North Korea

U.N. inquiry chief wants North Korea hauled before international court


UNITED NATIONS - The chief U.N. investigator into human rights abuses in North Korea appealed to the U.N. Security Council on Thursday to refer the situation in the reclusive Asian state to the International Criminal Court for prosecution.

U.S., China in 'productive' talks after North Korea test threat

WASHINGTON - The United States and China have held "productive" talks on North Korea, the U.S. State Department said on Tuesday, part of stepped up international diplomacy after Pyongyang warned of plans to conduct a new type of nuclear test.

World, China, United Nations, 15 Apr 2014

Germany summons North Korean envoy to protest against nuclear test

BERLIN - Germany summoned the North Korean ambassador on Monday to protest against an announcement that the country is planning a new nuclear test, after it test-fired medium-range missiles.

World, Germany, 07 Apr 2014

U.S., in nod to Tokyo, to send more ships to Japan, prods China

TOKYO - The United States moved on Sunday to reassure Tokyo over its mounting security concerns, saying it would send more missile defense ships to Japan following North Korean launches and use a high level trip to warn China against abusing its "great power."

Japan to intercept any North Korea missile deemed a threat

TOKYO - Japan will strike any North Korean ballistic missile that threatens to hit Japan in the coming weeks after Pyongyang recently fired medium-range missiles, a government source said on Saturday.

North Korea tells world 'wait and see' on new nuclear test

UNITED NATIONS - North Korea said on Friday that the world would have to "wait and see" when asked for details of "a new form" of nuclear test it threatened to carry out after the United Nations Security Council condemned Pyongyang's recent ballistic missile launch.

World, United Nations, 04 Apr 2014

North Korea launches unprecedented personal attack on South Korea leader

SEOUL - North Korea published comments on Friday attacking South Korean President Park Geun-hye, descending to unprecedented levels of personal insult by describing her as a "repulsive wench" who had failed to marry or bear children.

World, South Korea, 04 Apr 2014

South Korea extending ballistic missile range to counter North's threat

SEOUL - South Korea has test-fired a new ballistic missile with a range of 500 km (310 miles) and will try to extend the range to 800 km so it can strike any site in North Korea, its defense ministry said on Friday, days after Pyongyang fired a mid-range missile.

U.S., Japan, South Korea to discuss North Korea nuclear weapons program

WASHINGTON - The United States, Japan and South Korea will meet next week to seek ways to persuade North Korea to give up its atomic weapons program, the U.S. State Department said on Thursday, just days after Pyongyang warned of a "new form" of nuclear test.

South Korea says likely North drone flew over Seoul's presidential palace

SEOUL - A drone found last week while probably returning to North Korea had flown over the presidential palace in the South before crashing near the border, but would not have been able to carry a bomb, an official said on Thursday.

World, 03 Apr 2014