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Goats guests of honor at Prague rooftop reception

PRAGUE Two goats wander across the roof of Prague's famous Lucerna Palace - the first beneficiaries of a new push to open up public spaces high above the packed streets of a crowded city.

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New St Andrews students welcomed with shaving foam fight

ST ANDREWS, Scotland Students dressed in costumes chased each other with shaving cream in a massive foam fight at the University of St Andrews on Monday, as part of a decades old tradition for newcomers.

Oct 17 2016

Fruit juice stunt turns sour for Ghana's ruling party

ACCRA An attempt by Ghana's ruling party to make fun of the main opposition candidate in the presidential election by posting a photograph of him sipping from a small carton of Kalyppo fruit juice has backfired, with his supporters adopting the brand to rally support.

Oct 16 2016

Children's bed shaped like missile that downed MH17 plane stirs unease in Russia

ST PETERSBURG, Russia A Russian firm has caused a stir after putting on sale a children's bed in the shape of a Buk missile launcher of the kind that shot down a Malaysian Airlines passenger jet in eastern Ukraine in 2014.

World, Russia Oct 13 2016

Pennsylvania's 'Charlie Brown Christmas' city gets artificial tree

NEW YORK The cash-strapped Pennsylvania city that was ridiculed and then praised in 2014 for its scrawny "Charlie Brown Christmas" tree has decided to go artificial this year, gracing its town square with a brightly lit, factory-made model that will last for years.

U.S., Oct 10 2016

Back to basics: Retro games make a comeback in Indonesia

JAKARTA An increasing number of Indonesians are taking a stand against digital games like Pokemon Go that they say erode values, and encouraging children to play traditional toys like wooden spinning tops and bamboo pinwheels.

Oct 08 2016