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U.S., Cuba to restore ties after 50 years of hostility


HAVANA/WASHINGTON - The United States will restore diplomatic relations it severed with Cuba more than 50 years ago, a major policy shift ending decades of hostile ties with the communist-ruled island, President Barack Obama said on Wednesday. | Video

Florida's Cuban Americans rejoice at U.S. policy overhaul

MIAMI - Some Cuban exiles rejoiced at the prospect of easier access to their relatives. Some swelled with guarded optimism over the prospect of thawing relations between the United States and the communist island. And some were simply "ecstatic."

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Ohio police use pepper spray on crowd lined up for Air Jordans

TOLEDO, Ohio - Police used pepper spray on Wednesday to disperse an unruly crowd of about 300 people lined up at a Toledo, Ohio, mall for an opportunity to buy Air Jordan sneakers.

2:18pm EST

Texas woman convicted of killing child freed from prison on bond

SAN ANTONIO - A Texas woman convicted of killing her 4-year-old foster child by force-feeding him an overdose of salt has been released on bail after an appeals court said there were sufficient questions in her original prosecution to warrant a new trial.

2:32pm EST

Texas ex-justice of the peace sentenced to death for revenge murder

DALLAS - A Texas jury on Wednesday sentenced to death a former justice of the peace convicted of murdering a suburban Dallas prosecutor's wife in a revenge plot, with the judge saying he acted like some of the most notorious killers in recent U.S. history.

12:04pm EST

Chicago area landlord gets life in prison for deadly arson fire

CHICAGO - A suburban Chicago landlord has been sentenced to life in prison for setting a fire that killed seven people, including four children, in a scheme to cash in on property insurance, prosecutors said on Wednesday.

2:57pm EST

Two-thirds of Americans back higher military spending: poll

WASHINGTON - More than two thirds of U.S. voters back increased military spending given growing threats to America's security, and would be more likely to support candidates who agree, the Aerospace Industries Association trade group said Wednesday.

2:03pm EST

U.S. top court blocks Arizona from denying driver's licenses to immigrants

WASHINGTON - The U.S. Supreme Court on Wednesday blocked the state of Arizona from enforcing a policy that denies driver's licenses to young immigrants granted legal status by President Barack Obama in 2012.

1:22pm EST

South Carolina judge tosses conviction of black teen executed in 1944

CHARLESTON, S.C. - A South Carolina judge on Wednesday vacated the conviction of a black teenager executed in 1944 for the murder of two white girls, saying he had not received a fair trial.

1:34pm EST

U.S. charges two pharmacists with 25 murders in meningitis outbreak

BOSTON - Two pharmacists from Massachusetts were charged with second-degree murder in connection with a deadly 2012 meningitis outbreak that killed at least 64 people and injured about 750, according to an indictment made public on Wednesday.

1:17pm EST

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