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Russia says U.S. Syria statement shows Washington supports terrorism

MOSCOW Russia is outraged by the threatening tone of the latest U.S. statement on Syria, viewing it as tantamount to supporting terrorism, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said on Thursday, according to Russian news agencies.

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Thousands of Israelis file past coffin of former president Peres

JERUSALEM Thousands of Israelis filed past the flag-draped coffin of Shimon Peres outside parliament on Thursday, honoring the former president and prime minister who won worldwide praise for his efforts in peace talks with the Palestinians.

Israel 5:45am EDT

Leader of Indonesia gang which raped, murdered girl sentenced to death

CURUP, Indonesia An Indonesian court on Thursday sentenced to death the leader of a gang of men and boys who raped and murdered a schoolgirl in a case that prompted the president to take steps to impose harsher punishments for attacks on children.

Indonesia 6:00am EDT

As Philippines' Duterte visits Vietnam, U.S. jibes hang over new partnership

HANOI Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte met Vietnam's top leadership on Thursday, aiming to advance a burgeoning alliance that could become increasingly uncertain amid his defiance of the United States and overtures towards China.

2:19am EDT

The underground pipeline shaping North Korea's new capitalists

SEOUL As the United States and other nations grasp for new ways to sanction Pyongyang in response to its latest nuclear test, some North Korean defectors see investment in its rudimentary market economy as a way to foment gradual change from within.

North Korea 1:12am EDT

Signing peace deal, Afghan warlord calls for an 'end to current crisis'

KABUL Afghan president Ashraf Ghani formalized a controversial accord with one of Afghanistan's most notorious warlords on Wednesday, a deal the government hopes will lead to more peace agreements.

Afghanistan 5:21am EDT

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