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Inadequate testing thwarts efforts to measure Zika's impact


RIO DE JANEIRO One major hurdle is thwarting efforts to measure the extent of the Zika epidemic and its suspected links to thousands of birth defects in Brazil: accurate diagnosis of a virus that still confounds blood tests.

Ancient wildebeest cousin boasted bizarre dinosaur-like trait

WASHINGTON In an ancient streambed on Kenya's Rusinga Island, scientists have unearthed fossils of a wildebeest-like creature named Rusingoryx that boasted a weird nasal structure more befitting of a dinosaur than a mammal.

04 Feb 2016

Italian consortium set to win giant Chile telescope contract

SANTIAGO An Italian consortium, including construction company Astaldi Spa, is close to securing a contract to build the world's largest telescope in the Chilean desert, project owner the European Southern Observatory (ESO) said on Thursday.

Italy 04 Feb 2016

Russian cosmonauts breeze through spacewalk outside space station

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. Two veteran Russian cosmonauts returned to the International Space Station on Wednesday after replacing experiment equipment that is testing how materials and biological samples fare in the harsh environment of space. | Video

Russia 03 Feb 2016

Short-legged Oregon arachnid gets 'behemoth' name

PORTLAND, Ore. Researchers have bestowed a grandiose scientific name on a tiny, spider-like cousin of the daddy longlegs, officially dubbing the newly discovered denizen of remote Oregon forests the Cryptomaster behemoth.

03 Feb 2016

U.S. private space companies plan surge in launches this year

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. U.S. private space companies Space Exploration Technologies and United Launch Alliance, a partnership of Lockheed Martin and BoeingN>, have scheduled more than 30 launches from Florida this year, up from 18 last year, according to company and Air Force officials.

03 Feb 2016

Smart band-aid on the horizon

Cambridge, MASS Wearable electronics will revolutionize the way doctors diagnose and treat patients, according to researchers at MIT, who are developing stretchable hydrogels that share many of the same properties of human tissue. | Video

03 Feb 2016

Small country, big Universe - Luxembourg aims for space business

BRUSSELS Luxembourg, the tiny European Union state nestled between France, Germany and Belgium, has a big new goal - it wants to be a center for space mining.

France, Germany 03 Feb 2016

Sleep tight: genome secrets could help beat the bedbug's bite

WASHINGTON They emerge from their hiding places at night, driven to slake their thirst for human blood. Vampires? No. Bedbugs!

02 Feb 2016

Prehistoric man enjoyed roasted tortoise appetizers, Israeli archaeologist says

JERUSALEM Prehistoric cave-dwellers enjoyed munching on tortoises roasted in their shells as an appetizer or side dish, Ran Barkai, an archaeologist at Tel Aviv University, said on Tuesday.

02 Feb 2016

Battling doctor shortage, Indian hospitals offer intensive care from afar

NEW DELHI A doctor at a hospital in India's capital, New Delhi, was recently tracking a wall of monitors displaying the vital signs of intensive care patients admitted hundreds of miles away when red-and-yellow alerts rang out.