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Turkey to let Iraqi Kurds reinforce Kobani as U.S. drops arms to defenders

ANKARA/BEIRUT - Turkey said on Monday it would allow Iraqi Kurdish fighters to reinforce fellow Kurds in the Syrian town of Kobani on Turkey's border, and the United States air-dropped arms to help the Kurds there resist an Islamic State assault. | Video

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Libya parliament allies with renegade general, struggles to assert authority

BENGHAZI Libya - Libya's beleaguered elected parliament has declared a formal alliance with a renegade former general, as it struggles to assert some authority in a country many fear is sliding into outright civil war.

United Nations, Libya 7:02pm EDT

Canada police kill 'radicalized' driver after he rams two soldiers

OTTAWA/MONTREAL - A man who ran down two Canadian soldiers in his car at a Quebec mall on Monday and was later shot dead by police, "had become radicalized," the Canadian government said.

8:10pm EDT

Chile ex-mayor arrested, charged with Pinochet-era crimes

SANTIAGO - The ex-mayor of an upscale Santiago neighborhood was arrested and charged on Monday in connection with an ongoing investigation into human rights crimes committed in Chile during General Augusto Pinochet's 1973-1990 dictatorship.

7:36pm EDT

South Sudan sexual violence 'rampant,' two-year-old raped: U.N.

UNITED NATIONS - Rape and other forms of sexual violence by all sides in South Sudan's civil war have become so widespread that a 2-year-old child was among the victims, the U.N. special representative on sexual violence in armed conflict said on Monday.

United Nations, Africa 7:53pm EDT

U.N. questions Israel on Palestinians' rights

GENEVA - U.N. experts questioned Israeli officials on Monday over alleged rights abuses ranging from the demolition of Palestinian houses and the expansion of Jewish settlements to limited Palestinian access to water and their farmland.

Israel, United Nations 3:05pm EDT

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