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Iran, powers explore nuclear compromises, Israel alarmed

LAUSANNE, Switzerland - Iran and six world powers tried to break an impasse in nuclear negotiations on Sunday, but officials cautioned that attempts to reach a preliminary deal by a deadline in two days could yet fall apart.

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Enemy fire, booby-traps delay Iraqi forces' advance in Tikrit

BAGHDAD - Iraqi security forces battled Islamic State militants in central Tikrit on Sunday as the United States and its allies provided aerial support and local officials warned that the battle to retake the Sunni Muslim city would not be quick.

Iraq 12:46pm EDT

Singapore stands still as nation bids farewell to founding father Lee

SINGAPORE - Grieving Singaporeans were joined by world leaders on Sunday to pay their final respects to the country's first prime minister, Lee Kuan Yew, as the nation came to a near-halt to honor its "founding father". | Video

10:29am EDT

Afghan MP survives targeted suicide attack in Kabul that kills three others

KABUL - An Afghan member of parliament survived a targeted suicide attack in Kabul on Sunday but three people including a child were killed and eight others injured, police and government sources said.

Afghanistan 12:46pm EDT

Turkey detains five Dutch people seeking to enter Syria

ISTANBUL - Turkish security forces have detained five Dutch citizens who were trying to cross the border illegally from Turkey into Syria, the Turkish military said in a statement on Sunday.

12:35pm EDT

Tanzania president warns of rising religious tensions before referendum

DAR ES SALAAM - Tanzania's president said tensions between Muslims and Christians were rising ahead of a constitutional referendum and elections and warned religious leaders against political meddling, saying this could stoke violence.

11:14am EDT

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