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Our top photos from the last 24 hours.

Welcome to the Calais jungle

Some 3,000 migrants live in a makeshift camp known as "The Jungle", making the northern French port one of the frontlines in Europe's wider migrant crisis.

Shining a light on endangered species

Images of endangered species are projected onto the Empire State building to raise awareness.

Wildfire in northern California

Thousands of firefighters are battling the Rocky Fire in ranch country.

Going hungry in Yemen

More than half a million children under five are at risk of developing severe and acute malnutrition in the next year if the situation in Yemen continues to deteriorate, according to aid agency UNICEF.

Dog surfing contest

Dogs take to the waves during the 10th annual Petco Unleashed surf dog contest at Imperial Beach, California.

Exodus to Turkey

Most refugees from Syria's four years of war are in Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, Egypt and Turkey, which has more refugees than any other country, with 1.8 million Syrians.

Jerusalem Gay Pride attack

An Orthodox Jewish assailant attacks and stabs six participants in the annual Gay Pride march in Jerusalem.

Once in a Blue Moon

Images of the second full moon of the month.

Arson attack kills Palestinian toddler

Suspected Jewish attackers torch a Palestinian home in the occupied West Bank, killing an 18-month-old toddler.

Pictures of the month: July

Our top photos from the month of July.

REUTERS/Damir Sagolj

Creeping vines, abandoned village

Just a handful of people still live in a village on Shengshan Island east of Shanghai that was once home to more than 2,000 fishermen.  Full Coverage 

REUTERS/Eric Gaillard

Behind the scenes of the Tour de France

Photographing the 102nd Tour de France cycling race comes with highs and lows: the buzz from capturing just the right image, the tedium of long journeys, the painstaking set-up of equipment, the breath-taking scenery.  Full Coverage 

REUTERS/Thomas Mukoya

Obama's ancestral home

President Obama’s ancestral village of Kogelo is home to his Kenyan family and the burial place of his father.   Full Coverage 

REUTERS/Johnny Milano

Inside the Ku Klux Klan

Some 150 years after the end of the Civil War, a culture of cross burnings and white supremacy still exists on the margins in America today.  Full Coverage 

REUTERS/Rafael Marchante

Old traditions, new pastures

Modern-day shepherds may have mobile phones to keep in touch with family and friends, but their lifestyle has changed little for centuries.  Full Coverage