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Google's AlphaGo takes on Chinese Go master in best of three matches

BEIJING Google's artificial intelligence program AlphaGo took on the Chinese world number one of ancient board game Go on Tuesday, the second time it has gone head-to-head with a master Go player in a public showdown.

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China's LeEco to slash U.S. jobs amid global pull-back: source

TAIPEI China's embattled LeEco aims to cut its U.S. workforce to as few as 60 people from around 500 earlier this year, as the Netflix-to-Tesla-like group streamlines global operations to shake off a cash crunch, a person with knowledge of the plan said.

China 12:45am EDT

China seeks safe steering of bike-sharing boom to clear cluttered streets

SHANGHAI China has published draft guidelines to regulate the booming bicycle-sharing industry whose firms have raised hundreds of millions in dollars in funding but have cluttered up sidewalks with bikes.

3:09am EDT

U.N.'s North Korea sanctions monitors hit by 'sustained' cyber attack

UNITED NATIONS United Nations experts investigating violations of sanctions on North Korea have suffered a "sustained" cyber attack by unknown hackers with "very detailed insight" into their work, according to an email warning seen by Reuters on Monday.

North Korea, May 22 2017

U.S. top court tightens patent suit rules in blow to 'patent trolls'

WASHINGTON The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday tightened rules for where patent lawsuits can be filed in a decision that may make it harder for so-called patent "trolls" to launch sometimes dodgy patent cases in friendly courts, a major irritant for high-tech giants like Apple and Alphabet Inc's Google.

May 22 2017

Germany must invest to keep up in electric cars: Merkel

KAMENZ, Germany Germany and its auto industry must invest heavily to ensure it is not left behind by the shift to electric cars, Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Monday as she laid a foundation stone for a new battery factory for Daimler unit Accumotive.

May 22 2017

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