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Exclusive: Norway plans tax breaks for remotest Arctic oilfields - letters

OSLO Norway's government plans to make taxpayers rather than oil companies pay special U.N. fees for any offshore production from remote Arctic regions, according to letters sent to oil firms and seen by Reuters.

Arctic Ocean thaw helps Russian shipping as old ice blows west

OSLO Russian shipping in the Arctic is benefiting from winds that are driving the oldest and thickest sea ice towards North America, further opening a remote region that is thawing amid global warming, scientists say.

Arctic fjords help Russia combat fish shortage problems

(This version of story removes erroneous paragraph 9 in 10th August story that referred to processing plant turning the fish into fillets and steaks)

Environment, Russia Aug 11 2017

Scientists find sunscreen potential in Antarctic plants

SANTIAGO Scientists in Chile have discovered molecules in two species of Antarctic flowers that protect the plants from solar radiation and could potentially be used in products such as sunscreen for humans and protection for vulnerable crops.

Health, Science Jul 27 2017

Greenpeace activists protest near oil rig in Norway's Arctic sea area

OSLO Environmental activists protested on Friday near an offshore rig contracted by Statoil in the remote Norwegian Arctic, where the firm is looking for oil and gas deposits.

Jul 21 2017

Giant iceberg breaks off Antarctica

(This July 12 story corrects name of vessel in eighth paragraph and year it sank) | Video

Environment, Science Jul 13 2017

Wednesday Morning Briefing

Donald Trump Jr.'s meeting with a woman he was told was a Russian government lawyer who had incriminating information about Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton that could help his father's presidential campaign could lead investigators to probe whether he violated U.S. election law, experts said. The Federal Election Campaign Act makes it illegal for a foreign national to contribute to a U.S. political campaign. The campaign is also prohibited from soliciting such contributions. A contribution

Scientists rescue samples of melting Bolivian glacier for posterity

ILLIMANI MOUNTAIN, Bolivia A team of international scientists are transporting samples of ice from a melting glacier in Bolivia to Antarctica, for study and preservation before the glacier disappears. | Video

Science, Environment Jun 22 2017

Giant iceberg like 'niggling tooth' set to crack off Antarctica

OSLO One of the biggest icebergs on record is like a "niggling tooth" about to snap off Antarctica and will be an extra hazard for ships around the frozen continent as it breaks up, scientists said on Wednesday.

Jun 21 2017

Norway offers record number of blocks for Arctic oil exploration

OSLO Norway offered a record number of blocks for oil and gas exploration in the Arctic Barents Sea on Wednesday, brushing off concerns about the risks of drilling in the remote, icy environment.

Jun 21 2017

At U.N., Trump warns U.S. may have to "totally destroy" North Korea

UNITED NATIONS U.S. President Donald Trump warned on Tuesday that the United States will be forced to "totally destroy" North Korea unless Pyongyang backs down from its nuclear standoff, mocking North Korean leader Kim Jong Un as a "rocket man" on a suicide mission.