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Italy says 10 migrants die, 5,800 rescued in ongoing mission

ROME - Nearly 5,800 migrants were plucked from boats off the coast of Libya and 10 bodies were recovered in less than 48 hours, Italy's coast guard said, in one of the biggest rescue operations this year. | Video

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Indonesian regency separates sexes in schools, next up motorbikes

BANDA ACEH, Indonesia - An Indonesian regency has passed legislation requiring schools to teach boys and girls separately and hopes to follow that up with a ban prohibiting the two sexes from riding motorcycles together.

Indonesia 3:31am EDT

Philippines says Islamist militant was killed by followers

MANILA - The Philippines' most wanted Islamist militant, whose death at the weekend could boost peace efforts in the country's south, was killed by his own bodyguards in pursuit of a bounty offered by the United States, the head of the military said on Monday.

1:03am EDT

Heavy clashes in Aden airport, alliance accused of cluster bomb use

ADEN - Local fighters battling the rebel Houthi militia in Yemen's port of Aden stormed areas around the airport on Sunday in an operation supervised by the Saudi-led coalition, which also provided air support, the group's spokesman said.

United Nations, Yemen 03 May 2015

About 100 bodies found in Nepal trekking village

KATHMANDU - Nepali police and local volunteers found the bodies of about 100 trekkers and villagers buried in an avalanche set off by last month's devastating earthquake and were digging through snow and ice for signs of dozens more missing, officials said on Monday. | Video

Mounted police charge Ethiopian-Israeli anti-racism protesters

TEL AVIV - Police on horseback charged hundreds of ethnic Ethiopian citizens in central Tel Aviv on Sunday as an anti-racism protest descended into one of the most violent demonstrations in Israel's commercial capital in years. | Video

Israel, Africa 1:08am EDT

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