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Hollywood slams Sony, movie theaters for canceling 'The Interview'


LOS ANGELES - Hollywood filmmakers and actors voiced outrage on Wednesday after Sony Pictures pulled the release of North Korea parody "The Interview," following threats from hackers who waged a massive cyberattack on the movie studio.

U.S. determines North Korea behind Sony attack as studio pulls movie

LOS ANGELES - A U.S. government source said investigators had determined North Korea was behind a cyberattack on Sony Pictures as the studio pulled all plans to release its comedy, "The Interview," about an assassination attempt on the North Korean leader. | Video

Entertainment, Film 17 Dec 2014

New York premiere of North Korea comedy canceled after threats

BOSTON - The New York premiere of "The Interview", a Sony Pictures comedy about the assassination of North Korean President Kim Jong-Un, has been canceled and a source said one theater chain had scrapped plans to show it, after threats from a hacking group.

U.S., Film, Entertainment, Tech 17 Dec 2014

Sony Pictures CEO consulted U.S. State Department on film, leaked emails show

SEOUL - The head of Sony Pictures consulted with a senior U.S. official in June, days after North Korea threatened "merciless countermeasures" over the release of an upcoming film featuring a plot to assassinate leader Kim Jong Un, leaked emails show.

U.S. fears Sony hackers may never be caught: law enforcement official

WASHINGTON/BOSTON - Government investigators fear the hackers behind the unprecedented attack on Sony's Hollywood studio may never be caught if they are under the protection of North Korea, a U.S. official said on Wednesday.

Tech, Cyber Crime 17 Dec 2014

Theater owners say cinemas may decide to delay Sony's 'The Interview'

LOS ANGELES - Movie theater owners said Wednesday that individual theaters may delay viewing Sony Pictures' North Korea parody "The Interview," after a hacking group that waged a massive cyber attack on the movie studio made threats on cinemas showing the film.

Entertainment, Film, 17 Dec 2014

No credible sign of plot on theaters over Sony movie: U.S. officials

BOSTON - U.S. security agencies are investigating a threat against theaters planning to show Sony Corp's controversial movie about an assassination of the leader of North Korea, and so far they have seen no real sign of an active plot, two U.S. officials said.

U.S., Entertainment, Film, 16 Dec 2014

Accused of rights abuses, North Korea urges U.N. meeting on CIA torture

UNITED NATIONS - North Korea on Monday asked the United Nations Security Council to add the issue of torture by the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency to its agenda as the council prepares to hold a meeting next week on alleged human rights abuses by the Asian state.

Politics, World, United Nations, 15 Dec 2014

Rogen defends satirizing North Korean leader in 'The Interview'

LOS ANGELES - Actor-director Seth Rogen defended the choice to parody North Korean leader Kim Jong-un in raunchy comedy "The Interview," the movie that sparked a real-life threat from the country and is suspected as the possible cause of a damaging cyber attack on Sony Pictures Entertainment.

Entertainment, Film, 15 Dec 2014

North Korea wants U.N. Security Council to discuss CIA torture

UNITED NATIONS - North Korea on Monday asked the United Nations Security Council to add the issue of torture by the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency to its agenda and to establish an investigation to ensure those responsible are held to account for human rights abuses.

Politics, World, United Nations, 15 Dec 2014