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U.S. senators reach bipartisan deal on Obamacare, Trump indicates support


WASHINGTON Two U.S. senators on Tuesday reached a bipartisan agreement to shore up Obamacare for two years by reviving federal subsidies for health insurers that President Donald Trump planned to scrap, and the president indicated his support for the plan. | Video

Crews push to contain California fires, search for bodies

SANTA ROSA, Calif. Crews fought their way across rugged, steep terrain on Tuesday in a push to gain full control of the deadliest wildfires in California history, as search-and-rescue teams picked through an ashy moonscape of destroyed homes looking for victims.

Las Vegas gunman's estate could offer rare redress for victims

NEW YORK Victims of mass shootings in the United States often win little or no damages from perpetrators but the Las Vegas massacre may be different because the shooter is thought to have been a wealthy man, lawyers said.

Oct 17 2017

Kentucky city removes two Confederate statues

Statues of two leaders of the Confederacy will be moved from public places in Lexington, Kentucky, to a cemetery where the men they represent are buried, an action that began quietly on Tuesday in the midst of a national debate about memorials to those who fought for the South in the U.S. Civil War.

12:45am EDT

CIA says mistakenly 'shredded' Senate torture report then did not

WASHINGTON The Central Intelligence Agency thought for months that it had mistakenly shredded a massive U.S. Senate report on its use of waterboarding and other "enhanced interrogation techniques" before suddenly discovering that its copy had not been lost after all, an agency official said on Tuesday.

Politics, Election 2016 Oct 17 2017

White man charged with hate crime in black Army officer's murder in Maryland

A white man was indicted on a hate crime charge on Tuesday in the stabbing death of a newly commissioned black U.S. Army officer on the University of Maryland campus in May, a county prosecutor said.

Oct 17 2017

Chicago Aviation Dept fires two officers involved in dragging man off flight

CHICAGO The Chicago Department of Aviation has fired two security officers for their roles in the forcible removal of a passenger on a United Airlines flight in April, an incident that provoked international outrage.

Oct 17 2017

U.S. safety board criticizes FAA, pilot on deadly U.S. balloon crash

WASHINGTON The National Transportation Safety board on Tuesday faulted U.S. aviation regulators and the pilot in the July 2016 Texas balloon crash that killed 16 people, the deadliest U.S. aviation accident in more than seven years.

Oct 17 2017

New York police round up wandering cow in Brooklyn park

NEW YORK New York City police wrangled a cow on the loose in a Brooklyn park on Tuesday after the animal became a spectacle for tourists and New Yorkers alike when it was spotted roaming the streets and enjoying the park facilities.

Oddly Enough Oct 17 2017

Louisiana prosecutor creates 'culture of fear' for witnesses: lawsuit

New Orleans prosecutors used forged subpoenas, false evidence and the threat of jail to create "a culture of fear" to compel crime victims and witnesses to cooperate with investigators, according to a lawsuit filed on Tuesday.

Oct 17 2017

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