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Lebanon pushed to brink in election law stand-off


BEIRUT Lebanon is on the brink of crisis again with its politicians at odds over an election law at the heart of the nation's sectarian system, threatening to leave the country without a parliament for the first time.

Russian intelligence ship sinks off Turkey's Black Sea coast

ISTANBUL A Russian naval intelligence ship sank off Turkey's Black Sea coast on Thursday after colliding with a vessel carrying livestock and all 78 personnel on board the navy ship were evacuated, Turkish officials said. | Video

World, Russia, Turkey, Apr 27 2017

Lebanese PM asks U.N. to help seek permanent truce with Israel

BEIRUT Lebanese Prime Minister Saad al-Hariri asked the United Nations on Friday to help Lebanon and Israel move toward a permanent ceasefire and end what he called Israel's "continuous violations" of Lebanese territory.

World, United Nations, Israel, Apr 21 2017

Palestinians vow to disband Islamist group in volatile Lebanese camp

AIN EL-HILWEH, Lebanon Palestinian leaders said on Tuesday they would break up an armed Islamist group involved in clashes with security forces inside the volatile Ain el-Hilweh refugee camp in southern Lebanon.

World, Apr 11 2017

In Lebanese town, mounting trash shows strain of refugees

BAR ELIAS, LEBANON At the entrance of a rural town in Lebanon's Bekaa valley, a blue sign says "Welcome to Bar Elias, population 50,000" but in the past six years, that number has more than doubled with Syrians seeking shelter from the war across the border.

World, Syria, Mar 31 2017

Lebanon near 'breaking point' over Syrian refugee crisis: PM Hariri

BEIRUT Prime Minister Saad al-Hariri said Lebanon was close to "breaking point" due to the strains of hosting 1.5 million Syrian refugees, and he feared unrest could spiral from tensions between them and Lebanese communities.

World, Syria, Mar 31 2017

Lebanon's Jumblatt affirms son as political heir

BEIRUT Lebanon's main Druze leader, Walid Jumblatt, on Sunday publicly confirmed his son Taymour as his political heir, extending the tradition of dynastic politics that plays a big part in the country's sectarian government.

World, Mar 19 2017

Syria's unaccompanied children biggest victims of war: UNICEF

BEIRUT Children have suffered the most in Syria's six-year war, and among them the most vulnerable are those separated from their families, a senior Unicef official told Reuters on Wednesday.

World, Syria, Mar 15 2017

Man killed in clash at Palestinian camp in Lebanon

AIN EL-HILWEH, Lebanon At least one man was killed on Tuesday in clashes between Islamist militants and the Palestinian Fatah faction at a Palestinian refugee camp in Lebanon where a power struggle has fueled days of violence. | Video

World, Feb 28 2017

France's Le Pen cancels meet with Lebanon grand mufti over headscarf

BEIRUT French far-right National Front presidential candidate Marine Le Pen canceled a meeting on Tuesday with Lebanon's grand mufti, its top cleric for Sunni Muslims, after refusing to wear a headscarf for the encounter. | Video

World, Aerospace & Defense, Feb 21 2017