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France pursues terrorism charge against beheading suspect

PARIS - A man who beheaded his boss, pinned the head on a fence and tried to blow up an industrial gas plant will be investigated on terrorism charges, France's chief public prosecutor said on Tuesday, dismissing the suspect's claim that his act was not motivated by connections with Islamist militants.

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Tunisia sees Libya link to beach resort attacker: source

TUNIS - The Tunisian gunman who attacked a resort hotel on Friday killing 39 people, mostly British holiday-makers, likely spent time in a training camp in Libya and had been in contact with militants over the border, a security source said on Tuesday.

Tunisia, Libya 7:58am EDT

Myanmar students in peaceful march to protest political role of military

YANGON - Students in Myanmar led a peaceful march of between 50 and 200 protesters on Tuesday, urging Myanmar’s military to remove itself from politics, days after lawmakers voted down a measure to scrap the military's effective legislative veto.

Myanmar 8:24am EDT

WestJet flight diverted after threat, cleared of passengers

- A WestJet Airlines flight bound for Toronto was diverted Monday evening to Winnipeg and evacuated after an unspecified threat and six passengers were injured when leaving the plane, the airline said on its official Twitter account.

8:26am EDT

At least 17 injured in attack on NATO troops in Kabul

KABUL - At least 17 people were wounded in a suicide bomb attack on NATO troops as their truck convoy passed down the main road running between Kabul's airport and the U.S. embassy, police and health ministry officials said. | Video

7:19am EDT

Denmark to impose controls on border, risking EU ire

COPENHAGEN - Denmark will impose controls on its border to stop smugglers and illegal migrants, its new foreign minister said on Tuesday, in a move likely to worry the European Union but please a right-wing party on whose support the government now depends.

8:17am EDT

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