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U.S. lawmakers reach deal for Senate Russia sanctions vote

WASHINGTON/MOSCOW/BRUSSELS U.S. lawmakers reached an agreement on Wednesday paving the way for the U.S. Senate to pass a bill as soon as this week to impose new sanctions on Russia and bar President Donald Trump from easing sanctions on Moscow without Congress' approval. | Video

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Hypothetically speaking, U.S. Admiral says ready for nuclear strike on China if Trump so ordered

MELBOURNE The U.S. Pacific Fleet commander, addressing a security conference in Australia, said in answer to a question on Thursday that he would be prepared to launch a nuclear strike on China if President Donald Trump so ordered.

Three dead as Venezuela's anti-Maduro strike goes into second day

CARACAS Three people died during clashes on the first day of an opposition-led strike against Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro, the state prosecutor's office said on Thursday.

8:45am EDT

Aleppo district shows Assad's delicate dance with Kurds

ALEPPO, Syria Kurdish fighters wearing the blue eagle insignia of the Asayish security force stopped the taxi entering the Sheikh Maqsoud district in Aleppo, checking papers and searching for contraband.

Russia, Syria 8:07am EDT

Egypt's Al-Azhar sets up kiosk in subway station to counter militancy

CAIRO Two elderly sheikhs have set up shop at a kiosk in one of Cairo's busiest underground stations, ready to dole out religious advice to commuters queueing outside.

8:46am EDT

EU's top negotiator warns of possible delays to Brexit talks

BRUSSELS Talks between Britain and the European Union on their future relationship are now less likely to start in October, the EU's top negotiator has said, because of lack of progress on Brexit divorce issues so far, EU officials said.

7:56am EDT

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