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Women, children leave Islamic State holdout in Sirte: Libyan forces


MISRATA, Libya Libyan forces said at least 10 women and children left the last cluster of buildings controlled by Islamic State in the group's former stronghold of Sirte on Sunday, adding that they had edged closer to taking full control of the city. | Video

Women bombers emerge from Islamic State redoubt to attack Libyan forces

SIRTE, Libya Several women blew themselves up on Friday in suicide attacks that killed four Libyan soldiers who had granted them safe passage to leave buildings under the control of Islamic State militants, a spokesman for government forces said.

World, Dec 02 2016

Armed groups clash in Tripoli in worst fighting for over a year

TRIPOLI Rival armed factions battled for a second day on Friday in the worst outbreak of fighting in the Libyan capital Tripoli for more than a year.

World, Dec 02 2016

Armed groups mobilize, exchange fire in tense Tripoli

TRIPOLI Gunfire could be heard over Tripoli on Thursday as armed groups mobilized heavy weapons and took up positions in several parts of the Libyan capital.

World, Dec 01 2016

Paris opens new-style reception center to help solve migrants crisis

PARIS Osman, a 19-year-old asylum-seeker from Sudan, had been on the migrant route for almost a year, traveling through Libya, Italy, and France before making it to a brand new center that opened last month in the north of Paris.

World, France, Italy, Dec 01 2016

Albright, Hadley urge U.S. to weigh using more force in Syria

WASHINGTON The United States should prepare to use greater military power and covert action in Syria to help forge a political settlement to end the country's civil war, according to a bipartisan report to be released on Wednesday.

Libyan commander visits Russia to ask for help fighting Islamists

MOSCOW Libyan military commander Khalifa Haftar, the dominant figure in the divided country's east, met Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov on Tuesday and said he was seeking Moscow's help in his fight against Islamist militants at home.

World, Russia, Nov 29 2016

Sister, militant source deny woman arrested in Libya is wife of veteran Islamist

BENGHAZI, Libya A Tunisian woman who Libyan authorities said they had arrested and was married to veteran Algerian militant Mokhtar Belmokhtar is not his wife, her sister and an al Qaeda source have told local media.

World, Tunisia, Nov 26 2016

Libyan forces face deadly Islamic State defense in Sirte holdout

SIRTE, Libya Libyan forces faced fierce resistance on Saturday from Islamic State militants defending a final strip of land in their former stronghold of Sirte, losing at least five men, officials said.

World, Nov 26 2016

Libyan forces edge forward against Islamic State holdouts in Sirte

TRIPOLI Libyan forces resumed their advance on Thursday against Islamic State militants holding out in a few streets in their former stronghold of Sirte, saying they had captured 25 houses and a stash of arms. | Video

World, Nov 24 2016