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France, Saudi Arabia: Iran nuclear deal must be verifiable, no threat to region

RIYADH - France and Saudi Arabia believe that any future nuclear accord between Iran and six major powers must be robust, verifiable and no threat to Tehran's neighbors, the two countries said ahead of a summit in Riyadh on Tuesday.

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France, Saudi seeking to seal billions of euros in deals 'quickly': Fabius

PARIS - France is in talks to agree billions of euros worth of contracts in Saudi Arabia that could be finalised "quickly", ranging from the defense sector to civil aviation, transport and energy, Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius said on Tuesday.

France, Saudi Arabia 5:27am EDT

Syrian barrel bomb attacks are 'crimes against humanity': Amnesty

LONDON (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Syrian government forces are targeting civilians in barrel bomb attacks in Aleppo that have forced hospitals and schools to move underground, Amnesty International said on Tuesday, describing the bombings as "crimes against humanity".

Syria 8:35am EDT

Bad weather disrupts links with avalanche-hit Nepal village

KATHMANDU - Bad weather has cut links with a remote village in Nepal where dozens of villagers and trekkers are believed to be buried under an avalanche set off by last month's devastating earthquake, officials said on Tuesday. | Video

U.S. Secretary of State makes surprise visit to Somali capital

MOGADISHU - John Kerry made an unannounced visit to Somalia on Tuesday, the first U.S. Secretary of State to visit the Horn of Africa nation that is struggling to rebuild after two decades of war and battling an Islamist insurgency by al Shabaab militants.

Africa 7:59am EDT

India to sign port deal with Iran, ignoring U.S. warning against haste

NEW DELHI - India will push ahead this week with plans to build a port in southeast Iran, two sources said, with Prime Minister Narendra Modi keen to develop trade ties with Central Asia and prepared to fend off U.S. pressure not to rush into any deals with Iran.

6:52am EDT

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