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U.S. lawmakers reach deal for Senate Russia sanctions vote

WASHINGTON/MOSCOW/BRUSSELS U.S. lawmakers reached an agreement on Wednesday paving the way for the U.S. Senate to pass a bill as soon as this week to impose new sanctions on Russia and bar President Donald Trump from easing sanctions on Moscow without Congress' approval. | Video

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Muslim leaders urge worshippers to return to Al-Aqsa after Israel backs down

JERUSALEM Muslim elders urged worshippers to return to pray at Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem on Thursday after Israel backed down in the face of 10 days of often-violent protests and removed all security measures it had installed at the site. | Video

United Nations, Israel 5:07am EDT

Three hundred UK charities hit by global crackdown on illegal funds

LONDON More than 300 UK-based charities have had their bank accounts closed in the last two years after being caught up in a global crackdown on illegal money flows, forcing the government to explore how to allow them easier access to the financial system. | Video

4:06am EDT

With 20 months until Brexit, UK orders year-long EU migration study

LONDON Britain ordered a year-long study of EU migration on Thursday to help it design a post-Brexit immigration system that is due to come into force just six months after report is completed.

5:19am EDT

EU launches new aid scheme for Greece to help refugees with rent, cash

ATHENS The European Commission offered 209 million euros ($245 million)in new emergency aid for Greece on Thursday to help refugees stranded in the country rent homes and pay for basics with a cash card.

Greece 5:06am EDT

Hezbollah and rebels agree ceasefire at Lebanese-Syrian border

BEIRUT A ceasefire took effect on Thursday in a mountainous area of the Lebanese-Syrian border where Lebanon's Hezbollah says it is on the verge of defeating jihadist militants in their last foothold at the frontier.

Lebanon, Syria 2:50am EDT

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