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Malaysian flight MH17 downed by Russian-made missile: prosecutors

NIEUWEGEIN, Netherlands Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 was shot down by a missile fired from a launcher brought into Ukraine from Russia and located in a village held by pro-Russian rebels, international prosecutors said on Wednesday. | Video

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Duterte declares upcoming Philippines-U.S. war games 'the last one'

HANOI Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte plunged one of the United States' most important Asian alliances deeper into uncertainty on Wednesday by declaring upcoming U.S.-Philippine military exercises "the last", and ruling out any joint navy patrols.

2:23pm EDT

German woman held in Syria escapes with baby to Turkey: foreign ministry

BERLIN A German woman who was kidnapped in war-torn Syria last year and gave birth while in captivity escaped with her baby to Turkey on Wednesday, the German foreign ministry said.

Turkey, Syria 2:24pm EDT

Italy's Renzi pledges funds for higher pensions, earlier retirement

ROME Italy will set aside 6 billion euros ($6.73 billion) over the next three years to increase pensions and allow people to retire earlier, the welfare minister said on Wednesday, rowing back on a pension reform passed in 2012.

Italy 2:27pm EDT

Professor arrives in Rwanda from U.S. to face genocide trial

KIGALI A professor arrived back in Rwanda on Wednesday after being extradited from the United States to stand trial for his part in the country's 1994 genocide, a spokesman for the prosecutor's office said.

U.S., United Nations, Africa 2:53pm EDT

EU executive proposes tighter lobbying rules

BRUSSELS The European Commission proposed tightening rules on lobbying on Wednesday to oblige more EU officials, legislators and diplomats to restrict access only to lobbyists who register and abide by a code of conduct.

2:56pm EDT

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