Best photos of the year 2014

The stories behind our top photos of 2014.

AirAsia flight missing

AirAsia Flight QZ8501, carrying 162 people, loses contact with air traffic control.

Funeral for NYPD officer

Thousands gather for the funeral of Rafael Ramos.

In the heart of Ebola

Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia are at the center of the world's worst recorded outbreak of Ebola.

Last days in Afghanistan

American troops on mission at forward operating base Gamberi in Afghanistan.

Christmas in Islamabad

Christmas scenes from a Christian slum in Afghanistan.

The stories of 2014

The news events of the past year in pictures.

End of a coal mine

The final day of work at Hungary's last hard coal deep-cast mine.

Siege of Sinjar broken

Iraqi Kurdish fighters sweep across Mount Sinjar to free hundreds of Yazidis trapped there for months by the Islamic State.

Pictures of the year: Odd

Our most unusual photos of the year.

Embedded in Afghanistan

Alongside American troops on mission in Afghanistan.

REUTERS/Tony Gentile

Guardian of time

Everyone knows Domenico Agostinelli. Many call him the rag collector, and you can find him in what looks at first like a junk shop. But what the collector has put together is, in fact, a museum of sorts.  Full Coverage 

REUTERS/Mohammad Ismail

Behind the wheel in Kabul

The streets of Kabul, one of the world’s fastest growing cities, are increasingly blocked by cars and buses. There are few road signs and many potholes and only about a quarter of useable roadway is paved.  Full Coverage 

REUTERS/David Gray

Hunting for crocodiles

Aboriginal Australians, custodians of the longest unbroken cultural tradition on earth, hunt for crocodiles in the Northern Territory, Australia's rugged "Top End".  Full Coverage 

REUTERS/Cathal Mc Naughton

The disappeared

Brian McKinney went missing in Northern Ireland in May 1978, but his body was not discovered until two decades later. He is among a dozen other people "disappeared" by the Irish Republican Army in the 1970s and 80s.  Full Coverage 

REUTERS/Danish Siddiqui

Legacy of Bhopal

Thirty years later, the toxic legacy of this factory lives on, say human rights groups, as thousands of tonnes of hazardous waste remains buried underground.  Full Coverage 

REUTERS/Marko Djurica

The force of law

Rules of engagement for a variety of law enforcement groups around the world.   Full Coverage