Oddly Enough

Washington teacher told not to use disciplinary 'Wheel of Misfortune'

SEATTLE - A Washington state high school teacher has been warned not to have students spin a disciplinary "Wheel of Misfortune" to assign punishments for misbehavior that included being pelted with rubber balls by fellow students, school officials said.

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One-ton California pumpkin weighs in as heaviest ever in North America

- A one-ton pumpkin grown in Northern California has been declared the heaviest ever cultivated in North America, and an organization is arranging to fly the giant gourd to New York where it will be featured in a botanical garden.

14 Oct 2014

New Florida million-dollar home has nice view, but built on wrong lot

ORLANDO Fla. - A Florida builder is trying to figure out what to do after constructing a million-dollar, ocean-view home in Florida on the wrong lot, authorities said.

14 Oct 2014

Gun-slinging patrolwoman chases off polar bear from Alaska home

- A gun-slinging Alaska wildlife manager chased off a massive polar bear that broke into an 81-year-old's house in a remote community to feast on a drum of seal oil, the Alaska Dispatch News reported.

14 Oct 2014

California parrot that vanished for four years returns speaking Spanish: paper

LOS ANGELES - The owner of a parrot that spoke English with a British accent says the bird went missing for four years, only to return speaking Spanish and asking for someone named Larry, a Southern California newspaper reported on Monday.

13 Oct 2014

Wife-carrying competition brings Finnish whimsy to Maine

NEWRY Maine - Men with their wives slung over their shoulders bounded over log hurdles and charged through a muddy pit on a mountainside in Maine on Saturday, as hundreds of spectators cheered them on at the North American Wife Carrying Championship.

11 Oct 2014