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Our top photos from the last 24 hours.

Thanksgiving travel on alert

Security is beefed up as millions of Americans embark on annual Thanksgiving travels.

Team Trump

Enthusiastic supporters of Donald Trump's presidential campaign.

Putin, commander-in-chief

Russian President Vladimir Putin flexes his military muscle.

Fleeing Iran

On their path through Europe, Iranian migrants have been blocked at the border between Greece and Macedonia.

Protests in Chicago

Demonstrations follow the release of a video of the 2014 police shooting of Laquan McDonald.

The rise of ISIS

A visual chronology of the rise of Islamic State.

Snow in California

Storms blanket the Sierras with snow, thanks partly to El Nino.

Holocaust survivors beauty pageant

A beauty contest for survivors of the Nazi genocide in the Israeli city of Haifa.

A Syrian refugee in New Jersey

Sandy Khabbazeh carves out a new life in New Jersey after fleeing Aleppo last September.

Down river from Brazil dam flood

The mud from a burst mining dam in Brazil has flowed down the Rio Doce and into the sea.

REUTERS/Siegfried Modola

A struggle amid poverty and crime

Around 2 million people live in the shantytowns packed in around Kenya's capital. Crime is high amid chronic unemployment levels, while basic services and sanitation are scarce.   Full Coverage 

REUTERS/Tony Gentile

Traces of migrants' unfinished journeys

The tattered possessions of migrants who perished at sea offers a glimpse into the lives of a few of the 3,500 people who have died this year crossing the Mediterranean.  Full Coverage 


Around the world in 45 toilets

Some 2.4 billion people around the world don't have access to decent sanitation and more than a billion are forced to defecate in the open, risking disease and other dangers.   Full Coverage 

REUTERS/Brian Snyder

The Legacy of "King Cotton"

Fields along the Mississippi River Delta once gleamed white in the autumn with acre upon acre of cotton ready to be picked.  Full Coverage