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Turkish foreign ministry advises against all non-urgent travel to Russia

ANKARA Turkey's foreign ministry on Saturday advised people to postpone all non-urgent travel to Russia, the latest move in an escalating row between Moscow and Ankara over a Russian jet downed by Turkey on Tuesday.

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Gaffer tape and 500 euros: running guns to the heart of Europe

BELGRADE/BRUSSELS Need a Kalashnikov in Belgium? No problem, says "Nemac" the Serb; a few hundred euros will buy the gun and a place to stash it in a car or truck coming up from the Balkans.

5:09am EST

Top Kurdish lawyer killed in clashes in southeast Turkey

ANKARA A senior lawyer criticized for saying the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) is not a terrorist group was killed in clashes in Diyarbakir on Saturday, two sources from the pro-Kurdish HDP opposition said.

5:18am EST

Europe needs U.S.-style bureau to tackle guns: experts

PARIS If you're not a hunter or a target shooter, it's nearly impossible to buy a gun legally in France. But the country's strict gun control laws are not enough to keep deadly weapons out of the hands of Islamist militants.

France 5:39am EST

Suicide bomber targets Afghan election official in Kabul: police

KABUL A suicide bomber targeted a senior member of Afghanistan's election commission during the morning rush hour in the capital Kabul on Saturday, killing his driver and wounding several passersby. | Video

Afghanistan 5:53am EST

Macedonian army starts building fence on Greek border

IDOMENI, Greece/SKOPJE Soldiers in Macedonia began erecting a metal fence on Saturday on the country's southern border with Greece, but the government said it had no plans to seal off access to refugees fleeing war and heading to western Europe.

Greece 5:08am EST

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