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U.S. agencies back DigitalGlobe bid to sell sharper images


TAMPA/WASHINGTON - The U.S. intelligence community has thrown its support behind a bid by commercial space imagery provider DigitalGlobe Inc to sell higher resolution images from its satellites, the leading U.S. intelligence official said Tuesday.

French parliament bans cultivation of GM maize

PARIS - France's lower house of parliament adopted a law on Tuesday prohibiting the cultivation of any variety of genetically modified maize, saying it posed a risk to the environment.

Environment, France 15 Apr 2014

Sky-watchers see 'blood moon' in total lunar eclipse

CAPE CANAVERAL, Florida - Parts of the world saw a rare celestial event on Tuesday when the Earth's shadow fell across the moon, turning it orange. | Video

U.S., 15 Apr 2014

SpaceX cargo run to space station reset for Friday

CAPE CANAVERAL, Florida - Privately owned Space Exploration Technologies canceled its planned cargo run to the International Space Station on Monday after a helium leak was found in its rocket's first stage, NASA said.

14 Apr 2014

U.S. in prime position to see full lunar eclipse Tuesday

CAPE CANAVERAL, Florida - Night owls and early risers in North America will be able to watch a rare celestial show on Tuesday as Earth's shadow falls across the moon, shifting its color from bright orange to blood red to brown, depending on local weather conditions.

13 Apr 2014

'Million Orchid' project to revive native Florida flowers

MIAMI - Inside a small bright lab, nestled behind sprawling Banyan trees in Miami's Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden, scientists and volunteers tend to tens of thousands of just-germinated orchids tucked in glass bottles.

Environment 12 Apr 2014

Scientists grow viable vaginas from girls' own cells

CHICAGO - Four young women born with abnormal or missing vaginas were implanted with lab-grown versions made from their own cells, the latest success in creating replacement organs that have so far included tracheas, bladders and urethras.

Health 10 Apr 2014

Shoo fly: pesky insect escapes using fighter jet maneuvers

WASHINGTON - What does a tiny fruit fly have in common with the world's most advanced fighter jets like the U.S. Air Force's F-22 Raptor? More than you might think.

10 Apr 2014

Lockheed to begin building asteroid sampler for NASA

CAPE CANAVERAL, Florida - A NASA mission to pluck samples from a distant asteroid and return them to Earth passed a major technical review, clearing engineers to begin building the robotic spacecraft, officials said on Thursday.

10 Apr 2014

Israel space project gets $16 million boost from casino mogul Adelson

TEL AVIV - SpaceIL, a nonprofit organization aiming to land the first Israeli spacecraft on the moon, said on Wednesday it has received a $16.4 million grant from the foundation of U.S. casino magnate Sheldon Adelson.

09 Apr 2014

Bill signed allowing surprise inspections of Arizona abortion clinics

PHOENIX - Arizona Governor Jan Brewer on Tuesday signed into a law a bill allowing state health authorities to conduct surprise inspections of abortion clinics without first obtaining a warrant, handing another victory to abortion foes.