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Oil truck explosion kills 146 people in Pakistan

LAHORE, Pakistan An oil tanker crashed and exploded on a road in Pakistan on Sunday, killing 146 people, many of whom were collecting leaking fuel before it ignited, government officials and rescue workers said. | Video

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Hopes fade in China for 93 missing in landslide

MAO COUNTY, China Rescue workers in southwestern China pulled bodies out of piles of rock and mud on Sunday as they searched for 93 people missing after a landslide buried a mountain village, with some residents giving up hope of finding survivors.

Mosul celebrates first Eid without Islamic State in years

MOSUL, Iraq People in the Iraqi city of Mosul celebrated their first Muslim Eid holiday without Islamic State in years on Sunday after the militants were ejected from much of the city, and hoped the battle to recapture the remaining area would soon be over.

Iraq 8:54am EDT

Iran says arrests 50 suspected of links to militant groups

DUBAI Iranian authorities have rounded up at least 50 people suspected of links to militant groups in a Western province, a prosecutor said on Sunday, the latest in a wave of arrests following twin bomb and gun attacks in Tehran in early June.

8:05am EDT

Car bomb in Syria's Idlib province kills 10: war monitor

BEIRUT A car bomb killed 10 people in Syria's rebel-held Idlib province on Saturday, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a Britain-based war monitor, reported on Sunday.

United Nations, Syria 7:33am EDT

Britain's Davis 'pretty sure' he'll get good deal to leave EU

LONDON Britain's Brexit minister David Davis said on Sunday he was "pretty sure" he could negotiate a good deal to leave the European Union, something that would require a transitional arrangement for around one or two years.

6:43am EDT

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