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Florida cat owners call 911 after Russian blue 'freaked out'

ORLANDO Florida - Kush the cat was quarantined in central Florida after her owner called 911 over the weekend for help, saying the ferocious feline had her trapped in her home.

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Robbers attack PA gun collectors home, leave with 31 guns

PITTSBURGH - Robbers attacked an elderly gun collector in his western Pennsylvania home and escaped with an arsenal of 31 firearms, at least 14 of which are still missing.

03 Jul 2014

India finance minister UFO Facebook post angers "common men"

NEW DELHI - With many Indians worrying about the threat of tough measures in their new government's first budget next week, a Facebook post suggesting the finance minister might be pondering less earthly matters quickly roused anger on Wednesday.

Tech, Media 02 Jul 2014

Ohio man took dead mom's Social Security benefits for 33 years

- An Ohio man has pleaded guilty to federal charges that he collected more than $230,000 in Social Security benefits intended for his mother for 33 years after she died.

U.S., 03 Jul 2014

Maryland vandals tag sow, piglets with graffiti

- Vandals broke into a Maryland petting zoo this week and painted graffiti on a sow and her piglets, police said on Wednesday.

02 Jul 2014

Houston zoo elephant on pregnancy weight loss program miscarries

HOUSTON - A pregnant Asian elephant named Tess that was part of a much-publicized weight loss program has miscarried twin calves halfway through her gestation, Houston Zoo officials said on Tuesday.

01 Jul 2014