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U.S. challenged by rising North Korea tensions, Russia urges calm

UNITED NATIONS Russia urged "hot heads" to calm down on Friday as the United States admitted it felt "challenged" by North Korea's warning that it could test a hydrogen bomb over the Pacific and President Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un traded more insults. | Video

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Mexico quake's homeless gather in tent village, toll reaches 286

MEXICO CITY Desperate residents left homeless by Mexico's deadliest earthquake in a generation gathered in a tent village in the south of the capital on Friday, as the death toll climbed to 286 and signs of exhaustion gripped rescuers three days after the tremor. | Video

Mexico, Environment 7:59pm EDT

Despite tensions, U.S. sees value in New START treaty with Russia

WASHINGTON The United States sees value in the New START arms control treaty with Russia, despite Washington's concerns about Moscow's track record on arms control and other issues, senior U.S. officials said on Friday.

Germany's surging far-right promises to disrupt cozy parliament

MUNICH/POTSDAM, Germany More than 8,000 people -- including hecklers blowing whistles -- showed up in Munich for one of German Chancellor Angela Merkel's final speeches before Sunday's national election that is expected to sweep her into a fourth term. | Video

8:13pm EDT

Kurds press historic independence vote despite regional fears

ERBIL, Iraq Iraqi Kurds are expected to vote for independence in a referendum on Monday that neighboring countries and Western powers fear could break up the country and stir broader regional ethnic and sectarian conflict.

United Nations, Iraq 6:47pm EDT

Mexico school collapse spurs doubts over building code for quakes

MEXICO CITY The school collapse this week that killed at least 19 children during an earthquake has prompted many Mexicans to question whether building codes developed after a devastating 1985 temblor are too easily flouted.

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