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Syria's Assad says Western plots against him foiled but war not yet won

AMMAN Syrian President Bashar al-Assad said on Sunday his country had foiled Western designs to topple him but his army had not yet won the fight to end Syria's six-year-old insurgency.

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Anger simmers in Philippines over Duterte's drug war

MANILA Mourners at the funeral of a Philippine man who police shot dead protested his innocence on Sunday, the latest sign of rising anger over President Rodrigo Duterte's bloody campaign to stamp out drugs.

4:57am EDT

Thousands protest in Hong Kong over jailing of democracy activists

HONG KONG Thousands of people took to the streets of Hong Kong on Sunday to protest against the jailing of three young democracy activists, with many questioning the independence of the Chinese-ruled city's judiciary.

8:07am EDT

Austria joins Germany in condemning Erdogan interference

BERLIN Austria has joined neighbor Germany in its criticism of the Turkish President over inflammatory comments ahead of the European Union members' forthcoming elections.

Germany 9:49am EDT

Iraq's Kurds might put off independence vote in return for concessions from Baghdad: official

SULAIMANIYA, Iraq Iraq's Kurds may consider the possibility of postponing a planned Sept. 25 referendum on independence in return for financial and political concessions from the central government in Baghdad, a senior Kurdish official said.

Iraq 7:44am EDT

Russian court rejects Siemens' plea to seize its turbines in Crimea

MOSCOW A Moscow court has rejected a request by Siemens to seize its gas turbines, which have turned up in Crimea contrary to EU sanctions, and to ban their installation ahead of preliminary hearings next month, the court's ruling showed on Sunday.

Russia 9:55am EDT

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