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Nature thrives in Chernobyl, site of worst nuclear disaster


LONDON, Oct 5 - - Some 30 years after the world's worst nuclear accident blasted radiation across Chernobyl, the site has evolved from a disaster zone into a nature reserve, teeming with elk, deer and wolves, scientists said on Monday.

Nobel prize for solving puzzle of ghostly neutrino particles

STOCKHOLM/LONDON - A Japanese and a Canadian scientist won the 2015 Nobel Prize for Physics on Tuesday for discovering that elusive subatomic particles called neutrinos have mass, opening a new window onto the fundamental nature of the universe. | Video

Japan, 10:50am EDT

Pentagon sees decision soon on Russian rocket engine waiver

WASHINGTON - The U.S. Defense Department expects to decide "fairly soon" whether to issue a waiver to United Launch Alliance, a joint venture of Lockheed Martin Corp and Boeing Co, that would allow it to continue using Russian rocket engines, the Pentagon's top acquisition official said on Tuesday.

1:37pm EDT

Heating up hair science

West Lafayette, IND Tahira Reid loves science. So she decided to use that passion to study one of her biggest causes of anxiety.  | Video

05 Oct 2015

Post-apocalyptic 'beaver' thrived after dinosaurs died

WASHINGTON - The world had been wrecked. An asteroid impact in Mexico compounded by colossal volcanism in India 66 million years ago had killed about three-quarters of Earth's species including the dinosaurs.

Environment, Mexico 05 Oct 2015

Beating parasites wins three scientists Nobel prize for medicine

STOCKHOLM/LONDON - Three scientists from Japan, China and Ireland whose discoveries led to the development of potent new drugs against parasitic diseases including malaria and elephantiasis won the Nobel Prize for Medicine on Monday. | Video

World, Health, China, Japan, Ireland 05 Oct 2015

Biofuel from whisky byproducts better than ethanol, says maker

A Scottish company has developed a commercial scale method of producing biofuel capable of fuelling cars from the unwanted residue of the whisky fermentation process. | Video

Welsh stem cell firm wins fast-track filing path in Europe

LONDON - A biotech company founded by a Nobel prize winner has won the go-ahead from European regulators to begin the application process for conditional marketing authorization of a stem cell-based regenerative heart treatment.

Health 05 Oct 2015

Big gulp: feeding strategy of blue whales revealed

WASHINGTON - The blue whale is the largest creature on Earth and perhaps the biggest that ever lived, so it is no surprise it has a huge appetite. But the strategies this behemoth uses to get enough food has not been well understood - until now.

02 Oct 2015

Six experts vie for top U.N. climate science job

OSLO - Six candidates are vying to become head of the U.N.'s top authority on climate change science this week, seeking to narrow down uncertainties about future warming to guide a trillion-dollar shift to greener energies.

World, Environment 04 Oct 2015

More U.S. women may get IUDs right after giving birth

(Reuters Health) - For new mothers in the U.S. who receive government-sponsored health insurance, it’s becoming easier to get intrauterine devices (IUDs) implanted immediately after giving birth, a study found.