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Captive orangutan has human right to freedom, Argentine court rules

BUENOS AIRES - An orangutan held in an Argentine zoo can be freed and transferred to a sanctuary after a court recognized the ape as a "non-human person" unlawfully deprived of its freedom, local media reported on Sunday.

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Tennessee police looking for Christmas tree thief

NASHVILLE, Tenn. - Police in suburban Nashville are looking for a Scrooge who sawed off a live Christmas tree loaded with decorations in a suspected holiday season theft.

U.S., 17 Dec 2014

Alabama police find heroin in toddler's diaper, arrest father

- Police in Alabama arrested a man after finding 14 grams of heroin hidden in his 2-year-old daughter's diaper, a discovery aided by a tip from the girl's 5-year-old sister, authorities said on Tuesday.

16 Dec 2014

McDonald's Japan rations fries as U.S. West Coast port dispute drags on

TOKYO - McDonald's Holdings Co (Japan) Ltd has embarked on the emergency measure of only offering small-sized french fries to customers as a protracted labor dispute at U.S. West Coast ports has contributed to long delays in imports.

15 Dec 2014

Robot flies to Germany as airline passenger from Los Angeles

LOS ANGELES - A humanoid robot with a head, hands and feet and wearing stylish red sneakers boarded a flight for Germany at Los Angeles International Airport on Monday, becoming what was billed as the first robot traveling as a paid passenger on an airline.

15 Dec 2014

New York state bans pet tattooing, piercing

NEW YORK - New York is banning pet tattoos and piercing under a state law aimed at curbing the trendy practice of inking or even maiming animals to make fashion statements.

15 Dec 2014