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Israel presses Gaza offensive, kills eight in air strike: officials

GAZA/JERUSALEM - Israeli air strikes killed eight members of a family including five children in a pre-dawn raid on Gaza on Thursday, Palestinian officials said, while Hamas-led fighters launched rockets at Tel Aviv and other Israeli cities. | Video

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Baghdad halts Kurdish cargo flights after ministers' boycott

BAGHDAD - Kurdish ministers said they were boycotting meetings of Iraq's caretaker cabinet and authorities in Baghdad halted cargo flights to two Kurdish cities, in an escalating row between the Shi'ite-led central government and Kurdish leaders.

Iraq 7:38am EDT

Australian minister under fire for not meeting Tamil groups on Sri Lanka trip

COLOMBO - A Tamil group criticised Australia's immigration minister on Thursday for visiting northern Sri Lanka without meeting Tamil leaders, days after Australia returned a boat of asylum seekers, including Tamils, under its hardline border security policy.

China agrees to reduce FX intervention 'as conditions permit'

BEIJING - U.S. and Chinese leaders have agreed that China will reduce its intervention in the currency market when conditions are ripe, reaching an understanding on a prickly issue that has hurt ties between the world's two biggest economies for years.

China 6:23am EDT

Seized nuclear material in Iraq 'low grade': U.N. agency

VIENNA - The U.N. atomic agency said on Thursday it believed nuclear material which Iraq said had fallen into the hands of insurgents was "low grade" and did not pose a significant security risk.

United Nations, Iraq 7:29am EDT

Kerry faces uphill battle to defuse Afghan election standoff

KABUL - U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry will arrive to a skeptical audience in Afghanistan this week to try to resolve a deepening crisis over a disputed presidential election which has stirred ethnic tensions in the fragile country.

Afghanistan 4:34am EDT

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