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Swiss keeper shocked after fans urinate in his water bottle

- A Swiss goalkeeper has threatened legal action after fans of a rival lower league team urinated in his water bottle and then taunted him when, unawares, he took a sip during a match at the weekend.

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In Japan, grave times for the tombstone trade

TOKYO - Jianxing An can see he is in a dying business.

11 Sep 2014

Coming to a Serie A match near you, film ads on shirts

MILAN - Sampdoria's shirts will be turned into billboards for the latest cinema releases by the club's movie producer president Massimo Ferrero.

12 Sep 2014

Gun-toting Colorado woman threatens boy over clarinet practice

DENVER - Sheriff's deputies in Colorado arrested a 60-year-old woman who pointed a rifle at her neighbor's 11-year-old son as he played his clarinet in the backyard, authorities said on Friday.

U.S., 12 Sep 2014

Man sleepwalks off Kentucky cliff, suffers minor injuries

LOUISVILLE Ky. - An Ohio man fell 60 feet off a cliff while sleepwalking in a national forest in Kentucky, but suffered only minor injuries, officials said on Wednesday.

10 Sep 2014

Mississippi election winner to be chosen at random after tied race

- The election for alderman of a southern Mississippi city ended in a tie, with the winner to be chosen at random, likely by a coin toss or drawing straws, the city's mayor said Thursday.

Politics, 11 Sep 2014