Syria's Nusra Front appeals to Lebanese Sunnis, threatens army


BEIRUT - Al Qaeda's Syrian branch, the Nusra Front, told Lebanon's Sunni Muslims they must support its cause or "pay the price" and said the coming period would be decisive for anyone who stood with the Lebanese army.

U.S. sends arms to bolster Lebanon army after Islamist incursion

BEIRUT - The United States has begun delivering nearly $20 million of arms including assault rifles, anti-tank missiles and mortars to bolster Lebanon's army after Islamist insurgents seized a border town for several days this month, U.S. officials said on Friday.

World, Aerospace & Defense, 29 Aug 2014

With Islamic State on march, Lebanon's Christians must agree on president

BEIRUT - With minorities facing death and persecution at the hands of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, Lebanon's Christians must lay aside their rivalries and agree on who should fill the vacant presidency, a leading Druze politician has warned.

World, Syria, Iraq, 15 Aug 2014

Syrian army takes town near Damascus in blow to rebels

BEIRUT - Syrian government forces backed by Lebanon's Hezbollah took control of a town just outside Damascus from Islamist fighters on Thursday, a blow to the rebels who had held it for more than a year.

World, Syria, 14 Aug 2014

Lebanon charges 43 Syrians with belonging to terrorist groups

BEIRUT - Lebanon on Thursday charged 43 Syrians, including an Islamist commander whose arrest sparked five days of fighting between Islamists and the Lebanese army, with belonging to armed terrorist groups and seeking to establish an Islamic emirate.

World, Syria, 14 Aug 2014

Islamists sought to turn Lebanon into Iraq: army chief

BEIRUT - Islamic State insurgents who seized a Lebanese border town this month planned to turn Lebanon into another Iraq by unleashing sectarian war between Sunnis and Shi'ites that would have endangered the nation's very existence, the army commander said.

World, Syria, Iraq, 12 Aug 2014

Radical threat unites Lebanese and strange allies behind army

BEIRUT - Beating back an incursion by Islamists from Syria, Lebanon's poorly armed military has paid a high price - 36 of its soldiers have been killed or captured. But it has gained in one important respect by winning support from Lebanon's fractious politicians.

World, Syria, 10 Aug 2014

Former PM Hariri back in Lebanon for first time in three years

BEIRUT - Former prime minister Saad al-Hariri returned to Lebanon on Friday for the first time in three years, on a visit seen as reasserting a moderate influence over the Sunni community following a deadly incursion by Islamist militants.

World, 08 Aug 2014

Militants say seeking prisoner swap with Lebanon

BEIRUT - Islamist militants holding 19 Lebanese soldiers seized during an incursion into Lebanon said on Friday they had demanded the release of Islamist prisoners in exchange for letting their captives go.

World, 08 Aug 2014

Militants pull out of Lebanese border town with captives

OUTSKIRTS OF ARSAL Lebanon - Militant Islamists withdrew from a Lebanese border town they seized at the weekend, ending five days of deadly fighting but taking with them captured Lebanese soldiers as hostages, militant and security sources said on Thursday.

World, United Nations, 07 Aug 2014