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Winging it: Chicago man smashes Philadelphia eating record

PHILADELPHIA - A professional competitive eater from Chicago downed 444 chicken wings in 30 minutes at the 23rd annual Wing Bowl in Philadelphia, narrowly edging out his nearest rival and shattering the record of 363 wings set a year earlier.

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Unions turn lights off on French prime minister

PARIS - An inquiry was under way on Wednesday after French trade unionists turned the lights off on a keynote speech by Prime Minister Manuel Valls in protest at planned energy reforms.

28 Jan 2015

Voodoo queen cemetery in New Orleans to restrict access after vandalism

NEW ORLEANS - New Orleans' oldest cemetery will soon be closed to visitors without an official escort or familial ties to the deceased, the result of a spate of vandalism that has included the tomb of voodoo queen Marie Laveau.

27 Jan 2015

Mr Incredible convicted of attacking Batgirl on Hollywood Boulevard

LOS ANGELES - A man who dresses as the comic superhero Mr. Incredible has been sentenced to 3 years probation after pleading guilty to attacking a woman costumed as Batgirl in a Hollywood Boulevard turf dispute, prosecutors said on Tuesday.

U.S., 27 Jan 2015

Mississippi collector's quirky Elvis shrine up for auction

JACKSON, Miss. - The estate of an eccentric Elvis Presley memorabilia collector who for more than two decades offered tours of his Mississippi house at any time day or night will be auctioned on Saturday, his attorney said.

27 Jan 2015