Australia, wary of regional instability, eyes closer U.S. security ties

SYDNEY - Australia will seek to broaden and deepen its security alliance with the United States in the decades ahead as the rise of China and other Asia-Pacific powers risks fuelling instability in the region, Australia's defense minister said on Thursday.

Police drop terror charge against Australian teenager

SYDNEY - Australian police on Tuesday dropped a terrorism related charge against a teenage boy who was accused of planning an Islamic State inspired attack at a national remembrance day parade.

World, Tony Abbott 24 Aug 2015

Australia detains seven men suspected of trying to join militants

SYDNEY - Authorities have detained seven young Australian men as they were attempting to fly to the Middle East, Prime Minister Tony Abbott said on Thursday, over suspicions they wanted to join militant Islamist groups.

World, Tony Abbott 20 Aug 2015

Australia says French-led inspection of wing piece from MH370 complete

- An initial inspection of a wing piece from Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 is complete, Australian authorities said on Wednesday, raising expectations that new details about the jetliner that vanished in March 2014 could be released shortly.

World, 19 Aug 2015

Australia ruling party blocks members from voting for gay marriage

SYDNEY - Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott's conservative coalition government on Tuesday blocked its members from voting in favor of gay marriage, a politically risky move that effectively rules out a marriage equality bill passing under his government.

World, Tony Abbott 11 Aug 2015

Swedish plan to question Assange at Ecuador embassy in UK stalled

STOCKHOLM - Swedish prosecutors' plan to question WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange at Ecuador's embassy in London has stalled as Ecuador has demanded Sweden give him asylum as a condition of the meeting, a Swedish official said on Friday.

World, WikiLeaks, 07 Aug 2015

Australia reveals over 600 asylum seekers turned back at sea

SYDNEY - Australia has turned around more than 600 asylum seekers trying to reach its shores on 20 separate boats since enacting controversial new border controls in December 2013, Immigration Minister Peter Dutton said on Thursday.

Australia says initial MH370 debris drift models gave wrong clues

SYDNEY - Initial models of where potential debris from a missing Malaysia Airlines passenger jet might first wash up had incorrectly identified Indonesia as the most likely location, the Australian body leading the search said on Wednesday.

AC/DC's Rudd remanded on bail for breach of home detention rules

WELLINGTON - Phil Rudd, the Australian-born former drummer for rock band AC/DC, was remanded on bail by a New Zealand court on Monday for breaching the conditions of his home detention, media reported.

World, Entertainment, People, 02 Aug 2015

Plane debris washing up thousands of kilometers away has precedent

SYDNEY - For Australian boating enthusiast Stephen Knight, the news of plane debris washing up on the French island of Reunion in the Indian Ocean this week didn't come as a surprise.


Libyan drownings, truck of corpses drive up migrant toll

EISENSTADT, Austria/TRIPOLI - Austria said on Friday 71 refugees, including a baby girl, were found dead in an abandoned freezer truck, while Libya recovered the bodies of 105 migrants washed ashore after their overcrowded boat sank on its way to Europe. Almost 100 more were missing and feared dead. | Video