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China condemns cyberattacks, but says no proof North Korea hacked Sony

BEIJING/WASHINGTON - China said on Monday it opposed all forms of cyberattacks but there was no proof that North Korea was responsible for the hacking of Sony Pictures, as the United States has said.

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Garbage truck ploughs into Christmas shoppers in Glasgow, kills several

LONDON - A rubbish truck careered along a pavement crowded with Christmas shoppers in a busy shopping street in Glasgow on Monday killing several people, police said.

11:54am EST

Al Jazeera suspends Egypt channel as Doha, Cairo mull closer ties

CAIRO - Qatari-owned Al Jazeera suspended broadcast of its Egypt-focused channel on Monday, citing a product restructuring, as Doha and Cairo seek to mend ties that deteriorated last year after the army toppled elected Islamist President Mohamed Mursi.

12:24pm EST

Cameroon army says dismantles Boko Haram training camp

YAOUNDE - Cameroon's army has dismantled a training camp for the Boko Haram Islamist group, arresting or killing dozens of militants and seizing 84 children who were being trained there, the army said on Monday.

Africa 12:10pm EST

Italy says breaks up neo-fascist group suspected of planning attacks

ROME - Italian police on Monday arrested 14 people they said were members of a neo-fascist movement that was planning attacks on politicians, prosecutors and the police.

Italy 11:41am EST

Five killed as Libyan forces and Islamist fighters clash in Benghazi

BENGHAZI, Libya - At least five people were killed and 35 wounded in clashes between Libyan pro-government forces and Islamist fighters in Benghazi, medics and military officials said.

Libya 11:31am EST

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