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Sultans of shrink pack more chips into smart wearables

TAIPEI - The latest chapter in the miniaturisation of increasingly smart consumer electronics lies in the hands of chip packagers, an indispensable group of firms whose role in the supply chain alone is worth $27 billion.

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Globalstar location-tracking network vulnerable to hacking: researcher

SAN FRANCISCO - Location-tracking devices that communicate with a major satellite network operated by Globalstar Inc can have their transmissions intercepted or mimicked with false data, a U.S. security researcher said on Thursday.

8:05pm EDT

No end in sight for Oracle, Google legal fight over Android

SAN FRANCISCO - Oracle Corp's long-running legal battle with Google Inc over Google's Android operating system for smartphones and other devices probably will not proceed to another trial until the middle of 2016, a U.S. judge said on Thursday.

Researcher says can hack GM's OnStar app, open vehicle, start engine

BOSTON/DETROIT - A researcher is advising drivers not to use a mobile app for General Motors Co's OnStar vehicle communications system, saying hackers can exploit a security flaw in the product to unlock cars and start engines remotely.

Cybersecurity 6:12pm EDT

Google loses bid to overturn low-cost patent licenses to Microsoft

NEW YORK - In a setback for Google Inc , a U.S. appeals court ruled on Thursday that the low licensing rate Microsoft Corp pays to use some of Google's Motorola Mobility patents had been properly set.

3:33pm EDT

Facebook shares dip as results fail to impress

- Facebook Inc's shares fell as much as 5 percent on Thursday, after the company's weak advertising sales growth outlook dampened investor expectations boosted by Google Inc's strong report earlier this month. | Video

Facebook 3:45pm EDT