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Missing Philadelphia dog found safe in Oregon, 3,000 miles from home

PORTLAND Ore. - A dog that went missing in Philadelphia five months ago has turned up 3,000 miles away - in a Portland-area animal shelter and officials say they have no idea how the Jack Russell terrier named Gidget made the cross-country trip.

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Prankster's caper led to Idaho car crash

- A sport utility vehicle carrying five Idaho teens crashed after one of the passengers burned the driver's armpit hair with a lighter in a prank that went horribly awry, police said on Wednesday.

1:49am EDT

Factory gives model fighter jet to head of Russian Orthodox Church

(This version of the story has been corrected to make clear gift was a model jet)

Russia 10:23am EDT

Florida city reverses ban on saggy pants that threatened jail time

ORLANDO Fla. - Saggy pants are a fashion choice and not a police concern, a Florida city has decided, rescinding a two-month-old ban that threatened jail time for styles intentionally exposing underwear or buttocks.

17 Sep 2014

French chefs seek to put banned songbird back on menu

PARIS - Four French chefs are requesting a waiver to serve a long-banned delicacy - a small songbird called the ortolan that fans including late President Francois Mitterrand used to devour, bones and all, while wearing a napkin over their heads.

16 Sep 2014

Swiss keeper shocked after fans urinate in his water bottle

- A Swiss goalkeeper has threatened legal action after fans of a rival lower league team urinated in his water bottle and then taunted him when, unawares, he took a sip during a match at the weekend.

16 Sep 2014