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Polar sea ice the size of India vanishes in record heat


OSLO Sea ice off Antarctica and in the Arctic is at record lows for this time of year after declining by twice the size of Alaska in a sign of rising global temperatures, climate scientists say.

Largest all-female expedition braves Antarctica to fight inequality, climate change

LONDON (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - The largest all-female expedition to Antarctica, comprising 76 scientists, is due to set sail from Argentina on Friday in a quest to promote women in science and highlight the impact of climate change on the planet.

Environment, Argentina Nov 30 2016

Obama administration bars new oil exploration in Arctic waters

WASHINGTON The Obama administration on Friday blocked new exploration for oil and gas in Arctic waters, in a win for environmental groups that had fought development of the ecologically fragile region.

Investors call for moratorium on Arctic high seas oil & gas activity

LONDON A group of investors representing more than 5 trillion euros ($5.53 trillion) in assets under management have called on oil and gas companies to observe an unlimited moratorium on activity in the Arctic high seas.

Nov 07 2016

Arctic sea ice retreat pinned to individuals' emissions: study

MARRAKESH, Morocco Drive your car 4,000 km (2,500 miles) and its greenhouse gas emissions will melt three square meters (32 square feet) of ice on the Arctic Ocean, according to a study on Thursday that found a direct link between carbon dioxide and the shrinking ice.

Nov 03 2016

World's largest marine park created in Antarctic Ocean

SYDNEY Twenty-four countries and the European Union agreed on Friday to create the world's largest marine park in the Antarctic Ocean, covering a massive 1.55 million square km (600,000 square miles) of ocean. | Video

Environment, World Oct 28 2016

U.S. hopeful it can win Russia's agreement on Antarctic Ocean deal

PALO ALTO, Calif. After repeated failed attempts to establish an Antarctic Ocean sanctuary, the United States is hopeful it can sway Russia to agree to a plan that would protect a vast swath of what marine scientists call the most pristine body of water left on Earth. | Video

Environment, Russia Oct 21 2016

Norway dashes Finland's hopes of mountain peak as a gift

OSLO Norway's Prime Minister has dashed Finland's hopes of getting an Arctic mountain peak as a gift on its 100-year anniversary, saying there were constitutional problems in re-drawing the border between the two countries.

World, Norway Oct 14 2016

Uncharted waters: Mega-cruise ships sail the Arctic

SVALBARD, Norway A surge in Arctic tourism is bringing ever bigger cruise ships to the formerly isolated, ice-bound region, prompting calls for a clamp-down to prevent Titanic-style accidents and the pollution of fragile eco-systems.

Oct 10 2016

As Norway's Arctic draws visitors, more polar bears get shot

ON BOARD THE POLARSYSSEL More polar bears are being shot dead on Norway's remote Arctic islands, where dangerous encounters with humans are getting more frequent as visitors increase and global warming melts the sea ice on which the creatures roam. | Video

Sep 28 2016

Rebels seek ceasefire with Syrian army closer to retaking Aleppo

BEIRUT Syrian rebels in besieged eastern Aleppo called on Wednesday for an immediate five-day ceasefire and the evacuation of civilians and wounded, but gave no indication they were ready to withdraw as demanded by Damascus and Moscow. | Video