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Clashes erupt as Israeli police kill Palestinian suspected of shooting Jewish far-rightist

JERUSALEM - Israeli police on Thursday shot dead a 32-year-old Palestinian man suspected of having tried hours earlier to kill a far-right Jewish activist, leading to fierce clashes in East Jerusalem and fears of a new Palestinian uprising.

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Canada arrests Pakistani gun owner, alleges security threat

OTTAWA - Police have jailed a Pakistani gun collector living in Ontario, alleging he is a terrorist threat to Canada, his lawyer said on Thursday, days after attacks in which two Canadian soldiers were killed.

2:06pm EDT

No hope for survivors in Sri Lanka landslide, over 100 dead

HALDUMMULLA Sri Lanka - Hopes of finding survivors under the mud and rubble of a landslide in Sri Lanka ran out on Thursday, though a government minister cut the estimated death toll to over 100 from 300 the previous night. | Video

Environment 1:45pm EDT

East Ukraine separatists hold vote to gain legitimacy, promise normalcy

DONETSK Ukraine - On a campaign trip, the leader of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People's Republic lit candles at a Russian Orthodox Church and kissed icons of Jesus and the Virgin Mary before dashing off to meet about 100 voters in a local factory.

Russia, 12:58pm EDT

Sweden recognizes Palestinian state, hopes will revive peace process

STOCKHOLM - The Swedish government officially recognized the state of Palestine on Thursday and said there were signs other European Union states would follow its lead.

Israel, United Nations 1:44pm EDT

Exclusive: Canada spy agency must improve information sharing - watchdog

OTTAWA - Canada's spy agency must have national standards to improve how its regional surveillance teams share information, the chairwoman of the agency's civilian watchdog said in the wake of the killings of two Canadian soldiers last week.

12:50pm EDT

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