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U.S. to defend Syrian rebels with airpower, including from Assad

WASHINGTON - The United States has decided to allow airstrikes to defend Syrian rebels trained by the U.S. military from any attackers, even if the enemies hail from forces loyal to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, U.S. officials said on Sunday.

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North Korea shows captive Canadian pastor confessing before congregation

SEOUL - North Korea released video footage on Monday of a Canadian pastor confessing before a Pyongyang church congregation that he had committed crimes against the state.

North Korea 4:04am EDT

China seeks hearts and minds with Tibetan resettlements

NGABA, China - Nineteen-year-old Longsel Tsondre sees nothing romantic about the itinerant life his Tibetan herder family left behind when the government in his remote corner of southwestern China offered to resettle them a few years ago.

China 4:43am EDT

Turkey's main opposition accuses Erdogan of blocking coalition efforts

ISTANBUL - Turkey's main opposition leader has accused President Tayyip Erdogan of blocking efforts to form a coalition government and warned him against taking the country to new elections through "blood politics" by reopening conflict with Kurdish militants.

Turkey 4:34am EDT

Thai election could be delayed to 2017 if charter rejected: minister

BANGKOK - A general election in Thailand could be delayed until April 2017 if a newly drafted constitution is rejected by a national reform assembly due to convene next month, a deputy prime minister said on Monday.

Thailand, 4:14am EDT

India orders clampdown on Internet porn, sparks censorship debate

NEW DELHI - India has blocked hundreds of adult websites to prevent pornography becoming a social nuisance, a government official said on Monday, sparking a debate about censorship and freedom in the world's largest democracy.

Entertainment, Tech 6:15am EDT

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