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Kiev and rebels begin mass prisoner exchange

KIEV - Kiev and pro-Russian separatists began an exchange of hundreds of prisoners of war on Friday, a state security service source said, part of a 12-point peace plan.

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Iran expands 'smart' Internet censorship

DUBAI - Iran is to expand what it calls "smart filtering" of the Internet, a policy of censoring undesirable content on websites without banning them completely, as it used to, the government said on Friday.

Tech, Media, Davos 9:51am EST

Asia remembers devastating 2004 tsunami with tears and prayers

BANDA ACEH, Indonesia - Survivors of Asia's 2004 tsunami and relatives of its 226,000 victims cried and prayed as they gathered along Indian Ocean shorelines on Friday for memorials to mark the 10th anniversary of a disaster that still leaves an indelible mark on the region. | Video

Some 1,250 migrants rescued in Mediterranean over Christmas

ROME - Nearly 1,250 migrants have been rescued in the Mediterranean over the Christmas period and five bodies have been recovered, Italian officials said on Friday.

12:41pm EST

Former Belgian premier Leo Tindemans dies at 92

BRUSSELS - Former Belgian Prime Minister Leo Tindemans, whose record support in European elections earned him the nickname "Mr. Europe", died on Friday at the age of 92.

12:16pm EST

Erdogan tells Europe to stop criticizing Turkey

ISTANBUL - Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan slammed European countries on Friday for criticizing deteriorating press freedom in Turkey and said they should instead try to find a solution for what he said was increasing Islamophobia in the continent.

Turkey 10:56am EST

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