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Drowned migrant boys buried as Hungary warns of 'mass inflow' of refugees

KOBANI, Syria/BUDAPEST - - A Syrian father on Friday buried his wife and two little boys, drowned as they tried to flee to Europe, while Hungary's right-wing leader told Europeans they risk becoming a minority on their own continent. | Video

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Ahead of Greek election, Syriza's 'lost generation' deserts Tsipras

ATHENS - So divided has Syriza's youth wing become over the direction of Greece's leftist party, that when its council planned to convene at the end of August, the meeting was abandoned. Too many of its 71 members were on the point of quitting.

Greece 12:12pm EDT

Islamic State blows up tower tombs in Syria's Palmyra: antiquities chief

DAMASCUS - Islamic State has blown up three ancient funeral towers in the ancient city of Palmyra, Syria's antiquities chief said on Friday, continuing the destruction of a World Heritage site that UNESCO has condemned as a war crime.

Syria 9:23am EDT

Support for Merkel drops over handling of refugee crisis

BERLIN - German Chancellor Angela Merkel's popularity has dropped abruptly over her handling of Europe's refugee crisis, a poll for ARD television network showed.

Cameron wins Spain's backing for EU reform drive

MADRID - David Cameron won Spain's support on Friday for his campaign for European Union reforms before a British referendum on membership, with his counterpart in Madrid, Mariano Rajoy, saying a British EU exit would be "unthinkable".

Spain 12:22pm EDT

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