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Russia test launches first new space rocket since Soviet era


MOSCOW - Russia launched its first new design of space rocket since the Soviet era from the northern military space port of Plesetsk on Wednesday, aiming to break its reliance on foreign suppliers as well as the Baikonur cosmodrome in Kazakhstan.

Celgene's spondylitis drug misses main goal in trial

- Celgene Corp said a drug being tested to treat a type of arthritis that affects the spine failed to meet the main goal in a late-stage trial, sending the company's shares down 3 percent premarket.

Health, 09 Jul 2014

Study paves way for simple blood test to predict Alzheimer's

LONDON - British scientists have identified a set of 10 proteins in the blood that can predict the onset of Alzheimer's and call this an important step towards developing a test for the incurable brain-wasting disease.

Health 08 Jul 2014

Fossil of world's smallest hedgehog unearthed in Canada

WASHINGTON - You've heard of Sonic the Hedgehog, the video game character. But how about the half-pint hedgehog, the tiniest one that ever lived?

08 Jul 2014

Smallpox vials from 1950s found in U.S. lab storage room

CHICAGO/ATLANTA - Stray vials of the deadly smallpox virus from the 1950s have been discovered at a federal lab near Washington, U.S. health officials said on Tuesday, the second lapse discovered in a month involving a deadly pathogen at a government facility.

Health, 08 Jul 2014

Amazon rainforest grew after climate change 2,000 years ago: study

OSLO - Swathes of the Amazon may have been grassland until a natural shift to a wetter climate about 2,000 years ago let the rainforests form, according to a study that challenges common belief that the world’s biggest tropical forest is far older.

Environment 08 Jul 2014

NASA to send 3D Google smartphones for robots to space station

MOUNTAIN VIEW Calif. - Google smartphones with next-generation 3D sensing technology are about to blast into orbit, where they will become the brains and eyes of ball-shaped hovering robots on the International Space Station.

Tech, Media 07 Jul 2014

Feathered feat: ancient bird had largest wingspan ever

WASHINGTON - The wandering albatross, a magnificent seabird that navigates the ocean winds and can glide almost endlessly over the water, boasts the biggest wingspan of any bird alive today, extending almost 12 feet (3.5 meters).

Environment 07 Jul 2014

Is volatile fuel used in racing cars a new power source for ships?

SINGAPORE - Methanol, a fuel used to power light aircraft and racing cars, is being tried out as alternative for ships, highlighting its potential in an industry under pressure to cut emissions.

06 Jul 2014

Scientists find how magic mushrooms alter the mind

LONDON - Scientists studying the effects of the psychedelic chemical in magic mushrooms have found the human brain displays a similar pattern of activity during dreams as it does during a mind-expanding drug trip.

Health 03 Jul 2014