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United Kingdom votes in most unpredictable election in decades

LONDON - British voters get to decide on Thursday who they want to rule the world's fifth-largest economy in a tight election that could yield weak government, propel the United Kingdom towards a vote on EU membership and stoke Scottish desire for secession. | Video

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China military says some not taking graft fight seriously

BEIJING - There are some in China's armed forces, the largest in the world, who are not taking the fight against corruption seriously, brushing problems under the carpet and not daring to go after senior officers, its official paper said on Thursday.

China 06 May 2015

Chile president to reshuffle entire cabinet as popularity falls

SANTIAGO - Chile President Michelle Bachelet said she will reshuffle her entire cabinet in the next few days, a surprise announcement that indicates the depth of her concern about a collapse in her popularity.

06 May 2015

Netanyahu clinches deal to form new Israeli government

JERUSALEM - Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu clinched a deal to form a new government on Wednesday just before a deadline expired, but his coalition will rule by the slimmest of majorities in Israel's turbulent parliament. | Video

Israel 06 May 2015

King's changes make Saudi policy less predictable

RIYADH - Changes in Saudi Arabia's leadership have concentrated power in an inner circle of the Al Saud dynasty, removing constraints on the monarch and making the conservative kingdom's strategic positions less predictable.

Saudi Arabia 06 May 2015

Rome airport closed after fire terminal fire, no serious injuries

ROME - Rome's main airport was closed on Thursday after a fire broke out in a baggage storage area but there were no serious injuries, officials said.

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