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Israel presses Gaza offensive, kills eight in air strike: officials

GAZA/JERUSALEM - Israeli air strikes killed eight members of a family including five children in a pre-dawn raid on Gaza on Thursday, Palestinian officials said, while Hamas-led fighters launched rockets at Tel Aviv and other Israeli cities. | Video

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China agrees to reduce FX intervention 'as conditions permit'

BEIJING - U.S. and Chinese leaders have agreed that China will reduce its intervention in the currency market when conditions are ripe, reaching an understanding on a prickly issue that has hurt ties between the world's two biggest economies for years.

China 6:23am EDT

Kerry faces uphill battle to defuse Afghan election standoff

KABUL - U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry will arrive to a skeptical audience in Afghanistan this week to try to resolve a deepening crisis over a disputed presidential election which has stirred ethnic tensions in the fragile country.

Afghanistan 4:34am EDT

China's top prosecutor orders more transparency in corruption cases

BEIJING - China's top prosecutor has ordered greater transparency in publicising corruption cases involving senior officials, state media reported, as the government steps up efforts to win the public's confidence in its battle on pervasive graft.

China 6:42am EDT

Taliban kill six de-miners in western Afghanistan

KABUL - The Taliban shot and killed six people working for a demining company in western Afghanistan, police said on Thursday, a day after the United Nations said the number of civilian casualties in the country jumped by a quarter in the first half of 2014.

Seized nuclear material in Iraq 'low grade': IAEA

VIENNA - The U.N. atomic agency said on Thursday it believed nuclear material Iraq said had been seized by insurgents was "low grade" and did not pose a significant security risk.

United Nations, Iraq 6:02am EDT

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