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Circus acrobat reported missing in Atlanta has been found

- An acrobat reported missing in Atlanta by the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey circus has been found, a production company said on Friday.

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Authorities in Arizona chase down two llamas on the loose

- Two escaped llamas led authorities in Phoenix on a long chase on Thursday as audiences nationwide were captivated by live video of their escapades filmed from television news helicopters.

U.S. 26 Feb 2015

Stone Age Britons imported wheat in shock sign of sophistication

OSLO - Stone Age Britons imported wheat about 8,000 years ago in a surprising sign of sophistication for primitive hunter-gatherers long viewed as isolated from European agriculture, a study showed on Thursday.

Science, 26 Feb 2015

At least eight linked to theft, beating death of emu in Texas

AUSTIN, Texas - Eight people have either been arrested or cited by police for their roles in stealing an emu in a rural Texas town and beating it to death, the Comanche County Sheriff's Department said on Thursday.

26 Feb 2015

NYC trucker accused of avoiding toll with device inspired by James Bond

NEW YORK - A trucker accused of using a James Bond-style retractable bumper to evade a $95 toll on the George Washington Bridge has been charged with using burglary tools, police said on Thursday.

26 Feb 2015

Shares of South Korean contraceptive makers surge after court scraps adultery ban

SEOUL - South Korea's highest court on Thursday struck down as unconstitutional a decades-old law banning adultery, triggering a surge in shares of condom makers and morning-after pills.

World, South Korea 26 Feb 2015