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Apollo astronaut Buzz Aldrin joins Florida university


MELBOURNE, Fla. - Former astronaut Buzz Aldrin, one of the first Americans to land on the moon, will spearhead a new research institute in Florida aimed at paving a path toward Mars exploration and settlement, officials said on Thursday.

Scientists solve mystery of polar bear Knut's death

BERLIN - Knut, the star polar bear who was hand-reared at Berlin zoo after his mother rejected him, had a type of auto-immune inflation of the brain that is found in humans, scientists said on Thursday.

Environment 27 Aug 2015

German scientists find rare dinosaur tracks

BERLIN - German scientists have found an unusually long trail of footprints from a 30-tonne dinosaur in an abandoned quarry in Lower Saxony, a discovery they think could be around 145 million years old. | Video

21 Aug 2015

Massive Aztec human skull rack found in Mexico City

MEXICO CITY - Archeologists have discovered a massive ceremonial skull rack from the heyday of the Aztec empire in the heart of Mexico City, a find that could shed new light on how its rulers projected power by human sacrifice, the team said on Thursday.

20 Aug 2015

Japan cargo ship embarks on International Space Center supply mission

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla - After three botched missions to resupply the International Space Center since October, an unmanned cargo ship blasted off from southern Japan on Wednesday with food, water and gear needed to keep the research station and its crew functioning.

Davos, Japan 19 Aug 2015

Human bones in Pennsylvania thought to be from 1918 flu pandemic

SCHUYLKILL HAVEN, Pa. - Forensic archaeologists on Friday began excavating a highway embankment in eastern Pennsylvania, looking for more bones believed to be from impoverished victims of the worldwide Spanish flu pandemic in 1918.

17 Aug 2015

Scientists use bioengineered yeast instead of poppies to make opioids

WASHINGTON - Scientists have invented a speedy method to make potent painkilling opioids using bioengineered baker's yeast instead of poppies, but need to fine-tune the process to make it commercially viable, according to a study published on Thursday.

Health 13 Aug 2015

Scientists researching brain disorders create super-clever mice

LONDON - Scientists have genetically modified mice to be super-intelligent and found they are also less anxious, a discovery that may help the search for treatments for disorders such as Alzheimer's, schizophrenia and post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

14 Aug 2015

Astronomers photograph a baby Jupiter in another solar system

Astronomers have taken a photograph of a baby planet beyond the solar system that may reveal clues as to how planets such as Jupiter are formed and influence their planetary siblings, a study released on Thursday shows.

13 Aug 2015

Comet lander still silent, scientists shift focus to drilling

BERLIN/FRANKFURT - European scientists have revised their plans for the comet lander Philae and are now focusing on getting images and drill samples if communications are restored.

13 Aug 2015

U.S. vaccination rates high, but pockets of unvaccinated pose risk

CHICAGO - The vast majority of U.S. kindergarten-age children are vaccinated against preventable diseases but sizable pockets of unprotected children still exist, posing a public health threat, according to a government study.