OSCE should play greater role in eastern Ukraine, leaders say

MOSCOW/BERLIN/PARIS - The leaders of Russia, Germany and France agreed to Ukraine's proposal to ask the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) to help with the implementation of the ceasefire agreement in eastern Ukraine, officials said after a four-way phone call on Monday evening.

Deutsche Bank co-CEO Fitschen faces trial over Kirch case

MUNICH/FRANKFURT - Deutsche Bank co-CEO Juergen Fitschen faces a lengthy trial connected to the Kirch bankruptcy after a court agreed to hear the case in a blow to one of Germany's most powerful bankers and a setback for its largest bank.

Greece's 'creative ambiguity' won extra lifeline, says finance minister

ATHENS - Greece used "creative ambiguity" to win a loan lifeline from its international partners, Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis said, provoking anger in Germany's parliament which approved the deal on Friday.

Greece 27 Feb 2015

Bayer crown prince vows independence for diversified drugmaker

LEVERKUSEN, Germany - Werner Baumann, seen as heir apparent to Bayer Chief Executive Marijn Dekkers, says he will fight for the independence of Germany's largest drugmaker after the spin-off of its plastics unit.

Health, 27 Feb 2015

Germany backs Greek extension but bailout fatigue grows

BERLIN - Germany's parliament approved an extension of Greece's bailout on Friday but a record number of dissenters from Angela Merkel's conservatives underscored growing scepticism in Berlin about whether a new Greek government can be trusted to deliver on its reform pledges. | Video

Greece 27 Feb 2015

Merkel hopes Moldova isn't in Russia's sights after Ukraine

BERLIN - Germany's Angela Merkel said on Thursday she hoped Russia's Vladimir Putin would not try the same strategy in Moldova as he had in Ukraine, and expressed support for the country's efforts to forge stronger ties with Europe, to Moscow's chagrin.

World, Russia, 26 Feb 2015

Ukraine crisis prompts German debate on restocking military

BERLIN - Germany is considering buying more tanks in the light of the Ukraine crisis and Europe's deteriorating relations with Russia, after years of drastic cuts left the military operating with just 75 percent of the heavy equipment it needs.

World, Russia, 26 Feb 2015

German Jewish leader warns against wearing skullcaps

BERLIN - Germany's Jewish community leader has advised Jews not to wear skullcaps in areas with a large Muslim population, a warning that underscores fears about growing anti-Semitism in Europe.

26 Feb 2015

U.S. deserter needs Iraq war crimes evidence to be refugee: EU court

BRUSSELS - A U.S. soldier who deserted because he thought the Iraq war was illegal could have grounds for seeking asylum in Germany but only if he can show he would have been involved in war crimes, Europe's highest court said on Thursday.

World, Iraq, U.S. 26 Feb 2015

Greece sees problems repaying IMF, ECB; Germans air mistrust

ATHENS/BERLIN - Greece said on Wednesday it will struggle to make debt repayments to the IMF and the European Central Bank this year as Germany's finance minister voiced open doubts about Athens' trustworthiness. | Video


Netanyahu warns Obama on Iran deal, says he means no disrespect

WASHINGTON - Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned the United States on Monday that the nuclear deal it is negotiating with Iran could threaten Israel's survival and insisted he had a "moral obligation" to speak up about deep differences with President Barack Obama on the issue. | Video