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Greek finance minister quits after voters reject bailout terms

ATHENS/FRANKFURT - Greece's outspoken finance minister resigned on Monday, removing a major obstacle to any last-minute deal to keep Athens in the euro zone after Greeks voted resoundingly to reject the austerity terms of a bailout. | Video

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Islamic State suicide bombers strike in Iraqi refinery town

BAGHDAD - Islamic State suicide bombers and fighters attacked the center of Iraq's northern oil refinery town of Baiji overnight, forcing the army and Shi'ite fighters to pull back, military sources and the local mayor said on Sunday.

Iraq 05 Jul 2015

Egyptian army kills 63 militants in North Sinai: sources

CAIRO - Egypt’s military launched air strikes and ground operations that killed 63 Islamist militants in North Sinai on Sunday, security sources said, as the country grapples with an increasingly ambitious insurgency based in the region.

Egypt 05 Jul 2015

Thai army chief says won't release 14 student critics of coup

BANGKOK - Fourteen Thai students who were arrested after staging anti-coup rallies must face military court and will not be released beforehand, Thailand's army chief said on Monday, despite growing calls for charges to be dropped.

United Nations, Thailand 12:47am EDT

Rivals Pakistan, India to start process of joining China security bloc

BEIJING - Nuclear-armed rivals Pakistan and India will start the process of joining a security bloc led by China and Russia at a summit in Russia later this week, a senior Chinese diplomat said on Monday, the first time the grouping has expanded since it was set up in 2001.

China, Russia 12:13am EDT

Fears of Syria war persist in Lebanese border village

QAA, Lebanon - The barren mountains separating the Lebanese village of Qaa from Syria have helped shield it from the war raging next door, yet fears of missile attacks, abductions and incursions have persisted since the conflict erupted more than four years ago.

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