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Ukraine reports new arrivals of Russian supplies for eastern rebels

KIEV - Ukraine leveled fresh charges on Tuesday that Russia was sending support to pro-Russian separatists in the east, saying that five columns of heavy equipment were seen crossing onto Ukrainian territory on Monday. | Video

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China looms over South Asian summit in the Himalayas

NEW DELHI - When eight South Asian leaders gather for a summit in Kathmandu on Wednesday, they will meet in a conference center donated by China to its cash-strapped Himalayan neighbor Nepal 27 years ago.

China 3:22pm EST

Two policemen injured by bomb at Shi'ite village in Bahrain

MANAMA - A bomb injured two Bahraini policemen on Tuesday, authorities said, amid high tension after the opposition boycotted the country's first elections since unrest rocked the island kingdom in 2011.

Bahrain, Davos 2:48pm EST

U.N. committee spotlights 'highly intrusive' digital spying

UNITED NATIONS - A United Nations General Assembly committee on Tuesday expressed concern at digital spying and said unlawful or arbitrary mass surveillance, interception and collection of online data are "highly intrusive acts" that violate the right to privacy.

United Nations 5:40pm EST

25 percent of Poles believe local elections were rigged: poll

WARSAW - Twenty-five percent of Poles believe this month's local elections, whose results were delayed by six days by a failure of a new IT system, were rigged, a poll showed on Tuesday.

5:00pm EST

Canada Parliament to merge security forces after gunman attack

OTTAWA - Canada's two houses of Parliament will merge their security forces after an attack by a gunman last month, officials said on Tuesday, a move aimed at addressing long-standing communications problems.

5:35pm EST

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