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Our top photos from the last 24 hours.

iPhone mania

Customers stand in long lines around the world to purchase newly released iPhones.

Flooding in Manila

A tropical storm brings heavy rain and flooding to the Philippine capital.

Scotland votes to stay

Scotland turns out in record numbers to vote with opponents of independence winning 55 to 45 percent.

Becoming a man

Among the Bukusu tribe in western Kenya the traditional rites of passage, which mark a boy's journey into manhood, include being circumcised.

Photos of the week

Our top photos of the week.

Remains of a Nazi death camp

Personal items and a gas chamber were found during an archeological dig in Sobibor, Poland.

Funeral for a slain officer

Law enforcement officers from around the country attend the funeral of Pennsylvania state trooper Cpl. Bryon Dickson who was killed in an ambush attack.

In the Ebola hot zone

In and around the Ebola quarantine zones.

Female fighters of the Peshmerga

Kurdish Peshmerga female soldiers train before being deployed to fight Islamic State militants.

Wildfire in California

The King Fire rages in the heavy timber and steep terrain of the El Dorado National Forest.


Pictures of the month: August

Our top news photography from last month.  Slideshow 

REUTERS/Jim Urquhart

Burning Man

Scenes from this year's festival in Nevada.  Full Article 

REUTERS/Maxim Shemetov

The Ukraine front

Ukraine's battle against pro-Russian forces.  Slideshow 

REUTERS/Suhaib Salem

Celebrating a ceasefire

Israel and Hamas agree to a ceasefire.  Slideshow