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Prankster's caper led to Idaho car crash

- A sport utility vehicle carrying five Idaho teens crashed after one of the passengers burned the driver's armpit hair with a lighter in a prank that went horribly awry, police said on Wednesday.

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Texas doctor poisoned lover's coffee over obsession: prosecutor

HOUSTON - A breast cancer physician charged with spiking her lover's coffee with a compound used in antifreeze was obsessed with the man and even had a private investigator follow him, prosecutors said in opening statements at her trial on Monday.

U.S. 15 Sep 2014

California man accused of cooking ex-girlfriend's dog

- A northern California man was in police custody on Friday after allegedly stealing his ex-girlfriend's pet dog, cooking it and feeding it to her, police said.

13 Sep 2014

Argentine family given permission to name son Messi

BUENOS AIRES - A couple have named their new-born son Messi after Argentina's soccer captain, having been granted permission to circumvent a 45-year-old law banning the use of last names as first names.

Argentina 12 Sep 2014

Kentucky man admits to selling fraudulent fertility kits

- A Kentucky man, who made international news for saying he was trying to clone humans, must close or sell his business after pleading guilty to a federal charge that he misled customers about in-home fertility kits, according to court documents.

U.S., 12 Sep 2014

In Japan, grave times for the tombstone trade

TOKYO - Jianxing An can see he is in a dying business.

11 Sep 2014