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Exclusive: U.S. Homeland Security found SEC had 'critical' cyber weaknesses in January

WASHINGTON The U.S. Department of Homeland Security detected five "critical" cyber security weaknesses on the Securities and Exchange Commission's computers as of January 23, 2017, according to a confidential weekly report reviewed by Reuters. | Video

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Road to electric car paradise paved with handouts

JUDABERG, Norway The Norwegian island of Finnoey has the highest density of electric cars in the world. The reason? They are exempt from the $6,000-a-year toll charges for the tunnel to the mainland. | Video

Norway 11:43am EDT

Exclusive: Chipmaker GlobalFoundries asks EU to investigate bigger rival TSMC - source

BRUSSELS U.S. electronic chipmaker GlobalFoundries has asked European antitrust regulators to investigate market leader TSMC , accusing the Taiwanese firm of unfair competition, an industry source said on Monday.

11:04am EDT

Saudi lifting ban on Skype, WhatsApp calls, but will monitor them

RIYADH The Saudi government is lifting a ban on calls made through online apps such as Skype and WhatsApp on Thursday as part of its economic reforms, but a spokesman said it will monitor and censor such calls.

11:38am EDT

GlobalFoundries says no commitment from Tesla on chip deal

GlobalFoundries, which fabricates chips for Advanced Micro Devices Inc, said on Thursday that Tesla had not committed to working with it on any autonomous driving technology or product, contradicting an earlier media report.

11:46am EDT

Google bets anew on smartphones, pays $1.1 billion for HTC's Pixel division

TAIPEI/SAN FRANCISCO Alphabet Inc's Google said it would pay $1.1 billion for the division at Taiwan's HTC Corp that develops the U.S. firm's Pixel smartphones - its second major foray into phone hardware after an earlier costly failure. | Video

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