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Our top photos from the last 24 hours.

Most influential people

A sampling of personalities from the latest Time 100 list.

Crisis in Ukraine

Ukrainian forces seize rebel checkpoints during clashes with pro-Russian militants.

Flashback: Garment factory collapse

Bangladesh marks one year since the Rana Plaza garment factory collapsed, claiming more than 1,100 lives.

Bullfighting master class

School children learn the ins and outs of bullfighting.

NY cat cafe

The cat cafe is a pop-up promotional cafe that features cats and beverages in the Bowery section of Manhattan.

Faces of survival

Portraits of Bangladesh garment workers who survived the Rana Plaza factory disaster.

Inside Facebook

A behind the scenes look at Facebook.

Families mourn ferry dead

Families grieve for loved ones lost aboard a capsized ferry in South Korea.

Born free in South Africa

Around 20 million South Africans - or some 40 percent of the population - are so-called "Born Frees," the term bestowed on the first generation to grow up with no memory of apartheid.

The 10 most beautiful

The world's 10 most beautiful people according to People magazine.

Images of March


Nevada showdown

23 Apr 2014

We were on a bridge in southern Nevada in the midst of a tense standoff between the BLM and a group of angry ranchers, milita-members and gun-rights activists. It seemed as if we were a hair’s breadth away from Americans killing Americans right in front of me.


Times of protest

23 Apr 2014

On the streets themselves we have really needed eyes in the back of our heads. Some colleagues have been injured and had their equipment broken or stolen. Gas grenades, shotgun pellets, stones, and slingshots with glass marbles are the order of the day. So too are objects dropped from buildings - once someone even launched a sink out of a window.


A different kind of field trip

22 Apr 2014

Students at the General Yermolov Cadet School take all the same classes as their contemporaries would in any other Russian middle school. But there is a difference – pupils here are also given a military education. The state-run school is based in the southern Russian city of Stavropol, some 150 miles from the Olympic resort of Sochi. It is named in honour of Alexei Yermolov, the famous Russian imperial general, and the institution itself is as military-influenced as its name.

Weekly Gallery Showcase

REUTERS/Cesar Pincheira

Inferno in Chile

A deadly fire devastates the city of Valparaiso.  Full Focus 

REUTERS/Jason Reed

Shadow of Air Force One

The presidential plane over America.  Slideshow 

REUTERS/Lunae Parracho

Uncontacted Amazon tribe

An uncontacted tribe seen from above.  Full Focus 

REUTERS/Mukesh Gupta

India Votes

The biggest election the world has ever seen.  Slideshow