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U.S. attorney general visits Missouri town for meetings on fatal shooting


FERGUSON Mo. - U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder met with community members in Ferguson, Missouri, on Wednesday and vowed a thorough civil rights probe into the fatal police shooting of an unarmed black teenager that has set off 11 nights of racially charged unrest.

Obama condemns killing of reporter, U.S. hits militants in Iraq

BAGHDAD/EDGARTOWN Mass. - U.S. President Barack Obama expressed revulsion on Wednesday at the beheading of an American journalist by Islamist militants and vowed the United States would do what it must to protect its citizens as international condemnation of the insurgents grew. | Video

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NYC mayor turns to clergy to heal rift over police choke hold

NEW YORK - New York Mayor Bill de Blasio turned to the city's religious leaders on Wednesday to help heal relations between minority communities after a black man on Staten Island died last month after police put him in a choke hold.

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Boston bomb suspect's friend to plead guilty to obstruction: lawyer

BOSTON - A friend of suspected Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, accused of removing evidence from Tsarnaev's dormitory room, has agreed to plead guilty to charges of obstructing the investigation into the blasts, his attorney said on Wednesday.

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Supreme Court puts hold on gay marriage in Virginia

WASHINGTON - The U.S. Supreme Court stopped gay marriage in Virginia from going ahead on Wednesday, staying an appeals court ruling that had struck down a state ban.

SeaWorld drops appeal in safety ruling over dead orca trainer

ORLANDO Fla. - SeaWorld Entertainment has ended its appeal of a federal safety agency's citation in connection with the 2010 death of one of its killer whale trainers, the company has told investors.

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Maryland trooper suspended after accused of being naked in bar

- A Maryland State Police trooper has been put on administrative suspension after sheriff's deputies responded to a call reporting a naked man drinking at a bar in a barbecue restaurant, authorities said on Wednesday.

6:08pm EDT

Alabama federal judge charged with wife-beating to seek treatment

- An Alabama federal district court judge charged with beating his wife has sought counseling and plans to enter a residential treatment program in the coming days, his attorney said Wednesday.

6:33pm EDT

U.S. Ex-Im Bank backers pin hopes on temporary reauthorization

WASHINGTON - Business backers of the U.S. Export-Import Bank said on Wednesday they hope the institution's charter will be extended temporarily while Congress hashes out a longer-term reauthorization of the bank, which some lawmakers are bent on closing.

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Police interest in wearable cameras spikes after Ferguson shooting

- Digital Ally Inc has been busy fielding a rush of enquiries from U.S. police departments this past week about its wearable cameras, following the fatal police shooting of an unarmed black teenager that triggered large-scale rioting.

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