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Sri Lanka deports British tourist for her Buddha tattoo

COLOMBO - Sri Lanka on Thursday deported a British tourist for having a tattoo of Buddha on her arm which a court said was an insult to the island's main religion.

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Stowaway slept in wheel well of plane at California airport, FBI says

- A teenage stowaway who survived a flight to Hawaii in the wheel well of a passenger plane told investigators he spent the night sleeping in the jet's cramped compartment at a California airport before the flight took off, an FBI official said.

U.S., 23 Apr 2014

NYPD Twitter campaign backfires, thousands of negative tweets

NEW YORK - A New York Police Department campaign to burnish its image via social media instead produced a flood of pictures of apparent police brutality and tweets critical of the force being shared at a rate of thousands an hour.

U.S., Tech, Media, 23 Apr 2014

Ohio man must pay $489,000 for fake distress report: court

CLEVELAND - An Ohio man whose hoax distress call triggered a massive U.S. Coast Guard search and rescue mission on Lake Erie must pay $489,000 in restitution, a U.S. appeals court said Tuesday.

U.S., 22 Apr 2014

NY police officer who sang with metal band pleads guilty to disability fraud

NEW YORK - A former New York police officer accused of performing on tour with his heavy metal band "Cousin Sleaze" during the two years he claimed disability benefits pleaded guilty on Tuesday to mail fraud, a federal prosecutor said.

22 Apr 2014

Retired nurse sues for $275,000 in Oregon pet duck attack

OLYMPIA, Washington - A woman visiting her mother in Oregon is suing her neighbor, seeking $275,000 for pain, suffering and other damages she says were inflicted when a pet duck ambushed her for no apparent reason.

22 Apr 2014