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Exclusive: Signs of more trouble in Ivory Coast as hidden hand saves mutineers


ABIDJAN When a rag-tag group of soldiers launched a mutiny in Ivory Coast earlier this month, it looked like they were doomed. A column of elite troops quickly descended to put the mutiny down. The rebels were running out of ammunition and the armories had been locked.

Three dead in clashes between police and ex-rebels in Ivory Coast

ABIDJAN Three demobilized ex-rebel fighters were killed in Ivory Coast's second-biggest city of Bouake on Tuesday, as they clashed with police attempting to end their protest over bonus payments, a policeman and a spokesman for the former fighters said.

World, Africa May 23 2017

Ivory Coast soldiers agree to end mutiny, return to barracks

BOUAKE, Ivory Coast Renegade troops in Ivory Coast accepted a government proposal on bonuses and returned to barracks on Tuesday, ending a mutiny that had closed businesses, shut major roads and threatened years of economic progress in the world's top cocoa producer. | Video

World, Africa May 16 2017

Ivory Coast soldiers begin receiving bonuses: mutiny spokesman

BOUAKE Some Ivory Coast soldiers who participated in a five-day mutiny received notification from their banks that bonus payments were credited to their accounts, a mutiny spokesman said, after a deal with the government was agreed to end the uprising.

World, Africa May 16 2017

Renegade Ivory Coast soldiers reject government deal to end mutiny

BOUAKE, Ivory Coast Renegade soldiers in Ivory Coast on Monday rejected a proposed deal to end their mutiny over unpaid bonuses just minutes after the defense minister announced on state-owned television that an agreement had been reached. | Video

World, Africa May 15 2017

Soldiers in Ivory Coast reject government proposal to end mutiny

ABIDJAN Two spokesmen for a group of 8,400 mutinous soldiers in Ivory Coast told Reuters on Monday that they had rejected an agreement proposed by the government to end their four-day mutiny over unpaid bonuses.

Africa, World, May 15 2017

Ivory Coast government has reached a deal to end mutiny: defense minister

ABIDJAN Ivory Coast's government reached a deal with soldiers to end their four-day mutiny, Defence Minister Alain-Richard Donwahi announced on state-owned television on Monday.

Africa, World, May 15 2017

Ivory Coast soldiers block main border crossing with Burkina Faso

ABIDJAN Mutinous soldiers in Ivory Coast on Monday blocked the main border crossing with neighboring Burkina Faso, residents and the head of a national transportation association said, as a four-day army mutiny worsened.

World, Africa May 15 2017

Many businesses at Ivory Coast's main port close due to unrest

ABIDJAN Many businesses closed operations at Ivory Coast's main port in Abidjan on Monday amid a worsening army mutiny and a decision by the banking association to shutter banks, commodities exporters told Reuters.

World, Africa May 15 2017

Mutineers block more than 200 trucks outside Ivory Coast's Bouake: witnesses

BOUAKE, Ivory Coast More than 200 commercial trucks were stranded on the roadside after mutinous soldiers sealed off the southern entrance to Ivory Coast's second-biggest city, Bouake, on Monday, Reuters witnesses said.

World, Africa May 15 2017