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Obama warns of dangers to Israel if Iran deal blocked

JERUSALEM - President Barack Obama told U.S. Jewish leaders it was likely rockets would fall on Tel Aviv if a nuclear deal with Iran was blocked and military action ensued, one of them said on Wednesday.

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Russia's Lavrov criticizes Obama over missile shield plans

MOSCOW - Russia's foreign minister said on Wednesday U.S. President Barack Obama appeared not to have told the truth in 2009 comments about the need for a planned missile shield in Europe should a nuclear deal be reached with Iran.

8:19am EDT

Syrian Islamist group says had been in talks with Iran

BEIRUT - Syrian Islamist insurgent group Ahrar al-Sham said on Wednesday it had been in talks with an Iranian delegation regarding the Syrian city of Zabadani but that the discussions had been halted.

8:15am EDT

Malaysia's anti-graft unit to ask Najib to explain $671 million donation

KUALA LUMPUR - Malaysia's anti-graft unit said in a statement on Wednesday it would ask Prime Minister Najib Razak to explain a 2.6 billion ringgit ($671 million) donation that was deposited into his private bank account.

8:10am EDT

Australia says initial MH370 debris drift models gave wrong clues

SYDNEY - Initial models of where potential debris from a missing Malaysia Airlines passenger jet might first wash up had incorrectly identified Indonesia as the most likely location, the Australian body leading the search said on Wednesday.

Don't treat divorced Catholics as outcasts, Pope tells priests

VATICAN CITY - Pope Francis told priests on Wednesday to be more merciful to Catholics who have divorced and remarried outside the Church, saying they should not be treated as if they had been excommunicated.

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