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'Yes' camp takes slim lead in Greek bailout referendum poll

ATHENS - Supporters of Greece's bailout terms have taken a wafer-thin opinion poll lead over the 'No' vote backed by the leftist government, 48 hours before a referendum that may determine the country's future in the euro zone. | Video

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Death toll from capsized Philippine ferry rises to 51

MANILA - The death toll from a capsized Philippine ferry rose to 51 on Friday as rescuers tried to right the overturned vessel and found more bodies, a coast guard official said. | Video

7:51am EDT

Colombia capital on edge after two small explosions

BOGOTA - Two small bombs exploded in Bogota, Colombia's capital, on Thursday afternoon, injuring seven, according to the defense minister, who said he would deploy greater numbers of military and police onto the streets in response to the "terrorist doings." | Video

4:22am EDT

Britain falls silent to remember 30 killed in Tunisian gun attack

LONDON - Millions of people across Britain held a minute's silence on Friday on an official day of mourning to pay tribute to 30 Britons killed a week ago by an Islamist gunman in Tunisia, the country's worst loss of life in a militant attack in a decade.

Tunisia 7:34am EDT

China air force uses drone for first time in Xinjiang quake

BEIJING - China's air force dispatched a drone to the site of an earthquake in the far western region of Xinjiang on Friday to help in monitoring work, in what it said was the first time it had used an unmanned aircraft for such a task.

China 8:18am EDT

Pakistan police arrest cleric who led mob attacking Christians

LAHORE, Pakistan - Pakistani police said on Friday they had arrested a Muslim cleric accused of leading a mob trying to kill a Christian couple for allegedly desecrating the Koran.

7:55am EDT

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