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Palestinian fighters raid Israel on Gaza "truce" day

GAZA/JERUSALEM - Palestinian fighters slipped into an Israeli village from the Gaza Strip and fought a gun battle with troops on Monday as an unofficial truce called for the Muslim Eid al-Fitr festival disintegrated. | Video

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U.S., Afghanistan fail to track U.S.-supplied small arms: watchdog

WASHINGTON - The U.S. government has failed to effectively track many of the more than 465,000 light weapons it has supplied to Afghanistan's army and police, creating the risk that machine guns and other small arms could fall into insurgent hands, a U.S. watchdog said on Monday.

Afghanistan 1:56pm EDT

U.S. 'disappointed' Netherlands released Venezuelan wanted over drugs

WASHINGTON - The United States is "deeply disappointed" the Netherlands released a former Venezuelan military intelligence chief detained over U.S. drug trafficking allegations, and is "disturbed" at reports indicating Caracas used threats to obtain his freedom, the State Department said on Monday.

Venezuela 12:44pm EDT

U.S. says millions forced to flee for religious beliefs in 2013

WASHINGTON - More members of religious communities around the world were forced to flee their homes last year than at any time in recent memory, the United States said on Monday, in its annual report on religious freedom.

12:20pm EDT

U.N. warns of sanctions for oil trading with Syria, Iraq militants

UNITED NATIONS - The U.N. Security Council expressed grave concern on Monday over reports that radical militants have seized oilfields and pipelines in Syria and Iraq and warned that anyone caught trading in oil from the "terrorist groups" could face sanctions.

Syria, Iraq, United Nations 1:14pm EDT

Ivorian revival feeds on troubles in Ghana cocoa sector

ENCHI Ghana - Three years ago, when James joined Ghana's anti-smuggling task force, his job was to intercept illicit cocoa shipments from neighboring Ivory Coast to preserve the superior quality of his country's beans. Now he has to stop it flowing the other way.

Ivory Coast 1:33pm EDT

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