Iranian hard-liners said to intensify crackdown ahead of key votes


Ahead of two key elections in Iran in February, the Supreme Leader's hard-line allies have cracked down on activists, journalists and artists to try to tighten their grip on the country’s faction-ridden politics, officials and analysts say.

Report on whether Iran sought nuclear bomb will not be clear cut: U.N

VIENNA A U.N. report on whether Iran has in the past carried out work related to nuclear weapons will not reach a definitive conclusion on the subject, the chief of the U.N. nuclear agency said on Thursday.

26 Nov 2015

U.S. using sex, money to infiltrate Iran, supreme leader says

DUBAI The United States is using sex, money and Western lifestyles to infiltrate Iran's decision-making elite, the Islamic republic's supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said on Wednesday.

25 Nov 2015

Iran to back Palestinians 'in any way we can': Khamenei

DUBAI Iran's supreme leader said on Wednesday that Iran would support the Palestinian uprising against Israel "in any way we can", and rejected U.S. accusations that a recent wave of Palestinian knife and car-ramming attacks amounted to "terrorism".

World, Israel 25 Nov 2015

Syrian army source: rebels make heavy use of TOW missiles

BEIRUT A Syrian military source said rebels are making heavy use of U.S.-made anti-tank missiles paid for by Saudi Arabia and supplied via Turkey in recent weeks and the weapons are having an impact on the battlefield.

Iran expects nuclear deal to be implemented in early January

VIENNA Iran expects a deal it reached with world powers in July, under which sanctions will be lifted in return for it scaling down its nuclear program, to be implemented at the start of next year, Iranian nuclear negotiator Abbas Araqchi said on Tuesday.

World, Davos 24 Nov 2015

Iran says U.S. has plan to divide Iraq, pleads with Iraqis to resist

DUBAI Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei on Tuesday accused the United States of trying to divide Iraq along sectarian and ethnic lines and urged Iraqis to withstand any such plans.

Iraq, World 24 Nov 2015

Iran leader hosts Putin, says U.S. policies threaten Tehran, Moscow

DUBAI Iran's supreme leader, at a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Tehran, said on Monday U.S. policies in the Middle East region were a threat to both countries and called for closer ties between Tehran and Moscow.

World, Russia 23 Nov 2015

Stranded migrants block railway, call hunger strike

IDOMENI, Greece Moroccans, Iranians and Pakistanis on Greece’s northern border with Macedonia blocked rail traffic and demanded passage to western Europe on Monday, stranded by a policy of filtering migrants in the Balkans that has raised human rights concerns. | Video

World, Migrant Crisis, Greece 23 Nov 2015

Somali pirates hijack Iranian fishing vessel with 15 crew, says official

BOSASSO, Somalia Somali pirates have hijacked an Iranian fishing vessel with 15 crew members, a Somali official and a maritime expert said on Monday amid warnings that piracy might be making a comeback in the Indian Ocean.

23 Nov 2015

Turkey's Erdogan warns Russia not to 'play with fire'

ISTANBUL/MOSCOW Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan warned Russia on Friday not to "play with fire", citing reports Turkish businessmen had been detained in Russia, while Moscow said it would suspend visa-free travel with Turkey. | Video