Sarajevo's decaying Olympic venues


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The logo of Winter Olympics in Sarajevo is seen on a tower near Zetra hall, the venue for the figure skating in Sarajevo October 27, 2013. Abandoned and left to crumble into oblivion, most of the 1984 Winter Olympic venues in Bosnia's capital Sarajavo have been reduced to rubble by neglect as much as the 1990s conflict that tore apart the former Yugoslavia. The bobsleigh and luge track at Mount Trebevic, the Mount Igman ski jumping course and accompanying objects are now decomposing into obscurity. The bobsleigh and luge track, which was also used for World Cup competitions after the Olympics, became a Bosnian-Serb artillery stronghold during the war and is nowadays a target of frequent vandalism. The clock is now ticking towards the 2014 Winter Olympics, with October 29 marking 100 days to the opening of the Games in the Russian city of Sochi. REUTERS/Dado Ruvic