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Warplanes knock out Aleppo hospitals as Russian-backed assault intensifies

BEIRUT Russian or Syrian warplanes knocked two hospitals out of service in the besieged rebel sector of Aleppo on Wednesday and ground forces intensified an assault in a battle which the United Nations said had made the city worse than a slaughterhouse. | Video

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Thailand cracks down on migrant workers as anti-immigration feelings rise

BANGKOK Thailand is cracking down on migrant workers from neighboring countries, saying they are "stealing jobs from Thais", amid fears that anti-immigrant sentiment is rising as Southeast Asia's second-largest economy stagnates. | Video

Arts, Thailand 4:15am EDT

Thousands of Indonesian workers protest against tax amnesty

JAKARTA Thousands of Indonesian union workers marched to the heart of Jakarta on Thursday to protest against a government tax amnesty scheme, which is meant to plug a large budget deficit but which they say unfairly pardons wealthy tax dodgers.

Indonesia 3:57am EDT

Kurdish militants kill three Turkish militia members: sources

DIYARBAKIR, Turkey Kurdish militants killed three members of a state-backed militia in a firefight in southeastern Turkey on Thursday, security sources said.

2:45am EDT

The cost of cheap drugs? Toxic Indian lake is 'superbug hotspot'

HYDERABAD, India Centuries ago, Indian princes would bathe in the cool Kazhipally lake in Medak. Now, even the poorest villagers here in India's baking south point to the barren banks and frothy water and say they avoid going anywhere near it.

Health, United Nations 1:14am EDT

Singapore court sends teen blogger back to jail for criticizing religion

SINGAPORE A Singapore court sentenced 17-year-old blogger Amos Yee to six weeks in jail on Thursday for "wounding religious feelings", his second prison term in a year, reigniting concerns about social controls and censorship in the conservative city-state.

Tech, United Nations 2:22am EDT

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