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Highest-paid country stars
Tue, Jul 29 2014

Ranking the highest-paid country musicians.

Polluted waters of China
Tue, Jul 29 2014

Growing cities, overuse of fertilizers, and factory wastewater have degraded China's water supplies to the extent that half the nation's rivers and lakes are severely polluted.

Animals of the Amazon
Tue, Jul 29 2014

The National Park in Peru has one of the highest levels of biodiversity of any park in the world.

Shelling in east Ukraine
Tue, Jul 29 2014

Intense fighting continues between Ukrainian troops and pro-Russian rebels.

Bombs over Aleppo
Mon, Jul 28 2014

Chaos follows after barrel bombs fall on a neighborhood in Aleppo, Syria.

Donald Sterling fouls out
Mon, Jul 28 2014

A judge clears the sale of the Los Angeles Clippers after owner Donald Sterling was banned for life by the NBA for making racist remarks.

Tornado outside Boston
Mon, Jul 28 2014

A rare tornado touches down just north of Boston.

Ebola outbreak
Mon, Jul 28 2014

An Ebola outbreak has killed hundreds across Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone.

Festival of Eid
Mon, Jul 28 2014

The Eid al-Fitr festival marks the end of the holy month of Ramadan.

Lightning strikes Venice Beach
Mon, Jul 28 2014

One man is killed and at least eight are injured after a rare lightning strike at Venice Beach in Los Angeles.



Mining the depths in Punjab

30 Jul 2014

Coal mining in Pakistan is exhausting, dangerous work, but the work offers hope for miners and their families. So they go underground, and dig out that future one glistening lump at a time.


Kandahar to Idaho: a life in recovery

24 Jul 2014

Two years ago, Sgt. Matt Krumwiede’s life was changed forever by an improvised explosive device in Afghanistan. Last month, he returned home to Idaho.

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