Three top Islamic State leaders killed in air strikes: U.S. officials


WASHINGTON - U.S.-led air strikes against Islamic State in Iraq have killed three of the militant group's top leaders but not senior commander Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, U.S. officials said on Thursday.

Iraqi Kurds liberate besieged Sinjar mountain, freeing hundreds

ZUMAR, Iraq - Kurdish peshmerga fighters have fought their way to Iraq's Sinjar mountain and freed hundreds of people trapped there by Islamic State fighters, a Kurdish leader said on Thursday.

World, 18 Dec 2014

Iraq wins one-year reprieve on Gulf War reparations due to crisis

GENEVA - A United Nations body agreed on Thursday to let Iraq postpone its final payment of reparations to Kuwait for the 1990-91 Gulf War, in an effort to help ease Baghdad's cash-strapped budget.

World, United Nations 18 Dec 2014

Iraq Kurds launch Sinjar offensive after coalition air strikes

ARBIL, Iraq - Kurdish forces launched an operation to retake the town of Sinjar in northwest Iraq on Wednesday after coalition planes pounded Islamic State positions overnight, Kurdish officials said.

World, 17 Dec 2014

Iraq seeks one-year deferral on Gulf War reparations

GENEVA - Iraq has requested a one-year deferral of a $4.6 billion reparations payment for destroying Kuwait's oil facilities during its 1990-91 occupation, a U.N. official said on Wednesday.

World, 17 Dec 2014

Special Report: Inside Iraq's 'killing zones'

BAGHDAD - Shi'ite militias and Iraqi security forces, engaged in an all-or-nothing struggle with radical Sunni group Islamic State, are blasting the Sunni farmlands that encircle Baghdad with heavy weapons. Military officers call their target areas in the rural belt "killing zones."

Special Reports 17 Dec 2014

Inquiry clears British soldiers of murder and torture of Iraqis

LONDON - Allegations that British troops executed captured Iraqi prisoners and tortured or seriously abused others after a battle in 2004 were based on lies, a long-running inquiry concluded on Wednesday, exonerating the armed forces.

World, 17 Dec 2014

Pennsylvania suspect in family killings dead of self-inflicted cuts

EAGLEVILLE, Pa. - An Iraq War veteran sought in the killing of six family members in Pennsylvania was found dead on Tuesday of "self-inflicted cutting wounds" following a two-day manhunt, authorities said.

U.S. 16 Dec 2014

Two local Iraqi officials killed execution style after kidnap

BAGHDAD - Two Iraqi local government officials who were kidnapped last week were found dead on the outskirts of Baghdad, officials said on Tuesday, accusing Shi'ite militiamen of killing them in a sectarian power struggle that is playing out across Iraq.

World, 16 Dec 2014

Spain arrests seven accused of recruiting women for Islamic State

MADRID - Spanish and Moroccan police have arrested seven people in a ongoing joint swoop on suspected efforts to recruit women to go to Syria and Iraq to support Islamic State insurgents, the Spanish Interior Ministry said on Tuesday.

World, Spain, Syria, 16 Dec 2014