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France's Le Pen loses driving license, but says not her fault

PARIS - French far-right leader Marine Le Pen said on Wednesday police had confiscated her driving license for a string of road offences - but insisted they had been committed by someone else.

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Caffeine-infused weight loss underwear buzzless: FTC

WASHINGTON - Bras, girdles and leggings infused with caffeine and sold as weight loss aids were more decaf than espresso, and the companies that sold them have agreed to refund money to customers and pull their ads, U.S. regulators said on Monday.

Health 29 Sep 2014

McGinley even angled for advantage with fish tank

GLENEAGLES Scotland - Such was the meticulous attention to every detail during Paul McGinley's victorious campaign as European Ryder Cup captain, the Irishman even made careful plans for the fish tank in the team room.

Sports, 29 Sep 2014

Russians hand in Western T-shirts in patriotic fashion drive

MOSCOW - Looking to put a patriotic spin on international sanctions over Ukraine, a local group is touring Moscow, urging passers-by to swap their Western-branded T-shirts for homegrown tops sporting pro-Russian slogans.

Russia 25 Sep 2014

Idaho trucker demands ransom for chicken load, then leaves it to rot

SALMON Idaho - Authorities in Idaho are seeking a truck driver who held 37,000 pounds of frozen chicken for ransom demanding money for expenses before he let it rot at a truck stop in Montana where it is releasing putrid odors and liquids, police said on Thursday.

25 Sep 2014

For Ohio's 'PotatoStock,' all you need is love, and mayonnaise

CLEVELAND - An Ohio man's modest request this summer for a little help making potato salad culminates this Saturday in PotatoStock 2014 - a charity event to help end hunger and homelessness.

25 Sep 2014