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EU lawmakers urge regulators to get tough on Google

BRUSSELS - European Union lawmakers overwhelmingly backed a motion on Thursday urging antitrust regulators to get tough on Google and other Internet search engines and consider breaking them up.

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Icelandic hacker says guilty of stealing money from Wikileaks

REYKJAVIK - An Icelandic computer hacker and former associate of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange unexpectedly pleaded guilty on Wednesday to embezzling 30 million Icelandic crowns ($240,000) from the organization.

26 Nov 2014

Samsung Elec shares up sharply on $2 billion share buyback plan

SEOUL - Shares of South Korean tech giant Samsung Electronics Co Ltd opened sharply higher on Thursday on the news that it will buy back $2 billion of its own stock.

26 Nov 2014

AT&T says fiber spending pause affects only new commitments

WASHINGTON - AT&T Inc sought to clarify to U.S. regulators its plans to pause investments in high-speed Internet connections until "net neutrality" rules are settled, saying in a letter on Wednesday that the plans related to new and not existing commitments.

26 Nov 2014

EU watchdogs to apply 'right to be forgotten' rule on Web worldwide

BRUSSELS - European privacy regulators want Internet search engines such as Google and Microsoft's Bing to scrub results globally, not just in Europe, when people invoke their "right to be forgotten" as ruled by an EU court.

Media 26 Nov 2014

U.S. court rejects Motorola Mobility price-fixing appeal

- A federal appeals court rejected Motorola Mobility LLC's bid to sue several Asian suppliers under U.S. antitrust law for fixing prices of mobile phone displays sold to its foreign units.

Media 26 Nov 2014

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