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San Francisco Zoo offers spurned lovers cockroach, scorpion adoptions

- The San Francisco Zoo is giving the spurned and broken-hearted a new reason to mark Valentine's Day - the chance to adopt a giant scorpion or hissing cockroach named after a heart-trampling ex.

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Iowa billboard mannequin startles motorists, loses job

- A car dealer is taking down an oversized mannequin that had been placed atop a roadside billboard advertisement in rural Iowa after a number of alarmed drivers called the 911 emergency number to report a man who looked like he was going to jump.

U.S., 23 Jan 2015

Death by chocolate: a problem for bears in New Hampshire

BOSTON - New Hampshire wildlife officials are drawing up a proposal to curb the use of chocolate as bait by hunters seeking to draw black bears out of the woods after four of the wild animals were found dead at a trapping site from an overdose of the treat.

Environment 22 Jan 2015

Singapore smoker fined $15,000 for throwing butts out of window

SINGAPORE - Singapore has fined a smoker S$19,800 ($15,000) for throwing cigarette butts out of his flat window, the National Environment Agency said, the highest ever such fine.

22 Jan 2015

Activists arrested after dousing Lenin's tomb with holy water

MOSCOW - Two performance artists were arrested after pouring holy water on the Red Square tomb of Soviet leader Vladimir Lenin and shouting "Rise and be gone!", Russian media reported.

20 Jan 2015

Israeli selfie from Miss Universe contest causes stir in Lebanon

BEIRUT - A Israeli beauty queen's selfie has caused a stir in Lebanon, with some Lebanese saying their country's contestant at the Miss Universe pageant should be stripped of her title for consorting with the enemy.

18 Jan 2015