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Migrants stream into Austria, swept west by overwhelmed Hungary

HEGYESHALOM, Hungary/VIENNA - Thousands of exhausted migrants streamed into Austria on Saturday, bussed to the border by a Hungarian government that gave up trying to stop them as Europe’s asylum system buckled under pressure from the sheer numbers reaching its frontiers.

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China to build monument commemorating deadly Tianjin blasts: Xinhua

BEIJING - Chinese authorities in Tianjin will build a monument to commemorate the 160 people killed in two explosions in the northeastern port city last month, state media said on Saturday, citing local officials.

1:13am EDT

Saudi Arabia satisfied with Obama's assurances on Iran deal

WASHINGTON - Saudi Arabia is satisfied with assurances from U.S. President Barack Obama about the Iran nuclear deal and believes the agreement will contribute to security and stability in the Middle East, a senior Saudi official said on Friday.

Politics, Saudi Arabia 04 Sep 2015

Morocco's PAM party, Islamists win most seats in local vote: results

RABAT - A political party formed by a close associate of Morocco's king secured most seats in local elections on Friday, closely followed by the ruling Islamist party which also won in major cities, according to preliminary results.

3:20am EDT

Guatemala's president quits, jailed pending hearing on corruption charges

GUATEMALA CITY - Guatemala's Otto Perez resigned as president and was jailed on Thursday while a judge weighs charging him in a corruption scandal that gutted his government and plunged the country into a political crisis days before a presidential election. | Video

04 Sep 2015

Greek polls show Syriza, conservatives neck-and-neck

ATHENS - Former Greek prime minister Alexis Tsipras's leftist Syriza party is running neck-and-neck with its main conservative rival, New Democracy, ahead of national elections on Sept. 20, according to three polls published on Friday.

Greece 04 Sep 2015

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