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U.S.-Israeli tensions rise as hostilities in Gaza subside

GAZA/JERUSALEM - Israel sees no need for another Gaza ceasefire, an Israeli official was quoted as saying on Monday, as tensions between Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's government and Washington flared over U.S. mediation to end the almost three-week-old war. | Video

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Associate of dead South Korea ferry boss arrested, children due to give evidence

ANSAN South Korea - A close associate of the man whose web of business holdings included a ferry that sank and killed more than 300 people in April was arrested on Monday, a week after the ferry owner's badly decomposed body was identified.

27 Jul 2014

Sri Lankan asylum seekers arrive in Australia after weeks held at sea

SYDNEY - A group of 157 Sri Lankan asylum seekers who were held at sea by Australian authorities for almost a month, sparking a legal challenge against their detention, have arrived at a detention camp on mainland Australia, government officials said on Monday.

As U.S. kicks off crude exports, Iran casts a shadow in Asia

SINGAPORE - The United States faces an awkward rival in its first attempts in 40 years to export crude oil - Iran.

27 Jul 2014

Satellites and seafood: China keeps fishing fleet connected in disputed waters

TANMEN China - On China's southern Hainan island, a fishing boat captain shows a Reuters reporter around his aging vessel. He has one high-tech piece of kit, however: a satellite navigation system that gives him a direct link to the Chinese coastguard should he run into bad weather or a Philippine or Vietnamese patrol ship when he's fishing in the disputed South China Sea. | Video

Aruba frees Venezuela ex-general sought by U.S. over drugs

CARACAS - A former Venezuelan military intelligence head detained on the Caribbean island of Aruba over U.S accusations of drug-trafficking was released and flew home on Sunday.

Venezuela 27 Jul 2014

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