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David Da Sousa from Australia and other students of martial arts master Chen Fusheng practice Chinese Kung Fu at Chen's family-run martial arts school in Lixian Town, Daxing district of Beijing June 28, 2012. Chen, 63, started practicing Chinese martial arts as an orphan at the age of 8. Chen has taught more than 100 students from 23 countries since 2008 when he established the Lixian Fusheng International Martial Arts Club. Students pay $650 per month to learn Chen's ''Ba Ji Zhan Dao'' (''Eight Extremes Battlefield Style''), which evolved from traditional Chinese martial art techniques. The ''Ba Ji Zhan Dao'' is designed for use in both traditional fights and modern hand to hand combat scenarios, which includes knife fighting techniques, gun disarming techniques, and fighting off multiple opponents. REUTERS/Jason Lee