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After warming fast, part of Antarctica gets a chill: study


OSLO The Antarctic Peninsula, among the fastest warming places on Earth last century, has since cooled due to natural swings in the local climate, scientists said on Wednesday, adding that the respite from the thaw is likely to be brief. | Video

Finland auctions vintage Soviet cars dumped by migrants at Arctic border

HELSINKI Finland on Friday auctioned off scores of vintage albeit ramshackle Soviet-era cars abandoned by asylum-seekers who used them to cross the country's desolate Arctic border from Russia.

Jul 15 2016

U.S. finalizes Arctic energy development regulation

WASHINGTON The U.S. Department of Interior on Thursday unveiled its final regulations on drilling in the U.S. Arctic Outer Continental Shelf to boost safety in the environmentally sensitive region.

Jul 07 2016

An igloo with a view ... Australians go to the polls in Antarctica

SYDNEY In an igloo overlooking Vincennes Bay, Antarctica, 27 Australians did their democratic duty and cast ballots on Friday, the day before the rest of the nation votes in a general election.

World, Australia Jul 01 2016

Film links melting glaciers, land loss in Bangladesh

UNITED NATIONS (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Melting ice in Antarctica puts as many as 30 million people in Bangladesh at risk of losing their homes over the coming century, according to a new documentary focused on the human cost of climate change.

Environment, Film Jun 14 2016

In Greenland, some suggest the unthinkable - rejoin the EU

NUUK, Greenland Three decades after Greenland exited what is now the European Union, some of its politicians and business leaders say the vast Arctic territory should consider rejoining because of its slowness to diversify the economy away from fish.

Jun 14 2016

Antarctic seas defy global warming thanks to chill from the deep

OSLO A persistent chill in the ocean off Antarctica that defies the global warming blamed for melting Arctic ice at the other end of the planet is caused by cold waters welling up from the depths after hundreds of years, scientists said on Monday.

Shrinking Arctic bird suffers double hit from global warming: study

OSLO Red knots, a type of bird that makes one of the longest annual migrations, are shrinking because climate change in their Arctic nesting grounds makes life harder during their winters in Africa, scientists say.

May 12 2016

China wants ships to use faster Arctic route opened by global warming

BEIJING China will encourage ships flying its flag to take the Northwest Passage via the Arctic Ocean, a route opened up by global warming, to cut travel times between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, a state-run newspaper said on Wednesday.

Environment, China Apr 20 2016

Crop Trust boosts funds, urges private sector to help safeguard seed varieties

OSLO The Crop Trust, which runs a so-called doomsday seed vault in the Arctic, secured a doubling of its core funds on Friday and urged the private sector to do more to safeguard commercial food production.

Apr 15 2016

Second French church attacker was known to police: sources

PARIS/SAINT-ETIENNE-DU-ROUVRAY, France The second teenager involved in the killing of a priest in a church in France this week was a 19-year-old who was known to security services as a potential Islamist militant, police and judicial sources said on Thursday. | Video