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Great Red Spot storm heating Jupiter's atmosphere, study shows


CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. Scientists have long wondered why Jupiter's upper atmosphere has temperatures similar to those of Earth, even though the biggest planet in the solar system is five times farther away from the sun.


Scientist Brian Cox holds summer master class in London for kids

British physics professor Brian Cox taught students at St. Paul's Way Trust School in London on Tuesday how to create fire with methane gas.

1:24pm EDT

Healthy clones: Dolly the sheep's heirs reach ripe old age

LONDON The heirs of Dolly the sheep are enjoying a healthy old age, proving cloned animals can live normal lives and offering reassurance to scientists hoping to use cloned cells in medicine. | Video

Jul 26 2016

Meter-wide dinosaur print, one of largest ever, found in Bolivia

SUCRE, Bolivia A footprint measuring over a meter wide that was made by a meat-eating predator some 80 million years ago has been discovered in Bolivia, one of the largest of its kind ever found.

Jul 26 2016

Scientists find potential new antibiotic, right under their noses

LONDON Scientists in Germany have discovered a bacteria hiding out in peoples' noses that produces an antibiotic compound that can kill several dangerous pathogens, including the superbug MRSA.

Health, Germany 1:08pm EDT

Belgian scientists make novel water-from-urine machine

BRUSSELS A team of scientists at a Belgian university say they have created a machine that turns urine into drinkable water and fertilizer using solar energy, a technique which could be applied in rural areas and developing countries.

12:05pm EDT

Solar plane circles globe in first for clean energy

ABU DHABI A solar-powered aircraft successfully completed the first fuel-free flight around the world on Tuesday, returning to Abu Dhabi after an epic 16-month voyage that demonstrated the potential of renewable energy. | Video


Mind over gray matter: new map lays out brain's cerebral cortex

WASHINGTON Neuroscientists acting as cartographers of the human mind have devised the most comprehensive map ever made of the cerebral cortex, the part of the brain responsible for higher cognitive functions such as abstract thought, language and memory.

Jul 20 2016

Stunning aurora footage captured from ISS

NASA astronaut Jeff Williams shared a stunning aurora display on Sunday as he passed over the Earth. | Video

Oddly Enough Jul 21 2016

Newly developed wheel converts any bicycle into an electric vehicle

Right off the bat, Michael Burtov said he and his team at technology startup GeoOrbital did not re-invent the wheel. | Video

Tech Jul 21 2016


Getting ahead of depression

Major depression is increasingly recognized as a serious U.S. health problem. Experts are trying to identify at-risk children and adults and treat depression in its earliest stages.


Florida identifies two more Zika cases not related to travel

CHICAGO The Florida health department said on Wednesday it was investigating another two cases of Zika not related to travel to a place where the virus is being transmitted, raising the possibility of local Zika transmission in the continental United States.