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Mayor says Lee statue must go as debate over U.S. slave past rages


RICHMOND, Va. The mayor of Charlottesville called on Friday for a special session of Virginia's legislature to let localities decide the fate of Confederate monuments like the statue at the center of a far-right rally last week that turned deadly. | Video

Roadblocks, weapons bans as Boston braces for 'Free Speech' rally

BOSTON Boston officials are planning road blockades and even banning food vendors from the historic Boston Common as they step up security around a "Free Speech" rally on Saturday featuring right-wing speakers, aiming to avoid a repeat of last weekend's violence at a white supremacist rally in Virginia. | Video

4:14pm EDT

What's in a name? Virginia school enters Confederate symbols battle

MANASSAS, Va. In the northern Virginia county where Confederate general Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson earned his famous moniker, a battle has begun to remove his name from the local high school where it appears in large white letters on the red brick facade. | Video

5:35pm EDT

California mass killer spared death penalty over prosecutor misconduct

LOS ANGELES A California man convicted of the worst mass killing in Orange County history was spared the death penalty on Friday after a judge found that serious misconduct by prosecutors had violated his rights to a fair trial.

4:37pm EDT

No sanctions for Detroit jail's group strip searches: court

The Wayne County jail in downtown Detroit is not liable to inmates who were subjected to group strip searches when the number of inmates awaiting processing made individual searches impractical, a federal appeals court ruled on Friday.

5:23pm EDT

Tillerson says one American dead in Spain attack

WASHINGTON A San Francisco area man on a delayed honeymoon was among the 13 people killed in Thursday's attack in Spain, his family told a local television station on Friday, hours after U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson confirmed that an American citizen was dead.

World, Spain 5:51pm EDT

Tillerson condemns racism, calls for national reconciliation

WASHINGTON U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson issued a forceful condemnation of "bigotry in all its forms" on Friday and called for national reconciliation as he promised to work toward making the government more racially diverse. | Video

5:15pm EDT

U.S. Court curbs power of police to seize cellphones

A U.S. appeals court on Friday limited the ability of police to seize cell phones from homes of people suspected of crimes, ruling the prevelance of mobile devices did not mean police could assume a suspect had one when requesting a search warrant.

3:54pm EDT

Solar eclipse to be streamed live for first time, from balloons

CHARLESTON, S.C. Next week's solar eclipse will be streamed live online for the first time, from the vantage point of helium-filled balloons across the United States, providing the public with sky-high views as the moon blocks the sun. | Video

Science, 5:26pm EDT

Ranchers in parched U.S. Northern Plains welcome hay lottery

Hundreds of livestock ranchers in the drought-stricken U.S. Northern Plains are embracing what organizers say is the first lottery designed to provide some much-needed relief to their operations.

Environment, 12:40pm EDT

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