Macedonia detains more than 100 illegal immigrants from Syria, Iraq

SKOPJE - Macedonian authorities have detained more than 100 illegal immigrants, mostly from Syria and Iraq, who were found hiding in a train carrying coal from neighboring Greece, the interior ministry said on Monday.

In Greek dairy war, milkmen cut out the middlemen

LARISSA Greece - Grassroots movements to cut out middlemen have been on the increase since Greece's debt crisis exposed the country's Achilles heel - a bureaucratic system which stifles innovation and encourages corruption.

World, 05 Aug 2014

Kurdish oil cargo unloaded at sea, destination a mystery

SINGAPORE - Part of a Kurdish oil cargo has been offloaded from a Greek-managed tanker into another tanker in the South China Sea, but mystery surrounds the identity of the buyer and where the two tankers are headed.

World, China, 31 Jul 2014

Russia bans Ukraine's soy, mulls ban on Greek fruit, U.S. poultry

MOSCOW/ATHENS - Russia has banned soy imports from Ukraine and may impose restrictions on Greek fruits and U.S. poultry next week, Russian news agencies reported on Thursday, in what could be responses to new Western sanctions.

World, Russia 31 Jul 2014

Greek court ruling on migrant shootings causes outrage

ATHENS - A Greek court acquitted two men accused over the shooting of migrant farm workers who were demanding unpaid wages and gave two foremen suspended sentences in a ruling that prompted outrage from unions and rights groups on Thursday.

World, 31 Jul 2014

Greek Orthodox church in Gaza shelters Muslims fleeing war

GAZA - About 1,000 Palestinian Muslims fleeing Israeli shells devastating their Gaza neighborhood have found shelter in a building they otherwise would rarely if ever enter, the city's 12th-century Greek Orthodox Church.

World, United Nations, Israel 22 Jul 2014

Shootout in central Athens as police arrest wanted guerrilla

ATHENS - Greek police shot and wounded one of Greece's most wanted guerrilla group members in a chase through central Athens on Wednesday in which a policeman and two tourists were also hurt.

World, 16 Jul 2014

Greek far-right Golden Dawn's spokesman jailed awaiting trial

ATHENS - Golden Dawn lawmaker Ilias Kasidiaris, the Greek far-right party's main public face, was jailed on Thursday pending trial on gun possession charges, delivering a fresh blow to a party already reeling from a government-led crackdown.

World, 10 Jul 2014

Portugal woes sink European stocks

LONDON - Europe's debt-sodden periphery was back at the top of the list of financial concerns on Thursday, troubles around Portugal's biggest listed bank pushing shares sharply lower and quelling demand for an issue of bonds by Greece.

Portugal 10 Jul 2014

Greek court rules strike by electricity workers illegal

ATHENS - A Greek court ruled on Friday that a strike by electricity workers which caused brief power outages across the country was illegal, in a verdict that will bring relief to the government as the summer tourist season kicks off.

World, 04 Jul 2014