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Iran nuclear talks extended seven months after failing to meet deadline

VIENNA - Iran and six powers failed on Monday for a second time this year to resolve their 12-year stand-off over Tehran's nuclear ambitions, and gave themselves seven more months to clinch an historic deal. | Video

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Mired in crisis, Mexican president aided by discredited opposition

MEXICO CITY - Deep anger over the apparent massacre of 43 trainee teachers has plunged Mexico's Enrique Pena Nieto into his worst crisis as president, but with no credible opposition in sight, mass protests look unlikely to force him from power.

Mexico, Mexico Election 4:23pm EST

Portugal ex-PM charged with corruption, to remain in custody

LISBON - A Portuguese judge on Monday charged former Prime Minister Jose Socrates with corruption and tax fraud and ordered that he remain in preventive custody.

6:20pm EST

Baghdad car bomb kills 8 people, fighting west of capital

BAGHDAD - A car bomb exploded in a market in northern Baghdad's Shaab neighborhood on Monday, killing eight people and wounding 22, police and medics said.

3:04pm EST

Canada ups spending plans as PM says on track to balance budget

OTTAWA - Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, gearing up for an election next October and taking advantage of improving federal finances, announced C$5.8 billion ($5.1 billion) in new spending on Monday.

4:31pm EST

Saudi Arabia says Islamic State ordered attack on Shi'ites in al-Ahsa

DUBAI - Saudi Arabia has arrested the four main suspects in an attack on Shi'ite Muslims this month and believes it was ordered by Islamic State militants from abroad, the state news agency cited an Interior Ministry security spokesman as saying on Monday.

Saudi Arabia 3:00pm EST

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