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Work on sex life of rats, life as a badger honored at Ig Nobel Prizes

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. Scientific research into how polyester pants affect the sex life of rats, what it's like for a human to live like a badger and how different the world looks when viewed through your legs was honored at this year's Ig Nobel spoof awards.

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Indiana man accused of mailing dead skunks, raccoon to rival for job

An Indiana man who police say mailed dead skunks and a raccoon to a man chosen over him as school basketball coach has been arrested on stalking, animal cruelty and other charges, police said on Wednesday.

Sep 14 2016

Food fight: British sausage thrower wins Black Pudding championship

This year's World Black Pudding Throwing Championships, a more than 100-year-old tournament centered around hurling blood sausage, was won by the first thrower. | Video

Sports, Sep 12 2016

All-female cast in Brooklyn stages nude production of Shakespeare's 'The Tempest'

NEW YORK To be clothed, or not to be clothed? That was a no-brainer for members of an all-female cast in Brooklyn who stripped down to celebrate their freedom of expression in a nude version of Shakespeare in the park. | Video

Arts, Entertainment, Sep 12 2016

Bad parking job leaves car dangling from Austin garage

AUSTIN, Texas A man who failed to stop when pulling into a rooftop spot of a nine-story parking garage in Austin, rammed through protection wires and avoided a deadly fall when one wire wrapped around an axle, leaving the car dangling on the building's side on Friday. | Video

Sep 09 2016