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Protests spread across U.S., more troops deployed to prevent fresh Ferguson riots


FERGUSON, Mo. - (Please note offensive language in last paragraph) | Video

Obama heckled over immigration policies in Chicago appearance

CHICAGO - President Barack Obama was interrupted several times by hecklers during a speech on his immigration policy on Tuesday, and their complaint was that his plan did not go far enough in protecting illegal immigrants from deportation.

Politics, 25 Nov 2014

In blow to tax negotiators, Obama threatens veto

WASHINGTON - President Barack Obama pledged on Tuesday to veto a deal still under negotiation in Congress that would make several expiring business tax breaks permanent.

Money, Politics 25 Nov 2014

U.S. judges overturn gay marriage bans in Arkansas, Mississippi

LITTLE ROCK, Ark./JACKSON, Miss. - U.S. district judges on Tuesday struck down as unconstitutional same-sex marriage bans in Arkansas and Mississippi, separately overturning measures that voters approved a decade ago in both socially conservative Southern states.

Subjects, Gay Marriage 1:20am EST

Sharpton slams grand jury process in Ferguson, Missouri, shooting

- Civil rights activist Rev. Al Sharpton said the grand jury system was misused in the case of Michael Brown, the black teenager shot and killed in August by a white police officer in a St. Louis suburb.

25 Nov 2014

Judge denies Boston bomb suspect request for triple murder evidence

BOSTON - A federal judge on Tuesday denied a request by lawyers for accused Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev for evidence in the ongoing investigation of a 2011 Massachusetts triple murder, saying the information wouldn't help their case.

25 Nov 2014

New Jersey pension system funding plummets under new rule

- New Jersey's retirement system for public employees is in worse shape than previously reported, thanks to recent accounting changes that are starting to be rolled out across the country.

25 Nov 2014

Florida police arrest students in alleged prostitution ring

ORLANDO, Fla. - A Florida prostitution ring allegedly run by high school students who tried to recruit classmates with the promise of $40 and liquor was broken up after a second teenager was arrested in the underage sex scheme, police said on Tuesday.

25 Nov 2014

Brown family attorneys blasts grand jury process

- Attorneys for the family of Michael Brown blasted the grand jury process that led to a decision not to indict Darren Wilson, the white police officer who shot and killed the black teenager in August.

25 Nov 2014

Federal judge rules Mississippi gay marriage ban unconstitutional

- A U.S. district judge on Tuesday struck down Mississippi's ban on same-sex marriage as unconstitutional.

25 Nov 2014

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