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Beijing fetish restaurant teases with lobster and sex

BEIJING With drinks served in breast-shaped cups and beers opened with bottle openers shaped like a wooden penis, the father and daughter team behind a Beijing S&M restaurant are encouraging customers to mix food with sex.

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Tortoise in a baby stroller a novelty even for New Yorkers

NEW YORK New York City is filled with oddities that can surprise even the most die-hard New Yorkers and when Henry the tortoise turned up in a stroller in Central Park this week for his daily outing it turned more than a few heads. | Video

U.S., May 20 2016

Genes tell how the giraffe got its long neck

LONDON Scientists have sequenced the genome of the giraffe for the first time, uncovering DNA quirks that help explain how the tallest animals on earth developed their remarkably long necks.

Science, May 17 2016

The man who paints cows

EAST SUSSEX, UK - British painter John Marshall has spent the last decade restricting himself to just one subject: the humble cow. The paintings are big, around 2 meters and, Marshall claims, each bovine has its unique characteristics.  | Video

Arts, May 16 2016

Texas woman and her Chewbacca mask go viral

A Texas woman found fame this week after filming a Facebook Live video of herself in an electronic Chewbacca mask that racked up over 50 million views in less than 24 hours.

May 20 2016

Tanzanian president sacks minister for being drunk on the job

DAR ES SALAAM Tanzania's president has sacked his home affairs minister after he turned up to parliament and answered questions while under the influence of alcohol, the presidency said late on Friday.

May 21 2016