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Debut summer 'supermoon' hangs in the summer sky


NEW YORK - A "supermoon" rose above cities from Los Angeles to London on Saturday night, the first of three times this year the full moon will orbit nearer the earth and appear unusually large and bright.

State governments can help U.S. speed up drone use

NEW YORK - U.S. state governments should help break a regulatory logjam that currently bans aerial drones from delivering packages, filming movies and monitoring crops and pipelines, officials from a state with extensive drone experience said on Sunday.

11:46am EDT

Indiana Greyhound bus collision kills one, injures others

NEW YORK - One person was killed and several injured when a Greyhound bus and a car collided in Indiana on Sunday, a county official said.

11:37am EDT

Teen survivor of Texas shootings says slain family members 'in much better place'

- The teenage survivor of a shooting attack in suburban Houston in which her parents and four siblings were killed told a memorial event on Saturday her family was "in a much better placeā€ and that she was making a full recovery from her injuries.

12 Jul 2014

Amateur explorers claim to find lost Army fort in Florida Everglades

MIAMI - A team of amateur explorers say they found the site of a lost U.S. Army fort buried deep in the Everglades that once served as a restocking post for troops during a series of guerilla-like battles with Seminole Indians.

7:06am EDT

Second lightning strike fatality in two days at Colorado park: officials

- A lightning strike on Saturday killed a man in Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado, a day after another strike killed a woman who had been out on a hike.

12 Jul 2014

Three dead, two wounded in Pasadena, California shootings

- Three people were killed and two wounded in a shooting late on Saturday afternoon in Pasadena, California before the gunman surrendered, police said.

1:15am EDT

U.S. Marines air chief wants to curb 'big wish lists' for arms upgrades

RAF FAIRFORD England - The U.S. Marine Corps' new aviation chief this week said he plans to hold down "big wish lists" for upgrades to existing warplanes and helicopters so he can maximize purchases of new planes like the Lockheed Martin Corp F-35 fighter jet.

Politics, 4:11am EDT

U.S. Navy maintains grounding order for F-35 fighter jets

RAF FAIRFORD England - The U.S. Navy maintained a grounding order for F-35 B-model and C-model fighter jets built by Lockheed Martin Corp, saying it was still not clear what caused a massive engine failure on an Air Force F-35 jet last month.

Aerospace & Defense 12:33am EDT

Michigan student won't be charged in Visine poisoning

- No charges will be filed against a Michigan high school student who was accused of sickening a teacher by putting Visine eye solution in her coffee, a prosecutor said on Saturday.

12 Jul 2014

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