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Exclusive: Trump says 'major, major' conflict with North Korea possible, but seeks diplomacy

WASHINGTON U.S. President Donald Trump said on Thursday a major conflict with North Korea is possible in the standoff over its nuclear and missile programs, but he would prefer a diplomatic outcome to the dispute. | Video

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Trump's demand Seoul pay for THAAD will test ties as Moon presidency looms

SEOUL U.S. President Donald Trump's suggestion that South Korea could pay for an advanced U.S. missile defense system could test the strength of the alliance between Seoul and Washington at a time of rising tensions with North Korea, analysts said on Friday.

Pope Francis arrives in Cairo seeking to mend ties with Islam

CAIRO Pope Francis arrives in Cairo on Friday hoping to mend ties with Islamic religious leaders just as Egypt's ancient Christian community faces unprecedented pressure from Islamic State militants who have threatened to wipe it out.

Egypt, Pope 4:56am EDT

Malaysia PM warns inequality fuelling extremism; ASEAN urges calm over North Korea

MANILA Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak warned on Friday that Southeast Asian countries needed to ensure their economic growth was inclusive, or risk marginalized people turning to violent extremism or even overturning political systems.

China, North Korea 5:06am EDT

Holocaust controversy back to haunt Le Pen's election campaign

PARIS Controversy over her party's record on the fate of Jews in World War Two returned to haunt French National Front presidential candidate Marine Le Pen on Friday as the man due to replace her temporarily as party leader suddenly stood aside.

4:19am EDT

UK Conservatives resurge as Scots shun new referendum on independence: poll

EDINBURGH Nearly half of Scottish voters do not want another referendum on independence and the issue appears to be driving up support for the Conservatives ahead of a June election, according to a YouGov poll published in The Times newspaper on Friday.

4:37am EDT

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