Friend of accused Boston bomber pleads guilty to gun, drug charges


BOSTON - A high school friend of the accused Boston Marathon bombers pleaded guilty on Friday to charges including having possessed a gun that prosecutors contend the suspects used to shoot dead a university police officer as they tried to flee the city.

China's Xi says determined to settle India border issue

NEW DELHI - China is determined to bridge differences over its shared border with India, President Xi Jinping said on Thursday, adding that both sides were capable of dealing with fallout from security incidents on the disputed frontier.

World, China, 18 Sep 2014

China urges central Asian neighbors to step up extremism fight

BEIJING - China's President Xi Jinping urged Central Asian states to step up the fight against religious extremism and cyber terrorism, state media said, as Beijing reaches for help across its borders in addressing security concerns in its restive Xinjiang region.

World, China, 12 Sep 2014

Putin, Iran's Rouhani to discuss trade, economic ties

MOSCOW - Russian President Vladimir Putin is expected to meet Iranian President Hassan Rouhani while they are in Tajikistan for a security summit on Friday to discuss trade and economic ties, a Kremlin official said.

Davos, Russia, World 10 Sep 2014

Ahead of Xi trip, China says not seeking to contain India

BEIJING - China is not seeking to contain India by military or other means, a senior diplomat said on Tuesday, ahead of a visit by Chinese President Xi Jinping next week to a country with which Beijing has a history of uneasy ties and mutual suspicion.

World, China 09 Sep 2014

Turkish exporters see profit from Russian ban on Western foods

ISTANBUL - Turkish companies are enjoying a rise in orders from Russia as their government eyes a lucrative long-term opportunity from Moscow's ban on imported Western foods.

World, Russia, Turkey, 12 Aug 2014

Obama offers military help to eastern Europe allies worried by Russia

WARSAW - U.S. President Barack Obama promised on Tuesday to beef up military support for eastern European members of the NATO alliance who fear they could be next in the firing line after the Kremlin's intervention in Ukraine. | Video

World, Politics, 03 Jun 2014

U.S. vacates base in Central Asia as Russia's clout rises

MANAS TRANSIT CENTER Kyrgyzstan - The United States on Tuesday handed back its only Central Asian airbase to the government of Russia's close ally Kyrgyzstan, as President Barack Obama winds down U.S. involvement in Afghanistan and Moscow makes a comeback in its old imperial backyard.

Politics, World, Russia, Afghanistan, 03 Jun 2014

Ukraine's empty seat at table darkens party for Putin's new ex-Soviet bloc

ASTANA - Russian President Vladimir Putin welcomed Kazakhstan and Belarus on Thursday into a new Eurasian Economic Union built to rival the United States, EU and China - but the absence of Ukraine undermined his dream of restoring Soviet glory days.

World, Russia, China 29 May 2014

Putin builds new union on ashes of Soviet empire

MOSCOW - It won't exactly mean going back to the USSR, but Vladimir Putin is laying the foundations of a huge trading bloc which opponents see as an attempt to recreate at least part of the lost Soviet empire.

World, 28 May 2014

Kiev, rebels exchange POWs; trains, buses to Crimea suspended

KIEV - Ukraine's government and pro-Russian separatists on Friday exchanged hundreds of prisoners of war while Kiev said it would suspend all train and bus service to Crimea, effectively creating a transportation blockade to and from the region.