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After seven years of bailouts, Greeks sink yet deeper in poverty


ATHENS Greek pensioner Dimitra says she never imagined a life reduced to food handouts: some rice, two bags of pasta, a packet of chickpeas, some dates and a tin of milk for the month.

Greece, lenders agree to work out new reforms to unblock aid

BRUSSELS Greece and its international lenders agreed on Monday to let teams of experts work out new reforms to Greek pensions, income tax and labor market that would allow Athens to eventually qualify for more cheap loans, euro zone officials said.

Feb 20 2017

Wanted: a CEO willing to hold Greek banking's "poisoned chalice"

ATHENS Wanted: a chief executive to run Greece's bank-rescue fund. Job description: work hard and pray for a miracle.

Feb 20 2017

Schaeuble denies 'Grexit' threat, says Greece on right path

BERLIN German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble denied on Sunday that he had said Greece would have to leave the euro zone if it failed to implement economic reforms.

World, Campaign Finance Feb 19 2017

How do you say deja vu in Greek?

(This February 17 story was refiled to add dropped 's' in first paragraph) | Video

Euro Zone, France, Germany, Feb 18 2017

Cyprus peace talks interrupted by old plebiscite row

ATHENS Face-to-face talks between both sides of divided Cyprus broke off on Thursday, sources at the meeting said, after the Greek Cypriot parliament angered Turkish Cypriots by honoring a 1950 plebiscite seeking union with Greece.

World, United Nations, Feb 16 2017

German conservative euro-MP breaks ranks over IMF role in Greek bailout

BERLIN IMF participation is no longer crucial for Greece's bailout program, a German euro-lawmaker close to Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Thursday, breaking ranks with Berlin's official line that the program would end if the Fund pulled out.

World, IMF Feb 16 2017

Germany wants Greece in euro zone, IMF says no special deals

BRUSSELS/BERLIN Germany on Monday voiced support for Greece to stay in the euro zone and the European Commission dispatched a senior official to Athens to persuade it to take on further reforms to salvage its bailout accord. | Video

Germany, Feb 13 2017

German CSU tells Greek opposition leader reforms must be completed

BERLIN Greece will not receive any further financial support if it fails to fully implement its economic reform obligations, a leader in parliament for the ruling conservative Christian Social Union (CSU) said on Tuesday.

Feb 13 2017

WW2 bomb forces huge evacuation in Greece - and museum trip for refugees

THESSALONIKI, Greece A World War Two bomb forced a massive evacuation in Greece's second-largest city on Sunday, but also gave a group of stranded refugees a rare day-trip to the museum.

World, Feb 12 2017

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