Polar bear DNA found from tracks in snow, in conservation step

OSLO - Polar bear DNA has been isolated for the first time from footprints left in the snow on an Arctic island, a breakthrough that could help scientists better protect rare and endangered wild animals, experts said on Tuesday.

Warming aids Arctic economies but far short of 'cold rush'

OSLO, - Climate change is aiding shipping, fisheries and tourism in the Arctic but the economic gains fall short of a "cold rush" for an icy region where temperatures are rising twice as fast as the world average.

Environment, Russia 28 Aug 2014

Arctic oil well blowout could spread more than 1,000 km: WWF study

CALGARY Alberta - Oil from a spill or oil well blowout in the Arctic waters of Canada's Beaufort Sea could easily become trapped in sea ice and potentially spread more than 1,000 kilometers to the west coast of Alaska, a World Wildlife Fund study showed on Friday.

25 Jul 2014

EU's planned sanctions against Russia to hit South Stream, Yamal LNG

LONDON/BRUSSELS - The European Union's proposed sanctions against Russia, targeting sensitive technology, take aim at Gazprom's huge South Stream gas pipeline project to Europe and Novatek's Arctic Yamal liquefied natural gas (LNG) facility.

World, Russia 24 Jul 2014

Canadian diamond legend Fipke sells remaining stakes in Ekati mine

- Charles "Chuck" Fipke, one of the founders of Canada's first diamond mine, Ekati, is selling his remaining stakes in the Arctic mine for $67 million, purchaser Dominion Diamond Corp said on Wednesday.

09 Jul 2014

Emperor penguin population to slide due Antarctic climate change

OSLO, - Global warming will cut Antarctica's 600,000-strong emperor penguin population by at least a fifth by 2100 as the sea ice on which the birds breed becomes less secure, a study said on Sunday.

29 Jun 2014

Belgian, Canadian first to circle Greenland ice sheet

BRUSSELS - A Belgian and a Canadian have became the first people to circle the Greenland ice sheet, covering an Arctic record 4,000 kilometres (2,485 miles) in 55 days by using kites to pull their sleds and skis.

Japan shrugs off embarrassing court loss, vows resumption of Antarctic whaling

TOKYO - An embarrassing court ruling that halted Japan's Antarctic whaling will actually help Tokyo take whales in the name of science, a top whaling official said just a day after the prime minister vowed to press for commercial whaling.

Environment, Japan 10 Jun 2014

Mineral site key to Antarctica's history gets protected status

SYDNEY - Antarctica pact partners have set up a new protected geological site on the frozen continent in a bid to preserve rare minerals that could shed light on the region's history and evolution over millions of years.

Science, Environment 05 Jun 2014

Greenpeace ship arrives at Arctic drill site, Statoil rig just hours away

OSLO - A Greenpeace ship arrived on Thursday at the Arctic site where Norway's Statoil is planning to drill the world's most northerly oil well, with the company's rig just hours away from its destination.

29 May 2014

Ukraine rebels say they are poised to recapture Donetsk airport

BRUSSELS/DONETSK Ukraine - EU officials proposed sanctions on Tuesday to starve Russian firms of cash as punishment for Moscow's role in Ukraine, where rebels said they were storming Donetsk airport, potentially their biggest prize since turning the war's tide last week. | Video