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Iraq Shi'ite militia take lead in campaign to reverse Islamic State gains

BAGHDAD - Iraq's Shi'ite paramilitaries said on Tuesday they had taken charge of the campaign to drive Islamic State from the western province of Anbar, giving the operation an openly sectarian codename that could infuriate its Sunni Muslim population. | Video

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Exclusive: Before Myanmar seized migrant boat, Rohingya whisked away

YANGON/THEK KAY PYIN, Myanmar - When the Myanmar navy seized a boat used by people smugglers last week, it announced that the 200 people found aboard were mostly Bangladeshis seeking better economic prospects in Southeast Asia.

United Nations, Myanmar 5:29pm EDT

Amnesty International: Hamas committed war crimes against Gaza civilians

GAZA - Amnesty International said in a report on Wednesday that Islamist Hamas committed war crimes against Palestinian civilians in the Gaza Strip during last year's war with Israel.

Israel 7:09pm EDT

Queen Elizabeth to unveil EU referendum plans as UK parliament opens

LONDON - Britain's Queen Elizabeth will set out the government's plans for a European Union membership referendum on Wednesday as Prime Minister David Cameron faces pressure to explain when it will be held and what changes to the EU he wants before then.

7:06pm EDT

Iran nuclear deal unlikely by June 30-French envoy

WASHINGTON - An Iran nuclear deal is not likely by June 30 because technical details will remain to defined and Iran will not get sanctions relief before the end of the year in the best of cases, western ambassadors said on Tuesday.

7:10pm EDT

Afghan insurgents launch late-night attack on Kabul guesthouse

KABUL - Heavily armed insurgents stormed a guesthouse in the diplomatic quarter of Kabul late on Tuesday night and were still resisting Afghan security forces more than five hours after the assault began.

Afghanistan 9:07pm EDT

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