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Nine Ukrainian soldiers killed in 'tense' eastern conflict: Kiev military

KIEV - Nine Ukrainian servicemen have been killed in fighting Russian-backed separatists in the past 24 hours, the Kiev military said on Tuesday, as rebels fought to encircle a key town straddling transport routes between their two strongholds.

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At least three dead after gunmen attack luxury hotel in Libya capital: official

TRIPOLI - Gunmen attacked a hotel in Tripoli on Tuesday where government representatives and foreign delegations often stay, killing three security guards and probably taking hostages, officials said.

Libya 6:58am EST

Japan vows to work with Jordan to secure hostage release

TOKYO - Japan has vowed to work with Jordan to secure the release of a Japanese journalist held by Islamic State militants after the killing last week of another Japanese captive, but it reiterated that it would not give in to terrorism.

Japan, Jordan 7:18am EST

Anti-austerity economist says to become Greek finance minister

ATHENS - Economics professor Yanis Varoufakis confirmed he would become Greece's next finance minister on Tuesday, promising to defy advice to "put up or shut up" and find solutions that favour all Europeans rather than just Greeks.

Greece 6:43am EST

Exclusive: AirAsia probe vets possible computer glitch, crew response

SINGAPORE/PARIS - Investigators probing the crash of an AirAsia jetliner are examining maintenance records of a key part of its automated control systems, and how the pilots may have handled the plane if it failed, two people familiar with the matter said.

4:57am EST

EU leaders likely to decide on new Russia sanctions

BRUSSELS - European Union leaders asked their foreign ministers on Tuesday to consider possible new sanctions on Russia in response to a rebel offensive in eastern Ukraine, but a final decision to impose them is likely to be left to a summit next month.

Russia 5:44am EST

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