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North Korea satellite in stable orbit but not seen transmitting: U.S. sources

WASHINGTON North Korea's recently launched satellite has achieved stable orbit but is not believed to have transmitted data back to Earth, U.S. sources said of a launch that has so far failed to convince experts that Pyongyang has significantly advanced its rocket technology.

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Libya must lead anti-Islamic State effort: Egypt's foreign minister

WASHINGTON Libya needs to form a unified government before the United States and European allies opt for any military intervention against thousands of Islamic State fighters in the chaotic North African country, Egypt's foreign minister said on Tuesday.

Egypt, Libya, Africa 09 Feb 2016

Turkish soldiers clash with Kurdish militants crossing from Syria: army

ISTANBUL One Turkish soldier was killed and another wounded when security forces clashed with Kurdish militants crossing over from Syria, the army said on Wednesday, hours after Ankara summoned the U.S. ambassador over Washington's support for Syrian Kurds.

Syria 5:08am EST

Turkey detains 34 people with explosives, suicide vests at Syrian border: media

ISTANBUL The Turkish military detained 34 people and seized up to 15 kg of explosives and four suicide-bomber vests as they tried to enter Turkey from Syria, Turkish media reported the army as saying on Wednesday.

4:35am EST

France's Fabius leaves office, wider reshuffle due

PARIS French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius said on Wednesday he was going to leave office, as had been widely expected, in a move that is set to trigger a wider reshuffle of the unpopular government.

6:05am EST

Russia says NATO's planned eastward build-up is destabilizing

MOSCOW NATO's plan of its biggest build-up in eastern Europe since the Cold War is a destabilizing factor designed to contain Russia, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said on Wednesday.

6:06am EST

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