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Despite progress, Iran nuclear talks hit impasse on details

LAUSANNE, Switzerland - Major powers and Iran were closer to a preliminary accord on reining in Tehran's nuclear program as marathon talks ran into Wednesday, but they hit an impasse over key details such as the lifting of U.N. sanctions and Iran's future atomic research. | Video

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Thailand's ruling junta lifts martial law - televised statement

BANGKOK - Thailand's ruling junta, known as the National Council for Peace and Order, announced in a televised statement on Wednesday that it had lifted martial law, which had been in place nationwide since just before a coup 10 months ago.

10:41am EDT

Economics to trump politics in Turkey's rift with Iran

ANKARA - Turkey and Iran have accused each other of trying to dominate the Middle East as they back opposing sides in the crisis in Yemen, but the war of words is unlikely to permanently damage a relationship driven by deepening economic ties.

11:05am EDT

Poland risks breaching court ruling on CIA jail: lawyer

WARSAW - Poland must de-classify details of an investigation into a secret CIA jail on its soil, or it will be in breach of a European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) ruling, a lawyer for a former inmate at the secret jail said.

10:56am EDT

Popularity of Brazil's Rousseff keeps falling: poll

BRASILIA - President Dilma Rousseff's popularity continues to fall, with the number of Brazilians considering her government "great" or "good" down to just 12 percent, a nationwide poll showed on Wednesday.

10:12am EDT

Prosecutor dies of wounds after Istanbul hostage shootout

ISTANBUL - An Istanbul prosecutor died from his wounds after security forces stormed the office where members of a far-left Turkish group took him hostage on Tuesday, killing his two captors. | Video

9:55am EDT

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