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California man accused of cooking ex-girlfriend's dog

- A northern California man was in police custody on Friday after allegedly stealing his ex-girlfriend's pet dog, cooking it and feeding it to her, police said.

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Gun-toting Colorado woman threatens boy over clarinet practice

DENVER - Sheriff's deputies in Colorado arrested a 60-year-old woman who pointed a rifle at her neighbor's 11-year-old son as he played his clarinet in the backyard, authorities said on Friday.

U.S., 12 Sep 2014

Man sleepwalks off Kentucky cliff, suffers minor injuries

LOUISVILLE Ky. - An Ohio man fell 60 feet off a cliff while sleepwalking in a national forest in Kentucky, but suffered only minor injuries, officials said on Wednesday.

10 Sep 2014

Mississippi election winner to be chosen at random after tied race

- The election for alderman of a southern Mississippi city ended in a tie, with the winner to be chosen at random, likely by a coin toss or drawing straws, the city's mayor said Thursday.

Politics, 11 Sep 2014

Utah author says Christian romance novel plagiarized, sullied by sex

- A Utah author has sued another writer for allegedly copying her Christian romance novel, adding "graphic sex scenes," and then selling the story, court records showed.

10 Sep 2014

Driver busted in Maryland with cocaine 'trail' thought he was in Chicago

ANNAPOLIS Md. - A Maryland man alleged to have cocaine on his face and clothes and be driving while drunk was arrested after he told an officer he thought he was in Chicago, a Maryland State Police spokesman said on Wednesday.

U.S. 10 Sep 2014