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At U.S. contest, may the smelliest sneaker win

NEW YORK Seven young contestants from around the United States put their best and smelliest shoe forward at the 42nd National Rotten Sneaker Contest in New York City on Tuesday. | Video

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'You know there's crocs there' says teen bitten after jumping in river

An Australian teenager who was bitten by a crocodile when he jumped into a river in northern Queensland on a dare is now recovering in hospital and looking forward to a date with the British backpacker he was trying to impress.

World, Australia, Mar 20 2017

Patriots star Brady's missing Super Bowl jersey found in Mexico

The New England Patriots jersey that vanished after quarterback Tom Brady wore it in the team's fifth Super Bowl victory last month has been found in Mexico, officials said on Monday. | Video

Sports, Super Bowl Mar 20 2017

Thimble, wheelbarrow, boot kicked out of Monopoly board game

SEATTLE If you have ever wanted to rampage through a game of Monopoly like a dinosaur, you're in luck.

Entertainment, Mar 17 2017

Chinese firms offer pollution solutions with bottled air, hat filters, smog socks

BEIJING Even as Chinese Premier Li Keqiang pledges to ensure that blue skies never become a luxury, a state-backed firm is doing brisk business selling 48 yuan ($6.95) cans of fresh air bottled in a forest in western China.

Environment Mar 17 2017

Sierra Leone pastor discovers 706-carat diamond

FREETOWN A Christian pastor has found one of the world's largest uncut diamonds - weighing 706 carats -- in Sierra Leone's eastern Kono region.

Mar 16 2017

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