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New Zealand choppers save cherries for China in Lunar New Year rush

WELLINGTON New Zealand cherry producers are flying helicopters low over their orchards to dry off raindrops and protect thousands of tonnes of their product headed to Asia to feed rapidly growing demand from Chinese New Year revelers.

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It's the Year of the (Giant Inflatable Trump) Rooster at one Chinese factory

BEIJING A factory in eastern China is racing to keep up with demand for its new clutch - giant inflatable rooster balloons that bear what some say is an uncanny resemblance to U.S. President-elect Donald Trump.

World, China Jan 12 2017

Prankster behind 'Hollyweed' sign surrenders to Los Angeles police

LOS ANGELES A prankster who altered the iconic "Hollywood" sign in Los Angeles to make it read "Hollyweed" has surrendered to police and been charged with trespassing, a city official said.

U.S. Jan 10 2017

Rooster inspires new year resolutions in Singapore bird park

SINGAPORE A rooster at Singapore's Jurong Bird Park inspired visiting Chinese tourists to make a few resolutions on Wednesday, ahead of the Lunar New Year holiday. | Video

Jan 11 2017

Mexico's lower house becomes 'Chamber of Rats' on Google Maps

MEXICO CITY Pranksters changed the name of Mexico's lower house of Congress to the "Chamber of Rats" on Google Maps on Tuesday in the latest dig at the political class during a testing start to the year for the country's government.

World, Mexico, Jan 10 2017

'Hollyweed': Prankster alters LA's landmark sign

LOS ANGELES The iconic hillside sign overlooking Southern California's film-and-television hub was defaced overnight in honor of marijuana. | Video

U.S., Jan 01 2017