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Lebanese PM seeks $10 billion foreign investment amid refugee crisis


BEIRUT Lebanon's prime minister called on Thursday for "adequate and substantial" foreign investments worth nearly $10 billion to address the Syrian refugee crisis and upgrade the country's crumbling infrastructure.

Lebanon gets a new government, now it needs a new economy

BEIRUT After years of political deadlock, Lebanon finally has a new government. Now it needs a new economy.

World, Jan 19 2017

Lebanon's Aoun says ties with Saudi Arabia on the mend after visit

RIYADH Lebanon's President Michel Aoun said his country's ties with Saudi Arabia were recovering, after tensions linked to the regional rivalry between Saudi Arabia and Iran led Riyadh to cancel $3 billion of military aid to Beirut last year.

World, Saudi Arabia Jan 11 2017

Syrian child refugees taught to release stress and resist recruitment

BEIRUT (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - The screams of a dozen Syrian and Palestinian children pierce the air of a community center in Lebanon's Shatila refugee camp.

World, Syria, Jan 02 2017

French foreign minister says conditions favorable to supply weapons to Lebanese army

BEIRUT Conditions to implement a multi-billion dollar contract to supply Saudi-financed French weapons to Lebanon are now favorable after the formation of a new government in Beirut, France's foreign minister Jean-Marc Ayrault said on Thursday.

World, France, Dec 22 2016

Lebanese lawmakers set to scrap law forgiving rapists who marry victim

NEW YORK (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Women's rights campaigners in Lebanon said they were confident that lawmakers were set to abolish a law that absolves convicted rapists of their punishment if they marry their victim.

World, Dec 19 2016

Lebanon forms new government: televised statement

BEIRUT Lebanon's President, Michel Aoun, and Prime Minister Saad al-Hariri have formed a new government of 30 ministers drawn from most sides of the country's political spectrum and from all of its religious sects, the cabinet office said on Sunday.

World, Dec 18 2016

'Syrian-Iranian grip' on Lebanon will tighten after Aleppo: Jumblatt

BEIRUT Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's imminent victory in Aleppo will increase Syrian and Iranian influence in Lebanon, the leading Lebanese Druze politician said on Thursday, as Assad said Lebanon could not remain unscathed by regional conflicts.

World, Syria, Dec 08 2016

Hariri sees obstacles in way of forming new Lebanon government

BEIRUT Lebanon's prime minister-designate Saad al-Hariri said on Monday his efforts to form a new government faced "stumbling blocks", testing hopes he could quickly steer the country out of its political crisis.

World, Nov 21 2016

Iran's foreign minister is first to meet Lebanon's new president

BEIRUT Iran's Mohammad Javad Zarif on Monday became the first foreign minister to meet Lebanon's new president, underscoring Tehran's struggle with its regional arch-rival Saudi Arabia for influence in Beirut.

World, Saudi Arabia Nov 07 2016