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May to confront Trump as UK police stop sharing attack information with U.S.

LONDON/MANCHESTER British police stopped sharing information about the Manchester suicide bombing with the United States on Thursday after leaks to U.S. media that police said had risked compromising their investigations.

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In Berlin, Obama speaks out against hiding behind walls

BERLIN Former U.S. President Barack Obama told an audience in Berlin on Thursday that prosperous nations could not "hide behind a wall" to shield themselves from the turmoil and poverty afflicting other countries.

10:47am EDT

Philippines deploys top commandoes, attack helicopters to retake city from Islamist rebels

MARAWI CITY, Philippines The Philippines deployed attack helicopters and special forces to drive out Islamic State-linked rebels holed up in a besieged southern city on Thursday, as efforts to take back control met heavy resistance. | Video

9:42am EDT

Indonesian police launch raid as Jakarta attacks linked to Islamic State

JAKARTA Indonesia's anti-terrorism unit raided the home of a suspected suicide bomber on Thursday as authorities linked attacks that killed three police officers at a Jakarta bus station a day earlier to the Islamic State militant group. | Video

Indonesia 7:34am EDT

Brazilian doctors use fish skin to treat burn victims

FORTALEZA, Brazil Researchers in Brazil are experimenting with a new treatment for severe burns using the skin of tilapia fish, an unorthodox procedure they say can ease the pain of victims and cut medical costs.

Health, Brazil 10:10am EDT

Trump praises Macron's 'great job' to win French election

BRUSSELS U.S. President Donald Trump congratulated French leader Emmanuel Macron on Thursday for doing a "great job" to win this month's election while Macron said the two men would be able to change many things together.

9:47am EDT

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