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Trump praises N.Korea's Kim for 'wise' decision on Guam

WASHINGTON U.S. President Donald Trump on Wednesday praised North Korean leader Kim Jong Un for a "wise" decision not to fire missiles towards the U.S. Pacific territory of Guam, which has eased escalating tension between the two countries. | Video

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Philippine police kills 32 in drugs war's bloodiest day

MANILA Philippine police killed 32 people in dozens of anti-drug operations in a province north of the capital, Manila, in the single deadliest day of President Rodrigo Duterte's unrelenting war on drugs.

7:11am EDT

Russian-Germans in focus amid fears of Moscow propaganda

PFORZHEIM, Germany German political parties campaigning for elections next month are competing to attract 2 million voters with roots in the former Soviet Union, amid concerns that Russian propaganda could sway votes in the community.

Russia 10:55am EDT

Kenyan opposition leader will go to Supreme Court over disputed election

NAIROBI Kenyan opposition leader Raila Odinga said on Wednesday he would challenge last week's presidential election result in court, calming fears that further street protests by his supporters might lead to widespread violence.

Africa, United Nations 12:02pm EDT

Arab fighters struggle to assert role in Raqqa assault

RAQQA, Syria The inexperienced fighters in an Arab group battling to take Raqqa back from Islamic State are playing a secondary role to hardened Kurdish militia in the campaign for their home city.

1:16pm EDT

Lebanon scraps law absolving rapists who marry victims

BEIRUT Lebanon's parliament abolished on Wednesday a law that absolves rapists if they marry their victims, joining other Arab states that have repealed "marry-your-rapist" laws in recent weeks.

Lebanon 1:29pm EDT

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