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Segway knocks Bolt off his stride at the Bird's Nest

BEIJING - A television cameraman and his Segway succeeded in doing what none of Usain Bolt's rivals could in the 200 meters final at world championships on Thursday -- knock the Jamaican off his stride, and his feet, during his lap of honor.

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No charges for Missouri homeowner over military headstone patio

- A Missouri man who used dozens of military headstones to make a patio at his house will not face criminal charges and the headstones would be destroyed, authorities said on Tuesday.

25 Aug 2015

Enough to make Mona Lisa smile: Taiwan boy falls through Italian masterpiece

TAIPEI - A T$50 million ($1.54 million) masterpiece by a 17th century Italian artist was back on display in the Taiwan capital on Tuesday after a 12-year-old boy tripped, fell and punched a hole in the canvas, the exhibit organizer said.

26 Aug 2015

Made in Denmark love match as Harto proposes

COPENHAGEN - European Tour journeyman Andreas Harto stole the show at the Made In Denmark event by proposing to his girlfriend during the tournament in Farso on Friday.

Sports, 21 Aug 2015

Woman bites rider who asks to move bag from seat in New York subway

NEW YORK - A woman who took a bite out of another passenger in a dispute over a seat on a crowded subway was being sought for assault on Friday, the New York City police said.

U.S., 21 Aug 2015

Santa goes bust over Finnish tax bill

HELSINKI - Finland's Santa Claus Office has been declared bankrupt over unpaid taxes after a sharp drop in visits from recession-hit Russians, once the center's best customers.

20 Aug 2015