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Ukraine accuses Russia of 'open aggression' as rebels advance

KIEV/MOSCOW - Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko accused Russia on Monday of "direct and open aggression" which he said had radically changed the battlefield balance as Kiev's forces suffered a further reverse in the war with pro-Moscow separatists. | Video

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Britain to pass new laws to counter homegrown Islamist fighters

LONDON - Prime Minister David Cameron will announce new laws on Monday to try to stop radicalized Britons returning from Syria and Iraq launching attacks on British soil, after a video purportedly showed a London-accented man beheading a U.S. journalist.

Syria, Iraq 5:59am EDT

Both sides guilty of atrocities in Iraq fight: U.N. debate

GENEVA - Islamist fighters have carried out atrocities on "an unimaginable scale" in months of fighting with Iraqi forces who have also killed detainees and shelled civilian areas, a U.N. official said in an emergency debate on the conflict on Monday.

Iraq 9:25am EDT

Britain 'deplores' Israel decision to claim West Bank land

LONDON - The British government said on Monday it deplored an Israeli decision to appropriate a large swathe of land inside the occupied West Bank, saying the move would seriously damage Israel's international reputation.

8:44am EDT

Libya's elected parliament asks Abdullah al-Thinni to form new government: lawmaker

BENGHAZI Libya - Libya's elected parliament, the House of Representatives, asked Abdullah al-Thinni on Monday to form new government for the oil-producing country, a parliamentary spokesman said.

Libya 7:54am EDT

Cubans angered by new restrictions on importing consumer goods

HAVANA - Cuba has raised duties and restricted imports on consumer goods brought in by air travelers or sent by mail, imposing greater hardship for a fledgling private sector and angering people looking to counter chronic shortages.

8:27am EDT

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