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Moscow defies Kiev, orders aid convoy onto Ukrainian soil

DONETSK-IZVARINO BORDER CROSSING Russia - Russia ordered a convoy of aid trucks across the border into eastern Ukraine on Friday apparently without Kiev's permission, raising the danger of direct confrontation with the Ukrainian military which is fighting pro-Russian rebels.

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Malaysia mourns as bodies of MH17 victims finally come home

KUALA LUMPUR - People across Malaysia held a minute's silence and wore black on Friday as the Southeast Asian country observed a day of mourning to mark the return of the first 20 bodies among its citizens killed when a jetliner was downed last month.

Some South Korean ferry mourners tire of the politics of closure

ANSAN South Korea - A man whose 17-year-old child was killed in the April sinking of a South Korean ferry, the country's worst maritime accident in decades, said he is ready to move on, tired of the political wrangling and mud-slinging four months after disaster struck.

South Korea 5:06am EDT

Indians keep their faith with Modi, best hope for economy: poll

NEW DELHI - More than 70 percent of Indians are satisfied with the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi since he took office nearly three months ago, an opinion poll showed, seeing in him the best hope to put the economy back on track.

5:38am EDT

South Sudan rebels accept presence of Ugandan troops to keep peace

KAMPALA - South Sudan rebels have agreed to let Uganda maintain its forces on South Sudanese soil until a regional body deploys a peace keeping force, a spokesman for the Ugandan government told Reuters on Friday.

Africa, United Nations 3:09am EDT

Indonesia's president-elect eyes swift fuel hike to boost budget

JAKARTA - President-elect Joko Widodo will sit down with Indonesia's outgoing leader next week in the hope of reaching an agreement to raise fuel prices before the handover in October, a move that would help ease budget-sapping subsidy costs.

Indonesia 4:07am EDT

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