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Boeing, SpaceX poised to build 'space taxis' for NASA


CAPE CANAVERAL/WASHINGTON - NASA will partner with Boeing and SpaceX to build commercially owned and operated "space taxis" to fly astronauts to the International Space Station, ending U.S. dependence on Russia for rides, U.S. Senator Bill Nelson said on Tuesday.

SpaceX must meet high standard to get rocket certified: general

WASHINGTON - A top U.S. Air Force general on Tuesday said he favored competition for military rocket launches, but insisted the Air Force must stick to its high standards in certifying the Falcon 9 rocket, built by privately-held Space Exploration Technologies.

U.S. 2:04pm EDT

Spaceport delays prompt some impatience in New Mexico

ALBUQUERQUE N.M. - Delays in the launch of the first space flights by Sir Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic from a base in New Mexico have drawn criticism from a county commissioner in the south of the state.

U.S. 1:01pm EDT

Miami Bat Squad tracks rare species to golf course roost

MIAMI - Shortly after dusk, three researchers squat on the lawn of a vacant, million-dollar home in a posh Miami suburb, pointing ultrasonic microphones at the darkened mansion.

U.S., Environment 7:12am EDT

Rosetta team picks spot for historic comet landing

BERLIN/PARIS - A team of scientists identified on Monday the point on the surface of a comet, known as "Site J," where they aim to land a probe in what would be a historic breakthrough for their decade-long project.

15 Sep 2014

NASA's hunt for dangerous asteroids falls short, report shows

CAPE CANAVERAL Fla. - NASA won't meet a congressionally ordered goal to find 90 percent of nearby and potentially dangerous asteroids larger than 460 feet (140 meters) in diameter, the agency’s Inspector General said on Monday.

12:43pm EDT

Mice given human brain gene learned tasks faster : study

NEW YORK - Although it's far from the sort of brain transplant beloved by science fiction enthusiasts, scientists have taken one step in that direction: they have spliced a key human brain gene into mice.

15 Sep 2014

Fireball lights up night sky over eastern U.S

WASHINGTON - A blazing meteor lit up the night sky like fireworks across a dozen eastern U.S. states and prompted almost 160 sighting reports, the American Meteor Society said on Monday.

U.S., 15 Sep 2014

Ocean algae can evolve fast to tackle climate change: study

OSLO - Tiny marine algae can evolve fast enough to cope with climate change in a sign that some ocean life may be more resilient than thought to rising temperatures and acidification, a study showed.

Environment 14 Sep 2014

Ancient flying reptile named after 'Avatar' creature

WASHINGTON - (This story has been refiled to fix a typo in the last letter of the genus name, Ikrandraco instead of Ikrandraci)

14 Sep 2014

U.S. leaders call for 'war' on Ebola outbreak, pledge troops

ATLANTA - U.S. lawmakers called for a government-funded "war" to contain West Africa's deadly Ebola epidemic before it threatens more countries, building on an American pledge to send 3,000 military engineers and medical personnel to combat the virus.