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Pope Francis denounces barbarity during Egypt visit, preaches tolerance

CAIRO Pope Francis, starting a two-day visit to Egypt, urged Muslim leaders on Friday to unite in renouncing religious extremism at a time when Islamist militants are targeting ancient Christian communities across the Middle East. | Video

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Germany probes abuse of fatally injured Egyptian woman after car accident

BERLIN Prosecutors investigating the driver of a car that ran over and fatally injured an Egyptian woman in eastern Germany say they are also now pursuing a man who witnesses say hurled racial abuse at the victim after the accident.The 22-year-old student, identified only as Shaden M., died in hospital on April 18, three days after the accident in the city of Cottbus, and the driver is being investigated for possibly causing death by negligence, Horst Nothbaum, spokesman for the pros

World, Germany, Apr 27 2017

Pope heads to Egypt with Christians in retreat across Middle East

VATICAN CITY Pope Francis flies to Cairo on Friday, less than a month after church bombings killed 45 people in two Egyptian cities as part of a concerted campaign by Islamist militants to rid the Middle East of Christians.

World, Pope Apr 27 2017

Pope to Egypt to mend ties with Islam but conservatives wary

VATICAN CITY Pope Francis hopes to mend ties with Muslims on his trip to Egypt on Friday but faces criticism from church conservatives for meeting Islamic religious leaders after a spate of deadly attacks against Christians.

World, Pope Apr 26 2017

Cairo 'cargotecture' company transforms shipping containers into homes

CAIRO An Egyptian design duo has begun re-purposing old steel shipping containers, transforming them into living spaces, shops and restaurants in an effort to introduce residents of overcrowded Cairo to cheaper and more versatile properties.

World, Apr 25 2017

New archaeological finds helping Egypt's image, tourism sector: minister

DUBAI A series of major discoveries of ancient relics in Egypt is boosting the country's image and reviving the interest of foreign travelers, its tourism minister said on Tuesday.

World, Apr 25 2017