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Heavy clashes in Aden airport, alliance accused of cluster bomb use

ADEN - Local fighters battling the rebel Houthi militia in Yemen's port of Aden stormed areas around the airport on Sunday in an operation supervised by the Saudi-led coalition, which also provided air support, the group's spokesman said.

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Nigerian army takes 275 women and children to refugee camp

YOLA, Nigeria - Hundreds of traumatized Nigerian women and children rescued from Boko Haram Islamists have been released into the care of authorities at a refugee camp in the eastern town of Yola, an army spokesman said. | Video

Africa 8:53am EDT

Progress toward peace talks unclear as Taliban, Afghan figures meet

AL-KHOR, Qatar - Taliban representatives met with Afghan political figures for a second day on Sunday, but it was unclear if the dialogue hosted by Qatar moved any closer to long-awaited formal negotiations to end Afghanistan's devastating war.

11:35am EDT

Philippine rebels kill most wanted Islamist militant in south

MANILA - The Philippines' most wanted Islamist militant, who escaped after a raid in January that killed 44 police commandos, was killed on Sunday in firefight with Muslim rebels, officials said.

10:24am EDT

German prosecutors launch investigation of spying charges

BERLIN - Germany's top public prosecutor will look into accusations that the country's BND foreign intelligence agency violated laws by helping the United States spy on officials and firms in Europe, including Airbus group, the federal prosecutors office said.

Tech, Germany 9:24am EDT

French patrol ship rescues 217 migrants off Libya coast

PARIS - A French patrol ship rescued 217 migrants from three small boats that had run into trouble off the coast of Libya on Saturday, the maritime police said in a statement.

Libya 10:42am EDT

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