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Afghan forces called for air strike in Kunduz: U.S. general

WASHINGTON - Afghan forces asked for U.S. air support while fighting the Taliban in Kunduz shortly before an air strike resulted in the deaths of civilians there, the American commander of international forces in Afghanistan said on Monday.

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Russia says its planes attack 10 IS targets in 15 sorties in Syria

MOSCOW - Russian air force planes flew 15 sorties over Syria on Monday, destroying Islamic State tanks and artillery positions, the Russian defence ministry said. | Video

1:53pm EDT

U.S. slaps sanctions on four militants including Islamic state backers

WASHINGTON - The United States said on Monday it had imposed sanctions on four people affiliated with Islamic State and another militant group, including two Russian nationals and a Briton.

1:58pm EDT

Russia-Israel military coordination talks on Syria to open Tuesday

JERUSALEM - A senior Russian military delegation will visit Israel on Tuesday for two days of talks on how the countries can avoid accidentally clashing while operating in Syria, an Israeli military officer said.

Russia, Syria, Israel 2:04pm EDT

Finger-printing refugees will 'filter out' militant threats: EU's Timmermans

GENEVA - Finger-printing and registering all refugees reaching Europe would keep out Islamist militants bent on attacks, the European Commission's deputy chief said on Monday in response to concerns raised in some EU countries.

Migrant Crisis, 2:59pm EDT

Ukraine starts pull-back of tanks, light artillery in east: military

KIEV - Ukraine has started withdrawing tanks and light artillery from the frontline in the eastern region of Luhansk in line with an agreement with Russian-backed separatists, Kiev's military said on Monday.

Russia, 11:01am EDT

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