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North Korea leader Kim guides test of new anti-aircraft weapon


SEOUL North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has supervised the test of a new anti-aircraft weapon system and ordered its mass production and deployment throughout the country, the state news agency reported on Sunday, after weeks of defiant ballistic missile tests.

North Korea’s other threat

The world is often alarmed at North Korea's missile and nuclear programs, which the reclusive nation says are intended to deter foreign aggression.

May 26 2017

Exclusive: Kim's rocket stars - The trio behind North Korea's missile program

SEOUL After successful missile launches, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un often exchanges smiles and hugs with the same three men and shares a celebratory smoke with them. | Video

May 26 2017

Trump calls North Korea leader 'madman' who cannot be let on the loose: transcript

WASHINGTON In a call last month with the Philippines' president, U.S. President Donald Trump described North Korea's leader Kim Jong Un as a "madman with nuclear weapons" who could not be let on the loose, according to a leaked Philippine transcript of their call.

May 24 2017

South Korea military suspects object crossing border was North Korean balloon

SEOUL An unidentified object that flew across the border from North Korea on Tuesday was most likely to have been a balloon carrying propaganda leaflets rather than a drone, the South Korean military said on Wednesday.

May 23 2017

China urges North Korea talks, skirts questions on U.S. sanctions push

UNITED NATIONS China on Tuesday pushed for dialogue with North Korea and the full implementation of United Nations sanctions over Pyongyang's ballistic missile and nuclear tests, skirting questions about Beijing's talks with the United States on possible new measures.

May 23 2017

South Korea fires at suspected drone at border with North amid missile crisis

SEOUL South Korea's military fired warning shots at a suspected drone from North Korea on Tuesday amid tension over Pyongyang's latest missile test which drew international condemnation and a warning from China. | Video

May 23 2017

North Korea says missile ready for mass production, U.S. questions progress

SEOUL/WASHINGTON North Korea said on Monday it successfully tested what it called an intermediate-range ballistic missile, which met all technical requirements and could now be mass-produced, although U.S. officials and experts questioned the extent of its progress. | Video

May 23 2017

North Korean diplomat tells U.N. that United States is real aggressor

GENEVA North Korea's recent missile tests are a legitimate act of self-defense by a "fully-fledged nuclear power" and are not against international law, North Korean diplomat Ju Yong Chol told the U.N. Conference on Disarmament on Tuesday.

May 23 2017

South Korea military fires warning shots at object flying near border with North Korea: official

SEOUL South Korea's military on Tuesday fired warning shots towards an unidentified object flying over the border from North Korea, a military official told Reuters.

May 23 2017