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Our best photos from the last 24 hours.

Holy Week

The Christian faithful celebrate Holy Week, the week which leads into Easter Sunday.

South Korean ferry capsizes

Hundreds are missing after a ferry capsizes off South Korea.

Pilgrims in the Holy Land

Holy Week draws pilgrims from around the world to Jerusalem.

Crisis in Ukraine

Our latest images from the standoff in eastern Ukraine.

India Votes

It will take a month to elect India's new government in the biggest election the world has ever seen.

Royals down under

Prince William and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge pay a 19-day official visit to New Zealand and Australia with their son, Prince George.

Jesus Christ Superstar behind bars

Inmates perform the Broadway musical inside a Peruvian prison.

Best of Banksy

Recent works from the elusive British street artist.

Romania's stray dogs

Authorities attempt to control the 60,000 stray dogs that roam Bucharest.

Inside Reddit

Behind the scenes at the Reddit headquarters in San Francisco.

Images of March


Pilgrims in the Holy Land

6:57am EDT

Walking through the narrow alleys of Jerusalem’s Old City and visiting its myriad holy sites at this time of year is an even more vibrant and colorful experience than usual. Born and raised in Jerusalem, I know these streets by heart. But around the time of Holy Week and Easter they take on a different tone, as people from all over the world converge on the walled city to visit its many points of pilgrimage.


Lost dogs of Romania

16 Apr 2014

Some 60,000 dogs roam Bucharest according to local authorities. Thousands of people are victim to their bites and when in September 2013 a child was mauled to death, Romania’s government went into action. Parliament overwhelmingly backed a new law allowing local authorities to euthanize dogs caught in public spaces if a home could not be found for them within two weeks.


Remembering Verdun

12 Apr 2014

Verdun was the site of one of World War I's bloodiest battles but yesterday’s enemies are now united on the battleground. Members of French and German historical associations, all keenly interested in the First World War and all passionate about historical re-enactments, gather in Verdun every year to take part in a commemorative march.

Weekly Gallery Showcase

REUTERS/Cesar Pincheira

Inferno in Chile

A deadly fire devastates the city of Valparaiso.  Full Focus 

REUTERS/Jason Reed

Shadow of Air Force One

The presidential plane over America.  Slideshow 

REUTERS/Lunae Parracho

Uncontacted Amazon tribe

An uncontacted tribe seen from above.  Full Focus 

REUTERS/Mukesh Gupta

India Votes

The biggest election the world has ever seen.  Slideshow