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Brazilian who led U.S. to $17 million under mattress pleads guilty

BOSTON A Brazilian whose arrest led U.S. authorities to discover $17 million hidden under a mattress pleaded guilty on Thursday to charges that he tried to launder funds tied to one of the largest pyramid schemes ever.

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Hospital allow kids to drive themselves to operating room

LOS ANGELES A San Diego children's hospital unveiled a collection of remote controlled luxury mini cars on Tuesday that allow its young patients to 'drive' themselves to the operating room.

Health, U.S., Sep 19 2017

Crayfish staff help Czech brewery keep its water as pure as can be

PROTIVIN, Czech Republic Crayfish equipped with high-tech sensors have been drafted in by a Czech brewery in its quest to keep their water supply pure. | Video

Science, Sep 28 2017

Geneva toilets flush with cash

GENEVA Geneva prosecutors are investigating after toilets in a bank and three restaurants were blocked by about $100,000 in high-denomination euro banknotes, they said on Monday.

Sep 18 2017

Staying fit: Japan's elderly hits record in challenge to labor market

TOKYO Swinging dumbbells and chewing gum, several elderly Japanese gathered at a shrine in downtown Tokyo on Monday in sweltering temperatures, belying their age and importance in one of the world's most rapidly aging societies.

Sep 18 2017

Pet deaths in Japan: dignified but dog-gone expensive

At Pet Rainbow Fiesta, a pet funeral expo, held in Tokyo on Monday, visitors were given a host of options on performing rites for dead pets, including cremation, constructing a household altar and making offerings of incense.

Sep 18 2017