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Rivals show force in eastern Ukraine before talks

KRAMATORSK/SLAVIANSK, Ukraine - Ukrainian government forces and separatist pro-Russian militia staged rival shows of force in eastern Ukraine on Wednesday amid escalating rhetoric on the eve of crucial four-power talks in Geneva on the former Soviet country's future. | Video

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Iran expects next payment under nuclear deal, confirming compliance

VIENNA - Iran expects to get a fifth installment this week of previously blocked overseas funds, a senior official was quoted as saying, a payment that would confirm Iranian compliance with a landmark deal with world powers to curb its nuclear program.

Davos, China, Russia, France, Germany 6:04am EDT

Former Egypt finance minister released hours after arrest in France: source

PARIS - Former Egyptian finance minister Youssef Boutros Ghali was released following his arrest in Paris on an international warrant over corruption charges from his time in Hosni Mubarak's government, a judicial source said on Wednesday.

Egypt 5:22am EDT

Australian premier's resignation a sign of less, not more, corruption

SYDNEY - There are few countries where it is considered a good thing when a powerful state premier resigns for misleading a corruption investigation. Australia, however, is apparently just such a place.

Australia, Tony Abbott 4:09am EDT

Rebel videos show first U.S.-made rockets in Syria

LONDON - Online videos show Syrian rebels using what appear to be U.S. anti-tank rockets, weapons experts say, the first significant American-built armaments in the country's civil war.

Syria 15 Apr 2014

Exclusive: U.N. should halt arms shipments via Ivory Coast after China breach - panel

ABIDJAN - United Nations experts have called for the world body to stop allowing arms for its Mali peacekeepers to be shipped through Ivory Coast after they said a load of military hardware sent by China violated the country's arms embargo.

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