Two wounded rebels evacuated from Syria under ceasefire deal: monitor

BEIRUT - Two wounded rebel fighters were evacuated to Lebanon on Sunday from a Syrian town surrounded by pro-government forces, a monitoring organization said, in the first sign that a local ceasefire agreement is being implemented.

At busy Lebanese port, Syrians set their sights on Europe

TRIPOLI, Lebanon - Hundreds of Syrians gather at dusk for a passenger ferry from Lebanon's northern port of Tripoli to Turkey, the next step on their long trek toward what they hope will be a better, safer life in western Europe.

Lebanon says to provide schooling for up to 100,000 more Syrian refugees

BEIRUT - Lebanon is to provide schooling for tens of thousands more children this year including Syrian refugees, the education ministry said on Monday, as the country tries to cope with the effects of the war next door.

World, Migrant Crisis, Syria, 21 Sep 2015

Syrian refugee count nears 2 million in Turkey, down in Iraq, Lebanon

GENEVA - The numbers of Syrian refugees in Iraq and Lebanon fell in August, while the number in Turkey has risen to almost 2 million and asylum applications in Europe have leapt, the U.N. refugee agency said.

Britain's Cameron urges support for Syrian refugees in Lebanon, Jordan

BEIRUT/AMMAN - British Prime Minister David Cameron said on a visit to Lebanon and Jordan on Monday that it was vital to provide support for refugees from Syria's civil war within the region to discourage them from risking their lives in trying to reach Europe.

Deadly storm engulfs Middle East, slows Syria air strikes

NICOSIA/BEIRUT - A heavy sandstorm swept across parts of the Middle East on Tuesday, killing two people and hospitalizing hundreds in Lebanon and disrupting fighting and air strikes in neighboring Syria.

World, Syria, 08 Sep 2015

Lebanon's rubbish crisis exposes political rot

BEIRUT - The overpowering stench of the rubbish piling up in Lebanon's streets has become a potent symbol of the political rot protesters blame not only for the garbage crisis but a gridlocked sectarian power system unable to meet citizens’ most basic needs, from electricity to water, health to education.

World, 07 Sep 2015

Thousands rally in Beirut over politician's presidential election call

BEIRUT - Thousands of protesters rallied in Beirut on Friday to support Christian faction leader Michel Aoun's call for Lebanon to elect its president by popular vote to address a crisis that has paralyzed government and parliament.

World, 04 Sep 2015

Warring sides in Syria agree to extend local ceasefires

BEIRUT - Warring sides in Syria have agreed to extend a ceasefire in a rebel-held town near the border with Lebanon and two Shi'ite villages in the northwest, and to evacuate wounded, sources close to talks said.

World, Syria, 27 Aug 2015

Two-day ceasefire agreed by warring sides in three Syrian towns: sources

BEIRUT - Syrian insurgents, the Syrian army and Lebanese group Hezbollah agreed on a 48-hour ceasefire in the rebel-held town of Zabadani near Lebanon's border and two Shi'ite villages in Idlib province, sources close to negotiations on both sides said.

World, Syria, 26 Aug 2015