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Islamic State's Egypt wing claims deadliest attacks in months: official Twitter

CAIRO - Islamic State's Egypt wing claimed a series of attacks that killed at least 27 security personnel on Thursday in some of the worst anti-government violence in months, after commemorations around the anniversary of the 2011 uprising turned deadly in the past week. | Video

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U.S.-led air strikes hit Islamic State targets in Syria and Iraq

WASHINGTON - The United States and coalition partners launched six air strikes against Islamic State targets in Syria, and 12 more in Iraq as they kept up pressure on the insurgent group, the U.S. military said on Thursday.

29 Jan 2015

Moscow, Washington discuss possible Kerry visit to Russia: sources

MOSCOW - Moscow and Washington are discussing a possible visit to Russia by U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry to discuss the Ukraine crisis, diplomatic sources say.

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Babies found alive in rubble after truck blast rips through Mexico hospital

MEXICO CITY - A gas truck explosion ripped through a maternity hospital on the western edge of Mexico City on Thursday, killing one woman and two children and injuring dozens, authorities said, with several babies found alive in the rubble. | Video

Mexico 29 Jan 2015

Exclusive: U.S. armed drone program in Yemen facing intelligence gaps

WASHINGTON - The United States is facing increasing difficulty acquiring intelligence needed to run its stealth drone program in Yemen, undermining a campaign against the most lethal branch of al Qaeda after Houthi rebels seized control of parts of the country’s security apparatus, U.S. officials say.

Yemen 29 Jan 2015

Man wielding pistol arrested at Dutch national broadcaster

AMSTERDAM - A 19-year-old Dutchman with a pistol forced his way into the studios of the national broadcaster NOS on Thursday demanding to be allowed to go on air, but was quickly arrested, officials said. | Video

2:09am EST

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