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Pakistan arrests 'Afghan Girl' from iconic photo, on ID fraud charge


ISLAMABAD Pakistani authorities on Wednesday arrested the green-eyed Afghan woman who became a symbol of her country's wars 30 years ago when her photo as a girl appeared on the cover of National Geographic magazine, her family said.

U.S. says two top al Qaeda leaders in Afghanistan targeted in strikes

WASHINGTON The United States carried out strikes in Afghanistan on Sunday targeting two of al Qaeda's most senior leaders in the country, the Pentagon said on Wednesday.

World Oct 26 2016

Afghan women seek to rebuild palace destroyed by men

LONDON (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Men turned it to ruins. Now women aim to help restore Afghanistan's iconic Darul Aman Palace to its former glory.

World, Oct 26 2016

European Union reaches out to Iran over Afghan refugees

TEHRAN Promises of more help for Afghan refugees made by the European Union aid chief on his visit to Iran this month were not enough to dissuade Mariam Haidari from wanting to head to Europe.

World, Oct 26 2016

Dozens of civilians abducted and killed in Afghanistan

HERAT, Afghanistan Gunmen rounded up and shot dozens of civilians in a remote part of Afghanistan on Tuesday, UN officials said, in an attack that prompted angry protests from residents about government failure to protect them.

World, United Nations Oct 26 2016

Afghan authorities say they foiled plot to attack Indian consulate

KABUL Afghan authorities have arrested two men who were planning to attack the Indian consulate in the city of Jalalabad and seized bomb-making equipment, the National Directorate for Security said on Wednesday.

World, Oct 26 2016

Taliban attack Afghan provincial center, cut highway

KABUL Taliban fighters on Wednesday cut the highway linking the Afghan capital to the southern city of Kandahar, following an attack on the main town of Wardak province to the west of Kabul, officials said.

World, Oct 26 2016

U.S. air strikes spike as Afghans struggle against Taliban, Islamic State

KABUL American air strikes in Afghanistan this year have already significantly surpassed the total number conducted in 2015, a stark indicator of the United States' struggle to extricate itself from the conflict and stick to its declared "non-combat" mission. 

World, Oct 26 2016

Afghan leaders trade barbs as government splits widen

KABUL Divisions at the top of Afghanistan's government deepened on Tuesday after President Ashraf Ghani was forced to reject accusations by his own vice president that he was favoring members of his Pashtun ethnic group.

World, Oct 25 2016

Aid agencies struggle to assist wave of returning Afghan refugees

TORKHAM, Afghanistan Perched on top of lumbering trucks overflowing with all their possessions, Afghan families are streaming back to their home country at unprecedented rates, leaving international organizations scrambling to provide aid as winter approaches. | Video

World, United Nations Oct 24 2016