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In U.S. visit, Netanyahu warns an Iran deal could threaten Israel's existence

WASHINGTON - Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned the United States on Monday that the nuclear deal it is negotiating with Iran could threaten Israel's survival and insisted he had a "moral obligation" to speak up about deep differences with President Barack Obama on the issue. | Video

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Blood near the Kremlin: Russia's media fight back

MOSCOW - A corpse on a bloodstained bridge, with the Kremlin's red stars glowing behind: the perfect symbolic backdrop, Russian media say, for the West to step up a campaign to vilify President Vladimir Putin. | Video

Russia, United Nations 1:37pm EST

Fidel Castro finally meets the Cuban Five, spies turned heroes

HAVANA - Former Cuban President Fidel Castro, 88, finally met with all five of the Cuban spies who returned home as heroes after serving long prison terms in the United States, 73 days after the last of them were freed in a prisoner swap.

Cuba 9:07am EST

Iran's Guards increase monitoring of social media: state TV

DUBAI - Iran monitored 8 million Facebook accounts with new software and will watch other social media sites for content that contravenes the Islamic Republic's moral codes, state television reported on Monday.

Tech, 11:54am EST

Police in Britain charge 10 in child sex exploitation investigation

LONDON - Police in Britain said on Monday they had charged 10 men with sexual offences against children and adults, part of a wider investigation into child sexual exploitation in the northern English town of Rochdale.

11:47am EST

Vatican on alert for Islamist attack, but no plot: security chief

ROME - The Vatican is on alert in case of an attack by Islamist militants against the city-state or Pope Francis, but officials are not aware of any specific plot, the head of Vatican security said in a rare interview.

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