Niger buys 'spy plane' to combat Sahel militants

NIAMEY - The government of Niger has purchased a reconnaissance plane as part of its effort to combat Islamist fighters and criminal gangs operating on its vast territory, the West African country's interior minister said on Wednesday.

U.S. drone crashes on landing at airport in Niamey: Niger sources

NIAMEY/WASHINGTON - An unarmed U.S. Reaper drone crashed on landing at the main airport in the capital of Niger on Monday, damaging the runway but causing no injuries, airport sources in Niger and the U.S. Air Force said.

World, Africa, 20 Oct 2014

French forces detain suspects in Mali U.N. attack

DAKAR - French forces have detained three men and seized a large cache of arms which they believe were linked to a recent rocket attack on a U.N. base in northern Mali in which a Senegalese peacekeeper was killed, the French military said on Sunday.

World, Africa, 19 Oct 2014

U.N. urges Mali peace accord at Algiers talks

ALGIERS - The United Nations peacekeeping chief on Saturday urged the Malian government to show a strong signal of its commitment to peace as negotiations with rebels restarted.

World, United Nations, 18 Oct 2014

At least six killed in northern Mali ahead of peace talks

BAMAKO - Clashes between armed groups and pro-government militias killed at least six people in northern Mali, Tuareg rebels said on Friday, stoking tensions ahead of a new round of peace talks later this month.

World, Africa, 17 Oct 2014

U.N.'s Mali envoy to quit after being named Dutch foreign minister

AMSTERDAM/DAKAR - The head of the United Nations' mission in Mali is to quit to take up a new job as the Netherlands' foreign minister, the Dutch government said on Tuesday, opening up a vacancy in the west African nation at a time of growing instability.

World, Africa, United Nations 14 Oct 2014

French forces launch raid in Niger against al Qaeda units

PARIS - French forces destroyed a convoy in Niger transporting weapons from Libya to Mali and captured fighters linked to al Qaeda, the presidency said on Friday as France steps up efforts to stop militants crisscrossing the Sahel-Sahara region.

World, Libya, Africa, France 10 Oct 2014

Senegalese peacekeeper killed in rocket attack on northern Mali base

BAMAKO - A Senegalese United Nations peacekeeper was killed on Tuesday when a joint French-U.N. military camp in the northern Malian town of Kidal was hit by rocket fire, the U.N. mission and Senegal's state television said.

World, United Nations, Africa 07 Oct 2014

At least one U.N. peacekeeper killed in rocket attack on Mali base

BAMAKO - At least one United Nations peacekeeper was killed in a rocket attack on a joint U.N.-French military base in the northern Malian town of Kidal on Tuesday, a spokesman for the U.N. mission said.

World, United Nations, 07 Oct 2014

Mali PM: France, U.N. must step up fight against Islamists in Mali

PARIS - Mali's prime minister said on Monday Islamist militants had been given an opportunity to return to the north of the country after France redeployed troops across the region and urged French and U.N. forces to go on the attack to stop their resurgence.

World, Africa, France 06 Oct 2014