New Afghan Taliban leader appeals for unity in first public message


DERA ISMAIL KHAN/ PESHAWAR, Pakistan - The new Afghan Taliban leader appealed for unity in the insurgency in his first public message released on Saturday amid reports his predecessor's family members opposed his selection.

Accused Russian Taliban depicted in U.S. court as assault mastermind

RICHMOND, Va. - Accused Taliban fighter Irek Hamidullin, the first military prisoner from Afghanistan to be tried in U.S. federal court, was portrayed by prosecutors and testimony Friday as the commander behind an attack on U.S. and Afghan forces six years ago near the Pakistan border.

World, U.S. 31 Jul 2015

White House says circumstances of Taliban leader's death remain uncertain

WASHINGTON - The White House said on Friday the U.S. intelligence community has confirmed the death of Afghan Taliban leader Mullah Omar, but the circumstances of his death remain uncertain.

World, 31 Jul 2015

Los Angeles police return Afghan immigrants' lost wedding album

LOS ANGELES - Los Angeles airport police used Facebook to track down an Afghan immigrant couple who accidentally left their wedding album at the international terminal last year, leading to a ceremonial presentation this week of the long-lost memento, an official said on Friday.

31 Jul 2015

Exclusive: Walkout at Taliban leadership meeting raises specter of split

PESHAWAR, Pakistan - At the Taliban meeting this week where Mullah Akhtar Mohammad Mansour was named as the Islamist militant group's new head, several senior figures in the movement, including the son and brother of late leader Mullah Omar, walked out in protest.

World 31 Jul 2015

Reports of Haqqani network founder's death, but family denies

WANA/PESHAWAR, Pakistan - Family members on Friday denied reports of the death of Jalaluddin Haqqani, founder of the fearsome Haqqani militant network blamed for some of Afghanistan's deadliest suicide attacks.

World, 31 Jul 2015

A Hungarian fence creates new front in Europe's migrant crisis

SUBOTICA, Serbia - Swifts darted in and out of nesting holes in the scrubland around an old brick factory in northern Serbia. In the shade of the trees, Syrians and Afghans rested amid the rubbish of those who came before them, waiting for nightfall to walk across the nearby Hungarian border and into the European Union. | Video

World, Syria 30 Jul 2015

Afghan Taliban name a new leader, but peace talks delayed

PESHAWAR, Pakistan - The Taliban have chosen late supreme leader Mullah Omar's longtime deputy to replace him, two militant commanders said on Thursday, as Pakistan announced that peace talks between the insurgents and the Afghan government had been postponed. | Video

World 30 Jul 2015

Afghan Taliban appoint Mansour as leader: Taliban sources

PESHAWAR, Pakistan - The Afghan Taliban have appointed Akhtar Mohammad Mansour as leader of the insurgency, two Afghan commanders present at a meeting of the militant movement's most senior figures said on Thursday, following reports that Mullah Omar is dead.

World, 30 Jul 2015

Taliban disavows Afghan peace talks after leader declared dead

KABUL - The Taliban's official spokesman disavowed peace talks with the Afghan government on Thursday, throwing fledgling efforts to negotiate an end to 14 years of war into disarray.

World, 30 Jul 2015