U.N. to talk with Libyan militias as next step in peace process


TUNIS - The United Nations plans to hold talks with the militias that have seized control of vast parts of Libya, hoping to persuade them to withdraw from major cities and avert civil war, the U.N. envoy there said.

Egypt offers military training to Libya, cites Islamic State threat

CAIRO - Egypt has offered to train pro-government forces battling rival armed groups in Libya, stepping up efforts to eradicate what it says is a threat to its own stability from the anarchy engulfing its neighbor.

World, United Nations, Egypt, 1:21am EDT

Factbox: Fractured mosaic of North Africa's militant groups

ALGIERS - Egyptian security officials have offered military training to pro-government forces in Libya, citing what they said was a growing regional threat from Islamist militants.

World, Mali, Egypt, 1:20am EDT

Libya: Send us more arms or face wider terrorism threat

UNITED NATIONS - Libya on Saturday asked the world either to give it more weapons and other support to help restore security and rebuild its institutions or to declare outright that the conflict-torn North African state "must face terrorism alone."

World, United Nations, Africa 27 Sep 2014

States at U.N. say ready to help Libya combat Islamist militants

UNITED NATIONS - A group of mainly Western and Arab states expressed readiness on Thursday to help Libya's government combat a growing presence of Islamic militant groups in the North African country.

World, United Nations, Africa 25 Sep 2014

Warplane attacks Libya's Benghazi port after threats by ex-general

BENGHAZI Libya - A war plane attacked a port in Benghazi on Wednesday in a strike claimed by forces loyal to former general Khalifa Haftar, bringing their battle against Islamists to the heart of the eastern Libyan city.

World, 24 Sep 2014

Libyan budget deficit to double as strife hits oil output: lawmaker

TOBRUK Libya - Libya's budget deficit could more than double to 19 billion Libyan dinars ($15 billion) this year, as political and civil chaos ravage the OPEC member's oil revenues, a senior lawmaker said on Wednesday.

World, 24 Sep 2014

Exclusive: Libya asks chemical weapons watchdog to remove stockpile - sources

AMSTERDAM - Libya has asked the global chemical weapons watchdog to draw up plans to ship a stockpile of 850 tonnes of chemicals overseas due to deteriorating security, sources have told Reuters.

World, United Nations, 23 Sep 2014

Fighting, payment problems disrupt Libya's food imports

TOBRUK/LONDON - Food prices have risen in Libya as payments problems, fighting and a breakdown in authority disrupt the usual import routes as the country spins out of control three years after the ousting of Muammar Gaddafi.

World, 23 Sep 2014

Libya's parliament approves new government

TOBRUK/BENGHAZI - Libya's elected parliament approved on Monday a new cabinet proposed by Prime Minister Abdullah al-Thinni, a parliamentary spokesman said.

World, 22 Sep 2014