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Acrimonious election campaign deepens Northern Ireland deadlock


BELFAST Acrimonious campaigning ahead of Thursday snap elections in Northern Ireland has increased antagonism between pro-British unionists and Irish nationalists and exacerbated fears devolved power may revert to London for the first time in a decade.

Northern Ireland leader says rivals may force return to London rule

OMAGH, Northern Ireland Irish nationalists may force a prolonged collapse of Northern Ireland's devolved government and a return to direct rule from London if they cannot agree a new government with unionists, the leader of the British province said on Friday.

World, Feb 24 2017

Irish government survives confidence vote, pressure on PM rises

DUBLIN Ireland's minority government on Wednesday survived a parliamentary vote of no-confidence over its handling of a policing scandal, but Prime Minister Enda Kenny faced growing calls from members of his own party to step aside.

World, Feb 15 2017

Northern Ireland's peace generation frozen out by politics of war

BELFAST/BESSBROOK, Northern Ireland The sudden collapse of a power-sharing agreement that ended decades of violence in Northern Ireland has angered a younger generation who feel robbed of their future by the failure of politicians to get over the sectarian prejudices of the past.

World, Feb 12 2017

Ireland asks EU for "invisible" post-Brexit UK border

BRUSSELS Ireland asked EU negotiators on Thursday to help it keep the border across the island "invisible" after Brussels reaches a Brexit deal with London that will take the British province of Northern Ireland out of the European Union.

World, Feb 09 2017

Factbox: Who decides whether Scotland holds a new independence referendum?

EDINBURGH The June Brexit referendum called the future of the United Kingdom into question because majorities in England and Wales voted to leave but in Scotland and Northern Ireland, most people voted to stay.

World, Feb 08 2017

Ireland challenges Facebook in threat to cross-border data pact

DUBLIN Ireland's privacy watchdog has launched a bid to refer Facebook's data transfer mechanism to the European Union's top court in a landmark case that could put the shifting of data across the Atlantic under renewed legal threat.

Tech, Facebook Feb 07 2017

Irish calculation similar to EU on Apple tax estimate: minister

DUBLIN The European Commission's estimate that Apple owes Ireland up to 13 billion euros ($14 billion) in a disputed tax ruling is unlikely to be altered greatly by Dublin's calculations, the Irish finance minister said on Thursday.

Tech, Feb 02 2017

Irish cabinet 'fully in favor' of retaining U.S. customs pre-clearance

DUBLIN Ireland's cabinet is fully in favor of retaining U.S. customs pre-clearance arrangements at the country's airports, Prime Minister Enda Kenny said on Tuesday, a day after calling for a review of the arrangements.

World, Jan 31 2017

EU set to meet green energy goal; UK trails: document

BRUSSELS The European Union is on track to meet its goal for renewables to supply up 20 percent of its energy by 2020, the EU executive said in a report seen by Reuters, although Britain, Ireland and Luxembourg are lagging behind.


Women charged with North Korean's murder leave court in bullet-proof vests

KUALA LUMPUR Malaysia on Wednesday charged two women, an Indonesian and a Vietnamese, with murdering the estranged half brother of North Korea's leader in a bizarre airport assassination using a super-toxic nerve agent that killed in minutes. | Video