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Road to electric car paradise paved with handouts


JUDABERG, Norway The Norwegian island of Finnoey has the highest density of electric cars in the world. The reason? They are exempt from the $6,000-a-year toll charges for the tunnel to the mainland. | Video

Norwegian policeman jailed for 21 years in drugs case

OSLO A former senior Norwegian police officer was sentenced to 21 years in prison on Monday for aiding drug smugglers and taking bribes in a case that captivated a nation accustomed to clean law enforcement.

World, Sep 18 2017

Norway foreign minister becomes president of World Economic Forum

OSLO Norway's Foreign Minister Boerge Brende has resigned from his position to become president of the World Economic Forum, he told a news conference on Friday

World, Davos Sep 15 2017

Tuesday Morning Briefing

The U.N. voted to step up sanctions on North Korea, Apple is set to unveil a new anniversary iPhone and millions remain without power in Florida after Hurricane Irma.

Norway's right-wing government wins re-election fought on oil, tax

OSLO Norway's tax-cutting Conservative Prime Minister Erna Solberg declared victory on Tuesday after a parliamentary election, narrowly defeating a Labour-led opposition with her promises of steady management of the oil-dependent economy. | Video

World, Sep 12 2017

Factbox: Norway's close-fought election for parliament

OSLO Norwegians vote on Sept. 10 and 11 to pick a parliament for the next four years and determine whether the center-right minority government stays in power or is replaced by parties on the center-left.

World, Sep 11 2017

Norway's right-wing government projected to win re-election

OSLO Norway's tax-cutting Prime Minister Erna Solberg is on track to keep power after an election on Monday, closely defeating a Labour-led opposition in a campaign over how to manage the oil-dependent economy, official projections showed.

World, Sep 11 2017

Norway's Merkel, Erna Solberg hopes to beat history in re-election bid

OSLO Erna Solberg seeks to accomplish something no Conservative Norwegian prime minister has managed for more than three decades: winning a second term.

World, Sep 08 2017

The millionaire socialist who may be Norway's next prime minister

OSLO Norway's next prime minister could be a man born into wealth and privilege who became the unlikely leader of the Labour Party, the political home of the working class.

World, Sep 07 2017

Young generation revulsed by Breivik may sway Norway's election

HAMAR, Norway Young Norwegians, politicized by the massacre of 77 people by far-right militant Anders Behring Breivik, will play a key role in an election next week that could hinge on issues close to their hearts such as climate change.

World, Sep 06 2017