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North Korean rocket puts object into space, angers neighbors, U.S.

SEOUL North Korea launched a long-range rocket on Sunday carrying what it called a satellite, but its neighbors and the United States denounced the launch as a missile test, conducted in defiance of U.N. sanctions and just weeks after a nuclear bomb test. | Video

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Malaysia's new Twitter police target critics of PM Najib

KUALA LUMPUR Digitally savvy Malaysian police have been taking to social media to issue warnings to critics of scandal-hit Prime Minister Najib Razak in an unusual online campaign that critics say is unlikely to work.

1:22am EST

In Aleppo, underground schools face bombardments and burnout

LONDON At the unofficial schools run by Syrian activist group Kesh Malek in opposition-held districts of Aleppo, the children don't go outside to play during breaks in case a barrel bomb should drop from the sky.

Syria 7:51am EST

Spain arrests seven with suspected Islamist militant links

MADRID Spanish police arrested seven people with suspected links to Islamist militant groups on Sunday in a dawn raid in the Mediterranean regions of Alicante and Valencia and in Spain's north African enclave Ceuta, the Interior Ministry said.

Africa 8:46am EST

Burundi grenade attacks kill four, including a child

NAIROBI Four people were killed in Burundi on Saturday night, including a child selling boiled eggs at a bar, when three grenades hit the capital Bujumbura, residents said.

Africa 8:46am EST

Majority of Spaniards would prefer centre-left coalition: poll

MADRID A majority of Spaniards favor a coalition government led by the Socialist party PSOE and market-friendly newcomer Ciudadanos, according to a poll published by El Pais newspaper on Sunday as Spain's political deadlock continues.

Spain 7:18am EST

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