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Gaza death toll reaches 115; Israel to counter rockets 'with all power'

GAZA/JERUSALEM - Israel pounded Palestinian militants in the Gaza Strip on Saturday for a fifth day, killing nine people including two disabled women according to medics, and showed no sign of pausing despite international pressure to negotiate a ceasefire. | Video

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Ukraine says rebels will pay as missiles kill 23 soldiers

KIEV/DONETSK Ukraine - Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko vowed to "find and destroy" pro-Russian rebels who killed 23 servicemen and wounded nearly 100 in a missile attack on Friday. | Video

Underage fighters drawn into Iraq sectarian war

BAGHDAD - The video on his phone shows the boy firing a heavy machine gun mounted on a tripod through a hole in a crumbling building, his slender body shaking from the kickback.

Iraq 11 Jul 2014

Tribesmen bomb Yemen's oil pipeline, halt crude flows: officials

SANAA - Tribesmen bombed Yemen's main oil export pipeline on Saturday, halting crude flows, local officials said, disrupting an important source of revenue for the impoverished state.

Yemen 2:56am EDT

Magnitude 6.8 quake, small tsunami hit east Japan, no damage

TOKYO - A magnitude 6.8 earthquake hit off eastern Japan on Saturday morning, the Japan Meteorological Agency said, with minor tsunami of up to 20 cm but no reports of damage along the northeast coast that was ravaged by the catastrophic March 2011 tsunami.

Environment, Japan 11 Jul 2014

Philippines arrests Australian over ties to militant group ISIL

MANILA - The Philippines on Friday arrested an Australian national with suspected links to foreign Islamist militants after he urged Philippine Muslims on social media sites to support conflicts in Iraq and Syria, recruiting them to go to the Middle East.

Australia, Iraq 4:03am EDT

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