Indonesia holds 200 Malaysians in crackdown on illegal fishing


JAKARTA - Indonesia on Wednesday detained 200 Malaysians found fishing illegally in its waters, as it moves to stem billions of dollars in economic losses, a senior government official told Reuters.

Non-Muslim sworn in as Jakarta governor

JAKARTA - Jakarta's first Christian governor in nearly 50 years was sworn in on Wednesday in the face of protests from religious hardliners opposed to a non-Muslim taking over one of Indonesia's most powerful political jobs.

World, 19 Nov 2014

Australia tightens asylum seekers access, leaves refugees in Indonesia

SYDNEY/JAKARTA - Australia's conservative government on Wednesday defended its decision to stop asylum seekers passing through Indonesia from settling in Australia, a move that could leave Indonesia with thousands of refugees from the Middle East.

World, Australia, Tony Abbott 19 Nov 2014

Indonesia hikes fuel prices, saving government $8 billion next year

JAKARTA - Indonesia's new president raised subsidized fuel prices by more than 30 percent on Monday, a move that is expected to save the government of Southeast Asia's biggest economy more than $8 billion next year.

World, 17 Nov 2014

Indonesia's new president hikes subsidized fuel prices

JAKARTA - Indonesian President Joko Widodo raised subsidized gasoline and diesel prices by more than 30 percent on Monday in a bid to ease the government's costly fuel subsidy bill.

World, 17 Nov 2014

Indonesia to create new coastguard, boost defense spending

JAKARTA - Indonesia will launch a new coastguard next month to crack down on piracy and smuggling which can disrupt commerce in Southeast Asia's biggest economy, the chief security minister told Reuters on Thursday.

World, 13 Nov 2014

Indonesia shakes up corruption-tainted energy ministry

JAKARTA - Indonesia's new energy minister on Tuesday launched a major shakeup of the graft-tainted ministry, requiring all top directors to re-apply for their jobs.

World, 11 Nov 2014

As Obama visits Asia, old alliances face new strains in face of China's influence

WASHINGTON/JAKARTA - In November 2011, with the Arab Spring uprisings in full tilt and Europe rocked by a debt crisis, President Barack Obama flew to Asia to promote a shift of America’s military, diplomatic and business assets to the region. His then Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, declared in the same year that the 21st century would be "America's Pacific century".

World, China, Euro Zone 08 Nov 2014

Three major nations absent as China launches World Bank rival in Asia

(This Oct. 24 story was corrected to remove the final four paragraphs that are incorrect.)

From duck eggs to fiscal deficit, the journey by Indonesia's economics minister

JAKARTA - Born in poverty in a rebel stronghold, Indonesia's new chief economics minister once sold duck eggs on the street to pay his school fees.

World, 29 Oct 2014

Iran and powers set to extend nuclear talks if final push fails

VIENNA - Iran and six world powers looked set to miss Monday's deadline for resolving a 12-year stand-off over Tehran's nuclear ambitions and are already looking at a possible extension of the negotiations. | Video