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Australian sheep is unofficially the world's woolliest

SYDNEY - Around 40 kilograms (88 lb) of wool has been sheared from a sheep found near Australia's capital, the RSPCA said on Thursday, making him unofficially the world's woolliest. | Video

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Texas teen fatally shoots himself while taking selfie

AUSTIN, Texas - A 19-year-old Texas man who was posing with a gun for a social media selfie photo accidentally shot himself and died from the wounds, Houston police said on Wednesday.

U.S. 02 Sep 2015

First Dane goes into space -- to test bike gear

COPENHAGEN - Denmark will send its first man into space on Wednesday and in keeping with the country's love of all things cycling, one of his jobs will be to test new equipment on Danish-made exercise bikes at the International Space Station.

Science 01 Sep 2015

Bartender finds $20 bill, wins $1 million California lottery with it

- A Bay Area man who found a $20 bill on a street outside San Francisco International Airport used it to play the California lottery and won $1 million, a lottery spokesman said on Monday.

U.S., 31 Aug 2015

Facing shortage, British sperm bank tells men: 'Prove your worth'

LONDON - The head of Britain's national sperm bank urged men to prove their manhood and help ease a shortage after the center signed up just nine registered donors in the year since its creation.

01 Sep 2015

Trump says 'no interest' in buying Pope's favorite soccer team

BUENOS AIRES - U.S. presidential hopeful Donald Trump denied a newspaper report on Friday that he wanted to buy top-tier Argentine soccer club San Lorenzo, Pope Francis' favorite team.

Sports, 28 Aug 2015