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Belgian police waive traffic fines in protest over pensions

BRUSSELS - Belgians who drive a bit over the speed limit, forget to buckle their seat belts or park illegally can breathe easier this week as police turn a blind eye in protest against plans to raise their retirement age.

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For Ohio's 'PotatoStock,' all you need is love, and mayonnaise

CLEVELAND - An Ohio man's modest request this summer for a little help making potato salad culminates this Saturday in PotatoStock 2014 - a charity event to help end hunger and homelessness.

25 Sep 2014

Controversial fingerprinting machines rolled out in some Venezuelan stores

CARACAS - The Venezuelan government has started to fingerprint shoppers at some state-run supermarkets, in a plan to combat food scarcity which has been derided by some consumers weary of shortages.

25 Sep 2014

Washington state teen calls police to break up his own party

SEATTLE - A Washington state teenager who threw a party rife with underage drinking and drug use while his parents were away called police to intervene after a rowdy throng busted a neighbors fence and fights broke out, local media said on Wednesday.

24 Sep 2014

Idaho woman accused of chewing up back seat of police car

SALMON Idaho - An Idaho woman accused of chewing up the back seat of a police cruiser after being arrested in a pepper spray incident could face up to five years in prison if convicted of a felony charge linked to the damage, authorities said on Tuesday.

U.S., 23 Sep 2014

Connecticut man arrested after driving stolen car to meeting with cops

NEW HAVEN Conn. - A 26-year-old Connecticut man was in police custody on Tuesday after showing up to a phony probation meeting driving a car that police say he stole from a woman in a supermarket parking lot and later may have used to rob a bank.

U.S., 23 Sep 2014