Afghanistan expected to send defense minister to NATO summit

BRUSSELS - Afghanistan is expected to send its defense minister to a NATO summit in Wales this week, NATO officials said on Monday, after a political crisis dashed hopes that a newly-elected president could make his debut on the international stage there.

Afghan talks on unity government collapse; crisis deepens

KABUL - Talks on a power-sharing deal between Afghanistan's rival presidential candidates have collapsed, a top leader said on Monday, rekindling fears of ethnic unrest over disputed election results.

World, United Nations 3:45pm EDT

Taliban suicide bombers hit Afghan intelligence agency

JALALABAD Afghanistan - Taliban suicide bombs hit an office of the Afghan intelligence agency in an eastern city on Saturday, killing six people, and insurgents shot dead another 11 in the west, in an upsurge of violence as foreign combat troops prepare to withdraw from the country. | Video

World, 30 Aug 2014

U.N. says 'not possible' to finish Afghan vote audit by September 2

KABUL - Afghanistan's U.N. representative told President Hamid Karzai on Thursday that the audit of a disputed election would not be finished by Sept. 2, when Karzai had hoped to see a new leader inaugurated.

World, United Nations 28 Aug 2014

U.S. moves prisoners from Afghanistan to Pakistan, Yemen

WASHINGTON - The United States has moved 11 new prisoners out of a military prison near the Afghan capital, the Pentagon said on Wednesday, as the Obama administration seeks to shut down a controversial detainee program in Afghanistan ahead of its troop withdrawal.

World, 27 Aug 2014

Afghan election audit disrupted as candidates declare walk-out

KABUL - Afghanistan's disputed presidential election veered further off course on Wednesday after both candidates withdrew their observers from a U.N.-supervised audit of votes that was meant to resolve the crisis.

World, United Nations 27 Aug 2014

Afghan candidate Ghani pulls observers from election audit

KABUL - Afghan presidential candidate Ashraf Ghani pulled his observers from a U.N.-supervised audit of votes on Wednesday after rival candidate Abdullah Abdullah dropped out of the process, a senior member of Ghani's team said.

World, United Nations 27 Aug 2014

Afghan forces battle for control of symbolic Kunduz province

KABUL - Afghan security forces are battling the Taliban for control of the northern province of Kunduz, where insurgents are threatening to overrun the capital and terrorizing residents who have fled to nearby districts.

World, 27 Aug 2014

Afghan president will not attend NATO summit next week: spokesman

KABUL - President Hamid Karzai will not attend a key NATO summit next week because of his disagreements with Washington over Afghan security needs after most foreign troops leave his country at the end of 2014, his spokesman said on Tuesday.

World, 26 Aug 2014

Afghan candidate threatens to pull out of election process

KABUL - One of two candidates competing to succeed Afghan leader Hamid Karzai threatened on Tuesday to pull out of a U.N.-backed audit of a disputed presidential election, undermining a process meant to defuse a volatile standoff between the contenders.

World, United Nations 26 Aug 2014