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Italy says 3,700 boat migrants rescued, operations ongoing

ROME - Nearly 3,700 migrants were rescued from boats near the coast of Libya on Saturday and early Sunday and more rescue operations were expected during the day as people smugglers took advantage of calm seas, Italy's coast guard said.

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Saudi-led alliance hits airbase in Yemen's Sanaa: residents

ADEN/CAIRO - Warplanes from a Saudi-led coalition struck Sanaa's al Dulaimi military airbase overnight, residents of the Houthi-controlled Yemeni capital said on Sunday.

United Nations, Yemen 7:17am EDT

French patrol ship rescues 217 migrants off Libya coast

PARIS - A French patrol ship rescued 217 migrants from three small boats that had run into trouble off the coast of Libya on Saturday, the maritime police said in a statement.

Libya 6:03am EDT

Hundreds of rescued Nigerian women and children arrive at refugee camp

YOLA, Nigeria - Hundreds of traumatized Nigerian women and children rescued from Boko Haram Islamists have been released into the care of authorities at a refugee camp in the eastern town of Yola, an army spokesman said. | Video

Africa 7:07am EDT

Gunmen kidnap seven Pakistani police in Punjab attack

LAHORE/PESHAWAR, Pakistan - Dozens of gunmen from criminal gangs kidnapped seven Pakistani police from a checkpoint in the normally peaceful province of Punjab on Sunday, officials said.

6:58am EDT

In battle for Britain's top job, Labour's 'Red Ed' sharpens his image

LONDON - If Ed Miliband is to win power, he must pull off one of the most striking metamorphoses of recent British elections: convince millions of voters that "Red Ed", a self-confessed socialist geek, can be trusted to lead the world's fifth largest economy.

6:10am EDT

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