Airbus offers Poland joint ventures, no urgency in share stake


KIELCE Poland - Airbus Group is interested in setting up joint ventures to support the Polish defense industry but has downplayed the question of Warsaw taking a direct shareholding in the European aerospace group.

Victims of Nazi 'euthanasia' killings commemorated in Berlin

BERLIN - Some 300,000 people with physical or mental disabilities who were killed under Nazi Germany's "euthanasia" program because their lives were deemed unworthy were commemorated on Tuesday with the opening of a memorial in Berlin.

12:15pm EDT

Defending arming of Kurds, Merkel calls Islamic State a threat to Europe

BERLIN - German Chancellor Angela Merkel defended her government's taboo-breaking decision to send arms to Kurds fighting Islamic State militants in Iraq, telling parliament on Monday that the group posed a major security threat to Germany and Europe.

World, Iraq, United Nations, 01 Sep 2014

German euroskeptics chide Merkel after state surge

BERLIN - Riding a wave of momentum after a strong showing in a regional election, Germany's new anti-euro party said on Monday it was time for Chancellor Angela Merkel to wake up and accept it as a new conservative force in German politics.

World, 01 Sep 2014

Weak investment, trade drive second quarter contraction in German economy

BERLIN - Weak investment spending and slow trade led Germany to contract for the first time in over a year in the second quarter, data showed, suggesting Europe's largest economy is running out of steam just as the impact of the crisis in Ukraine starts to bite.

01 Sep 2014

Germany to send Iraqi Kurds enough weapons for 4,000 fighters

BERLIN - Germany will send enough weapons to arm 4,000 Kurdish fighters in northern Iraq battling against Islamic State (IS) insurgents, whose advances threaten to destabilize the Middle East, the defense minister said on Sunday.

World, Iraq 31 Aug 2014

Merkel's conservatives set to hold Saxony, euroskeptics make breakthrough

BERLIN - Chancellor Angela Merkel's conservatives were poised to cling to power in Sunday's election in the east German state of Saxony but new right-leaning rival Alternative for Germany (AfD) made a breakthrough by winning its first seats in a state assembly.

World, 31 Aug 2014

Top German spy says Islamic State's brutality eclipses al Qaeda

BERLIN - Some young Muslims are attracted to the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria because of its brutality, which makes it appear "more authentic" than al Qaeda, the head of Germany's domestic intelligence agency said in an interview on Sunday.

World, Syria, Iraq 31 Aug 2014

Germany's Bayer to launch three new Xarelto trials

FRANKFURT - Germany's Bayer unveiled plans to launch three new studies to expand the uses of its anti-clotting drug Xarelto, one of its top five new medicines.

Health, 29 Aug 2014

Capital gains mean church losses in new German tax twist

- A change in Germany's capital gains tax has prompted an exodus from its Catholic and Protestant churches this year as thousands of registered members quit their parishes rather than pay the money.

29 Aug 2014

Ukraine rebels say they are poised to recapture Donetsk airport

BRUSSELS/DONETSK Ukraine - EU officials proposed sanctions on Tuesday to starve Russian firms of cash as punishment for Moscow's role in Ukraine, where rebels said they were storming Donetsk airport, potentially their biggest prize since turning the war's tide last week.