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U.S. House panel sets witness list for CDC anthrax hearing


WASHINGTON - A U.S. congressional committee said on Sunday that it will hear from half a dozen witnesses this week about dangerous lapses at federal health facilities, including one that led to the potential exposure of 84 people to live anthrax.

Several injured after Philadelphia bus flips on side in crash

- Five people were injured in Philadelphia on Sunday when a car collided with a transit bus and flipped it on its side, according to transit officials and media reports.

7:12pm EDT

'Excessive' rubbing of engine blades caused F-35 failure: Pentagon

LONDON - The engine failure that has grounded the entire fleet of Lockheed Martin Corp F-35 fighter jets was caused by "excessive" rubbing of fan blades in the plane's Pratt & Whitney engine, but does not appear to be a fundamental design flaw, the Pentagon's chief weapons buyer said on Sunday.

Indiana Greyhound bus crash kills one, injures 19

- One person was killed and 19 were injured when a man driving what was likely a stolen Ford Mustang went the wrong way on an Indiana highway and slammed into a Greyhound bus on Sunday, the Wayne County sheriff's office said.

5:42pm EDT

Former U.S. congressman Ken Gray of Illinois dies at 89

- Former U.S. Representative Ken Gray of Illinois, once known as the "Prince of Pork" for his ability to win federal support for his district, has died at age 89.

Politics, People 4:27pm EDT

Son charged with stabbing death of mother in Indiana hospital: media

- The son of an 80-year-old woman who was stabbed to death at a northwest Indiana hospital last week has been charged with her murder, news media reported on Sunday.

3:47pm EDT

Pot farmer charged with starting California wildfire

NEW YORK - A 37-year-old man accused of starting a raging wildfire in Northern California while tending to his marijuana farm was arrested and in custody, fire officials said on Sunday.

2:07pm EDT

Debut summer 'supermoon' hangs in the summer sky

NEW YORK - A "supermoon" rose above cities from Los Angeles to London on Saturday night, the first of three times this year the full moon will orbit nearer the earth and appear unusually large and bright.

Science 11:32am EDT

State governments can help U.S. speed up drone use

NEW YORK - U.S. state governments should help break a regulatory logjam that currently bans aerial drones from delivering packages, filming movies and monitoring crops and pipelines, officials from a state with extensive drone experience said on Sunday.

11:46am EDT

Amateur explorers claim to find lost Army fort in Florida Everglades

MIAMI - A team of amateur explorers say they found the site of a lost U.S. Army fort buried deep in the Everglades that once served as a restocking post for troops during a series of guerilla-like battles with Seminole Indians.

7:06am EDT

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