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Want to buy a bridge? Pennsylvania still has 11 for sale

HARRISBURG Pa. - Buying a bridge is not on most to-do lists, but anyone seeking a historic span need look no further than the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, which has 11 of them for sale.

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'Mannequin' dumped at Florida landfill was 'mummified' man

TAMPA Fla. - Two men hired to clean out a Florida rental house thought they found a mannequin hanging in the garage so they cut down what they believed to be a Halloween-style prank and took it to a landfill.

18 Jul 2014

Pit bull alerts sleeping Indiana boy to fire

- An Indiana family's pit bull is being praised for alerting a deaf boy to a serious fire in his home by licking the sleeping boy's face until he woke up, authorities said.

U.S., 17 Jul 2014

Kentucky man charged with pizza prank at police station

- A Kentucky man already charged with shoplifting beer added to his troubles when he made a prank call from the police station to order five pizzas, police said on Thursday.

17 Jul 2014

Plane's near-miss in Alaska becomes a whale of a tale online

JUNEAU Alaska - A dramatic video of a sea plane just missing a surfacing humpback whale as it came in to land in Alaska has become a hit online, and the man who shot it says it was blind luck.

U.S., 16 Jul 2014

Romanian princess admits running cockfighting ring in Oregon

PORTLAND Ore. - A Romanian princess and her husband pleaded guilty on Wednesday to one charge of running an illegal gambling operation for their involvement in a cockfighting ring in rural Oregon. 

U.S. 16 Jul 2014