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SpaceX puts Dragon passenger spaceship through test run


CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla - A Space Exploration Technologies' passenger spaceship made a quick debut test flight on Wednesday, shooting itself off a Florida launch pad to demonstrate a key emergency escape system. | Video

Open wide and say 'ah': secret of gaping whale mouths revealed

WASHINGTON - When the fin whale gets ready to eat, Earth's second-largest animal opens its mouth so wide that it can gulp an amount of water larger than the volume of its own body as it filters out meals of tiny fish and shrimp-like krill.

10:57am EDT

Inmarsat's GlobalXpress being used in Nepal ahead of global launch

- The first of Inmarsat's high-capacity GlobalXpress satellites is being used in Nepal after the country was hit by an earthquake and ahead of a global launch for the technology set for later this year, the company said on Wednesday.

Tech, 4:55am EDT

Scientists monitor undersea volcanic eruption off Oregon coast

PORTLAND, Ore. - An undersea volcano about 300 miles (480 km) off Oregon's coast has been spewing lava for the past seven days, confirming forecasts made last fall and giving researchers unique insight into a hidden ocean hot spot, a scientist said on Friday.

Real-life Star Trek 'replicator' prepares meal in 30 seconds

It's a revolution in food technology that could deliver your food fantasy to your plate in less than a minute. | Video

05 May 2015

Pocket-sized fingerprint scanner could solve healthcare bottleneck

British postgraduate students have devised a pocket-sized fingerprint scanner designed to help patients in the developing world get improved access to healthcare. | Video

05 May 2015

New self-cleaning paint offers stain and damage-free future

A self-cleaning paint that can withstand contact with substances such as oil, even after being scratched or scuffed with sandpaper, has been developed by British and Chinese researchers. | Video

05 May 2015

A space odyssey: cosmic rays may damage the brains of astronauts

WASHINGTON - It may not be space debris, errant asteroids, supply shortages, thruster malfunctions or even the malevolent aliens envisioned in so many Hollywood films that thwart astronauts on any mission to Mars. It may be the ubiquitous galactic cosmic rays.

01 May 2015

NASA spacecraft makes crashing finale into Mercury

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. - - NASA's pioneering Messenger spacecraft ended its four-year study of the planet Mercury on Thursday by crashing into the planet’s surface, scientists said.

30 Apr 2015

Jeff Bezos' rocket company test-flies suborbital spaceship

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. - Blue Origin, a startup space company owned by chief Jeff Bezos, launched an experimental suborbital spaceship from Texas, the first in a series of test flights to develop commercial unmanned and passenger spaceflight services, the company said on Thursday. | Video

Tech, 30 Apr 2015

EU drugs agency tightens rules on experts moving to industry jobs

- Europe's medicines regulator said on Wednesday it would restrict experts and committee members who intend to work for a pharmaceutical company from participating in the evaluation of medicines, in a move to reduce conflict of interests.