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Pakistan police say kill leader of banned sectarian group

LAHORE, Pakistan - Pakistani police killed the leader of the sectarian militant group Lashkar-e-Jhangvi, his two sons and 11 others on Wednesday during a shootout after gunmen attacked a police convoy and freed him as he was being moved, police said.

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Singapore arrests man who tried to join Islamic State

SINGAPORE - Singapore has arrested a 51-year-old "self-radicalized" man who tried to join Islamic State (IS) in Syria, under an internal security law that allows for detention without trial for two years, the Ministry of Home Affairs said on Wednesday.

28 Jul 2015

Uncertain times fuel occult beliefs in China's Party hierarchy

BEIJING - Sometime in the last year, a group of mid-ranked government officials gathered for a dinner in a private room in a Beijing restaurant, all slightly nervous, but keen with anticipation.

12:24am EDT

UK minister urges United States to buy more British weapons

WASHINGTON - Britain's minister for defense procurement on Tuesday urged the United States to buy more UK-built weapons, saying current trade flows were too much of a one-way street.

28 Jul 2015

Gunmen in Egypt kill guard outside Niger embassy

CAIRO - Unidentified gunmen shot dead a security guard outside the embassy of Niger in Cairo early on Wednesday morning, the Egyptian interior ministry said in a statement.

Egypt, Africa 12:40am EDT

Malaysian parliament investigation of state fund on hold

KUALA LUMPUR - A Malaysian parliamentary investigation into a graft scandal at debt-laden state investment fund 1MDB has been put on hold as cracks in the long-ruling party appeared to widen on Wednesday.

12:53am EDT

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