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Annual Northern Ireland parades pass peacefully despite political crisis


BELFAST Annual parades in Northern Ireland that frequently trigger sectarian violence passed peacefully on Wednesday with little sign the province's political crisis is increasing tensions on the streets.

U.S. urges power-sharing deal in Northern Ireland

WASHINGTON The United States on Wednesday urged Northern Ireland's two major political parties to reach an agreement for a power-sharing government, after talks broke down on Tuesday between Sinn Fein and the Democratic Unionist Party.

World, Jul 05 2017

Subway targets 3,000 UK/Ireland stores by 2020

LONDON The Subway franchise of sandwich restaurants plans to open a further 500 outlets in the UK and Ireland over the next three years, creating about 5,000 jobs, as it seeks to capitalize on a growing appetite for cheap food on the go. | Video

Jul 05 2017

Northern Ireland parties fail to strike power-sharing deal, talks to continue

BELFAST/LONDON The leaders of Northern Ireland's two main political parties said on Tuesday talks on a new power-sharing executive in the British province had broken down and no agreement was expected in the near future.

World, Jul 04 2017

Northern Ireland executive will not be formed in 'immediate term': UK minister

LONDON Progress has been made in talks to restore a power-sharing agreement in Northern Ireland but the issues cannot be resolved quickly enough to form an executive in the "immediate term", Britain's Northern Ireland minister said on Tuesday.

World, Jul 04 2017

Sinn Fein blames May for Northern Ireland talks failure

BELFAST Northern Ireland's largest Irish nationalist party Sinn Fein on Tuesday blamed a deal between the rival Democratic Unionist Party and Prime Minister Theresa May for the failure of talks to form a new power-sharing executive in the region.

World, Jul 04 2017

London to step in if Northern Ireland power-sharing talks fail

LONDON/DUBLIN Britain will step in to manage public spending in Northern Ireland and may call regional elections if political parties there fail to form a new power-sharing executive soon, Northern Ireland Minister James Brokenshire said on Monday. | Video

World, Jul 03 2017

Thousands march for same-sex marriage in Northern Ireland

BELFAST Thousands of people marched in Belfast on Saturday to demand Northern Ireland join the rest of the United Kingdom in legalizing same-sex marriage, a step blocked by the region's largest party, a key ally of British Prime Minister Theresa May.

World, Gay Marriage, Subjects Jul 01 2017

Northern Ireland power-sharing deal unlikely in coming days, Sinn Fein says

BELFAST Sinn Fein President Gerry Adams said on Saturday that Northern Ireland's political parties were unlikely to reach a deal to restore the province's power-sharing agreement in the next few days.

World, Jul 01 2017

Northern Irish political paralysis can't last for much longer, Britain warns

DUBLIN Britain's Northern Ireland minister said he still believes a successful conclusion is possible in talks to restore power-sharing in the province, but that the period without devolved government cannot continue for much longer.

World, Jun 30 2017

Israel to replace metal detectors in Jerusalem with less obtrusive surveillance

JERUSALEM Israel on Tuesday decided to remove metal detectors it had placed at the entrance to a holy site in Jerusalem's Old City with other, less obtrusive surveillance means, a cabinet statement said.