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Blatter defies calls to quit as FIFA scandal widens

ZURICH - The corruption charges engulfing world soccer's governing body have heaped shame and humiliation on the game, FIFA President Sepp Blatter said on Thursday, although he flatly rejected calls to resign over the widening scandal. | Video

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UK police arrest two people suspected of preparing terrorism acts

- UK police arrested a man and a woman in two towns west of London on Thursday who were suspected of preparing terrorist attacks, the West Midlands Police said in a Facebook posting.

7:27pm EDT

Bombs outside two five-star Baghdad hotels kill at least 10

BAGHDAD - Car bombs exploded in the parking lots of two heavily fortified five-star hotels in central Baghdad late on Thursday, killing at least 10 people, police and medical sources said. | Video

7:25pm EDT

Putin classifies information on deaths of Russian troops in peacetime

MOSCOW - President Vladimir Putin ordered on Thursday that deaths of Russian soldiers during special operations in peacetime should be classified as a state secret, a move that comes as Moscow stands accused of sending troops to fight in eastern Ukraine.

Russia 7:31pm EDT

UK takes hard line on EU reform as Cameron starts European tour

LONDON/PARIS - Prime Minister David Cameron said Britain's relationship with the European Union was "not good enough" after his foreign minister warned the bloc had to change its founding treaties and give London a meaty reform deal to keep it as a member.

3:41pm EDT

Islamic State photos purport to show unharmed Palmyra ruins

BEIRUT - Islamic State posted photographs online which it said were taken in the central Syrian city of Palmyra and appeared to show its ancient ruins unharmed since the hardline group seized it from government forces. | Video

Syria 4:43pm EDT

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