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Airbus, Safran finalize space launchers merger


PARIS Airbus Group and Safran pledged on Thursday to make Europe competitive in the face of U.S. low-cost rival SpaceX as they completed a deal to merge their space launcher activities.


Solar plane lands in Spain after three-day Atlantic crossing

SEVILLE, Spain An airplane powered solely by the sun landed safely in Seville in Spain early on Thursday after an almost three-day flight across the Atlantic from New York in one of the longest legs of the first ever fuel-less flight around the world. | Video

Bat wings inspire new breed of drone

The unique mechanical properties of bat wings could lead to a new breed of nature-inspired drone. A prototype built by researchers at the University of Southampton shows that membrane wings can have improved aerodynamic properties and fly over longer distances on less power. | Video

Tech Jun 27 2016

Human skin cells used in animal-free cosmetic tests

A UK-based laboratory is working to eradicate animal testing in the cosmetics industry by developing alternative methods which are not only cruelty-free but more scientifically advanced than other current tests. | Video

Jun 23 2016

Human flights to Mars still at least 15 years off: ESA head

DARMSTADT, Germany Dreaming of a trip to Mars? You'll have to wait at least 15 years for the technology to be developed, the head of the European Space Agency (ESA) said, putting doubt on claims that the journey could happen sooner.

Jun 22 2016

British astronaut Tim Peake would return to space station 'in a heartbeat'

FRANKFURT Britain's first official astronaut said on Tuesday he would join another trip to the International Space Station "in a heartbeat" and would love to explore the moon.

Jun 21 2016

India launches 20 satellites at one go; most to serve U.S. customers

NEW DELHI India successfully launched 20 satellites in a single mission on Wednesday, with most of them set to serve international customers as the South Asian country pursues a bigger share of the $300 billion global space industry. | Video

Jun 22 2016

Europe's robots to become 'electronic persons' under draft plan

MUNICH, Germany Europe's growing army of robot workers could be classed as "electronic persons" and their owners liable to paying social security for them if the European Union adopts a draft plan to address the realities of a new industrial revolution.

Jun 21 2016

Paul Allen's space company nears debut of world's biggest plane

MOJAVE, Calif. A space launch company bankrolled by Microsoft Corp co-founder Paul Allen intends to compete with space entrepreneurs and industry stalwarts by launching satellites into orbit from the world’s biggest airplane.

Aerospace & Defense Jun 20 2016

Capsule carrying space station crew lands in Kazakhstan

ZHEZKAZGAN, Kazakhstan A soyuz capsule bringing back three astronauts from the International Space Station, including the first to represent the British government, made a safe parachute landing on the steppe near the Kazakh city of Zhezkazgan on Saturday. | Video

Jun 18 2016


How snoring can kill you

Snoring can be a sign of sleep apnea, a sleep disorder that can lead to serious health problems. The problem is that most people who suffer from sleep apnea don't even realize they have it.


Zika sex research begins despite U.S. Congress funding impasse

It could take years to learn how long men infected with Zika are capable of sexually transmitting the virus, which can cause crippling birth defects and other serious neurological disorders.