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Wounded National Front seeks way back after French poll failures


PARIS Top officials from France's far-right National Front gather on Friday to find a way back from successive election failures, and senior members said everything from the party's name to its vow to restore the franc currency were up for review.

France's Macron treads fine line in showing he's the boss

PARIS In Emmanuel Macron's traditional presidential portrait destined to adorn town halls across France, a pair of iPhones and a copy of national hero Charles de Gaulle's memoirs lie on his desk.

World, 5:39am EDT

France opens in-depth field-to-fork food review

PARIS Prime Minister Edouard Philippe launched a wide review of France's food sector on Thursday, calling participants to help the state find solutions to improve farmers' ailing incomes, food quality and the environment.

Environment, Jul 20 2017

French court refers 'right to be forgotten' dispute to top EU court

PARIS EU judges will have to decide whether Alphabet's Google has to remove certain web search results globally to comply with a previous privacy ruling after France's supreme administrative court referred the issue to the top EU court.

Tech, Jul 19 2017

France's armed forces chief resigns after clash with Macron over budget cuts

PARIS France's armed forces chief resigned on Wednesday in a dispute with Emmanuel Macron over defense budget cuts, an early test of the newly elected president's mettle and the tough presidential style he is cultivating. | Video

World, United Nations Jul 19 2017

France wants major powers to make 'proposals' to Syrian warring parties

PARIS France wants major powers involved in the Syrian crisis to join a contact group that would make proposals to warring parties, in an effort to break a deadlock in political negotiations, the French foreign minister said.

World, United Nations, Syria Jul 19 2017

Wednesday Morning Briefing

For seven years, U.S. Senator Mitch McConnell vowed to slay Obamacare if only his Republican Party controlled the House, Senate and the White House. But even with those conditions in place, McConnell's efforts to repeal all or portions of former President Barack Obama's landmark 2010 Affordable Care Act came crashing down. The result has Democrats feeling emboldened 16 months before the next congressional elections, and the calls into question McConnell's reputation as a master tactician and dea

Russia, Syria Jul 19 2017

France's Macron shares Israel's concerns about Lebanon's Hezbollah

PARIS France shares Israel's concerns at the arming of Lebanese Shi'ite group Hezbollah, President Emmanuel Macron told Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu after their first formal meeting in Paris on Sunday.

World, Israel Jul 16 2017

France must define possible scenarios to reduce nuclear: minister

PARIS France should define a clear roadmap to fulfill its pledge to cut the share of nuclear power in its electricity generation to 50 percent by 2025, French ecology minister said in an interview in the Sunday edition of regional daily Ouest-France.

France calls for swift lifting of sanctions on Qatari nationals

DOHA France called on Saturday for a swift lifting of sanctions that target Qatari nationals in an effort to ease a month-long rift between the Gulf country and several of its neighbors.

World, Jul 15 2017