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Bavarian bomber pledged allegiance to Islamic State: minister

ANSBACH, Germany The Syrian who blew himself up in southern Germany, wounding 15 people, had pledged allegiance to Islamic State on a video found on his mobile phone, the Bavarian interior minister said on Monday.

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Venezuelan schoolchildren express hunger in drawings

CARACAS When children at a Catholic-run school in a poor neighborhood of Venezuela's Caracas capital began fainting from hunger, teachers asked them to draw or describe their most recent meals and what they expected to eat next.

11:49am EDT

Milan closes central metro station after suspicious package found: officials

MILAN The underground service at Milan's central station was halted on Monday after a suspect package was found, a spokesman for the local transport authority said.

11:51am EDT

Afghan teenager met Munich gunman just before attack: prosecutor

MUNICH A 16-year-old Afghan youth who was arrested on Sunday had been in contact via WhatsApp with an 18-year-old gunman who killed nine people in Munich two days earlier and also met him just before the attack, Bavarian officials said.

Afghanistan 7:34am EDT

Cold War ghosts haunt Latvia amid renewed NATO-Russia tensions

RIGA Hidden in the forests of Aluksne, near Latvia's north-eastern border with Russia, the remains of a former Soviet nuclear missile base are a magnet for tourists now rather than a top-secret site manned by soldiers.

French government raps conservative opponents over Nice security row

PARIS France's government closed ranks around Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve on Monday and accused conservative opponents of fanning allegations that his office sought to alter a report into policing on the night of the deadly Nice attack.

France 10:46am EDT

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