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Devastating Nepal earthquake kills hundreds, triggers deadly Everest avalanche

KATHMANDU - A powerful earthquake struck Nepal and sent tremors through northern India on Saturday, killing hundreds of people, toppling an historic 19th-century tower in the capital Kathmandu and touching off a deadly avalanche on Mount Everest. | Video

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UK's Lib Dems rule out Scottish deal, potentially shunning Labour

LONDON - The leader of Britain's Liberal Democrats ruled out joining a government that relied on support from Scotland's nationalists, raising a potential obstacle to a coalition deal with the opposition Labour Party after a national election on May 7.

9:38am EDT

Islamic State takes military barracks, dam in Iraq's Anbar: sources

BAGHDAD - Islamic State militants in Iraq took partial control of a water dam and military barracks guarding it in the western Anbar province after fierce fighting through the night that continued on Saturday, security sources and witnesses said.

Iraq, 8:29am EDT

More fighting, air strikes in Yemen, civilian death toll exceeds 550

ADEN - Fighting between Yemen's warring factions raged in southern and central parts of the country and air strikes hit Houthi militia forces in Aden on Friday, but there were no fresh moves toward dialogue.

United Nations, Yemen 7:03am EDT

Israeli forces kill knife-wielding Palestinian youth: police

JERUSALEM - Israeli security forces killed a Palestinian youth on Saturday as he tried to attack them with a knife at a checkpoint in the Jerusalem area, police said.

Israel 10:17am EDT

Burundi ruling party nominates president for third term, risking unrest

BUJUMBURA - Burundi's ruling party chose President Pierre Nkurunziza to run for a third five-year term on Saturday, a move critics say is unconstitutional and may trigger unrest in the east African country.

Africa 10:03am EDT

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