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Canadian goes airborne in lawn chair lifted by helium balloons

CALGARY, Alberta - A Canadian man who parachuted from a flying lawn chair powered by helium balloons was facing police charges on Monday.

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No sweat? Colombia turns to lie detectors to tackle government graft

BOGOTA - Colombia's government plans to carry out lie detector tests on senior civil servants who allocate contracts to private companies as it tries to clamp down on widespread corruption and embezzlement of public funds.

World 02 Jul 2015

Meditating Portuguese actor mistaken for terrorist on Paris plane

LISBON - A Portuguese actor humming a prayer as he meditated to a sacred Tibetan text onboard a plane awaiting takeoff from Paris was mistaken for a terrorist by alarmed passengers and taken off the flight by police.

02 Jul 2015

California cancer patient with amnesia faces identity crisis

SAN DIEGO - A woman with amnesia who has been undergoing cancer treatments since she was found semiconscious in Southern California has turned to social media and law enforcement as she struggles to rekindle memory of her own identity and any family she may have.

01 Jul 2015

Man in wheelchair robs New York bank, gets away

NEW YORK - Police on Tuesday were searching for a man in a wheelchair who is suspected of robbing a New York bank and rolling out of the building with $1,200 cash to make a clean getaway.

U.S., 30 Jun 2015

Will pope chew coca leaves in Bolivia? 'Wait and see,' Vatican says

VATICAN CITY - Pope Francis will decide for himself if he chews coca leaves in order to ward off altitude sickness when he lands next week at La Paz, Bolivia, the highest international airport in the world, the Vatican said on Tuesday.

30 Jun 2015