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North Korean embassy complains to UK after salon mocks leader's hair

LONDON - North Korea failed to see the joke when a London hair salon used a picture of its leader Kim Jong Un to try to attract more customers and has written to Britain's Foreign Office asking it to stop what it calls a "provocation".

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Tiny Minnesota museum's canoe a 1,000-year-old historic find

- For 46 years, a canoe thought to date to the 1700s sat in the back of a display case as a minor exhibit at a small museum run by a volunteer historical group in Minnesota.

14 Apr 2014

Virtual reality opens London Marathon to all

LONDON - "You're virtually there" is a common shout of encouragement to ailing runners in the London marathon but thanks to a new "interactive 3D experience" athletes the world over will be able to navigate the course from the comfort of their own treadmill.

Tech 11 Apr 2014

Clever chimps at Kansas City Zoo make brief break to freedom

KANSAS CITY - Seven chimpanzees used an improvised ladder from a tree to scale a wall and briefly escape their enclosure at the Kansas City Zoo on Thursday, a zoo official said.

U.S., 11 Apr 2014

California town moves against Sriracha hot sauce plant

LOS ANGELES - The small Southern California town of Irwindale has opened a new front in its battle against what it says is a pungent, tear-inducing odor from a chili processing factory owned by the makers of Sriracha-brand hot pepper sauce.

10 Apr 2014

Mummified singer is star of new British Museum exhibition

LONDON - A singer is the star of the show in a new exhibition of mummies at the British Museum for which modern medical scanners have been used to examine eight bodies and find out what they looked like, how they lived and how they died.

Entertainment, Fashion, 10 Apr 2014