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Behind the wheel in Kabul

In Kabul's private driving schools, students pay a $60 fee for a 45-day course, which includes oral and practical driving tests at the country's Traffic Department.

U.S. and Cuba restore ties

In a major policy shift, the United States plans to restore diplomatic relations with Cuba after 50 years.

On the banks of North Korea

The Yalu River provides a unique vantage point for photographers to glimpse life inside the secretive state.

Pictures of the year: Animals

Our most captivating animal pictures of 2014.

Fighting Ebola in Freetown

Life and death amid an Ebola epidemic in the capital of Sierra Leone.

Pakistan in mourning

Pakistan wakes up to a day of mourning after Taliban militants killed 132 students at a school in the city of Peshawar.

Life in Cuba

Daily life on the communist-ruled island.

California's inmate firefighters

Thousands of convicted felons form the backbone of California's wildfire protection force under a unique and little-known prison labor program.

Revolutionary Cuba

Images from the early years of revolutionary Cuba.

Cuba's retro rides

The streets of Havana are still filled with cars that predate the 1959 communist revolution.


Boom and bust in Parachute

12 Dec 2014

Founded in the 1900s, former oil town Parachute, Colorado, was the site of one of the most devastating and quickest busts ever seen.


The Venice of Egypt

11 Dec 2014

I'd heard a lot about El Max -- the "Venice of Egypt" -- where hundreds of boats dart through the canal. I'd seen pictures of its waterways and brightly-coloured houses, which many fishermen built with their own hands.

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