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Attacker in Japan stabs, kills 19 in their sleep at disabled center

SAGAMIHARA, Japan A knife-wielding man stabbed and killed 19 people as they slept at a facility for the disabled in a town near Tokyo early on Tuesday, a senior government official said, Japan's worst mass killing in decades. | Video

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Special Report: In Turkish sweatshops, Syrian children sew to survive

ISTANBUL, Turkey Muna Awwal wants to go to school. But she needs to go to work.

Australian PM orders inquiry after teenage prisoners teargassed, stripped naked

SYDNEY Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull on Tuesday ordered an inquiry into the treatment of children in detention after the airing of video showing prison guards teargassing teenage inmates and strapping a half-naked, hooded-boy to a chair.

Australia 1:37am EDT

After Nepal prime minister goes, China says hopes for stability

BEIJING China's foreign ministry said on Tuesday it hoped that all parties in Nepal put national interest first and worked for stability, after the landlocked country's prime minister resigned, nine months after coming to power.

China 12:07am EDT

Car bomb wounds several in Syrian capital: state media

AMMAN An explosives-laden car blew up on Monday in a heavily policed district in the center of the Syrian capital Damascus, causing injuries and extensive damage, state media said.

Jul 25 2016

Nine militants killed in police raid in Bangladesh

DHAKA Bangladesh police on Tuesday killed nine militants who were believed to have been plotting an attack similar to the one on a cafe on July 1 in which 22 people were killed, the national police chief said.

1:46am EDT

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