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Bowwow wow! Dog domestication much older than previously known

WASHINGTON - Genetic information from a 35,000-year-old wolf bone found below a frozen cliff in Siberia is shedding new light on humankind's long relationship with dogs, showing canine domestication may have occurred earlier than previously thought.

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Deceased councilwoman in Pittsburgh wins Democratic primary

PITTSBURGH - A councilwoman who died earlier this month easily defeated the only other candidate on the ballot for the Pennsylvania county that includes Pittsburgh, results showed on Wednesday.

20 May 2015

Stuffed tiger strapped to SUV prompts 911 call in Washington state

SEATTLE - Police in Washington state said on Wednesday they had responded to an emergency call about a Bengal tiger lounging on top of a car, but it turned out the cat was actually a big stuffed animal.

20 May 2015

To heel or not to heel, that is the Cannes question

(This story corrects the translation of Fremaux quote in the third paragraph to say 'tuxedo', not 'smoking') | Video

Entertainment 21 May 2015

British public asked what creative person should be on next 20 pound note

LONDON - The British public will for the first time be able to help decide which historic figure - in this case a creative one - appears on the next version of the country's 20 pound note, the Bank of England said on Tuesday.

19 May 2015

Why do men exist? Scientific study offers an explanation

LONDON - Since in many species, sperm is males' only contribution to reproduction, biologists have long puzzled about why evolutionary selection, known for its ruthless efficiency, allows them to exist.

Health, Science 18 May 2015