Oddly Enough

Iowa billboard mannequin startles motorists, loses job

- A car dealer is taking down an oversized mannequin that had been placed atop a roadside billboard advertisement in rural Iowa after a number of alarmed drivers called the 911 emergency number to report a man who looked like he was going to jump.

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Indian censor official quits over spiritual leader's Bollywood dreams

NEW DELHI - An Indian film that features a self-styled spiritual leader in jewel-studded costume riding motorbikes and sending the bad guys flying has prompted the chief of the country's censor panel to quit, citing government interference.

Entertainment, Film, 16 Jan 2015

Eight-foot alligator found at L.A. home suspected of eating cats

LOS ANGELES - An 8-foot alligator was found next to the carcasses of two cats in the back yard of a suburban Los Angeles home where the reptile had been living illegally since the 1970s, authorities said on Thursday.

15 Jan 2015

Seattle Seahawks-loving city manager bans cheese ahead of Green Bay Packers game

SEATTLE - In a friendly slap at Green Bay Packers fans, popularly known as "cheeseheads," the manager of a city near Seattle has banned cheese in municipal headquarters before Sunday's NFL playoff game between the Packers and Seattle Seahawks.

15 Jan 2015

NASCAR's Busch says former girlfriend is 'assassin'

- NASCAR champion Kurt Busch, testifying about a request for a protective order against him, said his ex-girlfriend is a trained assassin sent on covert missions who once returned to their hotel room in a blood-splattered evening gown.

14 Jan 2015

'Thumbs up' robber recognizes clerk, gives Colorado store a pass

DENVER - Police in Colorado are hunting a hooded man who was about to rob a convenience store but stopped after recognizing the clerk and then gave the startled employee a cheery thumbs-up.

U.S., 15 Jan 2015