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Russia raises specter of interminable or 'world war' if Syria talks fail

MUNICH Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev raised the specter of an interminable or a world war if powers failed to negotiate an end to the conflict in Syria and warned against any ground operations by U.S. and Arab forces.

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No plans at this time for joint U.S.-India navy patrols: State Dept.

WASHINGTON There are currently no plans for joint naval patrols by the United States and India, the U.S. State Department said on Thursday.

5:39pm EST

Taiwan city looks at developer's other buildings after quake collapse

TAINAN, Taiwan When an earthquake struck the Taiwanese city of Tainan in the early hours of Saturday morning, Wu Hsiu-chi's unit in the seven-storey Wei-guan Dragon Door World Family Building shook hard, but survived with little damage.

Natural Disasters 6:10pm EST

Drug cartel battle kills 49 in northeastern Mexican prison

MONTERREY, Mexico A battle between the feared Zetas drug cartel and rivals at a prison left 49 people dead in the northeastern Mexican city of Monterrey, authorities said on Thursday, days ahead of a planned visit by Pope Francis to another jail in Mexico's far north. | Video

6:19pm EST

Iran's main opposition leaderless, but insists it's not a spent force

ANKARA Hope for change is dwindling but not gone among supporters of Iran's main pro-reform opposition, although its leaders remain under house arrest and pragmatist President Hassan Rouhani looks incapable of achieving the freer society he promised.

Davos 3:43pm EST

South Sudan president re-appoints rival under peace deal

JUBA South Sudan’s President Salva Kiir has re-appointed his rival Riek Machar as vice president, a decree said on Thursday, the culmination of a deal to try to end months of civil war in the world's newest nation.

Africa, United Nations 5:11pm EST

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