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South Korea says U.S. reaffirms it will pay THAAD costs; joint drills wrap up

SEOUL South Korea said the United States had reaffirmed it would shoulder the cost of deploying the THAAD anti-missile system, days after President Donald Trump said Seoul should pay for the $1-billion battery designed to defend against North Korea.

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U.S.-backed militias claim big advance against IS in Syria's Tabqa

BEIRUT U.S.-backed militias said on Sunday they had made a big advance in Tabqa, a strategically vital town controlling Syria's largest dam, in their campaign to drive Islamic State from its stronghold of Raqqa, 40km (25 miles) downstream.

Syria 5:00am EDT

British PM May braces for difficult Brexit negotiations

LONDON/BRUSSELS British Prime Minister Theresa May expects divorce talks with the European Union to be difficult, she said on Sunday in response to the tough stance taken by EU leaders over the forthcoming Brexit negotiations.

8:07am EDT

Wary of Trump, EU courts Iran to boost moderates before polls

TEHRAN Wary of U.S. President Donald Trump's tough talk on Iran, the European Union is courting Tehran to show Iranians preparing to vote in a May 19 presidential poll that it is committed to a nuclear deal and they stand to benefit, EU diplomats say.

United Nations, Davos 9:16am EDT

Saudi Arabia arrests 46 militant suspects involved in Medina attack

DUBAI Saudi Arabia said on Sunday it had arrested 46 members of a militant cell responsible for a deadly suicide bombing attack on the Prophet's Mosque in the holy city of Medina last summer widely blamed on Islamic State.

Saudi Arabia 9:29am EDT

ASEAN gives Beijing a pass on South China Sea dispute, cites 'improving cooperation'

MANILA Southeast Asian countries took a softer stance on South China Sea disputes during a weekend summit, according to a statement issued on Sunday, which went easy on China by avoiding tacit references to its building and arming of its manmade islands.

South China Sea, China 3:26am EDT

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