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Our top photos from the last 24 hours.

West Indian day parade

The parade ends five days of celebrating West Indian culture and history in New York.

Clashes in Golan Heights

Scenes from Israel's frontier with Syria, where militants have kidnapped 45 U.N. peacekeepers.

Off the court

Behind the scenes at the U.S. Open.

Rebel advance in east Ukraine

Casualties mount as the conflict in east Ukraine shifts in favor of pro-Russian rebels.

Icelandic lava field erupts

A lava field north of the Vatnajokull glacier comes to life.

Made In America

The two day music festival organized by Jay-Z.

Casino closings in Atlantic City

A third of Atlantic City's casinos have closed or soon plan to.

Siege of Amerli broken

Iraqi forces and militia celebrate after breaking the Islamic State's siege of the town of Amerli.

Flying flags in Northern Ireland

In Belfast, flags are potent symbols of conflict dividing Catholics and Protestants.

Hong Kong democracy protests

Protesters take to the streets after the rejection of their demands for the free election of the city's next leader.


Frontlines of Ebola

Stopping the worst outbreak in history.  Slideshow 

REUTERS/Mohammed Salem

Inside Hamas tunnels

A rare tour of Hamas' network of Gaza tunnels.  Slideshow 


Pictures of the month: July

Our top news photography from last month.  Slideshow 

REUTERS/Amir Cohen

Under the Iron Dome

Sirens sound as rockets land deep inside Israel.  Slideshow 

REUTERS/Eduardo Munoz

Being Elmo

A day in the life of a Times Square Elmo.  Slideshow 


Inside North Korea

Rare scenes from within the hermit kingdom.   Slideshow 

REUTERS/Finbarr O'Reilly

Gaza in ruins

A half-million Gazans have been displaced.  Slideshow