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Shrinking Arctic bird suffers double hit from global warming: study


OSLO Red knots, a type of bird that makes one of the longest annual migrations, are shrinking because climate change in their Arctic nesting grounds makes life harder during their winters in Africa, scientists say.

China wants ships to use faster Arctic route opened by global warming

BEIJING China will encourage ships flying its flag to take the Northwest Passage via the Arctic Ocean, a route opened up by global warming, to cut travel times between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, a state-run newspaper said on Wednesday.

Environment, China Apr 20 2016

Crop Trust boosts funds, urges private sector to help safeguard seed varieties

OSLO The Crop Trust, which runs a so-called doomsday seed vault in the Arctic, secured a doubling of its core funds on Friday and urged the private sector to do more to safeguard commercial food production.

Apr 15 2016

Climate forecasts underestimate sea-rise impact of Antarctic thaw: study

OSLO Sea levels could rise 50 cm (20 inches) more this century than had been expected, according to a report published on Wednesday which found that Antarctic ice will melt faster than previously thought.

Mar 30 2016

Japan whaling fleet returns from Antarctic hunt with 333 whales

TOKYO Japan's whaling fleet returned on Thursday from its Antarctic hunt after a year-long suspension with a take of more than 300 whales, including pregnant females.

Environment, Japan Mar 24 2016

Exhausted by 40 desert marathons, Australian says: 'Save water'

OSLO Exhausted after wearing out eight pairs of shoes in 40 marathons across deserts from Antarctica to the United States, Australian Mina Guli hopes her runs will inspire other people to safeguard the planet's fresh water supplies.

Mar 23 2016

Finland and Russia agree on temporary border restrictions

HELSINKI Russia and Finland agreed on Tuesday to impose temporary restrictions at two Arctic border crossing points following an increased flow of asylum seekers from Russia to Finland earlier this year.

World, Russia Mar 22 2016

Miners trapped after accident in Russia's Arctic pronounced dead

MOSCOW The 26 miners who were trapped in a Russian coal mine above the Arctic circle have died and rescue operations have been halted after a third blast underground killed several rescue workers, emergency services said on Sunday.

World, Russia Feb 28 2016

Twenty six missing in mining accident in Russia's Arctic

MOSCOW Twenty six miners were missing and four confirmed dead after an accident on Thursday at a coal mine above the Arctic circle owned by a subsidiary of Severstal, Russian prosecutors said on Friday.

World, Russia Feb 26 2016

Gas from thawing permafrost could add further to global warming, study says

NEW YORK (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Arctic permafrost that is thawing due to global warming is releasing greenhouse gases, further compounding the problem of climate change, according to a study released on Thursday.

Feb 25 2016

Japan PM protests Okinawa crime to Obama, who promises cooperation

ISE-SHIMA, Japan Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe protested to U.S. President Barack Obama on Wednesday about the killing of a young woman in Okinawa which has reignited resentment of the heavy U.S. military presence on the southern Japanese island. | Video