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Bodies, black boxes handed over from Ukraine crash site

DONETSK Ukraine - A train carrying the remains of many of the nearly 300 victims of the Malaysia Airlines plane downed over Ukraine arrived in Ukrainian government territory on Tuesday as a separatist leader handed over the plane's black boxes to Malaysian experts. | Video

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Syrian opposition coalition dissolves interim government

BEIRUT - The Western-backed National Coalition of Syrian opposition members said on Tuesday it had voted to force out its "interim government" and form a new one within a month.

Syria 6:59am EDT

Islamic State crushes and coerces on march towards Baghdad

BAGHDAD - Using its own version of "soft" and "hard" power, the Islamic State is crushing resistance across northern Iraq so successfully that its promise to march on Baghdad may no longer be unrealistic bravado.

Iraq 5:15am EDT

Moscow mayor fires metro chief after fatal accident

MOSCOW - The mayor of Moscow has dismissed the head of the Russian capital's metro network following an accident that killed at least 22 people, the mayor's office said on Tuesday.

6:02am EDT

Myanmar opposition party says 5 million sign petition to change constitution

YANGON - Myanmar's main opposition party says it has collected about five million signatures seeking reduced powers for unelected military members of parliament as the country, which emerged from dictatorship in 2011, moves towards an election next year.

Myanmar 6:09am EDT

South African employer body says accepts government proposal to end strike

JOHANNESBURG - The main employer body in South Africa's metals and engineering federation has accepted a government proposal to raise wages by as much as 10 percent, it said on Tuesday, raising hopes of an end to a strike by more than 200,000 workers.

Africa 6:12am EDT

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