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N.Y. judge to consider claims that chimpanzees are 'legal persons'

NEW YORK - An animal rights group has been granted a court hearing in which it will argue that two chimpanzees who live at a New York state university cannot be held captive because they are autonomous, intelligent creatures.

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Goats, llama and shepherdess help clear plants at Oregon airport

PORTLAND, Ore. - As planes took off and landed behind a fence one unusually warm April day at Portland International airport, a herd of goats lay basking in the sun, taking a nap break from their 24-hour job of chowing down on invasive plants.

20 Apr 2015

U.S. Supreme Court rejects appeal over Arizona 'fish pedicures'

- The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday rejected an appeal by the owner a Phoenix-area spa that ran afoul of Arizona state regulations that barred her from providing pedicures in which clients have their feet nibbled by small fish to remove dead skin.

20 Apr 2015

Turnover explosion at Shanghai stock exchange has too many zeros for software

SHANGHAI - China's stock trading fever has made the Shanghai Stock Exchange the world's biggest in terms of turnover, surpassing the New York Stock Exchange, but the explosion in volumes has exceeded the ability of the exchange's software to report it.

China 20 Apr 2015

Former Washington state governor ejects man from car

SEATTLE - Former Washington state Governor Chris Gregoire used fast thinking and driving to stop a stranger from climbing into her car in a store parking lot, Olympia police said on Thursday.

U.S., 16 Apr 2015

Coffee spill behind Serbian president's airplane scare

BELGRADE - Blamed initially on 'engine failure', it emerged on Tuesday that a government jet carrying Serbia's president to Italy last week was forced to turn back when the co-pilot spilled coffee on the instrument board.

5:25am EDT