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Austrian baker causes stir with 'tasteless' 9/11 cake

VIENNA - A Vienna baker has stirred up anger by making a cake depicting Austria's main political parties as New York's twin towers coming under attack from opposition party aircraft.

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Texas trooper files suit over punishment for Snoop Dogg picture

AUSTIN, Texas - A Texas state trooper who says he was reprimanded after posing for a photograph with rapper Snoop Dogg filed a civil suit on Wednesday over the punishment he felt was unjust.

29 Apr 2015

Scientist Hawking tells upset fans Malik may be in parallel One Direction

- What is the cosmological effect of singer Zayn Malik leaving the best-selling boy band One Direction and consequently disappointing millions of teenage girls around the world?

People 27 Apr 2015

EU top court says banning homosexuals from giving blood may be justified

BRUSSELS - Europe's top court ruled on Wednesday that banning homosexual men from giving blood may be justified where strictly necessary and only if there are no alternatives for preventing the transmission of severe infectious diseases.

29 Apr 2015

Professor in Texas fails entire class, school says no way -report

- A professor at Texas A&M University's campus in Galveston has flunked his entire strategic management class amid claims of cheating and harassment, though university officials say the decision won't stick, the publication Inside Higher Ed reported.

28 Apr 2015

Hey, that's my cappuccino! Coyote captured outside lower Manhattan cafe

NEW YORK - Police captured a young, female coyote outside a cafe in a residential area of lower Manhattan on Saturday, the latest in a series of coyote sightings in New York City, where an increasing number of the predators are making their home.

U.S., 25 Apr 2015