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U.S. authorities investigate suspected threat against Obama: reports


- Authorities in Connecticut on Friday were investigating a possible threat against President Barack Obama, local media reported.

U.S. judge halts major part of Texas law restricting abortions

AUSTIN Texas - A U.S. judge struck down parts of a law restricting abortions in Texas, saying in a decision on Friday that a provision requiring clinics to have certain hospital-like settings for surgeries was unconstitutional.

7:57pm EDT

California bill would remove guns from potential offenders

- A bill allowing family members to ask a judge to order firearms removed from people likely to commit gun violence was sent to California Governor Jerry Brown on Friday for signing into law.

10:03pm EDT

Family of instructor killed at Arizona gun range does not blame girl

- The ex-wife and children of an Arizona gun range instructor shot and killed by a 9-year-old girl using an Uzi submachine gun do not blame the child and plan on reaching out to her family, according to a TV interview broadcast on Friday.

3:15pm EDT

Cuban migrants head back to sea as relatives pray in the U.S.

GEORGE TOWN Cayman Islands - Sixteen Cuban migrants who sought refuge in Grand Cayman have resumed their voyage in a small, homemade aluminum boat after local officials turned them away, citing a migration agreement with Cuba.

World, Cuba, 9:26pm EDT

U.S. says no precise threat to homeland from Islamic State

WASHINGTON - The United States is not aware of any specific threat to the U.S. homeland from Islamic State militants, the Department of Homeland Security said on Friday after Britain raised its international terrorism threat level.

2:00pm EDT

Police officer resigns, another is fired after Ferguson incidents

- A police officer has resigned after pointing a rifle at protesters during racially charged demonstrations in Ferguson, Missouri, and another has been fired for inappropriate social media posts stemming from the two weeks of civil unrest, officials said on Friday.

4:55pm EDT

Pratt halted F-35 engine shipments in May over titanium

- United Technologies Corp's Pratt & Whitney unit briefly suspended delivery of the engine for the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter jet in May because of questions about titanium provided to a parts supplier.

6:12pm EDT

California passes 'yes-means-yes' campus sexual assault bill

- Californian lawmakers passed a law on Thursday requiring universities to adopt "affirmative consent" language in their definitions of consensual sex, part of a nationwide drive to curb sexual assault on U.S. campuses.

5:25am EDT

Two California cities to give up military vehicles, amid local unease

LOS ANGELES - Two Northern California cities have made plans to rid themselves of armored vehicles built to withstand roadside bombs that their police got for free from the U.S. Defense Department, in a move that follows criticism of the police handling of protests in Missouri as too militarized.

9:05pm EDT

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