African nations and donors agree plan to protect Congo forests


OSLO - Six African nations have agreed with donors on a plan to protect the tropical forests of the Congo basin, the second biggest in the world after the Amazon's, to help ease poverty and combat climate change.

French court orders seizure of properties tied to Congo president's family

PARIS - French judges have ordered the seizure of properties tied to the family of Republic of Congo's President Denis Sassou Nguesso in an investigation over suspected ill-gotten wealth, a source at the prosecutor's office said on Tuesday.

World, Africa, 29 Sep 2015

Former Congo VP Bemba, lawyer bribed witnesses, Hague court told

THE HAGUE - Former Congo vice-president Jean-Pierre Bemba went on trial at the International Criminal Court for obstructing justice on Tuesday after allegedly trying to corrupt witnesses in his war crimes trial still underway.

World, Africa 29 Sep 2015

Ex-Congo VP Bemba, four allies go on trial accused of bribing witnesses

AMSTERDAM - Congolese politician Jean-Pierre Bemba, his former lawyer and three other allies go on trial at the International Criminal Court on Tuesday charged with corrupting witnesses and interfering with the administration of justice.

World, Africa 28 Sep 2015

Germany jails Rwandan for Congo war crimes

BERLIN - A German court jailed the former political leader of a Rwandan rebel group on Monday for abetting war crimes committed in neighboring Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) from his European exile.

World, Africa, 28 Sep 2015

At least eight dead in suspected rebel raid on Congo army camp

KINSHASA - At least eight people were killed in an attack on an army camp in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo late on Thursday that local sources blamed on Rwandan Hutu rebels targeted by a Congolese army operation.

World, Africa, 25 Sep 2015

South Africa recalls troops from Congo for misconduct

JOHANNESBURG - South Africa is recalling 50 soldiers from United Nations peacekeeping duties in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo on charges of misconduct, the Defense Department said on Friday.

World, United Nations, Africa 25 Sep 2015

Ireland court releases Congo plane grounded in debt row

KINSHASA - An airplane belonging to Democratic Republic of Congo's new national carrier was released by an Irish court on Tuesday after it was grounded over a debt row with two American investors, Congo's justice minister said.

World, Africa 23 Sep 2015

Congo's president calls referendum on constitutional changes

BRAZZAVILLE - Republic of Congo's President Denis Sassou Nguesso on Tuesday announced a referendum on changes to the constitution that could allow him to run for a third term in office in elections next year.

World, Africa, 22 Sep 2015

Dissidents expelled from Congo's ruling coalition

KINSHASA - Seven senior political figures were kicked out of Democratic Republic of Congo's ruling coalition on Wednesday for signing a letter urging President Joseph Kabila not to cling to power after his term expires next year, government officials said.

World, Africa, 16 Sep 2015

Medical aid group denies Taliban were firing from Afghan hospital hit by air strike

KABUL - Medical aid group Medecins Sans Frontieres denied that Taliban fighters were firing from its hospital at Afghan and NATO forces before a suspected U.S. air strike killed at least 19 people in a battle to oust the Islamist insurgents from an Afghan city. | Video