Bahrain says expels representative of Shi'ite Ayatollah Sistani

MANAMA - Bahrain expelled a prominent Shi'ite religious figure on Wednesday, accusing him of acting as a representative of influential Iraqi Shi'ite cleric Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani without permission.

Militants returning from Syria pose threat to Europe: Dutch minister

AMSTERDAM - The Netherlands warned on Wednesday militants returning from Syria posed a security threat to Europe and said two Dutch citizens had carried out suicide attacks in Syria and Iraq in the past six months and about 100 had fought in Syria in 2013.

World, Syria, 23 Apr 2014

Islamist militants kill 30 in attacks around Iraq

BAGHDAD - Suspected Sunni Muslim militants killed at least 30 people around Iraq on Thursday including 12 soldiers in an assault on a remote army base in the north, deepening insecurity with a national election just two weeks away.

World, 17 Apr 2014

Iraqi Kurds entrench political faultline with Syria border ditch

ARBIL, Iraq - Iraqi Kurds are digging a 17-km (10-mile) trench on their border with Syria, reinforcing a political faultline between the two rival parties that dominate on either side of the frontier.

World, Syria, 17 Apr 2014

UK says Iraqi murder allegations against its troops a conspiracy

LONDON - Allegations British troops unlawfully killed up to 20 Iraqi men at an army camp in 2004 were part of a conspiracy to pervert the course of justice, the British government told a public inquiry into the deaths on Wednesday.

World, 16 Apr 2014

Iraq insurgents use water as weapon after seizing dam

FALLUJA, Iraq - Insurgents in Iraq have added water to their arsenal of weapons after seizing control of a dam in the west of the country that enables them to flood certain areas and prevent security forces from advancing against them.

World, 11 Apr 2014

At 'Donkey Springs', bombers choke off Iraq oil exports

MOSUL/BAGHDAD - Militants whose bombs have shut Iraq's main northern oil export pipeline for 40 days are preventing repairs, threatening to extend an outage that is already the longest since the days of sanctions in the 1990s.

World, 10 Apr 2014

At least 20 Iraqi soldiers killed in attacks

FALLUJA, Iraq - At least 20 Iraqi soldiers were killed on Saturday, most of them upon entering a house rigged with explosives northwest of the capital, security officials said.

World, United Nations, 05 Apr 2014

Militants attack Iraq army battalion HQ near capital

BAGHDAD - Militants attacked the headquarters of an Iraqi army battalion south of Baghdad overnight, killing at least 12 soldiers and bringing their fight against the government closer to the capital.

World, United Nations, 03 Apr 2014

Murdered Iraqi-American woman found with mouse cable tangled in legs-investigator

SAN DIEGO - The trial of an Iraqi-American man accused of murdering his wife, a killing first investigated as a hate crime, resumed on Tuesday with investigators saying the victim was found on the floor near a computer, with a mouse cable tangled in her legs.

World, 03 Apr 2014