Nelson Mandela

South African officials arrested over Mandela memorial 'fraud'


JOHANNESBURG - Six senior South African government officials were arrested on Monday for alleged fraud relating to the memorial service in December of former president Nelson Mandela, police said.

South Africa marks 20 years of freedom ahead of election

PRETORIA - South Africa marked two decades of multi-racial democracy on Sunday, still feeling the loss of Nelson Mandela and in somber mood just 10 days before elections which are expected to keep the African National Congress (ANC) party in power.

World, Africa 27 Apr 2014

Analysis: Decade after debt relief, Africa's rush to borrow stirs concern

JOHANNESBURG - Nearly a decade after Nelson Mandela and anti-poverty activists Bono and Bob Geldof persuaded the rich world to forgive Africa's crushing debts, many countries' debt levels are creeping up again, which could undermine the region's growth boom.

World, IMF, Africa 18 Mar 2014

Nelson Mandela leaves $4 million estate to family, staff, ANC

JOHANNESBURG - Former South African president and anti-apartheid hero Nelson Mandela left his $4.1 million estate to family members, the ruling African National Congress, former staff and several local schools, according to a reading of his will on Monday.

World, Africa 03 Feb 2014

Hare in Mandela's ear leaves South African government hopping mad

JOHANNESBURG - South Africa's government is up in arms over a bronze rabbit crafted inside the ear of a large statue of former president Nelson Mandela unveiled last month.

World, Africa 23 Jan 2014

Cuba, United States meet on migration in latest sign of a thaw

HAVANA - Officials from the United States and Cuba met in Havana on Thursday to discuss longstanding migration accords in the latest sign of a new collaborative spirit between the Cold War foes.

Africa, Politics, U.S., Cuba, 09 Jan 2014

Fidel Castro hails brother for Obama handshake

HAVANA - Fidel Castro praised his brother, Cuban President Raul Castro, on Thursday for shaking hands with U.S. President Barack Obama at a memorial for Nelson Mandela, saying he demonstrated courtesy and dignity with the gesture.

Politics, World, Cuba, 19 Dec 2013

Day after burial, S. Africa unveils Mandela 'unity' statue

PRETORIA - A nine-meter (30-foot) bronze statue of Nelson Mandela with his arms outstretched to symbolize unity and reconciliation was unveiled in South Africa on Monday, a day after the nation buried the former president and anti-apartheid hero. | Video

World, Africa 16 Dec 2013

Analysis: Mandela gone, South Africa must look to itself

QUNU, South Africa - Only a few hours after Nelson Mandela's burial, the skies over South Africa's Eastern Cape grew dark as a storm rolled in, a powerful but, according to locals, positive omen for a young democracy deprived of its founding father. | Video

World, 16 Dec 2013

South Africa buries 'greatest son' Mandela

QUNU, South Africa - South Africa buried Nelson Mandela on Sunday, leaving the multi-racial democracy he founded without its living inspiration and still striving for the "Rainbow Nation" ideal of shared prosperity he had dreamed of. | Video

World, People, 16 Dec 2013