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Police say man killed near San Diego was pointing vaping device


An unarmed black man was pointing a silver vape smoking device at police when officers shot and killed him in southern California, authorities said, triggering two nights of protests.

At least one killed, more than 100 injured in New Jersey train crash

HOBOKEN, N.J. At least one person was killed and more than 100 injured, some critically, when a commuter train plowed into Hoboken station in New Jersey during the morning rush hour on Thursday, officials and media said. | Video

1:03pm EDT

U.S. teen's family decries 'senseless' shooting as police seek clues

CHARLESTON, S.C. The family of a 14-year-old South Carolina boy accused of killing his father and wounding two elementary school students and a teacher lamented his actions on Thursday but gave no clues about a motive for the shooting spree a day earlier.

10:58am EDT

Watchdog finds flaws in U.S. DEA's payments to sources

WASHINGTON The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration's program for paying confidential sources to assist with narcotics-trafficking investigations is riddled with deficiencies that could open the door to fraud and abuse, the Justice Department's internal watchdog said on Thursday.

12:31pm EDT

Obama administration rolls out rules on paid sick leave, pay data

The Obama administration on Thursday finalized rules requiring federal contractors to provide paid sick leave to employees and expanding the type of data employers must provide on their pay practices.

11:27am EDT

Family wants answers over police shooting death in Washington

WASHINGTON The family of an unarmed black man fatally shot by a District of Columbia police officer wants answers to unresolved questions in the case, which has sparked protests in the U.S. capital, an attorney said on Thursday.

12:51pm EDT

Water meeting safety standards after Florida sinkhole leak: Mosaic

Testing of nine wells near a sinkhole at a Mosaic Co fertilizer facility in Florida, site of a massive leak of contaminated water, shows that water meets safe drinking standards for radioactivity and damage has not spread beyond the site, the company said.

12:04pm EDT

U.S. backs upgraded wireless emergency alerts after bombing case

WASHINGTON The U.S. Federal Communications Commission on Thursday approved rules requiring wireless carriers to provide upgraded emergency alerts including more information than currently allowed such as photos and web links, acting after the system was used to help find the suspect in Sept. 17 New York and New Jersey bombings.

12:28pm EDT

Protests grow tense after police slaying of black man in California

EL CAJON, Calif. A second night of mostly peaceful protests over the fatal police shooting in Southern California of an unarmed black man said to be mentally ill climaxed on Wednesday as protesters confronted officers in riot gear who retreated as tensions rose. | Video

7:34am EDT

Teen kills father, opens fire on South Carolina schoolyard: police

CHARLESTON, S.C. A 14-year-old South Carolina boy shot and killed his father then drove to an elementary school playground where he wounded two children and a teacher with a handgun before being tackled by a firefighter who held him for police, authorities said on Wednesday. | Video

10:17am EDT

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