Unemployed family wins vacation


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Rafael Guerrero, 2, plays on the sofa of the four-star hotel suite where he's staying with his family during an all-paid week-long vacation at Los Alcazares, southeastern Spain, September 7, 2012. The Guerrero-Diaz family was one of three Spanish families with all members unemployed that won a free vacation in a contest held by a merchants association in Los Alcazares, near Murcia. Guerrero lost his job at a pipe coating factory over a year ago. His wife, a former housekeeper, has been unemployed for two years now. The family lives on the unemployment benefits that Guerrero gets, because his wife's ran out this past August. The number of Spain's households with all members unemployed reached 1,737,600 in the second quarter of 2012, according to the latest Labour Force Survey data released at the end of July by the Spanish National Statistics Institute. REUTERS/Susana Vera