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U.S. senator says sees Iran nuclear bill vote as soon as Thursday

WASHINGTON - U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Bob Corker said on Tuesday that he sees an "overwhelming" vote to pass the Iran nuclear review bill as soon as Thursday.

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Bad weather disrupts links with avalanche-hit Nepal village

KATHMANDU - Bad weather has cut links with a remote village in Nepal where dozens of villagers and trekkers are believed to be buried under an avalanche set off by last month's devastating earthquake, officials said on Tuesday. | Video

Merkel says her coalition "working very well" despite spying row

BERLIN - Chancellor Angela Merkel tried to reassure Germans on Tuesday that the government was working smoothly despite a spat between her conservatives and their Social Democrat (SPD) coalition partners over the activities of the BND intelligence agency.

5:04pm EDT

Hezbollah says will attack Nusra Front inside Syria

BEIRUT - Hezbollah's leader said on Tuesday his Lebanon-based militant group will launch an attack inside Syria against al Qaeda-linked insurgents in the mountain region along the countries' border.

Syria, Lebanon 4:30pm EDT

Two rockets fired into Baghdad's heavily fortified 'Green Zone'

BAGHDAD - Two rockets were fired into Baghdad's heavily fortified "Green Zone", home to the prime minister's office and several Western embassies, on Tuesday, and car bombs elsewhere in the capital killed seven people.

5:00pm EDT

Video shows Rwandan peacekeepers shooting protesters in Mali - sources

UNITED NATIONS - Secret footage shows a Rwandan policeman in the blue helmet of a United Nations peacekeeper in Mali earlier this year carefully take aim at a civilian protester, squeeze the trigger and shoot, according to sources who saw the video.

United Nations 6:31pm EDT

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