Oddly Enough

Montana hunter fends off grizzly by sticking arm into its throat

- A hunter tracking elk in the Montana mountains said he fended off an attacking grizzly bear by shoving his arm into its throat to induce a gag reflex that would frighten it away, according to state wildlife managers.

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Wisconsin refutes hoax that lawn ornaments counted in state deer tally

MILWAUKEE - Wisconsin wildlife officials have taken to social media to refute a hoax letter that suggested they had mistakenly added deer lawn ornaments to the last two annual statewide deer tallies.

Environment 30 Sep 2015

Belgian scientists look for biofuel clues in panda poo

BRUGELETTE, Belgium - Belgian researchers are examining the excrement of giant pandas to try to understand how they can digest tough bamboo, hoping for clues on how to develop new generations of biofuel.

Science, 28 Sep 2015

Idaho school requires cheerleaders to wear leggings with short skirts

SALMON, Idaho - An Idaho high school is requiring its cheerleaders to wear leggings or sweatpants under their uniforms after finding the short skirts were not suited for stairs or sitting without exposing the buttocks of teen girls, an administrator said on Thursday.

24 Sep 2015

Shhh! New Orleans takes steps to turn down the music

NEW ORLEANS - In New Orleans, a city synonymous with music and raucous revelry, government officials are launching a public health campaign aimed at turning down the volume.

U.S., 24 Sep 2015

Did Pentagon employees try to expense strip club, casino bills?

WASHINGTON - The Pentagon's Inspector General is investigating whether U.S. military personnel tried to get the U.S. government to pay them back for bills they racked up at casinos and strip clubs, using official travel charge cards.

U.S., 23 Sep 2015