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Our top photos from the last 24 hours.

Kurds celebrate Kobani victory

Kurds take to the streets after reports stated Kobani had been "completely liberated" from ISIS.

French Jews in Israel

With anti-Semitism rising in France, French Jews now make up the largest group of new migrants to Israel.

Obama and the King

President Obama meets with new Saudi King Salman.

Blizzard of 2015

A blizzard sweeps across the Northeast but falls short of the most dire predictions.

Shadow of Air Force One

The presidential plane in silhouette.

Police clash with Maasai protesters

Police clash with protesters from the Maasai ethnic group.

Liberation anniversary at Auschwitz

Survivors return to the Nazi death camp to mark the 70th anniversary of the liberation.

Living in the ruins of Gaza

Daily life amid the ruins of Gaza.

CSI: Pakistan

One of America's top forensic scientists is applying his skills in Pakistan, a nation beset by crime and militancy.

Obama in India

Images from President Obama's trip to India.

REUTERS/Ricardo Moraes

At the pump

Whether it is plastic bottles by the roadside in Malaysia or a futuristic forecourt in Los Angeles, fuel stations help define our world.  Full Coverage 


The road to stardom

Thousands of Korean children dream of becoming household names, often putting up with punishing schedules in the hope of one day making it big in the music industry.  Full Coverage 

REUTERS/Kacper Pempel

Auschwitz survivors, 70 years on

Portraits of now elderly survivors of the Nazi concentration camp, as the liberation of Auschwitz approaches its 70th anniversary this month.  Full Coverage 

REUTERS/Nour Kelze

Fuelling the Islamic State economy

Residents of a town in the rural Aleppo countryside refine crude oil in makeshift cottage refineries.  Full Coverage 

REUTERS/Joshua Lott

Wrecked in Motor City

Abandoned vehicles blend in with the thousands of blighted houses that have been part of the city's landscape for numerous years.  Full Coverage 

REUTERS/Soe Zeya Tun

Myanmar's Naga people

On Myanmar's mountainous frontier with India live the Naga, a group of tribes historically known as warriors who kept the the heads of enemies they killed.  Full Coverage