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Arizona killer was given two doses of drugs in drawn-out execution


PHOENIX - Arizona executioners had to administer at least two full doses of a two-drug lethal injection cocktail to a convicted killer before he finally succumbed nearly two hours after his execution began, the state's assistant attorney general said on Thursday. | Video

California attorney general asks lawyers to help immigrant children

SACRAMENTO Calif. - California's attorney general has personally asked several major law firms to provide pro bono services to unaccompanied immigrant children flooding the U.S. border with Mexico, a signal that California views the growing crisis as a humanitarian issue.

Natural Disasters 24 Jul 2014

Colorado appeals court denies bid to block gay marriages in Boulder County

DENVER - A Colorado appeals court on Thursday denied a motion by the state's top lawyer seeking to block a county clerk from issuing same-sex marriage licenses until the long-running legal battle is resolved by higher courts.

Subjects, Gay Marriage 1:55am EDT

Federal inspector to examine Alaska tour train derailment site

JUNEAU Alaska - A federal inspector has been sent to examine the Alaska site where a tourism train derailed this week, leaving 19 people with minor injuries, a U.S. Transportation Department spokesman said on Thursday.

1:53am EDT

Groundwater levels drop in Southwestern U.S. in ongoing drought

- Underground stores of water in the southwestern United States have receded dramatically amid ongoing drought that has parched states from Oklahoma to the Pacific Coast and is costing California billions in lost crops and jobs, a new study shows.

Environment 2:22am EDT

Navajo president calls slayings of two Native men a hate crime

ALBUQUERQUE N.M. - The president of the Navajo Nation condemned the beating deaths of two Native American homeless men in New Mexico as a hate crime, and called on Thursday for a federal investigation into slayings that police have blamed on three teenagers.

24 Jul 2014

Milwaukee barber sentenced for role in Stradivarius violin theft

MILWAUKEE - A Milwaukee barber received a 3-1/2-year prison sentence on Thursday for supplying a stun gun used in the theft of a 300-year-old Stradivarius violin from a concert violinist.

Oddly Enough, 24 Jul 2014

Sanity exam of accused Colorado theater gunman can be filmed: judge

DENVER - A second psychiatric examination of accused Colorado theater gunman James Holmes, who says he was insane when he shot dead 12 moviegoers two years ago, can be recorded on video, a judge overseeing the case ruled on Thursday.

24 Jul 2014

One dead, one wounded by gunman at Pennsylvania hospital

- A gunman opened fire inside a Pennsylvania psychiatric facility on Thursday, killing a woman and wounding a doctor who apparently shot back and critically wounded his attacker, authorities said.

24 Jul 2014

Senior U.S. lawmaker: Myanmar must reform before more sanctions easing

WASHINGTON - Jade and rubies from Myanmar will remain banned from the United States unless the Asian nation moves to end a provision in its constitution that bars opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi from running for president, a senior U.S. senator said on Thursday.

Politics, Myanmar 24 Jul 2014

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