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U.S. opposes linking Iran cooperation on Islamic State to nuclear talks

WASHINGTON - The United States said on Monday it would refuse to seek Iran's cooperation in fighting Islamic State forces by being more flexible in the negotiations of six world powers with Tehran on its nuclear program.

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Turkey struggles with spillover as Syrian Kurds battle Islamic State

MURSITPINAR Turkey - Syrian Kurds battled to defend a key border town from an Islamic State advance on Monday as Kurdish youths from neighboring Turkey rushed to their aid, heightening the pressure on Ankara to act against the Islamist insurgents. | Video

Syria, Turkey, 1:26pm EDT

Japan will not restart nuclear power plants unless safety is restored: Abe

NEW YORK - Japan will not restart closed-down nuclear plants “unless safety is restored 100 percent,” Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said on Monday.

Japan, United Nations 6:59pm EDT

Obama to meet Iraqi leader in New York

WASHINGTON - President Barack Obama will hold talks with Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi while attending the United Nations General Assembly this week, the White House said on Monday.

United Nations 5:14pm EDT

Afghan president-elect promises unity after disputed vote

KABUL - Afghanistan's president-elect promised to end political strife and corruption in a speech on Monday, his first since signing a power-sharing agreement with his rival aimed at bringing months of turmoil to a close. | Video

Afghanistan 1:58pm EDT

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