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Shot during capture, New York inmate in serious condition


PLATTSBURGH, N.Y. - Doctors updated the condition of David Sweat from critical to serious on Monday, a day after he was shot after more than three weeks on the run, officials said, and he will be turned over to prison authorities as soon as he is medically cleared.

Divided U.S. Supreme Court upholds Oklahoma lethal injection process

WASHINGTON - The Supreme Court on Monday found that a lethal injection drug used by Oklahoma does not violate the U.S. Constitution's ban on cruel and unusual punishment, a ruling that provoked a caustic debate among the justices about the death penalty in America. | Video

Politics 29 Jun 2015

Obama signs trade bills into law, says tough battle still ahead

WASHINGTON - U.S. President Barack Obama on Monday signed into law legislation that gives him "fast-track" power to push ahead on a Pacific Rim trade deal that has been the subject of intense debate in Congress and across the nation. | Video

Politics, 29 Jun 2015

Obama plans to expand overtime eligibility for millions of workers

- U.S. President Barack Obama on Monday announced a proposal that would make nearly 5 million more workers eligible for overtime pay, a move that would touch nearly every sector of the U.S. economy and could face legal challenges.

Politics, 29 Jun 2015

Fire destroys historic Oregon baseball stadium

PORTLAND, Ore. - A historic Oregon baseball stadium was destroyed on Monday in a blaze that prompted evacuations of several dozen homes within a two-block radius.

12:55am EDT

Supreme Court temporarily blocks Texas abortion restrictions

WASHINGTON - The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday agreed to block temporarily parts of a strict new Texas abortion law that critics say is aimed at shutting down clinics that offer the procedure.

29 Jun 2015

Arizona to pay firefighter families $670,000 over wildfire deaths

PHOENIX - Arizona will pay a total of $670,000 to the families of the 19 elite firefighters killed in the country's deadliest wildfire in 80 years and has agreed to reform the way it fights wildfires, state officials said.

Natural Disasters 29 Jun 2015

Backers of California pot-legalization ballot measure given OK to get signatures

SACRAMENTO, Calif. - Supporters of a California ballot initiative to legalize marijuana for recreational use may begin gathering signatures to place it before voters in 2016, a state official said on Monday.

29 Jun 2015

Milwaukee museum to display portrait of pope made of condoms

MILWAUKEE - The Milwaukee Art Museum says it hopes a portrait of Pope Benedict XVI made of condoms will ignite a conversation about the AIDS epidemic in Africa and the role art plays in public discussions, director Dan Keegan said on Monday.

Oddly Enough, 29 Jun 2015

Washington state wildfire destroys at least 23 homes

WENATCHEE, Wash. - A wildfire burning unchecked in Washington state has destroyed at least 23 homes and three commercial buildings near the eastern foothills of the Cascades, state police and emergency management officials said on Monday. | Video

Environment, 29 Jun 2015

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