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New U.S. ambassador to China says North Korea a top priority

BEIJING The new U.S. ambassador to China has said that stopping the threat posed by North Korea will be a top priority, along with resolving the U.S.-China trade imbalance, according to a video message to the Chinese people released on Monday.

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Bahrain accuses Qatar of military escalation in Gulf row

RIYADH Bahrain's foreign minister accused Qatar on Monday of creating a military escalation in a dispute with regional powers, in an apparent reference to Doha's decision to let more Turkish troops enter its territory.

Bahrain 5:41am EDT

Burn victims overwhelm Pakistani hospitals after tanker fire kills 146

LAHORE, Pakistan Pakistani hospitals on Monday struggled to treat scores of severely burned victims of a fuel tanker explosion that killed at least 146 people, as Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif flew back from an overseas trip to visit the injured.

5:25am EDT

Italy's center wins in local vote in blow to Renzi

ROME Italy's center parties hammered their center rivals in mayoral elections, official results showed on Monday, a win that is likely to put pressure on the ruling Democratic Party (PD) ahead of a national vote due in less than a year.

5:43am EDT

Heroes or agitators? Young lawmakers on Venezuela's front line

CARACAS One was knocked off his feet by a water cannon. Another was pushed into a drain. Most have been pepper-sprayed, tear-gassed, beaten and hit by pellet shots.

1:19am EDT

Philippines VP visits refugees fleeing fighting, Duterte unseen in days

BALO-I, Philippines The vice president of the Philippines expressed hope on Monday for a swift end to an urban siege by Islamist rebels, and offered support to displaced civilians during a visit normally conducted by a president not seen in public for six days.

3:58am EDT

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