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Fifteen Islamic State targets hit by U.S., allies since Wednesday: U.S.

WASHINGTON - The U.S. military and its allies hit Islamic State forces with 15 air strikes in Iraq and Syria during a three-day period, the U.S. Central Command said on Friday.

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Putin to push trade in Turkey despite disagreement on Syria

ANKARA/MOSCOW - Russian President Vladimir Putin's visit to Turkey on Monday will have trade and energy issues at its heart, but is not expected to bridge deep differences over Syria and Crimea.

Spain's poll-topping Podemos tones down radical plans in manifesto

MADRID - Spain's newest political party Podemos, riding high in opinion polls just 10 months after its launch, released an economic manifesto on Friday that rowed back on earlier pledges to cut the retirement age and default on the national debt.

Spain 12:00pm EST

U.N. watchdog urges Venezuela to investigate torture allegations

CARACAS - The United Nations' torture watchdog on Friday expressed "alarm" at reports of torture and abuse by Venezuelan authorities during months of opposition protests this year and urged the country to fully investigate the incidents.

Cameron tells EU: let us curb migrant welfare, or risk UK leaving

ROCESTER/LONDON - Prime Minister David Cameron could campaign for Britain to leave the European Union if it stops him restricting EU migrants' access to his country's welfare system, he hinted on Friday, but said he was confident it wouldn't come to that. | Video

12:55pm EST

Dutch lawmakers demand explanation from Turkey over race spat

AMSTERDAM - Opposition lawmakers on Friday demanded that the Dutch government seek clarification from Turkey after Ankara appeared to accuse the Netherlands of racism and Islamophobia against its ethnic Turkish population.

Turkey 12:56pm EST

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