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Multi-national crew reaches space station


- A Russian Soyuz rocket blasted off from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazahkstan on Sunday to deliver three new crew members to the International Space Station, including Italy's first female astronaut. | Video

Physicists solve mystery of why cats rule, dogs drool

- Popular web videos showing that "cats rule and dogs drool" have new scientific evidence to support that felinophilic sentiment, at least when it comes to drinking.

24 Nov 2014

One for every leg: scientists map centipede genome

LONDON - An international team of more than 100 researchers has mapped the genome of the centipede and found that, while it easily outpaces humans on number of legs, it falls short when it comes to genes.

2:03pm EST

Cold hard facts: Underwater robot measures Antarctic sea ice

WASHINGTON - Measuring the thickness of Antarctic sea ice, an important gauge of environmental conditions in this remote polar region in a time of global climate change, has proven to be a tricky task. But an underwater robot is providing a nice solution. | Video

Environment 4:14am EST

Deregulation at heart of Japan's new robotics revolution

TOKYO - Neurosurgeon Tetsuya Goto had just begun testing a robot to perform brain surgery when he discovered Japan was moving to tighten regulations that would shut down his seven-year project.

Health, Japan, 19 Nov 2014

'Star-gazing' shrimp discovered in South Africa

JOHANNESBURG - A tiny shrimp equipped with large, candy-striped eyes to ward off predators has been discovered in South African waters, the University of Cape Town said on Friday.

21 Nov 2014

Banking culture breeds dishonesty, scientific study finds

LONDON - - A banking culture that implicitly puts financial gain above all else fuels greed and dishonesty and makes bankers more likely to cheat, according to the findings of a scientific study.

21 Nov 2014

Want to live on the 'roof of the world'? Grow barley

WASHINGTON - The Tibetan Plateau, the harsh Asian domain known as the 'roof of the world,' would not seem an ideal place for people to call home thanks to its extreme altitude, frigid temperatures, relentless winds and low-oxygen conditions.

20 Nov 2014

HIV drugs show promise in treating common eye disease

WASHINGTON - A class of drugs used for three decades by people infected with the virus that causes AIDS may be effective in treating a leading cause of blindness among the elderly.

Health, 20 Nov 2014

Star formation theories challenged by new telescope discovery

SANTIAGO - Theories about how massive stars are born could be revised after astronomers in Chile found evidence that the dust and gas surrounding a young star could survive bombardment by the star's own radiation.

20 Nov 2014