Moscow fights back after sanctions; battle rages near Ukraine crash site


MOSCOW/KIEV - Russia fought back on Wednesday over new U.S. and EU sanctions imposed over Ukraine even as G7 leaders warned of further steps, while Ukraine's government accused pro-Russian rebels of placing land mines near the site of a crashed Malaysian airliner to prevent a proper investigation. | Video

'Complacent' NATO unprepared for Russian threat: British lawmakers

LONDON - NATO is not prepared for the threat of a Russian attack on one of its members, British lawmakers said on Thursday, calling for more equipment and troops to be positioned in the Baltic States, which, they said, were particularly vulnerable.

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Russia says U.S. accusations over nuclear treaty 'unfounded'

MOSCOW - Russia on Wednesday dismissed Washington's accusations that it has violated the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Treaty as "unfounded", and said it had its own complaints against the United States over the treaty.

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EU names 8 Russians, three firms subject to asset freeze

BRUSSELS - The European Commission published the names of eight Russians, including some of President Vladimir Putin's associates, and three companies which will have their assets frozen as part of sanctions against Russia's actions in eastern Ukraine.

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Moscow says 'short-sighted' sanctions to hit Russia's ties with West

MOSCOW - Russia criticized new sanctions as "destructive and short-sighted" on Wednesday, saying they would aggravate Moscow's ties with the West already at their lowest point since the end of the Cold War over the Ukraine crisis.

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Russian bank subsidiaries in EU to escape sanctions: sources

VIENNA/BRUSSELS - Russian bank subsidiaries based in the European Union will be exempt from EU economic sanctions designed to choke off finance for big state-owned Russian lenders, sources familiar with the discussions told Reuters on Wednesday.

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Russia wants Apple, SAP to cooperate against foreign spying

MOSCOW - Russia has proposed that Apple Inc and SAP hand the government access to their source code to make sure their widely used products are not tools for spying on state institutions.

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Some Ukrainian rebels vent frustration with Putin

DONETSK Ukraine - Western leaders may be Vladimir Putin's biggest critics over the conflict in east Ukraine but the Russian leader is also facing criticism from some of the rebels they accuse him of arming.

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Czechs oppose broad Russia sanctions, see new Iron Curtain

PRAGUE - New European Union and U.S. sanctions against Russia should not hurt the Czech economy, but a protracted trade war could create a new Iron Curtain between the EU and Russia, the Czech government said on Wednesday.

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Warsaw says Russian ban on Polish produce is revenge for EU sanctions

MOSCOW/WARSAW - Russia announced a ban on most fruit and vegetable imports from Poland on Wednesday and said it could extend it to the entire EU, a move Warsaw called Kremlin retaliation for new Western sanctions over Ukraine imposed on Russia a day earlier.

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Gaza toll soars as Israel 'days' from completing tunnel hunt

GAZA/JERUSALEM - Israel pressed ahead with its Gaza offensive saying it was days from achieving its core goal of destroying all Islamist guerrilla cross-border attack tunnels, but a soaring Palestinian civilian toll has triggered international alarm.