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Michele Bachmann

  • Status: 
  • Current Title: Congresswoman for the Minnesota 6th
  • Party Affiliation: 
  • Age: 
  • Birthplace: Waterloo, IA
  • Religion: Lutheran
  • Alma Mater: Winona State University (BA), Oral Roberts University (JD), College of William & Mary Law School (LLM)
  • Website: http://www.michelebachmann.com

A Tea Party stalwart, Michele Bachmann is a Minnesota Congresswoman who was elected to the House of Representatives in 2006. She created a buzz before the 2008 election when she said Obama "may have anti-American views". A former federal tax attorney, her attacks on the Obama administration during the 2010 congressional elections propelled her to prominence in the Tea Party movement.

She identifies as a born-again Christian who believes in core conservative principles on social issues like abortion and gay marriage. An advocate of limited government, she has said the Federal Reserve’s quantitative easing programs to boost the economy would be a “terrible, grievous” error.

The founder of the House Tea Party caucus, she vowed to oppose any debt agreement legislation to extend the nation's debt limit in exchange for deep spending cuts. She is a fierce opponent of the Obama administration’s healthcare legislation.

She and her husband Marcus have 5 biological children and have fostered 23 other children.

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Bachmann on the Issues

  • Bachmann has an 11-point blueprint for job creation that calls for repealing the healthcare overhaul and financial regulation signed by Obama in 2010, cutting the number of tax brackets, and giving a $1.2 trillion tax holiday to American companies overseas.

  • Bachmann has said building a border fence between the U.S. and Mexico would be her first priority. "As president of the United States, every mile, every yard, every foot, every inch will be covered on that southern border," Bachmann said while campaigning in South Carolina.

  • Bachmann is a Tea Party advocate and founder of the conservative moment's caucus in Congress. A small group of "Occupy" protesters disrupted Bachmann's speech aboard the USS Yorktown in South Carolina on Nov. 11, accusing her of "dividing Americans" and promoting discrimination. Bachmann later called the protestors “ignorant and disrespectful.”

  • Bachmann would work to lift restrictions on off-shore drilling and increase access to oil and natural gas on the Outer Continental Shelf. She would also stop the Environmental Protection Agency's cap-and-trade, end this “Job Killing Agency’s” threats against the growing domestic shale gas industry, and end the threat of tax increases for energy explorers and producers.

  • Bachmann opposes gay marriage and legal abortion – she has pledged as president to nominate judges who she believes will overturn Roe v. Wade -- and supports the right to bear arms.

  • Bachmann says Social Security should remain unchanged for Americans 65 years and older. For younger Americans, however, she believes the system should be reformed to allow individuals to be able to invest their Social Security taxes in private accounts.

  • Bachmann says it's time to draw a line in the sand and stop increasing the debt load on the nation and future generations. She has vowed to "stand firm" against any increase in the U.S. debt ceiling.

  • Bachmann says the United States is at war with radical Islamic extremism. She says she would "stand on the side of Israel" and would ensure that Iran never has a nuclear weapon. She vows to commit the resources necessary to protect the nation but says even the military's budget must be examined for places where the United States can do more or at least the same with less. She believes the country must never put troops in harm's way unless there is a clear, vital U.S. interest at stake and a clear mission.

  • Bachmann says she won't rest until Obama's healthcare reform is repealed and would push for greater competition in the healthcare market, which she says would result in both lower prices and better outcomes. She would also work "to unleash the power of medical innovation" and personal choice.

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