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Tsipras moves to form anti-austerity Greek government after crushing victory

ATHENS - Greek leftwing leader Alexis Tsipras will move on Monday to build a stable government that can take on international lenders and reverse years of painful austerity following a crushing election victory by his Syriza party. | Video

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China hospital staff demand better security after deadly brawl

BEIJING - Hospital staff have demonstrated in China to demand better protection after a doctor and a patient were killed in a fight, media reported on Monday, the latest incident to highlight problems in a system often overwhelmed with patients.

China 2:32am EST

Sales of surveillance cameras surge in South Korea after daycare abuse case

SEOUL - Sales of surveillance cameras are surging in South Korea after a daycare center worker was caught on camera earlier this month knocking a toddler to the floor, spurring calls for closer monitoring of schools and child care facilities.

South Korea 12:21am EST

Afghan air force ascent slow, imperiling battle with Taliban

KABUL - Afghanistan's armed forces are so short of combat-ready aircraft that, late last year, they began fitting machine guns and rockets to Russian-made Mi-17 transport helicopters, dubbed "flying tractors", to bolster their air power. | Video

Australia knights Prince Philip, sparking national outrage

PERTH - Conservative Prime Minister Tony Abbott has awarded Australia's highest honor to Prince Philip, husband of Queen Elizabeth, sparking a barrage of criticism across the country on its national day of celebration.

Tony Abbott, Australia 25 Jan 2015

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