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Islamic State campaign tests Obama's commitment to Mideast allies

WASHINGTON - After about 15 hours of flying and five hours of meetings, sleep finally caught up with U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry in Baghdad. It was 6:04 p.m. 

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Exclusive: Iraqi Kurdistan oil heads to Asia, in talks with China

LONDON - At least 3 million barrels of Iraqi Kurdish oil are on ships heading to Asia, with trade sources naming China as a possible destination as the autonomous region expands efforts to establish independent oil sales in defiance of Baghdad.

Iraq, China 11:33am EDT

U.S. airstrikes boost Islamic State, more hostages possible: FBI

WASHINGTON - Support for Islamic State increased after U.S. airstrikes began in Iraq and the militant group may take more hostages to try to force concessions from Washington, the FBI director told Congress on Wednesday.

Politics, Iraq 11:35am EDT

Afghan election crisis talks stall over release of vote results

KABUL - Talks between Afghanistan's rival presidential candidates have stalled again, in part over when and how to release the final results of an election that both say was rigged by the other side, officials said on Wednesday.

12:19pm EDT

Exclusive: Syria reveals more chemical weapons facilities to watchdog - sources

THE HAGUE - Syria has revealed a previously undeclared research and development facility and a laboratory to produce the poison ricin to the global chemical weapons watchdog, diplomatic sources told Reuters.

Syria 10:35am EDT

Germany to toughen penalties against child porn

BERLIN - Germany is seeking to widen its definition of child pornography and jail people for up to three years for owning or trading photographs of naked children that are considered pornographic, according to a new draft law.

Tech, Germany 12:53pm EDT

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