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China's food factories
Tue, Jul 22 2014

Inside the food factories that are part of China's massive manufacturing sector.

Evicted from skyscraper slum
Tue, Jul 22 2014

Venezuelan soldiers and officials begin moving hundreds of families out of a half-built 45-story skyscraper that dominates the Caracas skyline.

Train with MH17 dead
Tue, Jul 22 2014

The train carrying the remains of victims leaves rebel Ukraine.

Christians of Mosul
Tue, Jul 22 2014

Hundreds of Christian families flee after the radical Islamic State drives them from the northern Iraqi city.

Uighurs of Shanghai
Tue, Jul 22 2014

The traditional home of the Muslim Uighur community is China's western Xinjiang region, which for years has been beset by violence.

Plastic bottle boat
Mon, Jul 21 2014

Four men build a pedal boat out of plastic bottles and sail it down a European river, to draw attention to plastic pollution.

The littlest prince
Mon, Jul 21 2014

Prince George of Cambridge, third in line to succeed the British throne, celebrates his first birthday.

Fleeing Gaza
Mon, Jul 21 2014

Thousands have fled their homes in Gaza.

Top-earning actors
Mon, Jul 21 2014

The highest paid actors in Hollywood.

Inside the Costa Concordia
Mon, Jul 21 2014

Photos taken from inside the wrecked luxury liner.



Waiting to die

23 Jul 2014

Devotees come to the River Ganges to wash away their sins - and to die and have their ashes scattered at this holy site.


Uighurs of Shanghai

22 Jul 2014

In Shanghai, life can be difficult for migrants of all backgrounds, but it seems particularly hard for Muslim Uighurs.

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