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Gaza toll nears 100, Israel to counter rockets 'with all power'

GAZA/JERUSALEM - Israel said on Friday it would not bow to international pressure to end air strikes in Gaza that officials there said had killed almost 100 Palestinians, despite an offer by U.S. President Barack Obama to help negotiate a ceasefire with militants. | Video

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U.N. asks Europe to take Syrian refugees as region saturated

GENEVA - Europe must open its doors to more Syrian refugees, having welcomed only a "miniscule" number while Syria's neighbors have reached "saturation point", the U.N. refugee agency UNHCR said on Friday.

Syria 3:06pm EDT

Sri Lankan Muslim leader warns of radicalization after clashes

COLOMBO - Sri Lanka's Muslim minority could become radicalized and turn to foreign Islamic groups for support because of violent attacks on them by Buddhist hardliners, the island nation's main Muslim leader and justice minister said on Friday.

4:36pm EDT

Putin meets Fidel Castro at start of Latin American tour

HAVANA - Russian President Vladimir Putin met former Cuban leader Fidel Castro and current President Raul Castro on Friday to begin a six-day tour of Latin America in which Russia is seeking to reassert its influence on the communist-ruled island.

Russia 3:57pm EDT

Germany says expulsion of U.S. spy chief was inevitable

BERLIN - Germany's decision to ask the CIA station chief in Berlin to leave the country was an inevitable response to fresh allegations of U.S. spying on Berlin, German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier said on Friday.

Germany 2:57pm EDT

Kurds seize Iraq oilfields, ministers pull out of government

BAGHDAD/KIRKUK - Kurdish forces seized two oilfields in northern Iraq and took over operations from a state-run oil company on Friday, while Kurdish politicians formally suspended their participation in Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki's government.

Iraq, United Nations 4:20pm EDT

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