest advisers and can enter a conclave to choose his successor.

Downward-facing goat: Yoga trend draws flock to New Hampshire farm May 19 2017

NOTTINGHAM, N.H. Eight people dressed in bright-colored athletic tops and soft pants sat on foam mats and stretched until five tiny Nigerian Dwarf goats, the size of small dogs, pranced into the studio and their goat yoga class began.

Collection bag from Apollo 11 moon mission to be sold at auction May 19 2017

It is a simple, square white bag that traveled to the moon in 1969 on Apollo 11 and carried back to Earth the first sample of lunar material ever collected. That bag could fetch up to $4 million when it goes on the auction block at Sotheby's New York in July.

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