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Tire makers race to turn dandelions into rubber


MUENSTER Germany - Dutch biologist Ingrid van der Meer often meets with disbelief when she talks about her work on dandelions and how it could secure the future of road transport. | Video

Our life with the Neanderthals was no brief affair

LONDON - Far from wiping out Neanderthals overnight, modern humans rubbed along with their shorter and stockier cousins for thousands of years, giving plenty of time for the two groups to share ideas - and have sex.

20 Aug 2014

Spacewalking cosmonauts launch satellite, set up studies

CAPE CANAVERAL Fla. - A pair of Russian cosmonauts began their work week on Monday floating outside the International Space Station to toss out a small satellite for a university in Peru, install science experiments and tackle some housekeeping chores.

18 Aug 2014

Specks of star dust likely first from beyond solar system

CAPE CANAVERAL Fla. - A NASA spacecraft dispatched 15 years ago to collect samples from a comet also snared what scientists suspect are the first dust specks from interstellar space.

14 Aug 2014

'Mission Blue' film charts scientist's quest to save oceans

NEW YORK - From the Galapagos Islands to Australia's Coral Sea and a marine park off the coast of Mexico, the documentary "Mission Blue" navigates the journey of renowned oceanographer Sylvia Earle as she travels the globe to save the planet's threatened seas.

Rise of the machines? Tiny robot horde swarms to form shapes

WASHINGTON - They look vaguely like miniature hockey pucks skittering along on three pin-like metal legs, but a swarm of small robots called Kilobots at a laboratory at Harvard University is making a little bit of history for automatons everywhere.

14 Aug 2014

Experimental chikungunya vaccine shows promise in human trial

WASHINGTON - An experimental vaccine being developed by U.S. government scientists to prevent the painful mosquito-borne viral disease chikungunya has shown promise in its first human trials but remains years away from approval for widespread use.

Health, 15 Aug 2014

Japan sends Hello Kitty into space

TOKYO - Hello Kitty, Japan's ambassador of cute, is on a government-funded mission to space.

Japan 14 Aug 2014

Who's your mummy? Egyptian mummification older than was thought

WASHINGTON - It has long been known that the practice of mummification of the dead in ancient Egypt - fundamental to that civilization's belief in eternal life - was old, but only now are researchers unwrapping the mystery of just how long ago it began.

13 Aug 2014

Ancient flying reptile's head crest looked like a yacht's sail

WASHINGTON - A flying reptile whose head was topped with a big bony crest shaped like the sail of a yacht swooped through the skies over Brazil roughly 90 million years ago.

Brazil 13 Aug 2014

U.S. hospital to discharge doctor treated with experimental Ebola drug

ABIDJAN - An American doctor who contracted Ebola treating victims of the deadly virus in Liberia has recovered and will be discharged on Thursday by the Atlanta hospital that treated him with an experimental drug, his charity said.