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Car bomb in Yemeni capital hits mourners, dozens wounded

SANAA - A car bomb claimed by Islamic State exploded in the Yemeni capital Sanaa overnight, medics said, wounding at least 28 people gathered to mourn another attack earlier this month. | Video

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Islamic State seen as potent force a year after caliphate declaration: Pentagon

WASHINGTON - A year after Islamic State declared a caliphate on territory seized in Iraq and Syria, the al Qaeda splinter group faces military pressure from a U.S.-led coalition but remains a potent force holding key cities, the Pentagon said on Monday.

Syria, Iraq 29 Jun 2015

Car bomb attack kills Egypt's top public prosecutor

CAIRO - Egypt's top public prosecutor was killed by a car bomb attack on his convoy on Monday, the most senior state official to die at the hands of militants since the toppling of an Islamist president two years ago.

Egypt 29 Jun 2015

Indonesian military plane crashes in northern city, killing at least 30

MEDAN, Indonesia - An Indonesian military transport plane crashed into a hotel and residential area in the northern Sumatra city of Medan on Tuesday, killing at least 30 people, a national search and rescue agency official said.

Indonesia 3:18am EDT

French beheading suspect denies jihad motivation

PARIS - The man being held in France under suspicion of beheading his boss and trying to blow up a chemicals plant has told investigators there was no religious motivation behind the attack, a source close to the inquiry said on Monday.

France 29 Jun 2015

In Moscow, Syrian minister says Russia promises aid

AMMAN/BEIRUT - Syria's foreign minister said in Moscow on Monday Russia had promised to send political, economic and military aid to his country, where the army is coming under some of the heaviest pressure since the start of the civil war. | Video

Russia 29 Jun 2015

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